Girl in handcuffs gets facefucked

Girl in handcuffs gets facefucked
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It happened again, didn't it? Introduction. It is highly recommended to read the previous story, 'This must never happen again! Right?' it will give you the background information for the following story but here is a short synopsis anyway. Matthew and Sarah Jones are brother and sister but they have entered a whole new forbidden world.

It started when Matthew was in a bad mood and Sarah was angry at being dumped for a hot date (she had done some extra special shopping for that date). The atmosphere was tense and it was only a matter of time before everything blew up. A silly argument started over a CD and it soon led to a pushing match.

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Sarah fell on the bed removing Matthew's towel (he had just showered) and soon found her self face to face with his penis. No guesses what happened next. After a short time they had an uncomfortable little talk until they realized that they could not hold back any longer and the obvious happened. If you want to know more about that you'll have to read the previous story and vote on it!

Positively, please. The story continues ……&hellip. After their first incestuous adventure they soon found it was impossible to stop. Any hint of guilt had soon been banished by the passion and orgasmic pleasure they found with each other. Their sex was hard and fast, just how they loved it. Inevitably though, a short time though later their twisted minds were already playing with new ideas.

However they weren't quite sure how to suggest it to each other. Being older and more experienced Sarah had the idea first. The sex was great but a little predictable. There was always lots of oral and she got fucked in her pussy and in her ass, now she wanted something a little different. She had had the idea when she remembered her shopping trip. She hadn't used any of that stuff yet and couldn't wait to reveal her sexy new outfit.

It seemed a shame not to use any of it. Sarah thought long and hard about it (the idea and the sex), fleshing out the details and coming up with some plans that she thought both of them would appreciate. First of all she would have to come clean about her shopping trip. That could wait for breakfast the next day. Sarah woke up and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

She was nervous, even after everything she had done with her brother. Matthew walked in to the kitchen, he could see she was on edge but gave her a moment before he would ask her about it. He prepared some breakfast for himself and joined her at the table.

"All right there, sis?" No answer. Matthew repeated the question. After a pause Sarah replied quietly, "Matthew, I'm fine but can I talk to you about something?" Matthew just nodded. "Thank you Matthew, can you meet me in my bedroom in ten minutes?" Matthew nodded again. With that Sarah left the kitchen and proceeded up the stairs to prepare her little surprise.

Matthew was curious, thinking that maybe she was horny again but it couldn't be that, she would have done him right there in the kitchen.

He wouldn't have minded. Matthew finished his breakfast and washed the dishes, he had to give her the ten minutes she had had asked for. In that time his imagination worked overtime, he wondered what else he could do with that great body of hers.

The ten minutes came round all too slowly and when it did he ran up the stairs and knocked on her bedroom door. That was strange in itself, Sarah had never closed her door since the first time they had slept with each other. What was she hiding? Sarah opened the door and invited him in to her room.

Matthew sat on the bed noticing the bag next to him, he tried to peek in but Sarah stopped him straight away. "Matthew, thank you for waiting for me, I am sure it was difficult." The atmosphere was tense and Sarah was looking down at the floor. "Matthew I think we need a little talk about what has been happening. Don't you?" This was the conversation Matthew didn't want to be having.

He knew what had happened wasn't right but it was too good, unfortunately he could tell from his sister's manner it could all come to an end. His eagerness turned to disappointment. He couldn't speak and could only nod his head to confirm what she had just said. Sarah saw his face change and how quiet he got. When he nodded to answer her question, she looked away from him, with an evil smile on her face. "Bruv, the sex has been really great but I feel we can't continue like this any more.

We've gone too far, it never should have happened." Now Matthew could only look down at the floor, he had to expect this didn't he? He had to admit it had lasted longer than he thought it would.

He would have to say something and get out of there. "Sarah, I'm not sorry it happened but I'm sad it has to end. The best thing would be for me to leave right now and please give me some time to sort my head out." He got off the bed and went to leave the room but was called back by his sister. He was shocked to see her crying with laughter.

