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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 8 Clones Gone Wild 3 "Danny…are you OK?" Sam asks. He doesn't answer. Instead he turns and walks over to the Fenton Weapons Vault. Immediately, the security system asks for the password, but Danny ignores it, using his powers to ghost through the Vault door and get to the inside.

Sam grows a worried look on her face as she runs over to the Vault. She punches in the password on the keypad, causing the door to swing open. The first thing she sees is Danny grabbing the Ghost Gloves and the Ghost Peeler. "Whoa! Who knew the Dipstick's family was packing so much hardware?" Ember says as she sees all the hardware inside.

"Danny, what're you gonna do?" Sam asks. "I'm gonna pound Vlad." Danny says, as he slips the gloves on. "Until there's nothing left of him." The whole room goes silent, as everyone stands in disbelief of what Danny just said. Except Ember, who's smiling fiendishly at that idea. "But…you can't!" Sam says. "And why not?" Danny asks, also grabbing the Fenton Ghost Catcher along with the Fenton Ghost Peeler.

"Sam, that's my mother's DNA. He's gonna use it to create…offspring! With my powers! He's crossed the line, Sam. And he's gonna wish he's never did." "Hey, Danny, I know you're completely angry over this." Tucker says. "But we don't even know where Vlad is now." "There's a portal in the Ghost Zone that leads to Vlad's hideout." Danny says.

"It has to be how Skulker found his way to Vlad. I'm gonna find that portal, if I have to tear down the entire Ghost Zone to do it." "Need some help?" Ember asks, holding up her guitar and wearing a fiendish smirk.

"No, I'm doing this alone." Danny says, walking out of the Vault. As he walks toward the Fenton Ghost Portal, Sam runs over to the Portal, steps in front of Danny and holds up her hand. "Danny, I can't let you do this!

You're my best friend, and…" He uses his ghost powers to phaze through her, passing her by as he steps through the portal and into the Ghost Zone. "…And he passed right through me." The Ghost Zone powers down just as the Basement door opens. Everyone turns their attention to the door to see Jazz standing there. She takes a look at everyone in the room, and then asks a question.

"Um, this has something to do with one of Danny's enemies, doesn't it?" Tucker quickly steps in front of Ember, hiding her from sight. "Hi, Jazz! Nope, no problems with Danny's enemies. Everything's AOK!" "She knows already, Tucker." Sam says, before turning her attention to Jazz. "Look, Danny's gone off to find Vlad. And the way he's acting…he just might kill him. We gotta find a way to go after him & stop him." "I know a way." Jazz says, running down the steps.

She pulls a remote out of her pocket and aims it right beside the Fenton Portal, before pressing a button. A moment later, a vehicle starts to fade into sight.

It's the Spectre Speeder, or to be more precise, a brand new version of it. "Dad doesn't know that we know he finished work on it." "SWEET!!" Tucker says. "That means I can pilot it again!" He runs over to the Speeder door, only to be blocked out by Sam.

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"No way!" She says. "This time I wanna find Danny while we're in ONE piece. Now everybody pile in." Tucker, Dani & Ember all board the Spectre Speeder. Jazz is about to hop on, but decides to stay behind. "I'll stay here, to distract Mom & Dad." She says. "Please, find Danny before he does something that he'll regret." "Don't worry, Jazz." Sam tells her.

"We'll find him." She turns and climbs onto the Speeder as the door slides shut behind her. A moment later, the Rockets activate and the Speeder turns towards the Portal, before zooming through it into the Ghost Zone.

As the Portal closes behind them, Jack & Maddie appear in the doorway. "Was that just a ghost we heard?" Jack asks. Jazz thinks quick, coming up with a distraction.

"Oh…YES! A ghost just escaped out of the Portal, and he swore to attack every Electronic Store of Amityville." "That Monster!" Jack says. "After him!" The two scramble out towards the door as Jazz just smile. "Ah, so predictable." Meanwhile… Danny zooms through the Ghost Zone, his eyes darting around for any small sign of a Portal exit. Most of the ghosts in the Zone notice him, but they also notice the weapons he's packing and decide not to confront him.

