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Please comment and let me know what you think, this is my first story and if it is received well I will keep writing it. I don't mind criticism but please make sure it's productive.

I hope you all enjoy reading. The glow from the screen lit up the small bedroom in an apartment building in the small hours of the morning.

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Eva Michaels was twirling her hair between her dainty fingers, contemplating the offer that the laptop was illuminating. The new Holistic Virtual Reality headband had only been available for three days now and already it was sweeping across the planet like a plague.

The HVR band was the latest breakthrough in immersion technology, giving it's wearer access to a virtual world, more than a simple a visual experience, a tangible sensory input filled fantasy land. The user was to slip the band over their eyes, wait for the device to calibrate to brain waves through the retina with a little technological witchery that Eva knew nothing about, and wait until you were whisked away. The sign up form blew past her, and in no time the onscreen instructions prompted the user to equip the HVR band.

Eva released her hair and wiped her eyes with her palms. "Okay, this is it. Finally, I can see what the hell the fuss is over this thing" Eva muttered to herself as she settled into her soft bed, ensuring comfort for what she was informed could take a while. She brought the band up to her eyes, strapped it securely and reclined. "Welcome user", came the sultry voice of the game guide. "The following tutorial will help you to interact with the world around you, as you are physically in an immobile state there is no danger of bodily harm at any stage of use.

All interactions will be triggered by thought, to achieve the best level of gaming experience the creators urge you to let your imagination wander.

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The world is filled with creator characters of light and dark, other users are found throughout the land. All actions have an impact on the destiny of your character, adventure awaits you newcomer. The road to Lavellan is open to you. The smell of rich earth hit her nostrils, breathing in instinctually Eva realised she was standing, barefoot and clad in her night shirt, in the midst of a golden wood.

Tree trunks stretched up to the heavens, crowned with leaves in shades yellow and orange. The same leaves coated the ground beneath her feet.

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Eva looked around her, there was a pathway ahead of her winding through the trees. "I guess that's my heading, would be nice to know for sure though" she thought as she scouted around for clues. The ground beneath her feet began to glow, a few fiery footprints stepped away from her toward the path. "Holy shit, ask and ye shall receive." she chuckled as she started down the path. Following the footsteps Eva walked in awe of her surroundings, the chatter of birds, smells of the forest, light and shadow scattered across the ground.

All so real, down to the gentle breeze flowing up the path that danced across her skin. It wasn't long before the path turned into a clearing, the source of the cool breeze revealed to be a waterfall. The sun shimmering on the cascading water, the soft grass around the edge of the pool below beckoned to Eva and she responded, wading into the pool clothed.

The water was cool and welcoming, fully submerging herself Eva made a beeline for the waterfall. Climbing up onto some rocks led to the discovery of a cave entrance, one that had light flickering on its inside wall. "Can't get hurt right? May as well check it out" She thought as she walked inside. The entrance gave way to a tunnel, beautiful markings etched in the stone, a sweet smell coming from within excited her senses. The sound of a woman singing came from the tunnel too, Eva rounded the last corner to find a room beautifully decorated with living things as though mother nature herself originated right here.

Eva was so dumbstruck by the majesty of this underground utopia that she was slow to realise that she stood face to face with a stunning elven looking woman. Her skin was a pale green, like perfect porcelain, with dark green vines tattooed from head to toe. Long black hair adorned her face, and fell to her breasts which bulged out from the brim of her skin tight leotard.

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Her slender fingers were wrapped around the handle of a ladle stirring a steaming cauldron over a fire. "Good day traveller, I am Meredith. Keeper of the Grove, what brings you to my home?" the woman smiled peacefully at her as she bottled her brew.


"Oh my, didn't see you there. So sorry to just barge in like this, my name is Eva. I was on my way to the kingdom of Lavellan when I found the pool and I couldn't help myself, I hope I haven't intruded" Meredith walked closer to her, her eyes scanning Eva's full length, this made her blatantly aware of her dripping form and her petite nipples pushing against the clinging fabric of her night shirt.

"Not at all sweet child, all are welcome here." She leaned forward, exposing her cleavage, picked up a pitcher of golden syrupy liquid and offered her a full flagon. "Honey mead, made it myself earlier today." "Thank you." Eva accepted the drink, after a small test taste she gulped half the flagon, the mead was sweet, soothing her throat as she swallowed. "This is amazing stuff, what's in it?" "Bit of everything really, it's a special recipe.

