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Passion HD Naomi Kennedy amp_ Natalia Starr share big dick
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The World's First Futa's Daughters Futa's First Naughty Awakening Chapter One: Alyessa's Hot MILF Delight By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 November 12nd, 2045 Alyessa Howards "We're joined today with Alyessa Howards promoting her new book, Accepting Being Futa in a Post Becky World," Adelia Tash said as I sat beside on the love seat.

I had a huge pit in my stomach as I put on what I hoped was a beaming smile. The stage lights were so hot. I was so aware of the cameras focusing on us that were streaming us across the world live. Anyone with internet access could be tuning in to watch one of the most viewed and download shows on the internet.

Adelia always had the best guests, including my futa-mother, Becky Woodward. "It's about Alyessa's struggle to come to terms being the only futa in her small town," Adelia said. "Alyessa numbers among the first wave of futa-daughters born to President Woodward." The host turned to me, a smile on her coffee-brown features.

She was an elegant woman in a pale-pink dress, her lush legs crossed before her. She had perfect teeth. I had to speak. "Hi," I said. "Thanks for having me." "So, what was it like?" Adelia said. "I was scared," I said, swallowing, my thoughts drifting back. "We were a small farming community. Everyone knew everyone else. We had one church. I hid what I was. I wanted to be normal, not wild like my futa-mother. It was going fine until a month after I turned eighteen." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ August 16th, 2036 I tucked my futa-cock against my pussy, my flaccid shaft pressing into the shaved folds of my pussy.

I might be the only person who shaved her pussy to make it easier to hide her futa-cock. Taping my dick between my thighs sucked when I had pubic hair. I learned that years ago. I'd been tucking myself for as long as I could remember. I just wanted to be normal, not a freak thanks to my horny futa-mother. Becky Woodward was all over the news.

She'd just announced her candidacy for president. Everyone was talking about her. Again. I didn't ask to have a clit-dick. If anyone in my town knew. My stomach roiled. I was going to college soon, where maybe it would be different, but here? Our small town in central Oregon, Jefferson, was a small farming community.

There wasn't that many people here. Everyone knew everyone else's business. My mom never told the truth. She respected that decision when I was young after she moved us back to my grandparent's house from Portland. I grabbed the costume tape, my round breasts swayed and jiggled as I pressed the first strip over my cock, pressing it tight against my pussy folds. It was this delicious treat to enjoy. I shuddered as a little tingle ran through my two sexes.

That was bad. If I grew aroused, it was painful being tucked. Usually, I could avoid it by not ogling other girls. By pretending I liked boys. That was a lie. I wanted girls. So badly. Beautiful, lush, lovely girls. Round breasts, cute smiles, bubbly butts, and juicy.

"No, no, no, Alyessa," I told myself, my strawberry-blonde hair swaying about my face. I focused on my reflection in the mirror before me, my green eyes intent. A small blush spread on my cheeks, highlighting the freckles dusting my cheekbones. I ripped off another piece of tape. "You are not thinking about that right now," I told myself, my voice echoing through the bathroom.

My skin was still damp from my shower. I smelled fresh and delicious, the scent of coconut wreathing about me. I pressed the piece of tape to my cock, holding it in place. I nodded my head, keeping my thoughts from anything naughty. My nipples weren't even hard. Good sign. I took a deep breath and grabbed my panties. They weren't cut for futas, not that you could find panties like that at our local clothing store, and pulled them on. They were sea-blue, a little bit of lace around the leg holes and the waistband.

They were cute, feminine panties. A girl's panties. I seated the panties, running my fingers around the waistband to adjust them. You couldn't tell I had a cock at all. It was safely tucked between my thighs. I nodded, my breasts jiggling.

I grabbed a matching bra and slipped it on, clasping it before me then twisting it around and pulling the cups over my tits and sleeping my arms through the straps.

Humming, I darted out of the bathroom to my bedroom and grabbed a pair of shorts, also not cut for futas. I slipped into the jean shorts, wiggling my hips back and forth as I drew them up my thighs.

Then I snagged a tank top. I hummed as I sat down at my desk and brushed my strawberry-blonde hair until it had a lustrous shine to it. It fell with such a delicious bounce around my face.

I applied a dusting of makeup, some tangerine-flavored lip gloss, a light amount of eye shadow and a touch of rouge to my cheeks. Just a little enhancement to my features. I looked pretty in that girl-next-door sort of way. A little flutter ran through me, my heart beating in excitement.

"Keep calm," I said.

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"Nothing's going to happen. Just stay calm." That tingle itched at the tip of my futa-dick and deep in my pussy. I felt just a tiny trickle of juices soaking my shaft. I took a deep breath, thinking about the current heartthrob, Markus Hemsworth, all my friends were gushing over. A handsome stud playing the new Iron Man. That took care of my impending arousal. I darted out of my bedroom, bare feet smacking on the old, hardwood floors of the house built at least a hundred years ago.

