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Nasty sexy babes taking deepthroat sex with big cock
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I entered the somewhat hidden back-entrance of the wash house. God knows why the thing had two entrances, to two non-connected parts, and one was in the back where no one ever went.

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Sand and pine tree needles on the floor spoke of disuse, as did the damp and mildly musty smell. The shower was running in one of the cubicles, the other doors were either open or at least unlocked. "Leonie?" I asked tentatively. "You there?" "Fynn?" Her voice came from the locked cubicle. "Yes." "Are you alone" "Yes." I heard steps inside. "What are we doing here?" I asked. The place was a bit creepy. The door opened a tiny bit and Leonie peeked out.

"You didn't tell anyone?" "No, I didn't." "Good, come on in." She left the door only slightly ajar, the water began to run again. I carefully opened the door and froze then and there. Inside the cubicles was a small bench with two clothes hooks, then a small step and behind that the shower. Leonie stood with her back to me and from what I could see in the dim light, she was buck naked.

She turned her head and said urgently: "Come quickly! And close the door!" Without turning my eye from her naked form, her back, her straight waist, her small bum and her slim legs, I obeyed.

I closed and locked the door and stood there flabbergasted. I couldn't pry my gaze away from here, the first naked girl I had seen since my sexual awakening.

Leonie took her hair over her shoulder and started twisting it a little, while still looking at me over her shoulder. "Don't you want to get under the shower?" I snapped out of it: "Uh.


Y-Yes." I took off my sandals and t-shirt, Leonie wasn't looking at me anymore, but seemed to be picking at her hair absentmindedly. I had the largest erection ever in my swimming shorts, but somehow I was ashamed of taking them off. My heart was in my mouth as I stepped into the shower. Water trickled down Leonie's back and bottom. When she heard my steps she looked back at me. She pouted her lips, then smiled broadly. "What is this?" she asked reproachful and turned to face me.

She stood only one step away. Leonie was about a head taller than me, bearing her weight on her left leg, the other one was relaxed, with her hands on her hips. Her light brown hair was twisted to a large trunk and lay on her shoulder.

She had small breasts with light pink nipples, a flat tummy and her cooch was naked, except for a few very fine, transparent hairs.

My erection strained in my shorts as my eyes followed the water that ran from her neck to her legs. She squatted in front of me, grabbed the waistband of my trunks and pulled them down, so that my boner bobbed up and down. Leonie goggled at it, while I freed my legs. „Wow, it's huge!" she mumbled. I felt exceptionally proud.

Awestruck she put a hand on it and pulled me under the shower, where she wrapped her second hand around the shaft next to the first one. Her touch was electrifying, a pleasant feeling spread through my lower regions. He hair was washed to the front by the shower, so that I could only see her slack jaw. She giggled and caressed my cock and balls. Then she rose and grinned at me, not letting go of my penis.

Leonie brushed her hair back with her other hand and stepped closer, legs slightly apart. She rubbed by bell-end against her slit. The feeling was intense, we had goosebumps and she withdrew with a deep-drawn sigh.

Leonie bit her lip, looked cheekily out of her large green eyes and began to rub my prick against the upper end of her pussy again. Her fine hairs and soft skin felt incredibly good. She came forward, so that my stiffy slipped between her thighs.

She put her hands on my hips and thrust her pussy against my pelvis with a soft gasp. With one hand she fondled between her legs from behind and found the tip of my cock. Leonie strained her snatch against me and squeezed her thighs together. I had never felt such and amazing, soft and hot feeling. Then she let go of me.

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This is so hot!" Leonie whispered. She still held my penis, turned around, put it between her legs and pressed it upwards so that it rested along the length of her slit. „Now tup me!" I tentatively moved back and forth. Leonie pressed my prick against her pussy and moaned softly. I grew bolder and my strokes became faster and stronger. I put my hands on her hips and stomach. The feeling of her skin, her thighs and her labia that surrounded my cock were incredible.

She pressed my boner harder against her snatch. I came without warning, almost exploded my cum over the back wall of the cubicle. „Oh wow!" Leonie breathed.

