La maestra de zumba de mi mujer resulto bien

La maestra de zumba de mi mujer resulto bien
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My name is Billy, and im here to tell you that size…it matters. I don't want this story to sound too cliché… I first noticed it in middle school. Changing in the locker room at school. I notice…well everyone noticed…my member was the biggest in the room. After discovering porn, I new what I had. Well what I thought I had. I remember hearing the stories my older brother told me about high school and college. "Man Billy, just wait…girls are going to be throwing pussy at you".

He'd say. Once in high school, my 4 years were spent at parties in the back room with some freshman girl. Id drop my pants and watch as their eyes shot open at what dangled in front of them. I got used to a few things. First; was them despite being known as the campus hoe, saying that theyd rather suck it than fuck it. Second; was getting use to hand jobs. We all know the felling. Wanting pussy but instead having to receive a handjob. Im sure most men don't mind.

But imagine just handjob and BJs for the rest of your life. After four years of no pussy. I assumed college would be just a bit better.

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I remember my first college party. I spent all night charming a tall blonde. She played for our schools vollyball team.


I remember following her firm ass to a back room, I remember us sloppily kiss. Finally my dick was about to bust through my pants.

But instead of just dropping my pants, I laid her down…foreplay a bit&hellip.In the dark with the sound of muffled party music as our soundtrack, i slide my cock out, maybe I slip on a condom and place my head in the warmth that awaited. Shed moaned underneath me.

Id slowly stroke in and out, each time feeling her becoming more uneasy. Her hands that once rubbed up and down by back now pressed up against my chest, trying to push me off. Her moans now become grunts of pain. I my daze of 20 yr old pussy. I stopped and stood of the young girl. I could hear light sobs in the dark. Along with the sobs, a laugh shot out of the dark.

It seemed to come from all round. I quickly pulled my pants up. Using my phone as a flash light I found my way to the door and my way through the crowd of drunk students.

I feared the worst. But nothing ever came of it. Id see the blonde around campus. Shed never make eye contact. Most of my sexual encounters went as such. Girls complaining I was to big. That I hurt them. By my second year of college I was back to handjobs. By the end of college I was sick of them. Everyday after work id come home to jerk my dick and rarely every busted a nut.

I tried forums and on line web sites. Asking other guy with large cocks how they lived with little sex. Some said jerking off. Others said just make her take it. No help there.

Id often spend hours trying to make my self cum. I tried every porn category. From armature to tranny. Nothing worked.

Soon I sought reduction. Too expensive for a pharmacist. After years of handjobs/BJs here and there I found my self in the market for a hooker.

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Wasn't hard, one Friday night I took a walk to the 'bad' side of town. I past groups of whores as they tried to get my attention. I kept my head low and puffed my smoke. I was alone in the dark. Then I heard it…a slow call of my name. "billlly&hellip.' I looked up and around. There she stood alone one a corner. Her super short and tight dress, along with high heel said who she was. I found my self coming closer and closer to where she stood. "I thought no one was gonna come along baby." she said.

A nearby street light allowed me a better view. I was 28, she looked 40. short black hair sat on her shoulders. Pink lip stick on her lips. Her pale breast popped out of the top of her dress. "So baby. You wanna come play with kitty." I knew what she meant. She stood in front of a crummy apartment building.

After asking if I was a cop and patting me down, she led me into the apartments. As I followed her ass in the tight dress, I was taken back to that night in college. She led inside one of the apartments. Small and cramped with a bare mattress on the floor. We kiss a bit, and I tasted the cigarette she had 30 minutes ago. My hand explored her skin tight dress and she finally pushed off and said, "60 for 30 minutes. 100 for an hour." I stared her down and slowly reached into my pocket.

I found three 20s in my wallet and placed them in her hand. She smiled and place them in a purse and threw it to the side. She then slid her dress down and reveled her large breast. Pale and vainy with pink nipples. "Once to cum its over." she said.

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I laughed in my head. I was no where near a 1 minute man. Kitty order me over to the bare mattress, where she pushed me down and took off my pants. I had to smirk at what she said next. "Well its been a while since ive tasted a big one." I knew what was next she was gonna blow me, get me to the point where I was about to cum and maybe finish me off with her pussy.

I watch as she tried to fit her mouth around the head of my cock. She didn't even get her lips half way on my cock before it hit her throat. Once she realize she could only go so far, as the always do she went to a handjob.

She wrapped he hands around my shaft and jerked violently. Licking the head of my cock. 15 minutes later. I was greeted with a pleasant site. Kitty took off the black heels and squatted over my erect cock. She slowly sat on the head, and let out a guttural moan. Her cunt was felt hot and soft on head. After a minute of getting a feel of my cock inside her, she began a light bounce.

Moaning with every stroke. "Fuck, you like splitting this cunt?" she asked. I think I mumbled a yes. I watched to titts dangle in my face and bounce with every stroke. Kitty kept up with commentary.


"you like me bouncing on this hard dick. Kitty little did she know was like a goddess to me. She was the first woman id been with in a while. I enjoying my 30 minutes. With my eyes closed exploring kitty's bouncing body. I heard it. "billy&hellip.billy…times up." I was a soft male voice. Seeming far away but all around.

My eyes shot open and kitty's voice rang out. "Times up, you need to nut." I closed my eyes as the feel of an impending explosion coursed through my body. My balls tightened as I shot my load into kitty's cunt. I could feel as it filled her cunt and some landed on my chest and thighs.

Kitty climb off of me exhausted. As walked me to the door and said see you next time. I found my way home and in to my shower to. As I listened to the sound of the water.

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I notion my cock pulsing I began to hear the voice from before. "More More more." it said.