After minutes of searching, Danny's eyes notice a familiar enemy walking into an abandoned building. "Skulker." He says. "If anybody knows where Vlad's portal is, it's him." He zooms down to the entrance of the building and kicks in the door, confronting Skulker. "Alright, I'm only going to ask this once. Where's Vlad's portal?" "Well, if it isn't the Ghost-Child." Skulker says. "I didn't expect you to be here. But I'm prepared nonetheless." He turns and activates all of the weapons on his suit, aiming them at Danny.

Danny responds by charging up his ghost ray powers. Both of his hands begin to glow brightly, as does his eyes. "You don't want to do this, Skulker." Danny warns him. "Yes, I do." Skulker replies. "And when I'm done, you'll just be my most prized possession…as I mount your head upon my wall." Skulker lets fire several missiles right towards Danny, who responds by blasting each of them before they can even get close to him.

But before the smoke from the explosion can clear, Skulker dives through it and tackles Danny to the ground. He grabs his wrists and pins him down as a shoulder cannon pops out aimed at him.

But Danny powers out of it and pushes Skulker off of him. Skulker lands on his feet, but Danny then lets loose with a barrage of punches to the face & chest, dozens of them connecting. He finishes up with a Right Haymaker that sends him sliding into a nearby wall. Danny floats to the ground and stares him down, as Skulker pries himself free.

"HA, HA!!! This is more like it!" Skulker says. "I want my prey to be well worth the hunt. I hope you will continue to fight…even with your dying breath." "When I'm done, you'll be praying for your dying breath." Danny says. They charge each other again, and lock up. The collision rattles the entire building. And high above, in the rafters, a lone figure looking on.

It's Ember, and she has a Fenton Phone in her ear as she watches the action. "Looks like I found the Ghost-Boy." Ember says. "And he's duking it out with the Ghost Zone's Elmer Fudd." "Skulker!" Sam says through the Phones. "He might need backup.

Ember, you have to help him out." "No way." Ember says with a smirk. "Besides, looks like the Dipstick is holding his own." Ember's right. Everything Skulker throws as him Danny easily counters. He uses his speed and agility, and maneuvers around his weapons blasts, staying close to him and bashing him in the face with every opening.

Soon, Skulker is sent stumbling back. Danny tries to follow up with another Haymaker, but Skulker grabs him by the neck and slams him hard against a wall.

He tightens his grip and grins evilly at Danny. "Game over, Ghost-Child." Skulker says.

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"You've fought valiantly, but you've fallen just like my other prey." "Then maybe…it's time for me…to be a PREDATOR!!!!!!!!" He takes a deep breath, then lets out a powerful Ghost Wail. It's the most powerful one he's ever done, and it sends shockwaves throughout the entire Ghost Zone.

Skulker lets go of Danny, and starts to lose control of his suit. The abandoned building begins to rattle wildly, as Ember hangs on to her spot, trying not to fall. Skulker falls to his knees, as his suit begins to spark and convulse uncontrollably, until it completely malfunctions and falls apart. His true form comes tumbling out of the head of the suit, and onto the ground.

Danny doesn't give him the chance to recover, as he pulls out the Ghost Peeler and aims it at him. "You know what this is? It's a Ghost Peeler." Danny tells him, coldly. "That means it can peel apart your ectoplasmic form until there's nothing left. And I'm gonna pull the trigger, if you don't tell me WHERE IS VLAD'S PORTAL?!?!" "OK, OK!" Skulker begs. "It's hidden behind the Ghost Zone Prison. Just please don't hurt me!" Danny stares at him for a moment, finger on the trigger, ready to put him out of his life.

But he decides against it. "No. You're not even worth it." Danny turns away from him and looks at his broken suit. He fires off a few ghost rays to incinerate what was left over, before flying off towards the Ghost Zone Prison. Ember relays what she just saw. "Hey Dipsticks, you hear that?" She says. "Ghost-Boy's heading for the Prison, and the Portal." "His name is Danny!" Sam says through the Phones. "And we're on our way." 10 Minutes Later, at Vlad's Hideout… Vlad stands in front of seven incubation tubes, all of them containing an unfinished clone of Maddie Fenton inside.