I held very still. She let go of me and turned around. „Wow you jizzed as far as the wall!" I grinned sheepishly but somewhat proud. „But I didn't come yet," she added. She took my hand and placed it on the upper end of her snatch. I rubbed it carefully along its length between her legs, where it felt all slick. I pulled my hand back and inspected the clear liquid. „Don't stop!" Leonie commanded. I resumed in awkwardly fondling her. She grabbed my hand. „Come here," she said and sat against the side wall of the cubicle, legs apart and knees bent a little.

Kneeling between her legs I examined her pussy. She spread it with both hands and pointed her finger to the top end, where a cylindric bulge pitched over a small ball like a tent.

„Rub here." She took some of the slippery substance from the lower end of her pussy and spread it upwards, then moved my hand over her clit and softly rubbed it with circular motions. A sigh escaped Leonie's lips, then she let me continue on my own. At first I was very careful, then began rubbing faster. Leonie's eyes were closed, her mouth open and she used one hand to play with her small lumps.

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I kept rubbing her clit, adding lubricant every once in a while. Once winced and grabbed my hand. „Not so rough." My arm hurt from the unfamiliar strain.


When I tried to position myself differently she looked up, then looked at my cock. „It's hard again," she said elated. „It's still hard," I corrected. Leonie got up and pulled me along. She reached between her legs and spread lubricant on my bell-end, smiling whimsically. Then she put her legs apart, spread her slit with one hand and put my stiffy against it. I softly held her hips. She rubbed my cock on her pussy faster and much more skillful than I ever could.

Again it felt incredible, like I never felt before. Leonie closed her eyes, slightly bent her legs and ground my prick rapidly over her soft pussy.

A shuddering moan escaped her and she bit her lip to suppress it. Hadn't I already blew my load before, I would've squirted hot jizz on her this very instant.

But now I enjoyed this immense feeling of her pussy against my cock and the felt the buildup in my loins. Leonie started making rhythmic thrusts with her crotch, increased the pressure, then threw her head back and moaned deeply. I felt the twitches in my cock that came directly before the orgasm.

Just at that moment she let my boner slip between her thighs, clasped on hand around my butt and the other on the back of my head and then pressed her snatch against my pelvis a couple of times.

I came between her thighs, my head hugged against her breasts. She stopped moving and held me embraced. After a while I freed a hand and started playing with her tits, firm lumps and lightly pink nipples. Leonie finally untightened her embrace and leaned back, without separating our genitals and looks at me with luminous eyes.

She wiggled her hip, so that my cock was drawn through the wetness between her legs. This time it was me who couldn't hold back from moaning.

She smiled and kissed me on the lips, then released me and took a step back. We checked each other out, while I started, unconsciously, to rub my prick. There she stood in the shower, her light brown hair again twisted to a large bundle and hung over her left shoulder, looking at me with her large green eyes. She licked her creamy lips.

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Water ran over her small, girly breasts, her flat belly, her pussy and down her legs. I had seen adult vaginas before, but hers wasn't like that. It also wasn't the vee-gannie of a little girl. Hers was something in between. Except a fluff of downy faint hair it was naked, but her pussy lips were rounder, more pronounced.

„You're so pretty," I said shyly. Leonie smiled and approached me again. „It's so hot that your cock is already so large." She took it in both hands and felt it up and down. „Why?" I asked, caressing her stomach and making my way to her slit. „It's just so hot, manly. like. like a woman with large tits is hotter." „I like your tits." She grinned and kissed me on the mouth and then slipped my stiffy between her thighs.

„Plus you can't do that with a small cock." Leonie moved her hips in a circular motion, so that my penis touched the whole length of her pussy.

I gasped with lust and tried to move myself in sync with hers. After a few strokes she grabbed my butt and thrust her snatch against my pelvis. She tilted her hips back and forth, in such a way that her slit rubbed against my pelvis once and against my stiffy next.

I grabbed her the lower end of her bottom and felt for the crack. First I found my bell-end that stuck out the between her thighs when she moved he hips forward and vanished when she moved them back. The feeling was intense, silky, soft, wet, warm, just incredible. Leonie moaned very faintly. Every time she moved back, I found the wettest spot of her pussy just above my penis. Further up, I felt for her butt hole. Once I touched it she quickly thrust her pelvis forward and looked me in the eye.

