Suck this cock like a good little bisexual slut

Suck this cock like a good little bisexual slut
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 38 IT IS FUCK TIME AGAIN I was in my home town Goa for two months after my pregnancy was confirmed by my lady gynecologist.

I was having nonstop fuck with my husband as usual after my pregnancy. But when I was not feeling well for few days and I went for my regular checkup. I told about my uneasiness to the doctor.

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The lady gynecologist has asked me about the size of my husband's cock and shown me some different sized artificial cocks. I have selected and shown the cock which was of size of my husband's cock. She smiled and said that I am so lucky to have such a good cock owner husband. Then she told me to be away from practical fucking for two months as my husband is having a long and thick cock which may create some complications with my pregnancy.

I was very upset and sad to hear that but what to do. Doctor's instructions are to be followed strictly. She told me for a checkup after two months before having any fucking from my husband. We, me and my husband have discussed the matter in detail at our home and after consultation with my parents and his parents, it was decided that I should be living in my home town Goa for two months. It was a very sad and disappointing action but we decided that we both cannot be kept away from fuck for a long time if we live together under one roof.

I was in Goa for two months. I stayed at my parent's house for few days and at my in law's house for few days.

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Days were coming and going. And finally, after two months, the doctors told me that now I can have sex without any problem. My husband was planning to come to stay few days with his parents and I will be going with him back to Delhi once again.

The days appeared to be too long and too boring for me and the nights were too tormenting, as I wish always to be in the arms of my wonderful loving and fucker husband, remembering my breasts fondled and crushed by his powerful hands, and my love-hole filled by stiffness of his love tool. Even though, I masturbated frequently and regularly, sometimes three to four times a day. On the other hand, my husband's condition had been no better.

It was true that during the day, he kept himself busy in his work at office but, whenever he was free, I knew that my face and appearance began to burn in his heart. On every occasion, he must have felt a bulge in his brief. I knew, in the night, his condition had been even worse and he could have not sleep properly as the memory of our lovemaking and fucking always haunted him. Every night, I wait for the telephone to ring.

At about 11.30 every night, he used to telephone me and we both used to have phone sex. We used to masturbate while talking sexy and dirty over phone.

My health and condition was improving. We were away from fucking for nearly two months. Away from fucking for such a long time was the first time in my life since I started fucking in my young age with my uncle. I was doing fingering in my thirsty pussy to satisfy myself in Goa and my husband was jerking his cock in Delhi, daily in the night and may be during the day too.

I went for the check up along with my mother in law. The doctor told me that now it is safe to have sex till seventh or eighth month of my pregnancy.

I was too happy to hear this and have conveyed this good news immediately to my husband. He took a week's leave from his office and told me that he will be coming.

Finally, the day arrived. My husband arrived in after noon and I was waiting for the night to have a wonderful fuck with him after two long months. I was ready for a fantastic fuck once again and as we both, me and my husband loves whenever I wear any dress without wearing bra and panty, this time too.

I was not wearing bra and panty under my dress. After the dinner, my husband entered in the bedroom and we hugged each other and our lips meet each other's lips.

When the kiss was broken, he directly ran his both hand over to cup my luscious and blooming boobs. A Loud "AHHHHHHhhhhhhh" escaped from both the throat. Two erect nipples began to announce their presence in spite of the cover of the thin material of my top without bra under it and a good amount of juices began to flow from my panty-less pussy. He removed his hands from my breasts only to pull the top upward and, with a rough jerk; he removed it off my lush body with the help of my uplifted hands.

The naked beauty of those rising and falling breasts made him wild and he forgot everything in front of him except the two beautiful round and butter-soft mounds. He began to cup my wonderful boobs and then began to rub them. Soon his rubbing turned into rough kneading.

I too was having immense pleasure for such wild treatment to my most sensible points of arousal. I became wetter and wetter between my thighs so much so that I felt my love-juices began to trickle down my thighs from my pussy.

He quickly lost all control of himself. He placed me on the writing table near us. Then he lowered himself and began to lick my boobs like a hungry child with the flat of his tongue. My hand went to his waist line and then to the buttons of his jeans. I quickly undid the buttons and pulled the zip down, and held his hard, hot and erect dick, his love tool, his fuck machine in my right hand over his briefs. Then I pulled the waistband of his brief and took hold of his long and thick hot rod.

Feeling the petal soft touch of my delicate young hand, he could not control himself any longer. Consequently, he heaped my skirt around my waist and reached for the panty to tear it open. When he did not find panty under my skirt, he became most erotic. With a jerk, he, groaning in animal-like fashion, pulled my thighs round his waist and tried to shove his hot tool into my sopping pussy.