A sinister grin grows across his face as he watches a timer above the tubes, counting down to when they will be ready. It's not a long wait, as the timer is on its final minute. "I was such a fool for not thinking of this sooner." He says to himself. "This is the perfect plan. No more failed holograms, no more failed androids…the perfect clones. One for each day of the week. And once I've planted my seed within them…I'll have an army of my own children, powerful enough to dominate this planet, and the Ghost Zone." The computer's voice then announces the countdown.

"Replication of DNA to be completed in 5…4…3…2…" "The only thing that's gonna get planted…" Vlad turns to see his foe Danny Phantom walking out of his Ghost Portal. "…Is my foot in your ass!" Vlad just shakes his head and laughs.

First softly, but then it becomes a loud, maniacal laugh. "Very good, Daniel!" He says. "I'm almost proud of you. I didn't reveal my hideout, I sent pawns and patsies to do my bidding, but yet you still show up to try and stop me. It's too bad you'll meet your end here, boy!" Danny says nothing.


Instead he walks a few steps closer to Vlad, before stopping and balling up his fist, ready to fight. "What's wrong, young Daniel?" Vlad asks with a smirk. "No smart-alecky comeback? No stupid joke about my plan?" "No. Funny, Joke-Around Danny isn't here today." Danny replies. Vlad is a bit shocked hearing that comes out of Danny's mouth.

He gets the feeling that he's being more serious than he's ever been, and decides to get serious himself. "Very well." He says. "I'll send flowers to Maddie for your funeral." He lets loose with a powerful ghost ray, aimed at Danny. But Danny doesn't flinch. Instead he unleashes his own Ghost Ray, a more devastating beam that rips through Vlad's blast and hits him hard, sending him through a nearby wall. Dust & Rubble fly everywhere, and Vlad finds himself on the ground.

As he picks himself up, Danny moves closer to him, but he's staring at the Maddie clones in the tubes. "You're more than a Fruit Loop now, Vlad." Danny says. "You're a sick freak!" "Am I, Danny?" Vlad debates. "I wouldn't expect you to understand the perfection of my plan. It's like chess, dear boy. You…" Vlad gets cut off when he feels a fist smash into the back of his head. It's Danny, and the punch sends Vlad flying to the other side of his Lab, where he crashes into a shelf filled with vials & beakers.

"I'VE HEARD ENOUGH!!!" Danny yells. "Your plans, your plots, your stupid comparisons to Chess, I've had it! It all ends here!" Vlad rises from the wreckage, looking enraged. "FINE!!" He screams. "Then let this be the day, that Danny Phantom meets his death!" Danny charges him, but Vlad is more than ready. He blocks both punches thrown by Danny, and slams him hard into an adjacent wall. But Danny quickly bounces to his feet, lunges forward and plants both fists into Vlad's gut. He then follows up with an uppercut that lifts Vlad off his feet.

But Vlad connects with a Flip Kick that knocks Danny back.


They both land on their feet, ready to battle again. But Vlad is starting to look winded, and Danny notices it. "That's my mother's DNA you have, Vlad." Danny says.

"Did you really think I'd let you get away with it?!" "HA! As if you have a choice in the matter." Vlad becomes intangible and, in the blink of an eye, dashes behind Danny grabs him in a Sleeper Hold. "You cannot stop me, young Daniel.

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Especially since you've failed to bring in backup!" Just then, the sound of Rockets roaring loudly can be heard. As it gets louder, Vlad turns towards the Portal and sees the Spectre Speeder barreling towards him. "Oh, butter biscuits." WHAM!!! The Speeder comes down hard on the two, but lands perfectly so that it's not damaged. Immediately Sam hops out of the Speeder and checks under it. "Please don't be crushed please don't be crushed please don't be crushed please don't be crushed!" She checks under the ship, and sees nothing.

"What? They're gone." Tucker, Dani & Ember all hop out of the Speeder and check along with her. "Maybe…they were disintegrated?" Tucker says.

Tucker is proven wrong, as Vlad comes flying up from the floor, then comes back down, landing hard. Danny ghosts his way up from the floor and stares down Vlad. He's now wearing the Ghost Gloves, and is more than ready to use them "You're not getting away again, Vlad." Danny tells him. "Not this time." "NO! I refuse to be beaten by the son of a Nincompoop, and his Dimwitted friends!" Vlad is about to sit up, when he notices Ember right behind him.

