Webcam fun with blonde ends in facial

Webcam fun with blonde ends in facial
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Steffi Val and my girlfriend Cindy had been friends for years. They had grown up together, had suffered through school together and now, in their adult years, were just the best of buds.

I guess that's why Val kinda looked down her nose at me when Cindy and I first got together. I never have discovered the reasons why Val didn't like me at first.

Perhaps she felt protective of her best friend after seeing what she had been through with her first two commitments. I can't be sure. Fact is, that would change. Val had watched as Cindy went through two failed marriages and she had been the shoulder for Cindy to cry on. But now the tables were turning. Val was the one in need. Her husband of some eighteen years had confessed to her that he had been unfaithful and was leaving.

Val was totaly overcome. Here she was, the mother of two teens with a huge mortgage and a just-above-average income. What was she to do? Cindy and I did our best to help Val with whatever we could. We had money and, although she was reluctant to take it, we convinced Val that it was only a loan.

Cindy and I also did whatever we could to help with the kids. Cindy had never had children of her own, but I had four (PLUS a beautiful grand daughter) so I could help more with Val's youngsters.

Nate and Stefanie were good kids. Well behaved and seemingly well adapted to their newly fatherless home. Chip, Val's ex, had gone to live with his mistress in a distant city. He didn't contact the kids and he was currently ducking child support. (That part REALLY pissed me off as I am one of the few divorced dads in this world who actually WANTS to pay his support. That fact really messes with the women at the support agency (the fact is that I believe that all the women who work at that agency (and just how many MEN do you see working there?) are damaged goods.

I believe they have all been shafted by deadbeats and they are just out to screw (not in the GOOD way, either) any man who comes into their radar.

They don't seem to know how to deal with a supportive Dad. Too used to dealing with dead-beats I guess.) Long story made shorter, Cindy and I would help Val and her kids anytime and anyway we could. The whole thing with Steffi and me started innocently enough. I was working nights and so I was dozing when the phone rang at around eleven AM. In my haze I answered it and heard Val on the other end. It took a few seconds before the fog cleared and I understood what she was saying.

"I was supposed to take Stefanie to tryouts for band field commander today, but I am gonna be stuck in meetings until late this evening", she told me. "G, I know this is a burden for you, but would you PLEASE pick her up at the house, take her to the field and then bring her back home after?". Even though Val had once distrusted me, I felt I had now earned her respect.

Of course, she may just have been desperate. It didn't matter. I looked forward to seeing Stefanie (whom I always called Steffi.she always smiled at me when I called her that).

She was a great kid. Always happy and so full of life. I had just gotten into my clothes when the phone rang once again. It was Val telling me that Stefanie had a ride to tryouts, but still needed a lift home. Val said that Stefanie had told her that she could walk (it was just a bit over a mile), but Val insisted that she wait out front for me to take her. "G", Val said, "Stefanie is a good girl. She's smart and cautious but the thought of her walking down that road scares me to death.

A young girl, looking like she does is an invitation to disaster". I responded, "I understand, Val. I'll get her home". "Thanks, G", Val said and we both rang off.

Looking back on that day now, Val might not have been so thankful! You see, I am your typical red-blooded American man. Even at fifty years old, the father of four and grandfather of one, I am in excellent health and Cindy and I have a VERY active sex life. She is several years my junior but I manage to keep up with her healthy wants and desires. I'm happy to say that I have no need for any kind of enhancement or virility drugs.

One look at a hot girl and all eight inches spring to attention at once. I do have what I call 'middle-aged man syndrome': a bit of a belly brought on by my enjoyment of good, cold beer and a receeding hairline. As a younger man, I had spend years playing rock music in bars around the Mid-west and had always worn my hair long. Even now, what remained of my once thick hair was shoulder length. Cindy said it made me look like an eccentric college professor.

Truth to tell, I liked that image even though my job was as night director at the news desk for one of the local TV network affiliates. Now about Stefanie. When I first met Stefanie she was twelve and was already a hottie. Flaming red hair like her mother's, a lightly freckled face (like many true redheads) and a saucy smile.

I had to control myself even then because a glance from her would get me hard. 'She's TWELVE, asshole' I would tell myself. But it didn't stop my imagination. As she matured, her body curved in a way that words could never describe. Her breasts grew large and firm and her hips flared in a most delicious way. By age fifteen, Stefanie had a true hourglass figure. She was 5''6" with full breasts, a very trim waist and curvy hips.