Maybe longer. I hurtled down the stairs, my feet smacking loudly through the house. "Where you off to, Alyessa?" my mom called from the living room. She was sitting before the TV, watching the daily stream of Adelia Tash's talk show.

She held a glass of iced tea in her hand, a slice of lemon stuck on the rim. "Just going to Jasmine's," I said. "We're going to hangout all day." "Oh, sure, have fun," she said, her red hair swaying about her face.

She had features similar to my own, but Mom's face wasn't as delicate as mine, a trace of my futa-mother. "Wear protection." "I'm not going to have sex with my friend, Mom!" I hissed. "Sure, sure," Mom said, a naughty tone to her voice. She was quite frank about her one time with my futa-mother, Becky.

Mom was a coed attending Oregon State University up at Portland—I was about to attend there in two weeks—when she drove up to Seattle to seduce the world's first futa at the start of her popularity. Not only had my mom screwed Becky, she got her pussy licked clean by a girl named Dona and then was fucked by this guy named Kurt.

Shame he didn't impregnate my mother. Then I wouldn't have a dick. "Becky didn't even know my name," Mom had once told me like that was something to be proud of.


"Unless you want to make me a grandmother," my mom added. "I bet you and Jasmine would have cute daughters." "You are such a freak, Mom!" I hissed, not wanting to think of Jasmine pregnant.

Or any girl. "I like boys!" "Riiiiiight," Mom said, watching the TV. "Well, college will sort you out. I was awkward before all that, too.

But then I discovered what I liked there." I rolled my eyes, pulled on my sandals, and darted out of the house into the summer heat. I hurried down the street, passing other houses. I spotted my civics teacher from last year, Ms. Evans, working in her flower garden. The Black woman was wearing a tight pair of white shorts that hugged her rump.

She had a wide-brimmed, straw hat shielding her face. I shivered and kept walking. I didn't want her to realize I was staring at her. My heart pounded in my chest as I just kept rushing down the street, my hands flexing and relaxing. I had such a crush on her. She was just such a beautiful woman. She always wore these sleeveless blouses that set off her rich, coffee-brown skin. Her lips were lush.

I had masturbated my girl-dick a few times thinking of such naughty thoughts about her. I always felt so bad when I succumbed to my cock's arousal. There were times I tried just masturbating my pussy, rubbing my pussy lips, but my dick would erupt either way. And it would make such a mess, the pearly futa-jizz going everywhere. I rushed along, my dick stirring before Ms. Evans noticed me. My pussy felt even juicier, soaking my shaft. I was getting hard, things growing uncomfortable.

I took deep breaths, thinking of boys. Of Carter, my high school's quarterback. Every girl of my class panted after him, including Jasmine. She wanted to go to prom with him. It didn't happen. Two houses down from Ms. Evans, I reached my friend Jasmine's house. There was an old eighteen-wheeler, the type of manually driven trucks used to pull those big trailers before self-driving rigs had taken over. Jasmine's dad was a trucker still.

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He just there to make sure things didn't go wrong and to unload the merchandise at the destination. "He plays a lot of games on his phone," Jasmine had told me.

"He hates it, but the money's still good. He just misses driving himself." It was so weird thinking of people driving their cars. Old movies showed it, and it looked insane.

I opened the gate of the white picket fence and darted down it, passing the blossoming wisteria filling air with the sweet scent. The lawn looked a little overgrown. Her dad was out on one of his long trips, gone for a few weeks before coming back for a while and then hitting the road again.

I darted up the wooden stairs to the porch that wrapped around the house. Boards creaked beneath my feet. I rang the doorbell. A buzzer growled as I held down the small button then died the moment I released it. I hummed to myself, waiting. I could just walk in, but I always felt weird doing it. The door opened and Mrs. Minx stood there. She was a busty blonde, wearing a V neck t-shirt and a pair of red shorts.

She smiled at me, holding a glass of iced tea, cubes clinking. Her golden hair fell about her face, her lips lush and plump. Her blue eyes flicked up and down me. "Alyessa!" she said, a big grin on her face. "How are you doing? It's wonderful to see you." "Hi, Mrs. Minx," I said, breathing in her sweet perfume. The scent of roses wafted around. "Is Jasmine home?" "Of course," Mrs. Minx said, grinning at me. "She's up in her room." I nodded my head as she swept by.

I felt my friend's mom studying me, making me shift. She was another beautiful woman. My cheeks warmed beneath her scrutiny. Why was she staring at me like that? Was there a stain on my top? "Are you busy this afternoon?" she asked. "I'm hanging out with Jasmine all day," I said. Mrs. Minx cocked her head.

