Enfiando a piroca na gostosa

Enfiando a piroca na gostosa
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This is set in the time when Kyurem first came around and was known as the great beast. Many dragon slayers had left on a journey to kill the evil creature, but none ever survived. But when a young girl with snow white hair came to the town with an idea to build walls around the village she was scoffed at. When the girl whose beauty won over many vote told the villagers she could make the beast stay in his cave one night and not take their children, they let her.

She returned the next morning with a message to the Villagers that she return every night ans only return in the mornings. They all accepted her and soon she became their Oracle, their future sigh. Her name was Kanna and she was a tall beautiful women who was a known as the Oracle in Lacunosa. Lacunosa was a small village that had walls built around it so that the great beast Kyurem would not steal their children.

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Kanna had long white hair that flowed like silk behind her as she walked elegantly out of the city during the night. Many villagers would wish her luck on her way to speak with the great beast as she did every night.

She always returned in the morning. Walking through the forest with her long dress layered and flowing like her hair behind her so that she would not get cold.


The land and the trees as she reached the great crater were covered in Ice and layered in snow. Kanna walked the path to the cave entrance and entered ti icy chamber.

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Up on a high platform was the great beast Kyurem. Kanna Walked up the step to the dragon of ice and placed her hand on his sleeping head. "I'm back Kyurem miss me?" She said placing her head on his forehead waking him. He rumbled and Kanna could feel it throughout his body.

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Getting up Kyurem stood tall and looked formidable. This didn't bother the Oracle at all. "Hello Kanna I really wish that you would just stay with me" Kyurem said in his gravely voice and nuzzled her side with his large head.

"You know the village would riot if I was not to return I am their only hope I'm afraid." "I know I really never stole their children it was slavers" "I know, I know its ok because I'm here now right? Why don't we have some fun tonight?" Kyurem looked her in the eyes and he had a devilish look in his and Kanna smiled knowing he was thinking the same as she. Un-doing the sash that held her many layered rob together let it slide to the ground.

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The layers of her clothing started to slide down and revealed her fairly large breasts and her pink slit. Once her cloths where pooled around her the only thing that covered her body was her silky white hair. Spreading her legs Kanna let Kyurem's head get close and flick his tong out and lick up her stomach.


This caused the Oracle to shiver as the ice cold tong explored her body until it slithered a crossed her wet slit, tasting her. Kyurem loved to eat out the girl as she laid back on her cloths and spread her legs wide for him. His tong dipped in and out of Kanna's pussy until she was trembling with her orgasm.

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Still his tong didn't stop as it would sink into her tight hole and rub against her cervix only to slide out so he could savor her.

Kanna rolled over and beckoned for Kyurem to come to her as she saw his large cock and licked her lips. Getting to her knees she wrapped her hands around his cock and started to slowly stroke him. Kyurem grunted then moaned as he felt the warmth of her tong lick up his shaft. The girl teased him by doing this slowly then got quicker and finally licked all the way up, lapping up the pre- cum, and engulfed as much of his cock she could. The great beast grunted and moaned as she sucked his cock slowly working into her throat.

His pre-cum tasted wonderful to Kanna as it spilled down her throat and she started to stroke and suck the Pokémon. His cock was now very hard and Kanna could no longer wait she had to have him inside her. "Kyurem I need you inside me! I can wait any longer please fuck me" She said panting.

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The Pokémon nodded and Kanna laid back spreading her legs wide for him again and watched as he climbed over her. Kyurem's Cock touched her pussy lips and the Oracle gasped, feeling him rub against her. Slowly he slid his large member into her entrance feeling her squeeze his cock.

Kanna was always so tight when he fucked her, Kyurem remembered when they first mated. He came the instant he was fully inside her.

Now as his cock slid in and pressed against her cervix Kyurem started to thrust in and out of the tightness that enveloped him. His cock stretched Kanna's pussy as she was moaning and writhing against large cock buried deep in her.

Crying out loudly she started to tremble as an orgasm flooded her body and the wetness help Kyurem's cock slid in and out of her. The Pokémon started to fuck Kanna harder and she knew he was close to his release when with one hard thrust his cock buried deep into her.

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The tip embedded in her cervix Kyurem gave a loud growl and released his seed into her. His cum filled her womb as the girl shivered because it was like Icy fire filling her.

Both the Pokémon and the girl were panting as he pulled from her tight hole.

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His seed spilled out form her sex and Kanna had to hurriedly sit up to make sure it spilled out on the stone floor and not her cloths. The cum instantly turned to ice on the floor as she saw all the other spots where they had mated and his seed spilled from her.


Giggling she laid on her stomach, ass in the air and tapped it for Kyurem to take her again.