I have failed to mention another beautiful feature.Stefanie's lovely long legs. For a fifteen year old, this girl had quite a set of wheels and she seemingly loved to show them off. She was always wearing shorts or miniskirts even in cooler weather! I pulled my car into the lot at the school and began looking for Stefanie. Almost at once she jumped from a group of kids and started to wave at me. She was dressed in a pair of microscopic denim shorts, her school T-shirt, mid-calf length socks and white sneakers.

I teasingly gunned the car, pretending to be about to run her over. She just placed her hands on her hips and shook her head at me. I stopped and reached over to open the door for her. To my surprise, as she climbed into the seat she leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. She had never done that before and she didn't even seem to notice as several of her friends stared open mouthed at us.

I had hugged her on a number of occasions and once or twice given her a kiss on the cheek when Cindy and I were leaving their home or they were departing ours, but I had no idea what Stefanie was thinking. I wordlessly wondered if she was interpreting those platonic hugs and kisses as more than they were. She didn't keep me waiting long for the answer. "Finally we're alone together", Stefanie exclaimed.

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I replied, "Just what do you think you are doing young lady?". "Being happy", She said. "Stefanie", I started, but she cut me off with a finger to my lips.

"Call me Steffi", she said." I love the way it sounds when you say my name that way". "OK, Steffi", I responded. "Now what the hell were you thinking when you kissed me like that? That is NOT what a young lady does when she greets her elders". Stefanie looked into her lap for a moment and then said, "didn't you like the kiss?". I was torn. This young beauty had just kissed me and I was giving her hell for it.

She was just fifteen and the daughter of my girlfriend's best friend. What a mess. The truth was that I did like her kiss. In fact, I was certain that I would like another one. But I decided to wing it for a while. I needed to know what this girl was up to. "Of course I did", I told her. "I just didn't expect it, that's all. You just have to tell me why you did that". "Drive and I'll try to explain", Steffi told me, so drive I did. I didn't want to push her into talking, so I kept my mouth shut.

We had left the school parking lot behind us and as I turned onto the street that would take us toward Steffi's house she suddenly spoke. "NO! Don't take me to my house. Nate is there!". Her face was wide with shock for some reason yet unknown. I asked, "then just where am I supposed to take you if not home. Your mom expected me to pick you up and deliver you safely to the house. What is it that YOU wish for me to do with you?.


"Mom won't be home until seven or so and the last thing I want to do is to be around my creepy brother all afternoon", she stated. Then she whipped a wicked smile at me and said, "Cindy is at work, right?". "Yesssss", I replied slowly. "Why do you ask?". " She won't be home for hours, right? Let's go to your house for a while. Could we?", she asked.

"We can", I said, "but I don't understand?". Steffi looked at me, took a deep breath and said, "Remember when I said 'alone at last' when you first picked me up? Well, I meant it. I want to be alone with you. I mean REALLY alone. Are you getting my drift yet?". 'Shit!', I thought to myself. 'Is she saying what I think she is saying? No way', I thought. But she HAD kissed me with some passion when she had gotten into the car.' No, dumbass'I thought.

'It didn't mean THAT'. A moment later, Steffi removed all doubt. "I want to have sex with you, G", she said so matter-of-factly that I almost couldn't believe my ears. I was just pulling into my drive at that moment and I missed the brake pedal and nearly hit the garage door from my shock and surprise. Fortunately I stopped the car at the last second, turned off the ignition and tried to get my brain around what I had just heard.

I looked over at Steffi, saw her slightly shy smile and tried to speak. Nothing came out but a quiet gasp for breath. She leaned over to me and kissed me hard once again. This time I felt her tongue slip deliciously between my lips and start to tease my own tongue. Steffi didn't waste any more time.

As she tongue fucked my mouth, her hand went deliberately to the crotch of my jeans. She started to rub me vigorously through the coarse fabric. The effect was instantaneous and although I could feel my cock growing hard under her firm caress I was so stunned that all I could do was sit there in the driver's seat. After a few moments (quite pleasureable, I might add) I came back to reality. I took Steffi's shoulders in my hands and gently pushed her back into the passenger seat.

She stuck her full lower lip out at me as she pouted unconvincingly for a few seconds. I knew I had to do or say SOMETHING or this was going to spiral out of control in one big hurry. With as firm and parental tone as I could muster under the current circumstances, I said, "Steffi, where is this sudden lust of yours coming from? Did I do something to make you act like this? Have I led you on or given you some kind of signal that makes you think I'm coming on to you?".