Now he didn't know what to think. Sarah went up to him, took his hand and led him to the bed. She kissed him softly on the cheek and he sat down a little stunned and perplexed. His brain was wondering what the hell was going on. Matthew could see that Sarah was back to her normal self and he relaxed a little, but in the back of his mind he felt a little scared about losing the relationship he was having with his sister. He was relieved when Sarah went on to explain her actions.

"Sorry Matthew, I couldn't help it, I didn't mean to be such a bitch but the moment just took me. The thing is, and don't take this the wrong way, I want us to make some changes." Matthew, a little confused, had to ask. "What changes?" Sarah continued, "I want us to experiment a little, we've come this far and I don't want to stop. I want more! The contents of that bag will explain it a lot better than I can. Open it and see for yourself." Matthew opened the bag and emptied the contents on the bed; he could only stare at the magical possibilities that lay in front of him.

On the bed was a small bottle of champagne, a jar of chocolate spread, some lubricant, some ropes, handcuffs, a blindfold and a small whip. Sarah was right; the contents of that bag were self explanatory. Just what sort of sister was she? Sarah continued. "These are the rules, if you agree of course. No sex until tomorrow night and in the meantime I want you to imagine what you could do with me and the contents of that bag.

I think you can do that." She gave him a little time for everything to sink in. "Matthew, please listen to this, it is important. I am expecting at least one new sex act you can perform on me and I will think about what to do to you." Sarah added with a playful little smile on her face. Matthew was shocked, first of all everything was going to end and now his sister was kinkier than he ever thought possible. He was eager to do his research on his new task, the internet being a wonderful research tool, but felt compelled to tell his sister what he had been dying to tell her.

"Sis, thank you. I've been dying to tell you all the things I've wanted to do that body of yours and now you've given me the chance.

You won't be disappointed!" With that he left the room, he had work to do. When Matthew left Sarah was left alone with her thoughts. It had gone much better than she had thought, but she had scared herself because she had really enjoyed torturing her brother so much. She was confused about who she really was. After their little chat on the Saturday morning they never really had a chance to have any quality time with each other.

When they did see each other there would be small glances as though they were undressing each other with their eyes. In the back of their minds was the curiosity of what their sibling had in mind for them. They both did their research on the internet, always being careful to hide any evidence so as not to give each other a clue. Sarah also found she had to do some shopping; she only missed one item but had to be careful as Matthew's mouth wasn't that big!

She didn't want to kill him. She was looking forward to returning back to the Ann Summers shop; maybe that very attractive assistant would be there. Sarah's shopping trip was going well, that assistant was there and as it was quiet they had a little chat. The assistant's name was Tanya Evans; she was about 5'2", had long blonde hair, a pretty face and a slim body and she appeared to be about 19. Sarah could feel the chemistry between them and this scared her a little, here was another time when Sarah had to question who she really was.

After the small talk Sarah explained what she needed and Tanya helped her with the choice, Sarah was pleased. Sarah didn't really want to leave and made an excuse to carry on the conversation. "Tanya, this is a little embarrassing but do you remember the outfit I bought before?" Sarah was sure Tanya blushed before replying, "Yes, I remember, it really suited you." "Can you wear underwear with that outfit, I'm not sure if you can?" Sarah asked while looking to see if Tanya was blushing.

Tanya replied but she couldn't look at Sarah's face, "You can but only if it a skimpy pair of knickers. I have just the ones for you, special stock." This underwear really was special stock and Sarah bought them straight away, she was shocked when Tanya asked her if she wanted to try them on first and if Sarah needed an opinion all she had to do was ask her.