"Hi, I'm Ember. And this is my guitar solo." She plays a chord, and sends Vlad flying with a massive wave of energy. He flies right over to Danny, who lays in a shot to his back that sends him to the ground once more. He then turns to the Incubation Tubes, and looks at the control station.

He becomes more enraged as he sees the clones of his own mother floating in the tubes, and smashes both of his fists into the control station, completely damaging it. The tubes immediately start to lose power and surges, as the clones begin to melt before Vlad's eyes.

"What…what have you done?" Vlad says. "You…you've ruined EVERYTHING!!!" "Yeah, and now I'm going to ruin y…AAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Danny feels Vlad's hand inside of his chest, squeezing his heart. He tries to pull it out, but the grip is too tight. Vlad stares at Danny coldly, then looks at the damage he's done to his Clone program. He then grabs Danny by his neck, picks him up and walks over to the Portal. "You have RUINED my plans for the LAST TIME, BOY!!!" He says, typing in new coordinates on the Ghost Portal.

"There are still numerous places in the Ghost Zone that have yet to be discovered. So Congratulations, Danny! You're going to be the first one to set foot there." "NNOOOO!!!" Before Vlad can toss Danny through the Portal, Dani leaps forward and tackles him. The hit sends the two through the portal and into the Ghost Zone. "DANI!" The power surge hits the Portal, and causes it to malfunction and shut down. Danny tries to get it back up working, typing in various codes from the Fenton Ghost Portal to reactivate it, but it's of no use.

He pounds the wall in frustration, as Sam walks over to him and puts her arm around him. Tears begin to well up in his eyes, as he realizes his cousin just risked her life to save him, but he wasn't able to save her. That Night, Back Home… It's 11pm, and Danny, in his human form, stands in front of his bedroom window, staring out on the City Skyline. Since they all made it home, Danny hasn't left his room.

His parents are out still chasing the ghost Jazz said escape. Jazz is out trying to find them.

As he stares blankly out into the night, Sam walks into his room. "Danny…you OK?" She asks. He doesn't answer. Instead he keeps staring out. "Come on, you gotta stop beating yourself up about this. Dani made the sacrifice and…" "Why?" Danny asks, interrupting her. "Why did she have to make the sacrifice? This was my battle! My responsibility! Now she's lost in some unknown part of the Ghost Zone with Vlad.

My worst enemy!" He shakes his fist in frustration, ready to attack the entire world. At least until Sam grabs his fist and turns his head towards her. "Dammit Danny, snap out of it!" She tells him. "She did it to save your life. And I doubt she would want you to waste it by standing in front of a window feeling sorry for yourself!" Danny finally looks at Sam, realizing that she's right.

He sees the moonlight illuminating her face, almost giving her a heavenly glow. He smiles, as he becomes lost in her eyes, and she becomes lost in his smile. He decides to pull her in close and kisses her, as passionately as he can at that moment. He then pulls back from her and smiles. "Fake-out Make-out?" She asks, blushing.

"Not this time." He says. This causes Sam to leap forward and kiss him again, the momentum sending them back onto his bed. This time she shoves her tongue into his mouth, as their lips smack against each other with every movement.

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She pulls back from the kiss, leaving a small line of saliva, and starts pulling her shirt off, revealing a black thong. Danny pulls his shirt off as Sam unzips her skirt. She pulls it off along with her panties, then goes to work on her boots, before Danny stops her. "No, wait." He tells her.

"I…kinda want you to keep them on." "You are kinky, Danny Fenton." She says. "And I love it!" Danny rolls over and positions himself in front of her.

He spreads her legs wide open as she looks on in anticipation. As he buries his head between her thighs, she grits her teeth and grips the bed sheets. She feels his tongue running over her love lips. He doesn't waste time teasing her, instead going for the kill zone. "Oh, Fuck! He's so good with that tongue!" She thinks.

"Way better than Dani. Of course he is the original." With every lick, her body jerks and trembles. She feels herself about to cum just from him eating her. As his tongue ventures deep into her love box, her eyes almost roll back into her head. She wraps her legs around his head and pushes him deeper, at least until she notices she's nearly suffocating him. "Heh, sorry Danny." She says. "It's cool." He tells her.