"Not really", she said. "Maybe we could go inside and talk. I DID promise to try and explain didn't I?". "Ok", I told her. "Let's go in the house". All things considered, going in was a great idea. After all it seemed to me that if we didn't get moving soon, Steffi was going to jump me right there with my car in the driveway in front of the whole neighborhood.

We both got out and walked to the door. Steffi was walking so close by my side that I was afraid that one or both of us would trip over the other's feet and end up sprawled on the sidewalk. Fortunately we made it and I unlocked the door and held it open for Steffi to enter. I followed and closed the door behind us. Steffi turned around, reached past me and threw the deadbolt on the door. After all she had said and done I had no reason to question this action, but I was still unsure how I would proceed.

Steffi sat on the sofa and deliberately took off her shoes and socks. She leaned back slightly and put her small, cute feet up on the coffee table crossing her ankles in the process. I sat down as well making sure that we were not touching. Steffi then scooted herself over until our hips were pressed together. She laid her hands in her lap and looked into my eyes. 'Here we go', I thought. At that point Steffi took a deep breath, let it out in a soft sigh and started talking. "This may sound like a load of crap to you and I understand that", she began.

"The fact is that I have wanted to be your girlfriend since I discovered that boys and girls are different". "Steffi.", I gushed, but she again shushed me with a finger to my lips. "Let me get this all out now while I can", she continued.

"If I don't, I may never get up the nerve again". I nodded silently and she went on. "I know all the things that you want to say. I have rehearsed this in my mind for almost a year now. You are going to tell me that I am too young or you are too old.whichever. You're gonna say that we can't be together because Cindy and mom are good friends. You are worried about me getting pregnant. Worried that mom and Cindy will find out and kill us both. I have thought all these things through and I have come to a decision.I don't care about ANY of those things.

I just care about US. I don't care how old you are or how young I am, I'm on the pill and mom and Cindy never have to know". It was a good thing that I was speechless at the time because Steffi wasn't finished yet. She took another deep breath and the rest of the story just spilled out. "I've had this intense crush on you since the first time we met. I thought at first that it was just a schoolgirl thing like a girl gets for her favorite teacher, but as I got older and began to learn about boys and girls, and about love, I started to realize that what I was feeling was beyond a crush.

About the time I turned fourteen I started to have these dreams. I guess the boys call them 'wet dreams' because they come in their sleep. I don't know if they call them the same for girls or not, but whenever I had one I always woke up in a wet spot. The thing is, that when I first started having them, all we did in my dreams was hug and kiss. It wasn't until about eight months or so ago that I really learned what sex was.

That same night, I dreamed that you and I had done it for the first time. I woke up soaked and tingling. I must have made some noise because mom appeared at my door a moment later and asked if I was Ok.

I told her I just had a bad dream and that I was fine. She told me good night and closed my door. That dream was the most realistic one I had ever had. I could remember every detail and I realized that I had my first orgasm that night. I could hardly wait to experience those feelings in real life." "Every time I saw you I thought about how good you made me feel each time I dreamed of you.

I started to plan a way to get you alone and tell you, but the opportunity never came up until today. The fact is, that I also have a confession to make. Try as I could to get to you, the urge just got too strong about three months ago and while out on a date with a friend of Nate's, I lost my virginity".

That being said, Steffi dropped her face into her hands and began to cry softly. Not really thinking, I put my left arm gently around her shoulders and held her. She pressed her head into my chest and we remained like that for several minutes. She eventually sat upright once again and started to compose herself. "I'm so sorry", she said. "Steffi", I replied, "what are you sorry about? It doesn't sound to me as though you have done anything really wrong".

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"But I have", she said. "I wanted YOU to be my first and I screwed it all up because I gave in to temptation". "Everyone gets tempted now and again, Steffi", I reassured her. She looked at me again and said, "so you're not mad at me?". "Of course not, Steffi", I responded. "Why would I be?". "I just figured you would want me to be a virgin.

That's all", she said. I was still a bit muddled and confused as to how I should handle the situation. Truth be known, being this close to her was having a deep effect on me.especially in my groin. Nevertheless, I decided to try and slow things down so I just told her, "I think you will always be the same, wonderful girl I have gotten to know.