"Her father's taking her to Eugene soon." I blinked. "Oh, I didn't realize Mr. Minx was back." "Yeah, last night. But he's just taking Jasmine to Eugene to buy her some clothes and hang out with her before college. Then he's back on the road for another two weeks." "Jasmine didn't mention that," I said, my stomach sinking.

"She said we were going to hangout all day." "That girl." Mrs. Minx shook her head, blonde hair swaying about her shoulders. "She'd forget her head if it wasn't attached to her body." I giggled. "Yes, she would." "I'm glad you two are going to college together, because I would be worried." She clasped my shoulder. Her perfume swelled in my nose. "You're a responsible girl." Her eyes flicked up and down me.

"I hear you are mowing lawns." "For Reverend North and his wife," I said, flashes of Mrs. North bursting through my mind, her black hair falling down around that motherly face. "To make some money to buy schoolbooks and stuff." "Well, my lawn is getting a little wild," she said.

"Would you mind mowing it after Jasmine leaves? I have a c-note with your name on it." "C. note?" I asked, frowning. "A hundred," she said, giggling. "Guess you're a little young for that slang. Honestly, I never understood why it was called that when I was your age." "Oh, sure," I said. "But that's too much." She slid her hand across my shoulder to cup my face.


She stroked my cheek, sending heat through me. "Oh, no, it's fine. You deserve a good reward." Footsteps thudded down the stairs as my cock swelled harder, fighting against my tape. My pussy grew wetter, more lubricating juices soaking my shaft. I didn't need this right now. I let out a little whimper, my heart thundering in my chest.

"Hey!" Jasmine called. My best friend raced up in a pair of jeans and a belly shirt, her breasts bouncing, the fringe at the hem of her top swaying over her flat, tan belly. "You're here! The new issue of Teen Vogue just hit! I got it downloaded on my tablet!" "Okay," I said, grinning at her. "I bet there's a pic of Markus Hemsworth in it." "Mmm, he's as cute as his father," Mrs. Minx said. "I had such the hots for Thor when I was your age." "Ugh, gross, Mom,"Jasmine said, grabbing my hand.

"Markus is too young for you." My friend led me away, her blonde hair sweeping about her shoulders, her hand gripping me tight. I was so glad to be away from Mrs. Minx. I was totally misunderstanding that touch. I was just a horny futa, like my mother. Mrs. Minx was married and straight. It wasn't like I had the pheromones or anything that my futa-mother had. Women didn't go wild with lust around me. Jasmine led me upstairs to her bedroom. It was still pink like it had been since she was seven and her Dad painted it for her.

She fell on her frilly bed, lying on her belly, her tablet resting before her. She swiped the screen to turn it on. "Look at that dress," she sighed, staring at the cover model. It was a picture of my half-sister, Nari. She was a singer growing in fame. "She's so elegant." "Yeah," I said, lying. "It's a cute dress. I'd look great in it." "It have to be a different color, though. Lilac doesn't look great with your hair color." "You blondes are lucky to get to wear everything," I said, lying on my belly beside her, my legs thrust up in the air.

Jasmine swiped the screen and groaned as the picture of Markus Hemsworth in his role as the new Iron Man. He looked so buff and muscular. He had this toothy smile, his short, blond hair cut close. He had a chiseled chin. I should be attracted to him. I faked it. "Oh, god, he's making me wet," I lied.

"I would totally be his Pepper Potts." "Is that her name?" asked Jasmine. "You are such a nerd. I just saw the movie to see him, and he was in that dumb suit too much." I shrugged as she turned the page. She groaned at the shot of him in his swimsuit.

"Look at that package. I heard he had a surgery to make himself more impressive. Like as big as Becky." I swallowed at the mention of my futa-mother.

"Is anyone as big as her?" My friend shrugged. "Who knows. Maybe it's just an urban legend that she's got the world's biggest cock." I squirmed. "Never looked up any of her pics?" asked my friend. "No." "I did, but they can do anything with computers." She swiped the screen again. "Ooh, here's a test to find your perfect boyfriend! Let's take it!" "Sure," I said, grinning at my friend.

I could relax around Jasmine and just be a normal girl. We laughed and giggled, taking the quiz. My perfect guy was slender and tall with glasses, an effeminate and caring man.

Jasmine's was a muscular hunk who could bench-press a cheerleader. We gossiped. We watched dumb videos off YouTube. The time flew. Before I knew it, Jasmine was hopping to her feet as she heard her father moving around downstairs.

"I got to go! Daddy's taking me to Eugene for shopping!" For those of us in Jefferson, Eugene was great, but going to Portland would be even better. "Get something cute for the first day of college!" I told her. She nodded her head. "Making Daddy pay for missing my birthday." We headed downstairs together.

