Master disgraced hottie around the town

Master disgraced hottie around the town
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"You here?"She says enthusiastically. I turned and there she was, my ex-girlfriend Nancy. We had broken up a few years ago because we were in different places in our lives. She wanted something serious and I, like a typical male, wasn't ready for that.

"Hi," I say while a smile forms on my face. We walk toward each other and hug. "What are you doing here?" she asks. I came to the city for work. A company hired me to do some consulting on one of their projects, I explain, and ask her why she's here. "I live here now. Well, close to the city, about an hour's drive away. You must be far off." "I'm in a hotel, close by." It was six in the evening and I had just finish work and was looking for a place to eat.

I eagerly invite her to join me. She asks where I wanted to go, I reply, "This is your city, you choose." She smiles and says, "follow me". I do, and as we were walking I get a better look at her body. She is still stunning. 5"5, long brown hair, and curves in all the right places. She wasn't one of those skinny women, I my eyes she was just perfect.

We come to a Cuban restaurant. When we walk in, she is greeted by the hostess. "Welcome back dear, who's your friend?" "This is Daniel," she replies. We're seated in a corner of the restaurant, in a booth, order drinks and chat about the old times. Dinner is very nice and after, our conversation drifts onto the topic of relationships.

"So, you seeing anyone? " She asks.

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"Nope, still single. I've had a few girlfriends, but nothing serious, how about you?" "I just broke up with someone. The bastard cheated on me" "What a dumbass," I reply. I reach for her hand and smile. She tilts her head a little to the side and smiles back. Using my thumb I slowly stroke the side of her hand. We stare at each other for a while until the spell is broken by the hostess, asking us if we want anything else to drink.

We decline and asked for the check. After I pay, we both need to use the restroom. To enter, there is one door for both sexes, which leads to a narrow hallway. Here is where the division of men and women is made. I am done first and wait for Nancy to come out of the ladies.

When she comes out, she walks right up to me. We are standing chest to chest. She looks up at me and I stroke my hand through her hair.

I can feel myself getting hard and as I stroke her hair and cheek she starts to breathe a little faster. I am just about to kiss her, when the door to the restaurant opens and we are forced to stop.

We walk out of the restaurant and decided to go for a stroll passed the canal. She puts her arm through mine and we walk side by side. Occasionally she rests her head on my shoulder and when she does, I run my hand through her hair.

After five bridges and dozens of dimly lit houseboats we come to the final water lock. "Next stop, the sea." I say. She turns towards me and we hug. "I'm getting cold, I think it's time to go home." "You have to take me to my hotel first, because I have no idea where I am." She agrees and we walk back into the city. When we reach the hotel and we assume the same position as we did in the bathroom of the restaurant.

We look at each other. I want her so bad. I say, "You want to come up for a nightcap?" With a twinkle in her eye she says, "yes." We walk into the lobby and get in the elevator. As soon as the doors close I turn, pull her close and we kiss. Her lips are soft, and when she parts them a little, our tongues touched each other. At the ping of the elevator doors we pull away. I hold her hand and lead her to my room. It's a luxury suite with a large bed and bathroom, it has two large doors leading to a balcony.

She walks through the doors and I follow. Nancy's standing at the railing, overlooking the city; I hug her from behind and softly kiss her neck while my hands run over her body. "I missed your gentle touch," she says. Her breathing is erratic and every time I move my lips to a different part of her neck she lets out a slight whimper. We stand like this for a while when she turns.

We kiss, passionately and deeply. After that first deep kiss I focus my attention on her neck again. I switch form her neck to her earlobe, at which point she starts to undo my shirt. She pulls it out of my pants and undoes the buttons. When she was done, she lets her hands glide all over my now naked chest. "Let's go inside," she whispers.

She leads me by the hand into the room.

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I close the doors behind us and turn toward her. The dim light coming from the nightstand makes her look even more beautiful. We talk one step towards each other and we're close again. I take off her blouse and unbutton her jeans. We're both wearing the same kind of pants, and we take them off on our own. This never goes as smooth as you would want to.

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Stumbling over my jeans and that one last shoelace that won't come off we fall on the bed. Giggling at our awkwardness we pull each other close and kiss. Our hands go over each other's bodies with lustful abandon. I undo her bra-strap and slide her bra off her body. Her breasts are gorgeous. "You are just as beautiful as I remember," I say. She smiles and says, "You're not so bad yourself." I lay her on her back and start to kiss her body all over.