Sarah was so shocked that she didn't take her up on the offer, Tanya seemed disappointed. Now it was time to leave but before Sarah left the shop she told Tanya that anytime she wanted to go out for a drink all she had to do was to call her. Sarah gave her the number and Tanya was maybe a little too quick to give Sarah her number fumbling to find pen and paper. When the two had swapped numbers Sarah left but not before Tanya wished her well on her special night. Sarah had just made a new friend, they had got on really well and it would be interesting to see just how close they could be.

Back in the shop Tanya locked the door, went to the bathroom and splashed water over her face while trying to get her breath back. Sarah's shopping was now complete and she had the complete outfit. She was happy and decided to take a nap when she got home, all the time wondering what Matthew had in store for her.

Matthew had already decided on his show stopping act but continued to do some 'research' anyway. He didn't worry too much about clothes; they wouldn't be on him for long. They both slept very well that night, each of them with their own thoughts and dreams. Matthew had Sarah in all sort of positions, while Sarah was thinking about taking Matthew by surprise and she was sure Tanya was in her there as well. The Sunday saw a nervy atmosphere between the two of them, each of them impatient to start and they got more frustrated as the day progressed.

They had arranged the time for the big night when they had breakfast but not too many words were spoken otherwise. The only other major highlight was Sarah's request that they both eat lots of pineapple or other sweet fruits; apparently it had a pleasant after effect and she wanted to see if it was true. Throughout the day the most they could do was eye each other up, each with a glint in their eye.

Neither could wait for 8 o'clock to come around and so they had to control themselves somehow, amazingly they did. The magical hour soon approached and Matthew and Sarah started to get ready for their special night. Around an hour before, Sarah had a shower and pampered herself, she needed a little bit more time as she had to try and see if she could squeeze herself in to her costume and wear knickers at the same time.

Matthew did not need too much time to prepare as all he needed was to have a shower and get changed in to a pair of shorts and t-shirt. Clothes were not the most important thing on his mind.

Sarah took control of the situation and she approached Matthew's room to speak with him. She knocked and entered as his door was already open. Matthew was waiting to see what she had to say but in the meantime all he could do was ogle her body wrapped by a solitary towel.

"Bruv, at eight o'clock go to the front room and wait for me there. When I knock on the door close your eyes and only open them when I tell you to. Otherwise I will cancel the whole thing." Sarah was laughing, especially at the last remark as she knew her brother would do nothing to sabotage this night. Matthew agreed and Sarah left the room, when she entered her bedroom she closed the door and locked it afterwards. It was best to take no chances. The time approached and he went down to the front room, he sat down on the sofa and waited for Sarah to arrive, with just his perverted ideas for company.

He did not have long to wait until he heard his sister's voice telling him to keep close his eyes and keep them closed.

He did as he was told and when he was allowed to open them, his eyes almost popped out of his head. Sarah stood there dressed in a tight black leather outfit he had never seen before or could not have imagined existed. Whoever designed the thing was really kinky.

He took some time to appreciate Sarah in her outfit taking in the low cut, showing off her cleavage perfectly. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra and that her nipples were standing to attention. The outfit clung to her body so much that Matthew could make out the outline of her knickers, he was a little disappointed she was going to wear knickers but he would soon change his mind on that.

The most striking thing about the outfit was the zip that ran from one side of her right breast going down diagonally to the top of her left thigh.

Unzipping that thing would be like opening presents at Christmas. Matthew felt guilty now, he felt a little too casual especially as his sister had made such an effort for him. He hoped his sister wouldn't mind that he didn't make the same effort that she had.

He didn't have to worry; she was only interested in the contents of those shorts, which was now very erect.


Sarah moved over to Matthew and sat next to him, she wasn't totally comfortable as her outfit was a little restricting. It didn't matter as the effect had worked and it wouldn't be on her for long anyway.

She whispered in his ear, "Do you want to see me get out of this thing?" Matthew just nodded. Sarah stood back up in front of him and slowly reached for the zip. She decided to tease him a little and take it slowly. She wasn't sure if her tease would work or not, but her instinct told her that nothing was going to stop Matthew enjoying himself whatever happened next.