Mrs. Minx was talking to her husband. She smiled at me and winked as Jasmine hooked her arm around her father's and they pair bustled out. I shifted my hands, alone with the older woman.

"Well, the lawnmower is in the garage." She played with her phone, typing on it. "There, you're paid. Do you need any help with it?" "I can figure it out," I said, my phone beeping in my pocket. Probably a PayPal notification that I got money. I never used cash, though some old folks, like my mom, still used it.

I headed to the garage and found it. I figured out how to start it after a few tries. It was a cheap model, no self-automation to it. The lawnmower roared to life, and I set out. It was hot, but I was young and I went to work, pushing the lawnmower, trimming the grass. I worked through the front yard and then headed to the back. They had a pool back there, dug by Mr. Minx a decade ago. I was just starting around the edge when Mrs. Minx came out in her bikini.

I tried not to stare at her big boobs held in her purple triangles. They swayed and bobbed. The bottoms were a dainty thing, narrow cloth in the front and almost a thong in the back. Her skin was golden brown, her blonde hair bouncing about her face. I gripped the lawnmower tight, staring at her as it roared away. I wasn't pushing it, but those big boobs were just swaying. They were so large and soft. It was so much nicer to look at those and not at ugly boys.

My futa-cock swelled harder, pulling at the tape, my pussy juices flowing. It soaked over my clit-dick. Gorgeous. Jasmine but with big boobs and. and. Mrs. Minx glanced at me and smile. Her mouth moved, but I couldn't hear her over the lawnmower.

Then it hit me. She saw me staring at her. My cheeks burned while my nipples throbbed. I squeezed my thighs tight about my tucked clit-dick. Hot blood pumped through my body. I swallowed and released the lawnmower's handle, the engine dying at once. "Sorry, Mrs. Minx," I said, my ears ringing. "I was asking if you'd spread the tanning lotion on my back," she said, holding the bottle of oil in her hand. A nervous twist shot through me. Her skin was so beautiful. If I touched her. What if did things to her?

What if I lost control? My futa-mother was wild. She just fucked any woman she wanted. She went for them, and they never said no. What if I put the moves on my mom's friend and.? And.? Jasmine would kill me if she found I did anything with her mom. Plus her mom was straight. Married. Mrs. Minx would freak out if I touched her. I shuddered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. This wild heat surged through my body. I licked my lips, my heart pounding in my chest. I swallowed, my hands flexing and undulating.

This heat washed through me. My heart pounded as I advanced on the MILF. I licked my lips, this delight flooding through my body. Her back looked so lush. Her skin so silky. "Well, come on, dear," Mrs.

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Minx said. "Don't be shy. It's not like you've never put lotion on Jasmine's back." Well, Jasmine was different. She was my friend. I couldn't think of any excuse to get out of this. Trembling, I advanced on Mrs.

Minx, my feet feeling so heavy. They seemed to drag across the lawn. My heart beat faster and faster. These waves of heat washed out of me and spilled through me. I reached the cement patio. I knelt on the chaise lounge behind her. The vinyl creaked beneath my knees.

I took the bottle from her as she pulled her hair out of the way, exposing the sweep of her tanned shoulders. I spilled the oil into my hands, the amber pooling in my palms. It had a lavender scent to it. I breathed it in, loving the scent. My dick throbbed harder, my pussy juices flowing as I stared at her back. I bit my lip, my body trembling. I washed my hands together and then I spread it across her back. "Oh, wait," she said, her hand darting behind her.

I gasped as she pulled on the string.

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It fell away, exposing all of her back. "I don't want to get any tan lines back there." "Oh, sure," I said. That made sense. My hands moved down the older woman's back. I was caressing her skin. The ties fell away. I could just see the profile of her right breast. The triangle was dangling over it now, loose. Her breasts swayed back and forth as she breathed, the cloth moving before it. I couldn't take my eyes away from her breast. I could see her side-boob, that wonderful sweep of her flesh that made me just want to reach around and grasp her.

I just wanted to squeeze and knead and massage it. I licked my lips, my pussy clenching. My hips wiggled back and forth, the blood pounding through my veins. This was delicious. Incredible. I was so eager for it.

I grinned at her, my fingers dribbling with oil. It was a treat. I couldn't wait to massage her. I would sweep my fingers across her flesh. I stroked her back, working the lotion into her silky skin. My dick twitched, throbbed as I worked lower and lower, my eyes locked on that boob. She twisted to stare at me, her breast swaying.

The cloth slipped for a moment, a dusky nipple peeking out for a moment. Thick, fat, hard. "You're blushing," said Mrs. Minx. "Is everything okay?" "I'm." I swallowed. "Of course. I was just thinking about a boy." "That Markus Hemsworth?" she asked, a teasing tone to her words. "Yeah," I said, trying not to stare at her breast as I went lower. My fingers caressed her back. I loved the touch of her skin.

