Jerking my duddy Sex Ed

Jerking my duddy Sex Ed
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I would like to start by saying all people in this story are over 18 and I have changed the names to protect anyone involved. If u don't like the story don't read it. Jenny was the best girls lacrosse player in the school. There wa son doubt about it. I on the other hand am the best guys lacrosse player.

One day Jenny got a little to cocky and challenged me one on one. I thought I would make it a little more fun so I placed a bet. Whoever lost had to do whatever the person that won wanted them to do. No matter what it was. Jenny thinking she had me beat gladly took the bet. Jenny lost with the score of 10-0. I destroyed her. Now it was time for her to do what I wanted. Jenny was an average height girl with perfect 32C boobs and a round but firm ass.

She had an athletic build and long blond hair. She was dressed in a pinnie and short shorts but not for long. " Strip down" "No way" "You have to I won and you agreed to it." It took a long time of arguing back and forth but she finally realized that she did agree to it so she had to.

Of course she took her time. First the pinne revealing a black sports bra. She kinda stopped at that. Jenny was not a whore by any means and hadn't even kissed a guy yet. I didn't care so I walked over and pants her. To my surprise she was wearing a leopard skin thong. She didn't seem like the type to do that.

But there she was standing in the middle of the field in her sports bra and thong. "Keep going" I said. She replied by slowly pulling the bra over her head then quickly wrapping her arms around her chest.

"Relax." She didn't seem relaxed at all. She was so nervous but I could smell her pussy getting wet from a mile away.

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She was turned by this I could tell. She pulled down her thong and revealed a tight shaved pussy. I couldn't believe she had shaved it bald.

I was starting to love this. "Okay pose how I tell you" "What!?!? Your taking pictures!!" "Of course I am but I swear no one will ever see them." "I will kill you if anyone does" so she started posing how I wanted her to. First with just a normal standing picture.

Then bent over, legs up on her back, riding her lacrosse stick, fingering herself, and my personal favorite, she put her thong back on for a front wedgie.


"I promise no one will ever see these pictures as long as you keep this up" "What do you mean?" "You're my bitch now. Whenever I want it you give it to me" "No way. I'm not doing that!" "Do you have a choice?" I said as I waved the phone in front of her. She knew she didn't so she complied.

I finally had a girl at my disposal. She was basically my sex slave. The best day in class I sat next to Jenny.

I smiled and she tried to hide hers. As much as she pretended to hate this and be disgusted by this, she secretly loved it. She had on a nice mid thigh length dress on so I put my hand on her thigh and slowly mad my way up to her vagina.

She stopped me. All I had to do was give her a look and she knew she had no choice but to let me do what I wanted.


I started rubbing the outside of her panties. Within minutes she was soaking wet so I leaned over to her and whispered "you can't sit here in these wet panties. Take them off." She looked at me in horror and reluctantly complied.

She slide them down her legs and off completely handing them to me under the desks. "Keep your legs open the whole time. Do not close them for any reason." I don't know why I had done that. Maybe too many sex stories or pornos I had watched but I was turned on and hungry for it. I had put her panties in my pocket and Jenny finished the day without panties.

I never asked her how she changed for gym without them. I have always wondered what the other girls said. Oh well that's ancient history now. Jenny texted me that night saying she was insanely turned on the whole time and wanted me to do something even more humiliating.

I couldn't believe it all of my wildest dreams had come true. I stayed up all night thinking about what I would do.

Then it hit me. The next morning I told Jenny to meet me in the men's room on the second floor. She was already wet by the time she met me there. The first thing i did was take her bra and panties and stuff them in her backpack right on top so whenever she opened it they would be right there.

Then I locked the door and fucked the shit out of her.

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When she came and I blew my load I put clothes pins on her nipples and pussy lips. I told her she couldn't take them off. "But I have gym. I need to change everyone will see" "Exactly" and with that I kissed her hard on the lips and left. Jenny had on another dress but much shorter and whenever she bent over her pussy was in clear site and she knew it.

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I used any excuse to get her bending over all day. At least 100 people saw her pussy with the clothes pins on it. Her face was bright red with embarrassment.

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Jenny texted me at lunch and told me she needed me to fuck her again. I said u will have your time but you need to wait.

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The long day finally ended but I wasn't done with her just yet. I told her to meet me at my house with all of her underwear Ina backpack and her lacrosse stick.

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She agreed not knowing what my plan was. When she arrived she realized there was no one but me home. I made her strip instantly and took all of her underwear and put it in my room. I told her she's never getting them back. I came back down from my room with a collar and leash. "Down girl" " I'm not a dog" "Yes you are. You're my bitch remember?" Her faced dropped and she went down on all fours. "Bark doggie" she started barking like a dog.

I put the collar and leash on her and opened the front door. I live in a dead end and all of my neighbors were either at work or away but she didn't know that. "No way. We can't go outside like this" "Oh you're right I forgot the lax stick" I put the lacrosse stick in her vagina so it looked like a tail. "Let's go girl".

We walked around the block. To mess with her I even rang some of my neighbors door bells. No one answered of course but she was terrified I walked her to the woods behind my house and tied her leash to a tree and blindfolded her.

"What are you doing?" "Leaving" "What? You can't leave" "Bye".

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I pretended to leave and sat by the tree for 20 minutes. The I walked up to her pretending I was a complete stranger. I started fingering her vagina around the sticks and ramming my fingers up her ass. I squeezed her boobs until she screamed and cried and begged me to stop. Then I took off her blindfold and fucked her silly. I untied her brought her to my house she got redressed and her mom picked her up. Jenny had never had a better day in her life