My panty collection bucket one

My panty collection bucket one
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I wish I was good enough to say what was really going on at the moment but that would spoil the whole idea of robbing a bank while threatining to jump off the tallest building in southern Indiana.


My name is Dusty and my older brother Tyler and I had come up with the idea of robbing the bank acrossed the street from the hotel building I am currently standing on. We had gotten the idea from the movie man on a ledge, might I say though I did not like the plan since I have a terrible fear of heights. So to start this story right let me start from the beginning. Hi my name is Dusty and I have an older brother named Tyler.

Growing up our family never had a lot of money so life for us was a bit challenging.

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when I was ten our mom died of cancer leaving only Tyler, dad and myself to deal with the grief and loss of our mother. After mom died since Tyler was 15 dad asked him if he minded getting a job to help out with finances. Tyler went and got a job at Wendy's and I decided to try and help out as well and started mowing grass and helping the elderly in anyway that I could.

we didn't do that bad and actually managed to keep up with everything. Dad started investing into the stock market putting stocks in Tyler and my names. When I turned 15 I had landed a job on computer graphic and design because well, i'm quite the computer guru.

A few months went by then the passing of dad happened, he died in a plane crash on his way home from a buisness meeting. I was put into social services care until all the proceedings finished declaring Tyler as my parent pretty much. Tyler had decided to find out how much were in our stock bonds and found out that we were just short of 2 million dollars. Tyler and I became obsessed with how we could possibly have more than that and no matter what we did we could not for the life of us figure out how dad had made that much money in only five years.

One night in the early spring Ty and I decided to go see this new movie Man On A ledge. As we watched we started forming the same idea in our heads. After the movie we went out to eat and as we were driving home I decided to tell him that we could indeed make the idea work but i'd need to come up with the right computer program to hack through the banks firewalls and generate their code making it look like one of their employee's had robbed them and not us.

So when they got home they started putting plans into action. Ty started calling some of his best friends to see if they would be interested and all of them said yes. Josh, Kyle and Szander all showed up an hour later.

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They were friends with Ty and Dusty. When the doorbell rang a half hour later Ty got up a lttle suspicious and opened the door. Sasha, Jake and Ryan walked in and went straight up to Dusty's room. Tyler was still amazed to this day that his little brother had wooed the head cheerleader into dating him. Ryan however went into the kitchen followed closely by his twin brother Jake and they got out some sodas and sat down at the bar and started drawing plans for the bank and thats when it hit Ty that Dusty had already had a bank in mind.

'Hey guys whats the bank your drawing out there?' Ty asked. 'It's the bellmont, in three months from today they will be transporting 75 million dollars in gold and diamonds to their other smaller bank chains.

Dusty asked us to draw up a backup plan incase the truck is just a distraction which he believes it is.' Ryan repied.

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Tyler shot up to his brothers room like a shot of lightning and flung the door open to find him and Sasha getting hot and heavy which he ignored and thats when the idea hit him like a ton of bricks.

'Thats it!

I got it!' he yelled loudly. Sasha looked over at the intrusion and then back at her boyfirend with curiosity written all over both their faces. 'Umm, Tyler why are you looking at me like that?

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Oh NO! your seriously not thinking about what I think your thinking are you?' Dusty said in shock. Back to the present moment, he had known that this would be the outcome as he looked down at the hundreds of people just below the Rosevelt hotel. Yep Tyler really had put him on the ledge of the roof but luckily if all went well he would simply jump from the roof of the building onto the side of their blacked out chopper and flee from the U.S.

Tyler, Sasha, Jake, Kyle and Ryan were inside the bank and Szander and his dad, yes his dad joined us since he had a pilots license, were sitting in the chopper on his fathers building waiting to go land and make the smooth getaway. As soon as I was given the go ahead I made the call and Szander and his dad snatched me of the ledge and then the rest of them and all the money from the roof of the bank before anyone figured out it was all a diversion.

We made the short hop to a private runway and the jet that was on stand by and left for Brazil. Once there we all got in seperate vehicles and went seperate ways only to meet up two days later at a secret location.

Sasha and I went to her friends house and decided to stay there until things cooled off. Two days later in the undisclosed location. Sasha and I pulled up in her friends SUV and went into the cabin to find everyone already there, except for Ty.


'Ryan, wheres my brother at?' I asked him. 'I dunno he called and said he'd be here in like 10 minutes.' Ryan replied. Just then Ty walked in and hugged his little brother happy to see he was okay. 'The plan went off without a hitch Jonothan Andrew Michaels was arrested for stealing 75 million dollars from the bank.

The little computer guru here made everything look legit. No one suspects that the eight of us were involved at all. The police chief said in an interview that they did not know who the man on the ledge was except that they believed it to John's brother who had been broken out of the mental instution by his brother just two days earlier and just so happened to be in the hotel that you, little brother were standing on the roof of.

Now how would you all like to go home millionaires?' Tyler finished up. Everyone shouted in glee about the idea of going home without looking suspicious. I pulled my brother aside and told him that I wanted to get my own place when we got home and showed him the wedding ring I had bought for Sasha hopping she would say yes.

The ring was gold and silver with several sets of diamonds spelling out her name in the way it was designed. Tyler told him he had no doubt that she would say yes. So they all hopped on the jet and started their long journey home in ease. Tyler thought of the way things had progressed and how his little brother was growing up so fast. He decided that maybe it was finally time to get back into the dating scene himself and maybe find himself a suitable woman to marry. Things were finally looking up for them and they hopefully wouldnt have to worry anymore about anything.

As he drifted off to sleep and thought of how his mom and dad had raised them to be the strong loving boys they were today, the last thing he saw was his little brother proposing to Sasha and her sitting there shocked before finally saying yes.

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Way to go baby brother he thought before sleep finally to over. Note: This is my first story and hopefully not the last of what i hope to become a series.

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Possitive comments welcome and please rate. The better the likes and comments I'll continue this and many other stories as well. Please no putting things like kik and such in the comment box because this is not a dating site.


if you wanna hookup with someone use meetme or some other site. Your Truely, Chevy_Chase_2006!