I take my time with each breast. Making circles around her nipples, and biting them a little. Just enough, to get a small moan out of her. In between breasts I come back up to her lips and we let our tongues mingle. I get between her legs and kiss my way down. She's ticklish at her belly button, so I tease her.

I slowly circle my tongue around the small hole on her belly while she giggles and writhes in agony. "Please stop," she squeals. I do and continue to kiss my way down. I lay one kiss on the top of her pussy, and from there I go down to her legs. The response I get from that one kiss is wonderful.

A slight moan as she thrusts her pelvis towards my mouth. I start with her right leg, lick and kiss all the way down to her toes. On my way toward her left leg I kiss her pussy again, this time, I linger and I let my tongue go through the fabric of her panties. They're wet and I can taste her. She responds in the same way as before.

After the left leg has had its attention, I move back up to her breasts and then mouth. We let our tongues go at it, while I thrust my hips forwards. My dick still locked in my underwear rubs over her panties.


We both moan in pleasure. I continue to thrust as I start kissing her neck. Her nails scratch across my back and she whispers, "O God, this feels so good." I start my way down again.

When I reach her panties I put my fingers under the band. She lifts her pelvis and I slide the panties off her bottom and away from her legs. I toss them to the floor and lay on my stomach with my mouth directly in from of her trimmed pussy. I start to kiss her outer lips and run my tongue trough her inner lips but stopping at her clit. After a minute of this I can tell she's getting inpatient, so I put my lips over her clit, suck it in a little and lick it a few times. She starts to writhe in pleasure.

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Her hips come up to meet my mouth and her hands are on the back of my head pushing me down. Not hard, just as encouragement. When she lets out another "O God." I slip one of my fingers in her pussy. She's so wet; it goes in without any resistance. I turn my hand, so the tip of my finger is pointing up and start making a 'come here' motion. Al this doesn't last long. Her hips start bucking and I hear her breathing "i cumming!" After a few moments, she slowly starts to relax and I slowdown my licking and fingers.

When the moaning stops I pull out my finger, and lift myself up. On the way up toward her mouth I let my tongue make one last sweep across her pussy. "God, she tastes good" I think to myself. Our lips meet and I'm greeted with a deep kiss. Our saliva mixes with her juice. While kissing I start to grind into her again.

She starts puling at my underwear, stops the kiss and in between shallow breaths she says, "" I do, and for the first time in years, we are completely naked again.

It's obvious she's done with foreplay, and takes my dick in her hand and puts it in front of her opening. I feel a warmth emanating from her. The tip glides in with ease, and she puts her hands on my bottom and pulls me close. I slowly enter her.


While we're getting closer, we stare intently into each other's eyes. Then the tip reaches as far as it will go. We both groan enthusiastically at this. In this lovely missionary position we begin our sensual dance. We kiss, touch, fondle, scratch and claw.


Her breathing gets heavier and while digging her nails into my back she moans, "oh god," again. I slow my pace after she's done cumming and the continue at a steady rhythm. "God, this feels good!" I exclaim. "Yes it does, please don't stop." When she cums again, I feel I'm not far off.

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"This may be a bit late but are you safe?" "Yes, just go for it!" she moans. I quicken my pace. I hold on until I feel her cumming again and this time I go with her. While in the deep throws of orgasm we hold each other tight. Both our orgasms are intense and last. Al manner of fluid is released and spilled. When our breathing returns to normal, we release each other from our embrace and kiss.

Softly, slowly we let our lips touch. "I forgot how good we were together." "I don't remember the last time a came that many times in a row." I start to get up, but she protests, and pulls me closer, "stay inside me for a while." My dick is getting soft, while still in her pussy, it feels great.

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We continue to kiss. After a short time our orgasm high is wearing off. We look at each other and smile, both of us completely happy in this moment. I break the silence and ask, "Want to take a bath?" "I'd love to." I get up and feel my dick coming out of her.

One last little moan from both of us. "Stay here, I get the bath going." I find the right temperature and add some bath salts. When the bath is full enough, I go to the bedroom and lead Nancy to the bath. I get in first and she lies on top of me. When the water level is at its maximum, we shut off the water. With my arms around her we close our eyes and soak. to be continued.