I wanted to massage her breasts, tease her, make her shudder. "I bet," she said. "Getting all excited. Mmm, I remember being your age." I breathed in deeply, her breast swaying again as she moved, her top swinging, her nipple flashing. I wanted to groan. My fingers brushed the bottom off her suit, feeling the start of her rump's swell. I dug into them and. I ripped my hand away. "I'm all done!" I gasped, my cheeks on fire.

"Anything else?" Mrs. Minx turned on the chaise lounge, throwing her left leg over the seat so she straddled it, thighs spread wide. Her bikini bottom molded to her pussy lips. Was she shaved? I could see her plumpness.

The cloth was so tight against her sex. My heart screamed in my chest. "Well, since your hands are oily," she said, reaching behind her neck to untie the second knot of her bikini top. It fell down to her lap, exposing her breasts. Her tits were all golden brown. No tan lines at all. "Could you do the front, too?" The older woman gave me an arched smile.

"That would be sweet." "Your front," I groaned, staring at those breasts. My face was no fire. My dick was fully hard. I was so uncomfortable. I shifted as I knelt on the chaise lounge. My dick pulsed and throbbed against the tape holding it against my juicy cunt. I swallowed, my cheeks burned. I started at her shoulders, coating her tan skin in oil. This was something girls did for each other, right?

I mean, just putting oil on. It wasn't sexual or anything. We were both into guys. She had no idea that I liked her boobs. That I wanted to touch them. To bury my face between them. She was Jasmine's mom! I couldn't do that. I rubbed my hands down her arms, coating them in the oil. She had toned muscles, not defined, but she was in great shape.

I caressed her skin, rubbing my slick hands down both her arms as her breasts swayed before me. I tried to stare into her eyes and not ogle her lush titties. "Mmm, thank you," she said as I poured more oil on my hands. "Sometimes, I just like to be babied, you know?" "I guess," I said, my voice hoarse. "Women deserve to be pampered every so often," she continued as I worked the oil across her upper chest.

I caressed her neck, leaving her skin gleaming, then slid down to just the start of her breasts. Excess liquid ran amber down to her swelling tits, rolling over those tanned, lush mounds. I could just slide lower, touch them, squeeze them.

They were so big. The tape weakened. Peeling from my skin as my cock sough to burst free. If I wasn't wearing panties and jean shorts, my dick would break free, the tape unable to stop my erection from escaping. It hurt, but felt great. My pussy lips were engorged, my virgin flesh trying to swallow my cock. My juices were soaking everything. I'd never been so wet in my life.

Real, live tits were right here before me. I slid my hands down her sides. "Oh, no, you missed this spot." she said, grabbing my wrists and bringing my hands up to her breasts, pressing them against her lush, plump tits.

My eyes widened. My fingers flexed against her soft breasts. "M-Mrs. Minx?" "Don't want these beautiful breasts to burn, do you?" Mrs. Minx purred, rubbing my oily hands across her tits. "No," I groaned as she pressed the palms of my hands against her nipples. They were hard and fat against my skin.

The feel of those nubs made my cock ache and throb. I whimpered, my dick twitching, struggling, begging to be freed. "No, no, you've always loved my tits, Alyessa," she cooed, her blue yes bright.

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"Always staring at them. Ogling them. My daughter doesn't know, does she?" "That I'm. a lesbian?" I croaked, my voice tight, raw. "No, that you're a futa." I gasped as she said that word. My fingers dug into her flesh. "I've always known," Mrs. Minx purred, her hands sliding up my own, letting me squeeze and knead her tits all on their own. I couldn't help myself. I knew that she was my friend's mother. I shouldn't be doing this, but.

Her breasts were just so large and plump and soft and amazing. "I knew your mother fucked Becky, the lucky slut. And your futa-mother always breeds a woman." A shiver ran through Mrs. Minx as her hands reached my shoulders. Her head leaned in. "I've been watching you grow up, waiting for you to flaunt your futaness. To announce the world that you were like your mother, but you're scared, aren't you?" "I.

I. I'm so different," I whimpered. "I'm a freak." "A beautiful, delicious futa-freak," Mrs. Minx cooed, her lips coming closer. Her blue eyes swam before me, her golden hair swaying about her face, rustled by the breeze. "Just succulent. Perfect." My fingers dug into her breasts. "You're married," I gasped. "My husband's not here." "But. but. Jas—" Her lips captured mine. I couldn't think. My brain boiled beneath the heat of her kiss. Her fingernails bit into my shoulders as she clutched me.