Slowly she pulled the zipper down sensing that her breasts were fighting to be free; she paused for a few seconds before she knew her right breast would become free.

She continued to unzip and her breast popped out all red and sweaty with her erect nipple on show, she continued to unzip and the other breast popped out, just as red, sweaty and erect. She only stopped when she got as far as her stomach. "Do you want to see the rest?" Sarah asked with a smile. "Of course I do, don't ask stupid questions." "Well then bruv, why don't you finish off the job and see what else you can find?

Do it nice and slow." Sarah moved closer so he could finish unzipping her. Her crotch was at the same level as his head, if she was naked she knew what her next move would have been.


She was aching to get out of the thing and it would be a great relief. The costume looked great and it turned her on, her pussy was soaking. Unfortunately it was uncomfortable to wear and it made her all hot and sweaty, besides she couldn't wait to spring her next surprise. Matthew nervously took the zip and unzipped it all the way down. In the meantime Sarah had loosened the top half so now her upper body was free of the outfit.

Her flat stomach, breasts and back were red and sweaty. Matthew didn't notice he was too busy working on her bottom half. Sarah had knickers on which intrigued him, only when he saw what knickers she had on did he understand why she had worn them.

He had caught a glimpse of a zip on the middle part of her knickers, he didn't expect that. He couldn't see all of her underwear properly but knew he would have to investigate them more closely. When Matthew had finished unzipping her costume and she had given him some time to work up an appetite, Sarah told him to help her and push the bottom part down so she could get out of the costume altogether. When she was out of it he now understood just how special those knickers were. It appeared that the zip was attached to all of the material and when it was undone the top and bottom half would separate, allowing easy access to Sarah's pussy.

He liked this surprise. Sarah bit her lip in anticipation of what she knew would happen next. "Matthew, undo the zip and let's see if we are thinking the same thing." Matthew did not reply but slowly undid the zip and let the bottom part of her knickers drop down, the material hung freely between her legs.

Now he had Sarah's soaking pussy staring him in the face and all he could think of was cherry pie. Sarah seemed to wait an eternity until she felt Matthew's lips kissing her thighs; he wanted to tease her but was all too eager to dive in at the same time. He slowly moved up her thighs getting closer to her pussy but stayed a distance away teasing her. His hands stroked the back of her legs moving up to her ass, when his hands grabbed her ass cheeks he made his move and put his face between her legs.

Sarah was taken by surprise and bit her lip; she could feel his tongue exploring her pussy lips up to her clitoris. Any discomfort from wearing the outfit was quickly forgotten as the sexual frustration that had built up was blown away.

Her juices were building up deep inside her, she was primed to explode for the moment Matthew hit the right buttons. She was so turned on that there was a danger that Matthew might drown in her juices.

Matthew worked his tongue on her clitoris, kissing it softly before lightly putting pressure on it with his tongue. He continued to lick her clit and could hear Sarah as her breathing changed and felt her body buckling slightly; when he could sense she was near orgasm he moved quickly to play with her pussy.

He spread her lips and licked as deep as he could, it wasn't long before he could feel her orgasm coming. Her knees weakened and Matthew had to hold her up as much as he could, she found she was fighting hard to breath. It was too much to take and when her orgasm kicked in it was very deep and satisfying. She hoped that all her orgasms would be like that. Matthew felt her body weaken and with his hands on her ass tried to support her. With his face deep between her legs he could taste her when she came, she didn't seem to stop and all he could do was swallow her sweet juices as fast he could.

Strangely all he could taste was pineapple with a hint of banana. Sarah collapsed on the sofa next to Matthew fighting to regain her breath and composure, when she had recovered Matthew moved over to kiss her. Sarah did not fight it and she knew she could taste her own juices, they were sweet which took her back a bit, maybe it was true. She just had to ask. "When we kissed I'm sure I could taste pineapple.