Virgin or not". "Really?", she said as her eyes brightened a bit.

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"It won't bother you that I've done it before?". "You're not the first girl on the planet to have sex, Steffi", I told her. With that she cuddled closer to me than she ever had before. Damn, my resistance was weakening by the second. I glanced up at the clock and noted that Cindy was still not due home for over three hours. Now why on earth did that suddenly seem important to me I wondered?

Steffi's tiny hand crept once again into my lap and she started to fondle me as she had in the car. I don't know exactly why, but that just did it for me. I turned to Steffi, pulled her closer with the arm I still had around her shoulders and gently took her breast into my right hand. She sighed and kissed me softly. We both kept our eyes open and focused on each other as we swirled our tongues around. I gently licked her lips and teeth and she did the same for me.

As we kissed, I tenderly kneaded her firm breast with my fingers while trying to find her nipple through her shirt and bra. It only took a second or two before I discovered the hard nub and Steffi gasped as I rubbed the palm of my hand over it for the first time. "That feels so wonderful", she exclaimed. "Please don't stop". Now THERE was something I didn't need to be told! I continued to cup my palm against her breast and occasionally swirl it around to further stimulate her firm nipple.

I knew that I was in over my head now for sure and to tell you the truth, I didn't care.


Suddenly I was sixteen again and getting ready to have sex for my first time. Steffi dropped her hands to the hem of my shirt and roughly pulled it out of my waistband. 'Ok', I said to myself. 'This is REALLY it'. I released Steffi's firm tit and took both of her hands in mine. "Steffi", I said as I looked deeply into her brown eyes, "I think it's decision time.

Are you sure you want to go through with this? I mean, I know that we shouldn't and I may hate myself later but I can't help it. I admit that I have admired you for some time, but I never thought it would come to this. You HAVE to be sure and we must keep it to ourselves. If anyone finds out you will catch hell, but it's my ass that's going to get cooked". "I understand all that, G", she replied. "Anything we do is just between us. It's no one else's business". Alright, I admit I was thinking with the smaller head, but this was just too good to pass up.

I decided (with the BIG head) that being with Steffi was worth any risk. For all I knew she only wanted to do it with me this once and I honestly wanted to get the chance to be with her. I let go of her hands, pulled off my own shoes and socks then stood up. She stood as well and took my hand. I led her to the stairs and we started up. As we climbed past the landing she asked, "are we going to YOUR bedroom?". "No", I replied. "I don't think that would be right.

Do you?". "No I don't", was her response. I struck a comical pose, pointed to the top of the stairs and said in my best cartoon voice, "to the guestroom!". Steffi laughed as hard as I had ever heard and onward we walked.

My guestroom is not as large as the Master bedroom, but it is a bit larger than the third bedroom which Cindy and I use for our home office. The room is situated in the center of the second floor with its own 3/4 bath off to one side. The room is generally used by my kids or my mom when either comes to visit. We keep the room basically decorated for my own teen daughters.

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Teddy bears and the like. The bed is a Queen sized Serta Perfect Sleeper. Very comfy! There is a picture window facing the back yard overlooking the deck and pool. I closed the miniblinds casting the room into soft shadows. I turned around as I heard the bed squeak and saw that Steffi had hopped up on top landing on her knees and facing me.

She smiled and quickly pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor leaving her upper body covered in only her black laced bra. She didn't stay covered long, however.

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Before I could take two steps toward the bed her hands were behind her back and the now loosened bra fell to the bed in front of her knees. Now I have seen some tits in my life. Big ones, small ones, firm ones and saggy ones, but I had NEVER seen a set like what was now on display before me. Steffi's breasts stood straight out from her chest. They were large, perfectly rounded and topped with dark, half-dollar sized aureolae. Her pert nipples were only about as big around as a standard pencil but they were nearly 3/4 of an inch long.

I felt my mouth start watering as I sat beside her and reached out to touch those beauties. Steffi leaned forward just a bit while pushing her young chest out towards me. I reached out and took both tits into my hands while bending my head down to wrap my lips around one of those lovely nipples.

I both heard and felt it as Steffi sucked in a gasping breath. I felt her hands close around the back of my head as I gently sucked her stiff nipple between my lips and let my teeth glide along its length.

I let the first nipple slip from my lips and turned my attention to the other. Steffi shifted herself ever so slightly to allow her tit to easily slip into my waiting mouth.