I stopped him and told him to come to the bed. He came and laid himself flat on his back.

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I inserted a pillow below his head and leaned on him spreading my hands on the both sides of his face. Then I lowered my face and began to shower small kisses everywhere on his face. I cuddled myself into him closely so that my blooming boobs could touch his chest and he could feel the softness of my two delicacies boobs.

I brought my lusty lips directly over his lips. First I kissed his lower, then the upper and then both of his lips together. After a few moments, I started to run the tip of my tongue round his lips and then through the crevice between them.

His lips opened and made a small "O" to let my lovely sweet smelling tongue enter into his mouth. Immediately our tongues met and, wasting no time, began to gambol and make love together.

I broke the French kiss only to run my pity lips along his body. Very slowly, I began to skim every inch of his skin starting from his shoulders. I moved to his hairy chest and let my lips stay for longer over his tiny nipples. I flicked them with the tip of my tongue and found how his two tiny objects, nipples began to rise like a living thing.

Then I lowered my face, letting my lips move all the while, and reached up to his bellybutton. There I stayed even longer to caress and explore the small depression. The groaning in his throat was increasing for being caressed thus. The sensation had been multiplied by hundreds when he felt that his skin was being caressed not only with my lips and tongue, but also with my dangling boobs and my engorged nipples.

The beautiful bulges - a pair of handful lump of white butters with light brown aureoles and two brown engorged nipples - were creating magic in his young body. In consequence, he began to shiver feverishly and, the more was his shivering, more erected turned his cock.

Then my lips reached his erected and hot, strong, thick and long fuck tool. I took his hot rod lovingly in my right hand and began to shower my loving looks on it. I rested my head on his flat tummy and then began to run my soft palm along length of his standing cock lightly up and down - from its base to its tip.

Then I lowered my head and kissed the tip of his cock lovingly. Then he felt that the hot and wet tongue of mine began to run up and down on length of his throbbing cock, stopping at intervals to let myself breathe and to look lovingly at his face. When the sensation had been too much for him to endure, he raised the upper part of his body propped by his elbows on the bed, to look my caressing on his standing dick. He then extended his both hands and cupped my beautiful and firm boobs in his palms.

I inserted his hot love and fuck tool into my sweet smelling mouth. Finding the sensation of having his cock being bathed in my mouth, he forgot everything and, with a loud "AAAHHHH" he wildly started jerking his hips upward and his erected hot cock reached up to my throat in no time and almost strangled me.


I too forget everything in the world except love, sex and fuck with my husband after a long long wait of two months for it. I quickly removed his cock from my breathing mouth and, after giving it several loving and little tugs, I once again took it into my mouth.

I began to run my lips round his cock from its tip till it passed my uvula very slowly and again running my lips till it comes out of my mouth using my tongue lustfully both forward and backward and tightening my lips round the circumference of his hot cock. After several up and down movements of my mouth along the length of his cock, I found his pre-cum appeared at the tip and the entire dick stood up with an inclination to his abdomen. It was also trembling, though a little bit.

I lovingly licked it clean with the tip of my tongue. It was good that I made him very hot before fucking creating chances that he finishes with me in fucking. Normally, he takes too long to cum and I reach minimum two times in his one fucking.

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Now, all were set for a wonderful fucking game between us after a long time of two months. I turned around on my hips and slid a little bit downward. I straddled his thighs and brought, dragging myself on my knees, my extremely wet pussy to let it hang right on the tip of his huge cock so that there was a distance of few inches. I got hold of his cock with my right hand and spreading my knees beside the lower part of his hips as much as I could, began to descend slowly to let the tip of his cock touch the entrance of my love-tunnel, my waiting juicy pussy.

There I stopped for some moments as if to give him a sensation that I was going to fuck him. Then I descended further. Guiding his cock-head with my right hand, I put it just at the entrance of my dripping pussy. I groaned, "AAHHH, AAAAHHHH.AAAAAAHHHHHHHH . AAAAHHHH", as I descended, slowly but steadily, more and more upon his cock.

The tip of the cock began to enter in to my love-tunnel slowly, very slowly, spreading tight muscles of my pussy. Love-juice began to spring from the volcano between my thighs drenching and persuading the adamant muscles of my cunt for such a huge intruder.

Consequently, the length of his cock began to disappear into my pussy, though slowly. I continued to descend more and more till my round and soft ass cheeks ultimately touched his hairy thighs and my crevice between my pussy and asshole was welcomed by his throbbing testicles.