When I came, is that it how tasted? That's not because of the fruit we've been eating is it?" "Yes it did, why don't you return the favour and see if it's true. You might find a little tang of orange in there" Sarah needed no second invitation.

She quickly released Matthew's erection from his shorts and kissed it softly at first while masturbating him. Afterwards she put her mouth over the head of his prick and slowly swallowed his penis, going down slowly, little by little. She had soon built up a rhythm and she was sucking him off getting a bit faster as she got more comfortable. Her hand went to his balls and she started to play with them noticing how Matthew had started to tense up.

She knew it was time when Matthew put his hand on the top of her head so she stroked his shaft as quickly as she could. It didn't take long until she could feel him cumming in her mouth, she tried to keep his prick as deep as she could in her mouth so she would not lose a drop and she didn't. When she finished she sat back on the sofa and went over to kiss her brother, she pushed her tongue as deep as she could in to his mouth, and he accepted it readily.

When they finished she stood up and took Matthew's hand ready to lead him to the bedroom. "Matthew, you were right, a little tang of orange.

Now let's go upstairs and see what other surprises we have in store for each other." In the bedroom they kissed for a while and held each other, groping what ever body part was to hand.

Sarah broke it off and spoke first. "Matthew we can play a little but nothing too deep, we don't want to peak too soon do we? It would be best to save that for later. If you don't mind I will go first, you don't mind do you?" "Of course not but why don't we start right now.

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Sis, you're in charge, do your worst." "Matthew, you should never have said that!" Sarah moved quickly. She removed his clothes and laid him down on the bed. She raised his arms above his head and put one handcuff on one of his wrists, secured the chain to one of the bars on the headrest and put the other wrist in the other handcuff.

That took care of his arms. She spread his legs and tied a rope to each of his ankles then she secured the end of the ropes to the bed. Matthew could not move at all now and was at his sister's mercy. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not but what choice did he have?

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Sarah took the blindfold and put it on Matthew, he wasn't nervous and she was glad he had confidence in her. Now she could reward him. She whispered in to his ear. "Matthew, you are mine now I am going to use you as I like. If you don't like it, tough luck, you know I have the whip handy." Sarah smiled but inside she was scared, again there was that feeling of not knowing who she really was. Matthew could hear the opening of a bottle; he guessed that was the champagne.

What he didn't hear was Sarah opening the chocolate spread. Obviously food and drink was on the menu. He was all tied up, unable to move with the promise of being punished if he misbehaved.

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This could be fun, he hoped. Sarah opened the champagne and poured it in to two glasses. She took a small swig and could feel the bubbles on her tongue. She moved quickly to Matthew's penis and began to lick the head of his prick, she took another swig of champagne and moved her mouth over his penis and took as much she could inside her.

Matthew had always enjoyed it when his sister gave him oral sex but now it was even better, this was a new sensation that he couldn't describe very well.

The only thing it reminded him of was the feel on your tongue when you've just drunk a very fizzy drink or ate a packet of sherbet. Sarah continued to suck off her brother building up a nice rhythm; Matthew was really enjoying it but maybe a little too much. All of a sudden Sarah decided to stop; she didn't want him to peak too soon, or did she do it just to spite Matthew?

She wasn't sure herself. Matthew was left in limbo, why did she have to stop? He was sure the bitch did it on purpose but he didn't say anything, he wasn't sure if she would be prepared to use the whip and if he was ready for something like that. Nothing happened for a couple of minutes which really frustrated Matthew but he was soon to be rewarded for his patience. The next thing he felt was one of Sarah's breasts forced in to his mouth, this could have been unpleasant except there was a definite taste of chocolate, and he sucked and licked eagerly as soon as he realized what she had done.

Sarah loved the feeling of Matthew's tongue working vigorously on her breasts, frantically searching to lick off all the chocolate. She especially loved it when he worked his tongue on her nipples; she was getting really horny now. Sarah thought there was nothing more she could do with champagne and chocolate until she had an idea.