I knew there was no way that her nipples were going to get any more firm. God was she ever worked up. I began to feel a bit proud of myself for having gotten her this excited. And to think.we had hardly done ANYTHING yet! Steffi's hands were back at the hem of my shirt once again, so I reluctantly let go of her tits, raised my arms and she quickly pulled the shirt over my head.

She tossed the shirt into the corner and I picked up her bra that still lay on the bed between us and slingshot it across the room in the general direction of my now discarded shirt. That brought a slightly nervous giggle from Steffi and she held her arms out to me. I held her as close as our seating arrangements allowed then slowly lowered both of us down onto the bed.

We both stretched out and held each other close as we kissed once again. I could feel her nipples practically fold upon themselves as Steffi crushed herself to my body. After several blissful minutes, we both came up for air. I didn't think either of us could stand much more.

By now, I was just as jacked up as she was. I sat up, got onto my knees beside her and unsnapped the denim shorts that barely covered her. Steffi raised her hips slightly as I unzipped the tiny garment and pulled it off her long legs.

To my surprise, she was actually wearing a rather demure pair of black satin panties. I guess I had expected a thong or at least a G-string.

Perhaps Val had drawn the line at Steffi's sexy clothing when it came to her underwear. I saw that Steffi's eyes were shut tight as she raised her hips once again.

I knew that was my cue and I rapidly slid her panties down her legs and off her feet. For the first time, I saw the beautiful young body that had shown up in my own dreams on more than one occasion (I hadn't told Steffi that she had been starring for some time in wet dreams of my own.

I thought that might be a bit too much information for our first time). For the first time I got a glimpse of Steffi's pussy. Even though she was fifteen, she really didn't have a full bush. She had only what could best be defined as bright red down on her pubic bone. She didn't have her legs too far apart, but I could see that the peach fuzz continued down between her legs and that it didn't really cover her outer lips.

Without a word Steffi sat up, curled her legs under her and reached for the fasteners of my jeans. I obliged by laying back down beside her. Steffi wasted no time in pulling both my pants and boxers off me and tossing both onto the floor. The two of us were now totally naked on the bed together. Steffi lay back beside me and I could feel all of her nude flesh pressing against my body. The effect was exquisite.

My hard cock was trapped between our bodies as we lay on our sides and I could feel the tip rubbing against Steffi's belly. I could also feel her soft pussy fuzz against my full balls as we writhed and kissed furiously. A few moments passed and slowly I felt Steffi's hips relax their pressure on mine. At the same time I noticed that she was gently raising her top leg.

I pulled back just a bit from her and began sliding my hand down her body. I started at her breast and trailed just the tips of my fingers across her belly. I tarried just a moment and traced her navel with my index finger before lowering my hand to her mound. As my hand come into contact with the very top of her soft hair, I felt her warm hand encircle my hard cock. Neither of us said a word as we gently started to stroke each other.

Steffi pulled slowly on my cock as I slid just one finger between her lips. Steffi responded by moaning quietly and raising her hips to press my hand deeper into her recess. She was so wet and hot that I thought she might orgasm too soon. I wanted her to really get off so I tried my best to slow down. I ran my finger gently along her outer lips then moved to her inner ones. The closer I got to her treasure, the more Steffi increased her movements on my cock.

I slid my finger along the deepest part of Steffi's slit and without warning she pushed her hips violently upward. As she did my finger sank completely into her. Amazingly I could feel her tight walls close around my digit nearly locking it in place. Had she not been so wet, I doubt that I could have removed it. As it was, I had just enough freedom of motion to slide my finger gently in and out just an inch or so at a time.

Steffi's eyes were still closed, but her sweet mouth had formed a very contented smile. I turned my hand so that the palm was up and began massaging the front wall of her pussy. That girl had the easiest-to-find G-spot I had ever encountered.

With many girls, it took quite a bit of experimentation and general searching to find that elusive cum trigger. Not Steffi. As soon as I hit it her body all but left the bed. Only her head and heels were still in contact with the mattress as she convulsed in a powerful orgasm.

I tried to keep contact with her G-spot, but I could not keep up with her thrashing body. My finger slipped from her pussy as she tossed around for almost a minute. I did manage to keep my hand cupped around her mound as she twisted and moaned. Finally, she started to subside and I could see just what I had given her. Her pretty red hair was matted to her head in places. Her face was totally flushed and the hand I had cupped on her pussy was soaked.