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„Nuh-uh!" Then she started moving again. I found her wet spot and let my fingers slide between her lips there. She bit her lips to suppress a moan. We were entangled for a bit, moving rhythmically, grinding our parts together. „I'm cumming," Leonie breathed. „I'm cumming, I'm cumming. ." she repeated again and again with a strangled voice.

Her movement slowed, the thrust her pussy against my pelvis, then pulled it back and threw herself against me with full force. A deep-drawn sigh escaped her, she convulsed once and slowly dropped to her knees. „Wow!" I ran my fingers through her hair. She looked up at me. „Did you come, Fynn?" „No" She smiled. „You just make me so hot." Leonie took my cock an started rubbing it slowly.

„You're gonna say before you come?" „Yes, okay." „Good." Leonie pulled my foreskin back, took a look at it and then kissed my bell-end. I shivered. She covered the whole tip of my penis with dozens tiny kisses. Then she opened her mouth and licked it. Her mouth felt incredibly hot compared to the water of the shower, and the pressure of her tongue was so much harder than of her thighs. She put it in her mouth, gave it a suck and pulled it out again.

She tightened her lips, so that my prick would part them, then rubbed her tongue and sucked it harder. After just a few cycles I was ready. "I'm gonna come!" I warned.

She jerked me off with her hand, put her ear on my groin and kissed the shaft.

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I suppressed a groan, while firing my load over her shoulder. My knees felt weak and I joined her on the floor. "Oh man!" I mumbles breathless. She smiled keenly and I smiled back. "That was so hot!" "You betcha!" Leonie replied. Her hair was tousled, her cheeks flushed. She knelt on the floor with her butt between her feet, her snatch was hidden between her thighs.

I was sitting with me legs stretched out, resting my weight on my hands behind my back, my rocket was half-standing. We rested for a while, looking at each other silently, whenever our eyes met, we'd smile and nod. Finally Leonie grabbed a bottle of shampoo and got up. Her slit was directly in front of my face.

"Leonie?" "Yes?" "Can I kiss your vee-gannie?" She laughed and beamed at me with her green eyes. "Umm. Next time, okay?" I grinned - "Okay!" - and marveled at her pussy, her sweet slit, with the rounded lips that conceal the female secret. She turned the water off and I felt cold gel in my hair. Leonie gently shampooed my hair, then shoulders and back. „Get up," she said, and spread foam on my butt and legs.

I turned around and she also foamed my chest. My cock wasn't really hard anymore, and she touched it matter-of-factly. Then I she helped me shampoo her hair and let me apply foam on her body. When I go to her pussy I tried go open her lips. She slapped me on the hand playfully.

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„No groping!" Turned the water back on. „You said you can't put a small cock between your legs." „Uh-huh?" „Did you take other boys here?" She smiled wickedly. „Not this year. You're my first this year." „What happened to them?" „How should I know, they went home when the holidays ended." I thought about that for a second, then moved on to more important thoughts: „When will be next time?" „Fynn, do you remember, what you promised?" She looked me in the eye, her smile had vanished.

„That I mustn't tell anyone." I felt scared suddenly. „Exactly. Nobody. Not your brother, or your other little friends, or whomever. Not a single word. My parents would paddle me, if they found out. You don't want that my parents hit me, do you?" I shook my head violently.

„No! Leonie I won't say anything!" „I know my sweet little Fynn. You wouldn't want that," she said softly and kissed me on the mouth. „We'll meet tomorrow. I'll come by your tents and tell you." I smiled. We went to the front of the cubicles to dry us off with her towel. While Leonie was combing her hair, I enjoyed looking at her body. My cock was rock hard again. „I can't go out like that," I said hopefully.

She put her t-shirt on over her bikini. „Well." she smiled impishly and tapped my boner, so that it bobbed up and down. „We shouldn't be leaving here together anyways. I'll go on ahead, while you can take care of yourself." She kissed me again, then unlocked the door and glanced outside. „Bye-bye Fynn, see you tomorrow." „Bye Leonie," I said a little disappointed. She slid out the door and closed it from the outside.

Her footsteps hadn't left the building, when I already started jerking-off, while the memory was still fresh.