She stopped for a moment and lifted Matthew's head, carefully raising a glass of champagne to his lips she poured some in to his mouth slowly. She then covered her breasts with the chocolate spread again and put one of her breasts, nipple first, carefully in to his mouth.

The result was immediate, his licking and sucking was great before but now she could feel the bubbles reacting with her skin. Her body reacted so quickly that she almost surprised herself by having an orgasm so fast, she didn't care. Now she had to fuck him. Sarah finished of her glass of champagne and returned to sucking off Matthew penis although now she wouldn't torture him so much. She found a good strong rhythm, moving up and down on his prick, when he was rock hard she stopped and got in to position, squatting over his prick.

She teased him a little by rubbing the head of his penis with her pussy lips until she could take no more and pushed down. After playing around with food and drink, here was what they wanted at last. Sarah was bouncing up and down on his prick and they were both really getting in to it. Matthew would really have liked to have played with her breasts, but it's difficult when you're blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed.

The truth was Sarah really wanted to feel his hands on her breasts, pinching her nipples. She cursed herself that she hadn't thought of releasing his hands before jumping on him and forcing herself on him. Of course she could always do that next time! Sarah was really pushing down deep on to his penis, she could feel how his prick filled her up deep inside.

She was now desperate to orgasm again and bounced down on his prick as quickly as she could, they were both close to orgasm. Matthew knew he could not last much longer and from the sound of Sarah's breathing neither could she. He tried to push up as much as he could to meet his sister's movements, but he was a little restricted. It didn't matter as she was doing all the work anyway, eagerly working to find that orgasmic pleasure again.

They both tensed up at the same time, finding it difficult to breath. When Sarah orgasmed she was grinding down as deep as she could milking Matthew's prick for all it was worth. She loved the feeling when he came inside her and she took every drop as deep as she could inside her. Matthew was trying to push up as much as he could, well he tried but didn't get too far but he could still feel his juices release inside her, he also felt just how tight she was when she came.

Matthew was sure he could relax now and was certain she would undo the ropes and handcuffs. He was wrong.

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Her first surprise was her black leather outfit with the special zip, then the underwear that revealed everything when you unzipped them, then the champagne and chocolate spread. What was next? She surely wasn't going to use the whip on him, was she? The next thing he knew was the blindfold had been taken off and he was getting used to not being in the dark anymore. His eyes had not adjusted yet and he could make out the shape of his sister holding something, it looked like a candle.

He was a little nervous wondering what else she had in store. Sarah moved closer to her brother and kissed him softly on the lips, and then she whispered in his ear. "Matthew, we're not done yet. Just trust me and everything will be fine. Then it's your turn. Can you see properly yet?" Matthew was puzzled by this question and replied nervously, "Yes I can, but why?" "Bruv, you'll see why in a minute.

Now open your mouth nice and wide." Matthew almost shit himself. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, he didn't like the way this was going. Sarah could see just how nervous he was getting so she tried to reassure him. "Don't worry Matthew would I do anything to hurt you?" She wasn't sure if that had worked or not but nothing was going to stop her now, she was still horny and needed to be fucked again, admittedly a little bit differently.

Matthew had his mouth open waiting for what surprises were in store for him. Sarah showed him a 6.5 inch, transparent dildo that thankfully wasn't too big at the base. She had thought about using a vibrator with the batteries but didn't want to give him an electric shock, what with all those juices flowing and the batteries in the thing.

She decided against using the vibrator in the end as she thought the noise of his teeth chattering would be too much of a distraction.

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So it had to be the dildo. She put the dildo in his mouth and told him to bite on the base really hard. After that she put a pillow under his head so he could get a better view.

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Now she could move in to position. Sarah was sitting in the direction of Matthew's face; he could see her soaking wet pussy and her partially hidden clitoris.

