Sex mex mom and son in hotel

Sex mex mom and son in hotel
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I remember my young 13 year old daughter an innocent angel.until we had that dog in our i hear moaning from her room every night.why?.well Namika!! " i yell from downstairs "i have a surpise!" I then see my beautifal daughter, about 5"4, very nice breasts for her age, smooth and tan skin, not to mention the silky black hair.


"yay a dog!" she exclaims, Almost bouncing with joy as she smiled. "thank you daddy! Now i wont be lonely when you and mom leave for florida" "you sure you dont wanna go?" i say, "no!! Im still scared" Last time we went she had been nearley raped by some douche redneck.

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"ok honey just remember i have a tazer in the basement in case something happens" "yes daddy i know". I then patted her head and kissed her forehead and left with my wife sharon.

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"Ok ima call you.hmm what should i call you?" the girl said."i know! How about.ares !!" the dog could only howl as in he approves, "alrighty ares lets go set ur bed and toys in my room".

She ran upstairs the massive dog following the scent of new toy. A little while after playing and laughing the dog was exhausted, "ooh your fun, ima go take a shower k?" the dog only moaned which she responded with a giggle. She undressed not caring the door was open and looked at her self "they got bigger! Yay!." she started to play with her breasts while she got wet and soon enough, very horny. "mmm" she moaned out as she rubbed herself "i wonder if mom has any toys" she says as she looks in the closet and the garage naked.

"aha!" she says as she finds a dildo in the corner of the garage.


She tries to pull it but it seems stuck on something, until she finds its a huge vibrator that you sit on "woah when did we get this?" she examines it and figure out the controls "hmm this should." she pressed the power and it soon roared to life with is vibrations "ooh" she turned it off and tried to carry it, unfortunately her looks aren't gonna help her this time. "hmm.aha!" she then yells for her brand new friend ares "come here silly" she says trying to keep the dog from knocking her down "geez i thought u were tired" she giggles and wrestles him down "haha i got you!" she says huffing until "eep!" she jumps and looks at him, she had made him horny "eww" she shoves him out and loses the door "omg i cant believe i made him like that" she says trying to get the large pink dog cock out of her mind.

Not remembering the machine was on, she sat behind the large dildo then moaned from the powerful vibrations.

"omgg shit!" she moans out loud as she grinds and soon enough wants it in her. She turns it off and slowly lowers herself onto the large dildo, "shit its huge" she then is startled by the big bang (lol) her dog made trying to knock the door open.

With that she slipped and screamed as she broke her cherry and cried as she had her womb penetrated as well. "mother fucker!!" she cried as she lied on the machine, the dog then succesfully barges in and sees her new friend.bent over.with pussy juice fresh in the air.

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"you stupid dog its all your fault!" she then tries to hit him but ends up hitting the machine, making it roar to life once more. Screams and moans came up as she had a wild vibrating dildo stir her up. She attempts to turn it iff but due to her button mashing, its now jammed. "DO SOMETHING!" she yells at ares hoping he'll do something.

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He the get up behind her and starts to lick her wet vibrating pussy. "no stop it!!" she cant help but moan more to the bizarre fucking as she tries and wiggles free. She has no hope left and decides to give in thinking it wont get so wrong.

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During her sweet pleasure she then feels her dog mount her and wraps his massive front legs around her abdomen. "w-what are you doing?!" The only reply she got was a growl and a scratch "n-not my ass" she says quietly shaking with the possibility shes gonna get a cock rammed inside her. Soon enough the dog got in and started to ram his pink hot cock inside her, "oh no!!" she exclaimed with a bite in her neck as a warning. The fucking went on for an hour the dog had cum 14 times and namika 20, now she was moaning like a whore.


It wasn't long before she started to suck her dogs cock with such passion, moans screams and pleads came out of her mouth as well as bite marks on her body. The door opened.namika's parents are home, "i cant believe our flight was cancelled because the pilot was drunk" the wife said, her husband replying "america". "namika!

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Were back!" her dad called out with no reply. "must he out" the dad said "well im gonna get ready for bed, can you get my hair blower from the garage" the wife said "uhh sure, call namika so she can come home" "alrighty" the wife had replied. So he went to the garage "ugh smells like piss" the dad said before his eyes widened and was shocked at the image before his eyes, his naked daughter sucking dog cock and grinding against some fucking machine.

"n-namika" he said still shocked.later on he now hears moans from her room as she fucks herdog and suck him dry every night, of a father he helped.but thats another story -the end Hey thanks for reading, leave feed back, i know the grammar sucks :/ id rather hear stuff about the story then grammar nazis babbling.

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So yeah thanks new story will be posted wether you like it or not -sincerely and lovingly Ares