I sat on his thighs for a full couple of minutes and then I began to sway my hips very slowly. With my every movement the intensity of my pleasure increased and soon my swaying became faster letting his stiff cock taste and reach and explore the innermost part deep inside my love-tunnel, in my fucking pussy.

Fresh waves of pleasure were making his nerves to rock and dance his cock inside my young body. My nipples at the tip of my beautiful full but ripening boobs were stiff and stood up as if to demand his immediate attention.

He raised his both hands and cupped my boobs, accepting invitation from them. He began to knead the swellings harder and harder bringing more and more contortion of love on my beautiful lovely face. My body was now being rocked with waves of great pleasure-spasms. The more did I shove, more fluid began to flow from my pussy in welcoming the massive cock of my loving and fucker husband.

Soon my movement became more rapid and now propping myself properly on my bent knee and with my palms on his well-muscled stomach, I began to lift my ass slowly till his cock-head was almost at the entrance of my pussy hole and then, descended a bit faster till the cock-head reached the greatest depth in to my pussy.

My movements created all the more shivering and delectable sensation in my young body. My lust was reaching higher and higher and I became much restless. Rapture soon flooded and shook my young body and my fluid flowed freely to bathe his cock inside my pussy.

I leaned myself and, then supporting myself on my elbows by the sides of my husband's chest, I began to literary ride his erect and big cock.

I began to rock up and down by lifting and lowering my pussy right on his cock that had so far been imprisoned lovingly inside my pussy. Soon, my movements became more and more rapid, wilder and more ecstatic. Loud groans were coming out of our young throat.

Now I began to rise slowly but my thrusts were much rapid. On every movement I was being lifted up and, I inched towards the gate of seventh world of erotic happiness and fuck pleasure. The arch of the gateway gleamed brightly in front of my eyes but I knew that I had to travel some more distance to pass through the arch. To quicken my passage, I began to move fast. Within a very short while, my up and down movements became so wild that he had been having much difficulties to clutch my boobs properly.

He took his right hand away and gripping a thick bolster near to him pulled it and placed it under his head. The bolster uplifted his face so much so that my bobbling boobs were bumping against his burning face continuously. He lolled his tongue out and began to lick the entire swelling much forcefully. Then he raised his head and imprisoned my right nipple with his lips, and, lifting his head a bit, he began to suck it lustily while his right hand cupped my left boob firmly to squeeze and knead.

He did not take any active part in the lovemaking. He rather lay there keeping his bottom part still. His youthful cock maintained its stiffness fully all the while superbly, as always. In fact he was having such a great pleasure in letting me to fuck him. I was rising higher and higher and, consequently was nearing and nearing the peak of The Delectable Mountain in my every erotic move.

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I laid my upper part of my body from my waist to head atop him. One of my beautiful boobs had been crushed against his muscular chest and the other was smashed against his hand. My face had been fully contorted with pleasure-lust and I was gasping wildly. I felt that the shock waves, originating from the epicenter deep inside my pussy, were running wildly all through my body.

I began to shiver uncontrollably and began to move my burning face side wise. Once I caught hold of his hair firmly with my two hands and pulled his head backward but next moment, I let go his head and ran my hands along his back and pulled him as if to eradicate any gap, although there had been not even a slightest gap to accommodate even the thinnest layer of air. The animal-like groaning, howling, hissing, had taken the place of soft moaning from our two throats, though loud hissings were still emitting from the throats of both of us.

The mercury of my lust was in a very steady rise as I was becoming more and more restless. My entire body had turned into a heat-furnace, which could explode any moment.

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The rocking of my body round the stiff and erect pole of my husband also turned wild. Though I wanted to linger the lovemaking as maximum as possible, I soon felt that I was going to explode any moment.


I wanted to lessen the pace of my rocking but couldn't as the sensation of his big rock-hard cock deep inside my pussy had been too irresistible to be lessened. I continued my ride still straddling his waist with my thighs and, despite my effort to lessen it; the pace had even increased more.

Then I reached the suburb of the peak of my Delectable Mountain with loud "AHHS" and "OOHHS", and "OOHHH GGGAAAWWWDDD", and "YYEEAAHHHHHHH". I inched towards my peak and my heartbeat was so pounding violently that it appeared that my heart would shatter into fragments. I began to put my pussy down on his abdomen so violently that one every occasion, there was a hard thudding sound. I began to groan loudly, "OHHH!!!!! I am Cumming; I am Cummmiiinngggggg. I AM CUMMMINNGGGGGG.

