Redhead anxious for his BBC

Redhead anxious for his BBC
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it all started the last weekend of the school holidays me (13) and my friend shawn (13) was down at his mums house minding the kids whilst she was at the shop when she returned she said she had a present for us and gave us a bag with a box in it within the box there was two bottles af vodca a bottle of sambuka and a bottle of bacardi she said that we coud drink it there but we would have to be quick because shawns dad was coming to pick his little brothrs up in an hour so we sat in the kitchen with shawns mum and did shots of each whilst the kids we're at their grand parents down the street whithin half an hour it was all gone when the fone rang it was shawns dad he was coming early and would be there within ten minutes me and shawn only just being able to move set off for my house 1.6 miles away it took us two hours we got to my house and because shawn was staying the night we went straight to my room so my mum didnt see we where still very drunk we got to my room and sat on my brothers bed after a few minutes shawn turns to be and says my dick is killing me so i walk over and pull his pants off and then slowly pull his nice tight black boxers off he has a sexy look on his face all of a sudden he trys pushing my head down to his dick me not knowing why i asked and he said he wanted me to suck him off so i slowly made my way down and started licking the top of his head and then taking his shaft into my mouth and slowly bobbing my head up and down whilst using my tongue to lickthe head he begins to moan softly he whispers to me "keep going cj your doing great im so fucking horny" he then lifts my head up and starts picking me up off my knees and then starts taking my top and pants off i help him a little as i can see he is struggling he then takes my now hard dick in his hand and starts playing with it slowly and gently stroking it i sit next to him on the bed and mimic what he is doing to me back to him he begins to moan again but this time louder and with more of a grunt just then i feel something warm on my hand as spurt after spurt of warm sticky cum shoots from his dick onto my hand he sits there his mind wondering when he suddenly tells me to eat it so i slowly begin lapping it up off my hand and thn take the last finger full and place it on his lips he opens up and sucks my finger cleans we lye together under the covers for about an hour before we fall asleep next to each other five hours later we are awaken by the sound of my mum houting to see if we're ok and if we want tea now or later so we shout now both slightly still drunk and then rush to get dressed shawn being in a rush forgot to put his boxers back on after dinner we sit in the dining room watching t.v.

when shawn goes under the table and crawls beneath my legs and take my cock out of my pants and stars playing with it within seconds its hard and he takes it in his mouth he starts slowly but becomes faster as i begin to moan and breath quicker we suddenly hear a noise coming down the hall it was soft foot steps of my sister shawn slows dad but carrys on and my breathing begins to rgulate as my sister walks in the room and says that shes going for a nap so we could have the tv in the front room but as soon as she walks out and gets to the stairs i begin to orgasm and squirt cum in to shawns mouth but he takes my dick out of his mouth and rubs it on his face and decides to coat his face with my cum so 4 more squirts of cum shoot out onto his face he then put my dick back in my pants and gets out from under the table his face still coated with my cum we go and sit in the front room and put a dvd on when i ask shawn why he coated his face with my cum he tells me its so he has a snack for whlst we watch a film so i watch as he sits and eats the cum off his face watching this gets me so horny that when hes finished i reach other and start playing with his dick and he gets hard but this tie a lo slower than he did earlyer so i cover us both up with a blanket and we strip off are clothes so i rub his cock nice and slow and carry on watching the film when i feel that my now hard dick is touching his but hole so i decide to rub it up and down the crack and he begins to moan softly so i push it in and it went straight u him and he starts moaning louder so i start humping him i can feel his anal walls milking my penis aand the pressure from the sides takes me over the edge and i empty in him so he turns to me and pulls me close to him and we kiss his tongue comes into my mouth and does some exploring so i return the favour and before we know it we have been pationatly kissing for 5 minutes so we decide to take it back to my room so we sneak up stairs but naked our clothes in are hands and when he get ther we get on my bed and just sit and cuddle next to each other next to the radiator and we start kissing again but this time we dont just sit and do one long kiss we start kissing every few minutes until we end up falling asleep again in each others arms p.s.

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