My palms massaged her oily boobs, rubbing them in slow circles as she shuddered. Her tongue danced with mine, teasing me. I groaned, my lips moving against hers, teasing, kissing her. This heat billowed through me. This wonderful delight that had my heart screaming in my chest. I whimpered into her kiss. Our lips worked together. I fluttered my tongue, caressing her. Dizzying waves washed through me. My eyes squeezed shut as this heat swelled and swelled in me. I kissed her with such passion.

Our tongues danced and dueled and caressed each other. The wonderful, wicked, naughty play of our tongues shot pleasure down to my aching dick. I groaned, my dick twitching and throbbing. My passion swelled and swelled. I fluttered my tongue through her mouth. It was such a wicked delight to experience. To taste her. This was a hot treat that made my entire body quiver and shudder in delight.

I groaned into her mouth, teasing her. Our tongues dueled together, fluttering, batting, attacking each other. I broke the kiss, panting, my heart racing. My cheeks burned with the passion surging through my veins. I felt dizzy, disoriented. I shook my head, struggling to clear my thoughts. I blinked my eyes, my chest feeling so tight all of sudden. I licked my lips, loving the taste of hers lingering on mine. "Mrs.

Minx!" I groaned. My hands squeezed into her tits. "We can't do this!" "Oh, honey, we can," she said, her hand darting down to my shorts, reaching between my thighs to rub at my poor cock tucked between my thighs. "We have to free this beauty. You deserve pleasure." her hand slid up as I kept massaging her oily tits.

The world spun around me as my best friend's mother unfastened the button of my denim shorts. The zipper rasped as my fly opened.


I groaned as she shoved her hand inside. Her fingers slid beneath the waistband of my panties. "Ooh, you're shaved," she said as she crossed my pubic mound. "Mmm, I like that. I'm shaved, too. I like the feel of being bare." "Makes it. easier to tape up," I moaned. "Less painful." She winced. "Like a wax and." She slid her hand over my cock tucked against my pussy.

"Oh, honey, you shouldn't hide this." "I want to be like everyone else," I groaned, my heart beating in my chest. "A normal girl." "Oh, honey, no one is normal." Her tongue flicked over her plump, kissable lips. Her other hand was shoving down my shorts as she stroked her finger up and down my cock's length.

"We're all different from each other. And that's good. Celebrate it. Don't be ashamed of who you are. What you want. You're a futa. There's only a few thousand of you in the world, and most are kids. "They don't get to do naughty things like this." I gasped as she pushed my panties down next. The frilly cloth joined my jeans bunched down at my knees. The tape ripped free of my skin. She pulled my cock free of my pussy lips.

It sprang out engorged before me, thrusting at her belly, twitching, throbbing. My juicy labia were stretched around the base of my shaft. My cock grew from my pussy folds. My juices coated the shaft while two pieces of beige tape clung to it. She tore those off then stroked my dick. The sexy MILF pumped her hands up and down my futa-cock. I groaned.

Her touch was exciting. Another person was stroking me. My hands squeezed her tits, fingers digging into her flesh. The pleasure shot through me. My virgin pussy clenched. My ovaries boiled over. With a groan, I erupted. I couldn't help myself. It was all too much: massaging her then having her hot hand caressing me.

My body shook. My boobs jiggled in my top. My cum splattered her belly, coating her smooth flesh in my pearly spunk. I gasped and groaned, each pulse firing pleasure that shot to my mind. My pussy convulsed. My sweet musk filled my nose. Stars burst across my eyes. I trembled, my cock bouncing in her grip.

My cum splattered her stomach and landed on her bikini bottom. It soaked through to her married pussy. I groaned at that, my pleasure intensifying. My toes curled in my sandals. "Mrs. Minx!" I shrieked. "Mmm, honey yes, you are a virgin," she purred in delight.

Her hand swiped up a line of my cum dribbling across her belly. She brought it to her lips and popped the pearly spunk into her mouth.

"Ooh, that's good. I like that." "I. I. I'm so sorry for cumming on you!" Panic shot through me. I jerked my hand away. I knew girls didn't like guys who came prematurely. I wanted to bolt, but she still gripped my cock.

"It's okay," she said. "You're a little over-eager. I know just the thing, though, to get you ready." She leaned down, licking those plump lips. I groaned as her blonde hair fell over my thighs, draping my dick. I couldn't see, but I could feel. Her mouth nuzzled against the softening tip of my cock. Her tongue flicked out across the slit. Pleasure shot down my shaft. It was intense.

My cunt clenched. I moaned, eyes widening. "Mmm, yes, your futa-cum is just delicious," she purred. "A definite treat. Just yummy. I love it." She engulfed the tip of my cock. She sucked on it hard. Her cheeks hollowed. My eyes rolled back in my head.

She danced her tongue over it, making me shiver. My eyes fluttered as the pleasure shot down my shaft to my pussy. My head swayed. This wonderful treat washed through my body.