She positioned her pussy lips over the top of the dildo and pushed down slowly, just a little bit. This revealed just a little of her fleshy pink vagina. Matthew could see he was going to get a first class view of the proceedings and he visibly relaxed. Sarah pushed down slowly at first, making sure her brother was fine and that the dildo didn't slip.

The truth was that she wasn't sure just how long this idea would last, but it all seemed to be going fine at the moment. When she was happy, she moved down on to the dildo, her juices ensured she could take it inside her easily without discomfort.

At first she went down half way, making sure Matthew had a good view and continued moving up and down on it, just to that halfway point. She was getting turned on yearning to get the whole thing inside her, her juices had started to leak and run down her thighs. She could smell her own aroma of sex and knew Matthew must be getting the full effect, one look at his erect penis told her that this was the case. Matthew could only lay back and enjoy the show.

When he looked up he could see her clitoris, partially cloaked, and her pussy now open to accommodate the dildo she was sliding up and down on. Every now and then there was a hint of deep pink. He could see she was soaking and her juices were leaking, how he wanted to taste them. He didn't have too long to wait.

Sarah could wait no longer and moved down as far as she could; she knew her pussy was close to his mouth and if he could touch it with his tongue, he would. What she didn't expect was the pressure on her clitoris which made her jump; his nose was touching her clit every time she went down fully on the dildo.

Now there was no stopping her as she was close to orgasm. Sarah knew Matthew was comfortable so she pushed down as hard as she could and as fast as she dared. Every time she had gone down fully, she felt the hint of his lips near her pussy and the pressure on her clit which made her shudder. She was getting more turned on all the time and more of her juices would escape from her pussy.

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When the dildo was almost completely inside her, Matthew had no choice to swallow the juices that were escaping. He really didn't mind.

She didn't last much longer as the pressure on her clitoris was getting too much, she was fucking that dildo quicker and quicker with no obvious discomfort to Matthew. When she was almost spent, she caught her breath and pushed all the way down as far as she could, then she orgasmed releasing all her juices in to his mouth.

Matthew swallowed eagerly. She slid up and down on the dildo a couple more times before getting off completely.

Matthew was soaked, he didn't know how much he had swallowed but he really didn't mind. After all he could taste that pineapple with a hint of banana again. When she had finished fucking herself on the dildo and had got off, he felt relieved that he could have this thing out of his mouth.

He hoped that his sister would not forget about it. Sarah was spent and almost did forget about her brother holding the dildo in his mouth. She was half tempted to keep it there but knew that was too much. She took it out of his mouth and immediately started to clean it off with her tongue, before putting the whole thing in her mouth.

She loved the sensation of the dildo sliding in and out of her mouth and could taste her own juices, pineapple with a hint of banana.

Sarah was going to untie Matthew from the bed but saw that his prick needed a bit of attention, it was unfair that she had had her release, after all he was likely to explode, she had given him a grandstand view of the main action. She quickly moved her mouth over the head of his penis, licking it slowly while one hand started to masturbate his shaft smoothly and quickly. Without warning she suddenly moved her mouth down taking his penis inside her as far she could go.

She knew it wouldn't take too long for him to cum. Matthew was more than happy with the show his sister had given him and now here she was sucking him off again.

He felt her mouth moving up and down so smoothly, and his body started to tense up. Almost immediately he orgasmed straight away and he shot his load in her mouth. His sister was still trying to get as deep as she could, swallowing every drop that she could. When she was finished she took her mouth off his prick and lay down beside him. "Would you like to be untied now?" Sarah asked with the biggest smile on her face. ""Yes please, and then I can have my turn." Matthew replied with an even bigger smile.

Sarah quickly undid the ropes and the handcuffs, releasing Matthew. He stood up and tried to see if his legs and arms still worked, they did. Sarah got on the bed, spread her legs and raised her arms above her head. "Matthew, I'm ready. I can't wait to see what you've got in store for me." To be continued ………………………&hellip.