She closed her legs on my hand trapping it in place as though she would never let go. It was then that I noticed that through all the gyrations and contortions that Steffi had experienced, she had not let go of my cock. I had been so caught up in what I was doing to her that I hadn't even noticed. In fact, she was gripping tighter than ever and her hand was practically a blur as she stroked me.

I really wanted nothing more than to continue our foreplay. Perhaps some oral stimulation would be nice for her. I didn't know if she had ever done that but I would sure be happy to perform it for her.

The choice was taken from me almost at once as Steffi let go of my cock and pulled me over onto her body. "I want you inside me NOW!", she shouted. "Steffi", I said softly, "maybe we could.". "I said NOW", she exclaimed. I didn't argue. I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees as Steffi spread her long legs wide. She pulled her knees up toward her chest, reached between us, grabbed my cock and aimed it into herself.

I tried my best to enter her slowly but she was so excited and so wet that all eight inches shot into her.

"Uungh", she gulped as I bottomed out in her tight honeypot. Steffi's eyes were wide open and I could actually feel her cervix stretching slightly as the head of my cock pushed against it. I lay still for just a moment until I saw her start to smile once again. Together, the two of us started to move. I slid in and out, about halfway with each stroke, and Steffi gently rotated her hips.

We were both content with that action for some time, but the feeling of her tight pussy holding my cock in its grip was getting to be too much for me. Steffi sensed this and pulled me down on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me and rolled hard to one side. Before I knew it, Steffi was on top and straddling my hips. She placed her hands on my chest and began slide her body up and down while continuing to rotated her hips. After only a few minutes her speed and urgency increased and I knew we were both getting close.

I could feel the swelling in my balls and the sensitivity in the head of my cock. Sure signs that I was going to let go very soon. Steffi's movements were gathering momentum rapidly. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting upward to match her downward moves. Moments later, it happened for both of us. I felt my cock swell inside her as her pussy tightened even more. With one last push I lifted Steffi clear off the bed as I shot my seed into her tiny hole. She responded by screaming my name as she came.

I watched as torrents of our mixed juices poured out of her pussy, bathing my balls and belly and running down both of her thighs. Within seconds I was soaked from navel to knees and Steffi's thighs shined from the wetness. Slowly, she let herself collapse onto my chest and into my waiting arms. With a mild groan she stretched her lovely legs out from under her and let them come to rest outside mine. We lay together in our enamoured bliss for some time as we both regained our composure and breath.

Steffi spoke first. "That was amazing, G. Thank you so much. I will NEVER forget this day". "Neither will I, Steffi", I replied. "I seriously doubt whether I will ever forget it, either", came a voice from the door. Both Steffi and I jumped at the sound. We both sat up to find Cindy standing in the doorway leaning against the doorframe. Arms crossed and a strange look on her face.smiling but puzzled, Cindy just watched as Steffi and I both jumped out of bed and rushed into our clothes.

Deep in my mind, I knew I was dead, but Cindy never said a word. She watched as Steffi and I finished dressing then said, "there's pizza downstairs.

I can tell you two have worked up an appetite". With that, Cindy headed downstairs. I looked at the clock on the bedside table and noted that it was nearly seven-thirty. Steffi and I had been making love for hours even though it seemed like only minutes.

I didn't know what to think. Steffi and I just stared at each other for a long moment then we both resignedly walked out of the room and downstairs. Steffi and I both froze as we entered the family room. There on the couch sat Cindy AND Val!. Now I knew that Steffi and I were BOTH dead. Val broke the ice by saying, "well, Stefanie, was it as good as you dreamed?". Both Steffi and I were speechless but Val and Cindy each stiffled a giggle and opened the pizza box.

"What about you, G?", Cindy asked. "It looked like you really got off on that young stuff. Did you?". I was totally flabbergasted. Cindy and Val both began eating their pizza while Steffi and I stood stupidly in the middle of the room. "Come on you two", Val said after eating half her slice of pie. She pointed to the box and said, "It's gonna get cold.

You can tell us all about it later". "Yeah", Cindy said. "We are going to want ALL the details". She and Val both chuckled as Steffi and I got slices of pizza and started nibbling. 'What had we gotten ourselves into?', I wondered. I could see that Steffi was shaking just a bit so she must have been as curious as I. 'This is gonna be one hell of a night', I thought to myself.

'What else could possibly happen?'. Part Two to follow.