Facial action hottie gets cumshot

Facial action hottie gets cumshot
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Dragony love -Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T Comissioned lemon by ShadowRenamon2, featuring Guilmon and Takato rape. I guess due to time how long it took, you'd expect it to be good and have huge plot based actions, but no, it's mere an excuse to see Dragon rape his owner.


Then again, that's the point behind lemons, isn't it? The browny liquid ran down from the faucet.

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Takato shivered and poured the dirty water away. It had already been ages and still no word from plumber.

"If this keeps up, we'll go bankrupt with buying all the bottled water" he said, opening one from fridge.

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"But do you think a plumber can fix it?" Guilmon replied, looking kinda amazed. "He better be. Otherwise, we have nothing to drink anymore." Takato said taking sip of the bottled water. When Takato had left, Guilmon licked some of the brown stuff and gagged, dropping the glass back to the sink. It tasted even worse than it looked.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It was hot summer. It could have been the heat acting up or something else, but whatever the reason was, the point still stayed. The water was undrinkable. It had been like this for quite some time too and it was pissing both of them off.

Guilmon had been especially angry from it. He enjoyed taking long baths and just relax in the bathtub and he hadn't been able to do so because of this water problem.

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And unknown to him, the chemicals that had gotten into his body were beginning to put him into a state that was like mixture of both being high and drunk. Takato turned on the TV and sat next to him. "Make some room, I want to see what the news say." He said.

Guilmon did as he was told and sat there pondering about this situation, with his emotions bubbling inside of him.

"And it's been nearly two weeks, since the horrendous accident fell upon this beautiful town. The ground water is polluted for unknown reasons, but there are rumors of it being because of a poor handling of toxic wastes." said Tv reporter.

"Atleast we aren't suffering alone." Takato shrugged. "The company that is being prime suspect is saying they have done multiple tests and theres no way any of the waste could have gotten away." reported continued.

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"If someone you know has drank the water or even been in touch with it, theres an huge chance that it's substances will alter the person personality and acting wise. If you know anyone who has done this, stay away from the person, the effects wear out over the time." said a man in white labcoat holding a container filled with the foul water. Guilmon layed against sofa, being engulfed with thoughts. Then, a dark idea crossed his mind. And that idea brought a smile upon his face.

Suddenly he leaped at Takato, pushing him down and growling.

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"What the hell do you think you are doing??" Takato yelled "Takato, I just need to get the pressure off, I can't take it anymore." Guilmon said looking into Takatos eyes. "Get off me. Now." Takato replied. "Sorry.

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But you are already giving me a hard time already without struggling." Guilmon said, kinda smiling. Takato suddenly saw how tip of Guilmons penis was showing.

"AAH! It really is hard!!" Takato screamed "This? No, it is not. But I can get it for you." Guilmon said, giving a laugh.


"What… You don't mean you are going to&hellip." Takato began to mutter in shock. Guilmon reached his claw over Takatos crotch and began to rub it.

"Yeah, I do." replied the dragony Digimon with a sadistic look on his face. "No, don't do this… " Takato begged. Guilmon quickly got up and took hold of Takatos head, pulling his mouth towards his growing erection.


"Now open up and say aaaa." Guilmon said smiling. "N-no!" Takato protested. Seeing as he did not get him to respond, Guilmon forcefully thrusted into Takatos mouth and took hold of his hair strongly. "MMMMMPH!!" Takato gagged "And if I feel any teeth… You will be really sorry." Guilmon said, opening his mouth in passion.

Takato closed his eyes and tried to hide his disgust, licking the humongous member. Guilmon took hold of his head and moved it, making more of his cock go into his mouth.

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There came a splashing sound as some salive came down Takatos mouth, drenching the erect dick of Guilmon nearly completely. "Ooh, your tongue feels so hot. I bet you just love doing this, don't you?" Guilmon said, beginning to sweat a little.

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Takato did not answer, but he continued in licking Guilmons erect cock. Suddenly, without warning Guilmon thrusted deeper into Takatos throat, making him choke a little. As he was gagging, Guilmon suddenly turned him around and thrusted his erect cock deep into his once virgin ass. Takato screamed in pain as blood began cushioning from his ass as he was being fucked by his own digimon.

"Damn, you are so tight…" Guilmon groaned. Guilmon changed the pumps into hard thrusts as he began to ram into his ass harder. The pain in Takatos ass was incredible. Guilmon raised Takatos right leg a little, so he could get easier acess to Takatos virgin bum.

Guilmon began to pump harder and deeper into Takatos ass, feeling himself to get closer. His predictions were proved to be correct as he came into his tamers ass, filling it with his hot cum. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the morning, Guilmon woke up, head all sore and with taste like old rags in his mouth. But Takato seemed even worse. He groaned, held his ass and held his eyes closed while grinding his teeth.

The water problem was solved sometime later after that, but never in his lifetime did Takato forget what happened that night. Mostly because even though he'd never admit to it to anyone, deep inside of him, he liked it. LA MAGNIFICIGO END