I like to take two men

I like to take two men
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Jerry's wife had just left for the doctors, leaving him alone with his 16-year-old daughter Mindy at their house. She was tall for her age, almost as tall as her 17-year-old sister Laura who had left early for cheer leading practice. Laura had begun to fill out her cheer leading sweater rather nicely, but Mindy was just in the beginning stages of growing matching titties like her sister. Jerry liked it when his wife left, not because he didn't love her but because he loved to go online and bring up various Newsgroups he had preset.

He enjoyed several, but "Nudism" over the past few years was his favorite, not because of the graphic content, but because it often times showed teen girls playing on the beach without a stitch of clothes on. And that summed up his fascination for young developing girls. He had begun to download one such picture, when young Mindy came into the room, unannounced.

"Daddy, what are "balls"? And what is a "cock tease"?" asked Mindy innocently. Despite her age, she persisted on calling me "Daddy" instead of Dad, which I secretly enjoyed. You may feel that at 16 years old, a girl should have picked up on this jargon "in the streets" so to speak. But Jerry's wife had done everything she could to squelch not only knowledge about the opposite sex, but to keep her away from dating or having much of anything to do with boys.

Her older daughter had muddy the waters and she kept a firm hand onto Mindy's upbringing. Now back to Mindy quickly approaching her daddy's computer. Now two things were going through Jerry's mind: first, would the picture of the young naked girl that he had just begun to download appear on the screen before his daughter saw it and second. . where in the hell did his daughter pick up such language? For years, Mindy was use to sitting on her daddy's knee when he was working on the computer, so it only seemed natural for her to do so today.

His first fear came to fruition as he watched the black screen begin to show a young girl about Mindy's age or older smiling. . then a large cock came into view lazily draped over her shoulder obviously from a man whose face had not yet appeared. Jerry frantically tried to "X" out of the download and then hit "control-alt-delete" but the computer had a mind of its own and more and more of the picture appeared. The young girl's tits focused and her pear-shaped orbs came into view.

Jerry had to do something quickly, as his daughter was literally inches away from his lap thankfully not watching the screen. The other problem was the huge erection he was sporting and the fact that all he was wearing was a skimpy robe.

"Huh Daddy? Do you know what those things mean?" Mindy asked looking at her daddy's eyes and about to sit on his lap. "Uh. . .where did you hear those words?" he was able to get out, as he quickly turned off the monitor realizing that was all he could do to hide the image from his curious daughter. Just as expected, Mindy turned her teen butt in his direction and jumped up on his knee. Thankfully she didn't sit back any further and feel his raging hard-on. "At school. . this morning!" she said in a matter of fact way.

Jerry frantically adjusted his cock and breathed a sigh of relief that he didn't have to explain the picture on the monitor as well. Mindy was still wearing her pajama's that had begun to fit more snugly. Unfortunately, to keep his hard-on raging, there was the slightest peek of her breasts, almost down to her nipples as she hopped up on to his lap. The top of her pajamas was scooped and as she settled down he could look directly down into the gap between the material and her skin and observe the small valley in between her developing cones.

Normally Mindy wasn't allowed to walk around in her nighttime apparel when Mary (his wife) was around, because according to her, it wasn't "lady-like". Today was an exception that would prove to be an experience Jerry might never forget. "Who was the one saying those words?" he asked trying not to be too obvious as he tried to get a peek down her top once again, but look into her eyes at the same time.

"Well the 9th grade boys talk that way all the time, but today Jennifer said it. I didn't want to seem like I didn't know what 'balls' or 'cock tease' were, so I played it off." "You know, sometimes in life you've got to do that.

. but I'm happy you can ask me about it. (Pause) Mindy, you're getting to be a very pretty girl and I'm not just saying that cause I'm your Dad. As the years go by, you'll get to know a lot more street language, if you know what I mean." "You mean like swearing and stuff?" "Yeah. . and sexual things too." "Mommy has told me to keep my mind away from sex stuff. But is it really bad daddy? "In a way. . your mom's right, but if you can keep a secret, I'll be happy to keep you up to date on stuff like that." Unexpectedly, Mindy placed her arms around him and gave him a hug.

Because of the strained angle she was sitting, what it did was to allow him to look straight down her pajama top and view her full titties, nipples and all. They looked like ripe Delicious apples with small brown buds on top. "Thanks daddy. . I won't tell mom or Laura either. I love you." "I love you too!" he said placing his arms around her and pulling her closer. He had forgotten about his erection and their hugging caused his hard cock to press against her stomach.

When she reached up, her top rose a few inches, so that his hard-on was actually up against her naked tummy. The combination of looking at her titties for the first time in years and having his rigid cock rasping along her soft skin was an extreme turn-on that he hadn't counted upon. Another thing was that suddenly his naked cock had slipped in-between the opening of his robe and was now feeling the incredible smoothness of her stomach.

He began to move his cock around without realizing it wasn't covered any more as he hugged her. He would have to stop before she found out. But it was too late. "Daddy! What's that down there. . against my stomach?" she said taking her arms away from around his neck and looking downwards. "Oh nothing. . really honey. . our outfits just kinda split open," he said as he frantically pulled the side of his robe over his straining cock.