I flexed my fingers. "Mrs. Minx!" I gasped as she nursed on my cock. Every time she sucked my cunt squeezed shut. "Oh, Mrs. Minx, that's. that's." I couldn't describe the feelings. Her tongue danced around the crown of my futa-cock. My dick throbbed in her hand as she made such slurping sounds. Naughty, wanton noises. Her supple back gleamed in the sunlight.

My fingers twitched. I didn't know what to do with my hands as she loved my shaft. My futa-dick was swelling. Engorging. I was getting hard again. I wasn't like my futa-mother. I didn't have her stamina, but she was coaxing me erect again. I let out wicked moans as her head bobbed, her lips sliding up and down my half-hard cock. Her fingers slid down my shaft to my pussy. I gasped as she stroked my juicy lips. She caressed over my folds, brushing my hymen.

A dizzy heat swept through me. Mrs. Minx's touch was so naughty. The pleasure rippled up to my shaft buried in her mouth. She moaned. Her buzzing passion caressed my dick. "Mrs. Minx!" I gasped, my cock aching, feeling fully hard. She sucked up my shaft until her mouth popped off my dick with a wet plop. She let out a purring moan of delight, her hips wiggling from side to side.

She stared up at me with hungry eyes. A big grin spread across her face. "Well, well, well, what a delicious treat," she purred. "You're getting your second wind. I bet young futas like you can just cum over and over again." "I. I don't. that often," I moaned.

"You don't even masturbate this beautiful dick?" she moaned, stroking me as she rose before me, her breast heaving, nipples beading with the tanning oil. "You poor thing. Why are you denying yourself? You can't hate this wonderful cock." "I. I." "Let me show you how wonderful it is," she said, stroking me with her right hand while her left reached for the knot holding her bikini bottom closed at her hip.

She tugged. I groaned as the triangle fell halfway down, exposing her shaved pudenda almost to her pussy's beginning. Her left hand reached across her stomach, undoing the other knot. The cloth dropped away. Her thick labia, covered in her glistening cream, revealed. She was so wet.

For me. Her left hand hooked the back of my neck, sliding beneath my strawberry-blonde locks. She pulled me towards her as she leaned back on the chaise lounge. I was on top of her before I knew it, her right hand guiding my cock between her spread-open thighs. I groaned, pressing my body into her oily flesh.

The tanning lotion bled through my tank top and bra, soaking my hard nipples. Our lips met, her tongue darting into my mouth. Then my dick brushed the engorged folds of her pussy. I gasped in delight. This heat shot through me. This wonderful delight that had me aching. I groaned into her mouth. My tongue dueled with hers. A naughty heat billowed through me. I squirmed atop her, my dick rubbing into her cunt, finding the entrance.

I pressed into that hot, juicy snatch of hers. I moaned into her mouth as I sank into my first pussy. This was Jasmine's mom! I was sliding into a married woman's snatch. I knew her all my life. She was almost like a second mother to me, and now I was in her.

Hot, silky, amazing flesh engulfed my dick. Her juicy flesh squeezed around me. I shuddered atop her as her tongue dueled with mine. It was incredible. It was unlike masturbating. This rush shot through me.

Maybe. maybe I didn't need to feel bad about having a futa-cock. I bottomed out in her. My breasts pressed against hers, separated only by my clothing. The oil soaked my top as I squirmed atop her.

I moved my hips by instinct, stirring my cock through her juicy, married depths. Then I drew back. My cock slid out of her. This wondrous heat billowed through me. I groaned, my tongue dueling with her. Her flesh clung to me, squeezing around me. This silky friction created this bliss that radiated down to my cunt. My pussy grew hotter, wetter.

My ovaries were brimming with a new load of cum. A load I wanted to spurted into her married depths. With a groan, I thrust my hips forward, burying back into her wet warmth. She shuddered beneath me, groaning into my kiss. I was making love to a woman. My mind reeled from that thought as my hips moved. My pussy clenched every time I thrust into her. Silky friction became wondrous rapture. It flowed down my cock, melting my cunt.

I reveled in her snatch, pumping away hard and fast. My tongue swept around hers as we kissed. My blood screamed through my veins, carrying the ecstasy through my body. I felt her nipples through my clothing, my own nubs aching. The chaise lounge creaked. Both her hands grabbed my naked rump, pulling on me.

She broke the kiss, moaning, "Yes, yes! I've always wanted to enjoy a futa! Ooh, Alyessa! Your dick is amazing! It's wonderful! Oh, yes, yes!" "So is your. your." I shuddered, thrusting hard into her depths.