OH GAAAWWDDD I AM CUMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG. CU.MMM.IIIII.NNNNN.GGGGGGG. HERE I CUMMMMMM .' Then everything began to spin round me as if all was caught in a whirling cyclone of greatest velocity, everything then blacked out and had been wiped with a single sweep in front of my eyes and then I collapsed violently on his chest like a felled tree in a mind blowing explosion.

He was running his hands over my bare back all along my proud ass cheeks and back of the hair and then back again. Then I let myself roll to my right and laid myself on my back. I folded my knees and spread my lovely thighs as maximum as possible.

My lovely pussy, with all the wonders of the world inside, gaped wide open in inviting his throbbing manhood again to fuck me because he was still in his mid way to cum. He sat on his folded knees and, holding his thirsty cock in his right hand, pointed its knob at the entrance of my love-hole once again.

I had already started to ooze profusely. When the tip of his cock touched the entrance, I hissed loudly inviting him to enter into me without much fuss. He lowered her hips and gave a little push. His cock entered a bit inside my pussy gleefully. He pushed a little more and his cock began to invade my lovely oozing pussy once again. He lowered himself continuously till the entire length of his huge cock disappeared into my dripping pussy. In welcoming his tool, I raised my ass to meet the base of his cock against my aroused clitoris.

He pushed his cock until it had been encased in my wet warmth. I tensed and caught my breath when he began to pull his cock out of my tight pussy slowly. He pulled his cock back until its knob reached the tight lips of my pussy and, then he shoved it hard deep inside my dripping depth till its base is rammed against my engorged clit. He continued to fuck me in a very controlled way to the base of his cock.

He pulled himself again and then sank into the warmth and softness of my dripping and tight pussy. Then he lowered the upper part of his body atop me till my blooming boobs were completely crashed against his haired chest. He then began to lick my burning face with the flat of his tongue while our hips rotated rhythmically in unison.

My hands pulled at his buttocks, then traveled up his back to the back of his head and then went down again to knead his ass cheeks.

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To meet every thrust of his rock hard cock, I lifted my ass to let my clit be crashed against his hard crotch. To apply more pressure in his shoving of his cock into my pussy, he raised himself propping his two hands cupping firmly my round and blooming boobs. I felt that I should watch the travel of his fuck tool into my pussy, I held his muscular shoulders with my hands, raised the upper part of my body to look down at his cock sliding in and out of my streaming pussy.

The lips of my dripping pussy seemed to linger, to hang on, to suck and to cling to the slippery sides of his big cock with each withdrawal. Once he pumped deep into me and held his rock-hard cock for a long moment embedded and imprisoned within my throbbing cunt-muscles, as if to gather his breath, I began a slow and sensuous circular motion with my hips, tightening and releasing the muscles around my pussy lips in a wonderful passion. Feeling the clutching and relaxing of my pussy muscles round his cock, he hissed, "Wonderful.

Oh God, it's wonderful." "You like that," I hissed. And, I continued the exercise with my pussy lips and pussy muscles.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH" He gasped, withdrawing and then sinking his cock in deep inside of my pussy again, where it belonged earlier. While his prick was fucking my pussy, my tongue was fucking his ear in return. I continued the tiny contractions again and again squeezing my pussy lips to tease his cock tenderly. Very soon, both of us were beyond conversation, beyond controlling our passion any longer.

I was immensely glad as I had been reaching the crescendo, a tumultuous and shattering climax once again, the second in his one fucking.


I put my legs together closing my thighs more and squeezed my pussy around his cock. Within a very short while, we both were heard each other groaning and gasping as he kept his pounding on me rapidly and I thrust my pussy to grind it against the base of his prick. I swayed my beautiful round ass in thrashing in rhythm with the rise and fall of his abdomen to get maximum friction of his pubic bone against my clit.

I squeezed my pussy lips even harder and tighter around his maddened cock. My body had been shaking violently. I felt that I was nearing to a big black hole, in which my all sense would drown.

Ultimately, I plunged into that Black Hole and I clutched him with my all might just like a drowning man holds a straw to save himself. And then I burst into another mind-blowing climax. A series of violent spasm rocked my husband's body and he began to shake tremendously.

As if to match his shivering, he began to pump in and pump out his big cock into my hot, tight and dripping pussy. Soon unending waves of hot spurt of his cum erupted, like a volcano, from his hard cock and flooded my love hole. A huge amount of the valuable sticky juices - full of slime- dripped from my pussy and flooded the linen under my gorgeous ass-cheeks. I got what I wanted since two months and I gave him what he too wanted since two months.

Very very satisfied with a wonderful fuck after a long time, we slept naked, as always in each other's arms knowing that many more fucking sessions are ahead as we are together again. Julee