"I enjoyed it down there anyway." "Well, now it's your turn." She says, making him lie back on the bed. She almost rips his jeans apart trying to get them unbuckled, then tugs them down around his knees along with his boxers.

She starts to stare at his manhood, thinking that it's everything she wanted, and then some. "Oh, Danny. You're giving me second thoughts about being a vegetarian." She crawls onto the bed and takes his Cock into her mouth without hesitation. She works up a good back & forth motion with her head, as he tongue rolls over the head & shaft with each movement.

As she works hard on Danny's Pole, she slowly starts fingering herself, much like she did with Tucker. After a moment, she gets some unexpected help, as Danny's hand begins to move in sync with hers. "Oh God, he's fingering me now!" She thinks to herself.

"This is like, straight out of my dreams! I can't take it anymore!" She takes his manhood out, feeling that it's at maximum hardness, and straddles him. Danny aims his Cock straight upward, as Sam brings herself slowly down onto him.

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She winces and gasps with each inch that goes into her, until it all disappears inside of her. She doesn't waste time after that, moving her hips around as Danny works up a good stroke. He puts both hands on her ass, trying to gain enough leverage to push deeper inside of her. Sam puts her hands on his headboard and holds on tight, the sensation of his Rod penetrating her is almost too much for her to take.

"OK…we should've done this…a long time ago." Danny says. "Then…let's make up…for lost time!" Sam says. "Oh, FUCK! You're so good, Danny!" She continues to ride him hard, trying to make this last as long as possible.

Danny moves his hands up to her hips, and looks up at her. As she looks down, their eyes meet, and they kiss passionately once more. As they embrace, Danny rolls them over, putting him on top. He begins to work his hips again, plowing into her pussy without mercy. She holds him tight and wraps her legs around his waist, locking them together.

"You're the best, Sam." Danny tells her. "Hands down!" "OH, FUCK ME, DANNY!!!" She screams. He starts to pick up his speed, as the sound of squeaking bedsprings fill the room. Both of their bodies are pouring in sweat, as they work each other with all they have. It goes on for minutes, until Sam finally feels herself about to break. "Danny…Danny, I'm gonna cum…" She says. "Me too." He says. "Just…hold on to me tightly." "Wait, aren't you gonna…" He grabs her and holds her close to him, as she clings to him tightly.

He closes his eyes and puts his powers to use, turning both him & Sam intangible. Just in time too, as he releases his load out of his Cock. It goes right through Sam and lands on the bed harmlessly. A moment later, he turns himself & Sam back solid, and falls on top of her.

Both of them are exhausted, and can barely move. "Well…that's one way to stop unwanted pregnancies." She says, breathing hard. "Yeah…just thought of it on the fly." Danny tells her. "I love you, Sam." She grins happily, wanting to hear him speak those words to her ever since the day they met in 2nd Grade. "I love you too, Danny." She answers back, holding onto him tight.

The two of them lie there, basking in the glow of simultaneous orgasms. It's the happiest moment in Sam's life, the way she sees it. And nothing could spoil a moment so perfect…at least until Tucker barges into the room. "Hey, guys. Just thought I…WHOA!!!" He sees Danny lying on to of Sam, both naked, and comes to the obvious conclusion. "It's about time you guys did it." He grins.

"DAMMIT, TUCKER!!!" They both yell, as Sam grabs the bed sheet and covers them both up. "Sorry, guys." He says. "I just wanted to give you the good news. Ember's volunteered to go back into the Ghost Zone to help look for Dani. I just gotta go seal the deal." Just then, Ember appears right beside Tucker. "Yeah. I figure it's the least I could do for you Dipsticks since…Whoa!" She sees the same sight Tucker just did.

"Cool. Orgy. I think I found a way to seal the deal. Scoot over, Ghost Boy. Me & Baby Pop are joining in." "Huh? Wait, in my room?" Danny says. "Wait a minute…" Ember grabs Tucker by the arm and pulls him into the room with her, slamming the door shut behind her, as the Human/Ghost/Half-Both Orgy gets under way.