"My cunt?" she asked in a naughty breathy tone, her fingers digging into my rump. "Tell me how much you love my cunt!" "It's amazing, Mrs, Minx!" I moaned, thrusting into her pussy. "I love being in your. your cunt!" She shuddered beneath me and kissed me again. I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I pounded her pussy. My dick plunged in and out of her faster and faster.

That wonderful, explosive ache built and built at the tip of my cock. I groaned, coming closer and closer to that eruption. The heat swelled through my pussy. My body squirming, nipples throbbing as the rubbed against her breasts.

My nose nuzzled against hers, teasing her. "Alyessa!" she moaned. "Ooh, yes, yes, fuck my cunt! Damn, you're bigger than my husband! You're a futa! You got a pussy!" Her right hand shot down around the curve of my rump, sliding between my thighs to cup my pussy. I gasped as she stroked my folds, teasing me as I thrust over and over into her cunt.

Her fingers pressed on my hymen. "A sexy futa with a juicy pussy!" she moaned. "Ooh, you're not a girl any longer. You're an adult. A futa-woman!" She thrust her fingers against my hymen.

I gasped, burying my cock into her juicy embrace as my maidenhead stretched and stretched. She had a wicked grin on her face, her pussy clenching around my dick. My cherry popped. A flash of pain shot through me and then soothing bliss followed. Her two fingers filled me. I groaned atop her, rubbing my nose into her face as she pumped her digits in and out of my cunt. She stirred me up, teased me. I whimpered, my cunt clenching about her.

This delicious pleasure flowed through me. "Oh, wow," I whimpered. "Oh, Mrs. Minx. Mmm, that's nice. Ooh, you're fingers are in me. That's so wicked." "Uh-huh," she said, a big grin crossing her face. "You just love it, don't you?" She laughed.

"Of course you do. You're a naughty, wanton, little futa-slut!" I groaned as her fingers churned up my pussy.

She teased me, made me whimper and shudder. Her pussy clenched around my dick as I thrust into her. I pumped away at her snatch harder as she worked her fingers in and out of my twat. The dual stimulation shot through me. My pussy clenched on her fingers while my futa-dick drove over and over into her snatch. The twin delights mixed and swirled around my ovaries. They grew tighter and tighter. A heady shake sent dizzying rapture spilling over me.

I whimpered, pumping so hard, so fast. I buried to the hilt in her. I groaned, thrusting harder, faster. I grinned at her, loving the delight of her fingers teasing me. "Mmm, you like that?" she hissed, arching an eyebrow. "Ooh, yes, you do.

You just like that treat. You're pumping away at my cunt harder. Faster. Ooh, you're a naughty thing. You're going to make me cum on this big dick!" "Yes!" I moaned, lost to this rapture. I pumped away at her with a frantic rhythm, her fingers inspiring me as they plundered my pussy's deflowered depths. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock. The friction of her pussy brought me closer and closer to that release. I kissed her again, my tits pressing tight into her pillowy mounds.

My pussy clenched about her digits as I buried into her. Her cunt writhed about my cock. I groaned as I felt her buck and shudder beneath me. She squealed into the kiss as her snatch sucked at my dick. I drew back through her writhing folds, my eyes widening at the increased bliss surging through me. "Mrs. Minx?" I gasped. "Yes, yes, I'm cumming!" the MILF howled.

"I'm cumming on your big futa-dick! Oh, Alyessa, fire in me! Flood me! I want to feel a sexy futa cum in my cunt!" I rammed to the hilt in her, her fingers burying deep into my twat.

I gasped as my cum fired out of my dick. That powerful eruption shot rapture straight to my mind. My pussy convulsed around her digits while her cunt milked my cock.

"Mrs. Minx!" I cried out. "Oh, yes, yes! That's so good!" "Spill that cum in me!" the MILF moaned. Her married pussy writhed about me, spasming with a hunger that made every eruption of my futa-jizz feel incredible.

Darkness washed across my vision. Rapture rippled out of my cunt while my euphoria pummeled my mind senseless. I collapsed on her chest, panting, groaning, shuddering in delight. I just fucked my best friend's mom. Through the daze of pleasure, a sudden surge of panic shot through me.

Herrin olesya dominiert glücklicher Kerl

"No, no, no," I groaned, my dick spurting a final blast of cum into her depths. "I shouldn't have done this.

Jasmine's going to kill me!" I struggled to get away, but Mrs. Minx held me tight. The MILF grabbed the back of my neck, kissing me, my dick buried in her pussy. I knew I should go, should flee before we did more naughty things, but her mouth was so hot. My cock was twitching in her pussy. I couldn't help it. I hated how much of a horny, pervy futa I was. I felt so bad for doing this to Jasmine even as I kissed her mother. I was a terrible person. Why did I have to be born a futa?

If I was normal, I never would have fucked this sexy MILF. I would never have betrayed my best friend. Jasmine could never find out about this. To be continued.