To help you along the way." "What do you mean?" she asked, but as the words left her lips Eva felt her body start to warm and tingle. A wave of electricity rippled through her and a flash of gold swirled around her. "What the? What was that?! I feel.I. feel.really good. Really really good!" she exclaimed as she ran her fingers through her hair lifting it from her neck.

"That, was an xp points bonus for finding my cave.


It will help you to be more successful as you progress. The sudden rush of power is what caused you to feel euphoric, it has other side effects but nothing to be concerned about." Eva licked her lips, the warmth and tingling she felt was now focused between her legs. "Is there there an antidote or something for the side effects? I think this might prove to be a bit.distracting?

Meredith lowered her eyes and swayed her hips seductively from side to side, "I have an idea" she said as she raised an eyebrow, her hands sliding from her hips, up along her stomach stopping to clasp her leather clad bosom. Eva gasped, she had never been this aroused by another woman. She watched, biting her bottom lip, as Meredith turned her back to her to unzip her leotard which peeled away from her pale green skin. Eva couldn't tear her eyes from Meredith as she doubled over to slide the garment down her long elven legs, giving her a mouthwatering view of her lithe body.

She turned to face Eva, walking up to her, she offered her hand. Eva clasped her hand to Merediths and followed her to a petal covered plant. Raising her arms above her head allowed her shirt to be removed, exposing her already cold nipples to the cool air. The soft plant gave way beneath Eva as she sank, gently being pushed back by Merediths warm palm on her damp chest. "I don't know what to do, I've never." Eva blurted out, interrupted by Meredith pressing her lips against hers, parting them to slide her tongue against Evas.

"Mmmm" Eva groaned as she tasted the elven beauty. Meredith pulled away from her conquest, "Now precious child, let me take care of you.

I will show you the wonders of the Grove" With that, she raised her hands and curled her fingers, the plant beneath Eva rumbled and warmth emanated from beneath her.

"Are you doing that, controlling that plant?" she asked as she rubbed against the velvety petals. "It is my influence, the Grove helps me get what I want and right now, I want you" Meredith dropped to her knees placing her palms on Eva's legs to spread them apart. She shuffled closer cupping Eva's pale orbs in her hands, slipping till her fingers pinched and rolled her nipples.

Eva let out a whimper and arched her back, granting her better access to her excited chest. Warm lips wrapped around her aroused nip and she groaned with desire, her breasts tingled as Merediths teeth grazed her sensitive tip. She moved down the girls body licking and nipping as she went, pausing above her smooth pussy to push Eva's legs up to her chest.

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Eva's pussy glistened in the firelight of the cave, Merediths tongue stretched out eagerly caressing her folds, from the bottom, all the way to her hard clit. Poking her tongue in and out flicking lightly against her prize, Meredith encircled Eva's nub, sucking it in between her lips.

"Oh my God, that feels so fucking good" Eva moaned as she threw her head back, reveling in the carnal pleasure pulsing from her throbbing clit. Slipping a finger into her new toy's dripping hole, Meredith felt her own arousal reaching a dizzying state. She snapped her fingers and the plant beneath Eva erupted in vines, wrapping themselves around both women suspending them in the air.

Meredith locked her lips to Evas and held her close to her warm body, grinding sensually against her lover as the plant made its way to the wet fold of her pussy. Eva felt the vine push into her hole and slide up to the hilt, rocking her body with waves of pleasure as it pulsed and vibrated within her.

With a nipple firmly caught between her teeth Meredith moaned and shuddered in absolute ecstacy, the plants velvety rod sliding in and out of her depths.

Eva felt herself losing control over her body, her existence was simply a collection of highly excited nerve endings.

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She thought she could stand no more when Meredith waved her hand above her and the vines doubled their effort, pounding furiously. "Lose yourself to the pleasure child, that's it." Meredith wrapped her fingers into Eva's hair and pulled back her head, watching as she slipped into orgasm. Eva's body convulsed as the plants actions overcame her, she let out a scream of delight as her climax hit her.

She ground her clamping pussy against the vines, as Meredith fell back Eva felt the vines twitch and jerk, they were cumming with Meredith. The warm liquid shot up Eva's satiated pussy making her shudder as she came down from her high. Once emptied the vines slowly lowered the women onto the velvet seat of the plant. As they lay there recovering, Eva cuddled into her lovers side and cooed, "That was unbelievable.

I don't know what to say." Meredith smiled as she rose and began to dress, "This land is full of many more surprises traveller, your journey will be a fulfilling one." she says with a twinkle in her eye, "I thank you for, I hope your adventures in Lavellan lead you back to my Grove." To be continued.