"Oh," she said straightening herself up and pulling her top down slightly. She looked straight into his eyes and said, "So what are "balls" and what is a "cock tease", Daddy?" Her blue eyes and long straight blonde hair made her especially attractive at that moment.

He was tempted to reopen his robe and display his erect cock and do a "show and tell" right then and there. . but knew he would shock his 16-year-old girl.

"Well first of all let's start with "balls". "Balls" are another name for guy's testicles. Do you know what those are?" Speaking of his nuts. . they had begun to become tighter as he engaged his daughter in this first of a kind sex question and answer session. "Uh huh. . kinda. . boys have them next to there. . there thing. . you know in their pants," she offered somewhat hesitantly.

"You're right! I'm sorry. Am I embarrassing you honey?" "Well, mom never let's me say anything like that so I guess I feel kinda weird saying it." "I know how mom is. . but it's just us two honey, so don't be afraid, Ok?" "I'll try Daddy. . so tell me more!" "Well first of all when you said "their thing". . that doesn't mean much. . but we both know what you're talking about don't we?" Mindy didn't answer; she just nodded her head with a little smile on her face.

"Well, if I'm gonna teach you sex stuff, you've got to feel comfortable saying the words. What do your friends call a boy's.

. "thingy?" he said teasing her. He secretly loved to hear girls talk dirty. . and he was hoping he had set the stage for her to open up. "I didn't say "thingy" Daddy. . they call it a "dick" or a "pecker" or sometimes a "boner" that's about all I usually hear. "Well. . that's a good start. But there's one word lots of guys and girls call it a lot, and that's a cock!" Mindy turned scarlet as her Daddy said the word with so much expression.

"So again.

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. . what's it called honey?" "A ccc. . .ock Daddy." "Good, now let's go back to the expression you heard today "cock-tease". Do you think you can figure it out, since you know most guys call what's in their pants, a cock?' "Like when someone makes fun of a boy's cock?" she guessed.

All during this conversation Jerry's cock stayed at full erection. He wanted to show her his big tool, but was waiting for the right time. "No. . but I can see why you might think that. Tell you what. . why don't we read a part of a story from the Internet." "There's a story about a "cock-tease" on the Internet? Where?" she asked suddenly excited. "Oh there's lots of them honey. .

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but you won't find them on your computer, cuz I've got those parental controls set, like mom wants them." "You mean you'll let me read a story about a "cock tease"? "Uh huh, as long as you never tell mom or your sister about it." "Daddy that will never happen.

And I already know a bunch of stuff about Laura and her boyfriend. Did you know that they send pictures of each other over the Internet?" "Well, Laura does have a scanner and digital camera honey. It's not that strange I guess." He reached behind the computer, and clicked it on from before, hoping she wouldn't ask why. The PC hummed its favorite tune beginning to boot back up. "But are they supposed to send pictures of each other "naked" over the Internet?" she asked excitedly.

Jerry wasn't ready for that bit of information, but he looked forward to finding those pictures, if he could. The machine began to scan the drives due to being improperly turned off. "I wasn't aware Laura was doing that, but I am glad you shared that with me." "Well now you know, but don't say anything.

I found them by mistake. And. . promise not to tell about something else I found?" "Sure. . I promise," he said getting more aroused at the prospects and the fact that his 16-year-old daughter was spilling the beans to him.

He quickly put in his password, suddenly not worried whether Mindy caught it or not. His daughter was keeping him very hard without even knowing it.

"I found her password the other day and went into some of her files. She's been real naughty with Brian." "Oh, what did she do?" "She took some pictures of her breasts and you know down below," pointing to her pussy, "and sent them to him".

"Really?" Jerry said clicking on a particular file. "I'll bet he liked that!" "Maybe, but are girls supposed to do that. . I mean isn't her body like private?" "Yes it is honey. . but when people like each other. . they do things that the other person likes and sometimes sending pictures and stories and stuff is kinda exciting.

Did you find any files of pictures he had sent?" "I didn't have time, but I'll bet he sent some. Guys are kinda like that. . at least some of them are." "You mean like in school and stuff?" "Yeah, this boy named Jason is always making jokes about having a real big. . cock and wanting to show it to all the girls at lunch." "Has he ever really shown it to anyone?" "Jennifer said she saw it at a party once.

He took her into a room by herself and unzipped his pants and then pulled it out. He even made her touch it!" Jerry began to unconsciously hump his hips slightly at her vivid deion. "I'll bet he liked that? "Jennifer said he made it wiggle. . you know. . his cock and sticky stuff shot out all over the place.

Do you think she made that up?" "It's hard to say. . touching boy's cocks can make them shoot their semen all over. .


that's for sure." "Is semen the same as cream?" "Uh huh and jism and juice and most often cum. . all sorts of names. "Is talking about stuff like this exciting for you and mom?" "For me. .

. yes. . for mom no." He went to his menu and accessed a story from earlier in the week. "Why doesn't mom like naughty pictures and dirty stories Daddy?" "It's kinda the way she was brought up honey. Anyways, we'll get back to the pictures of Laura and Brian in a minute. I want to show you a little bit of a story I read earlier this week." "Is it about cock-teasing Daddy?" "Uh huh.

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. . at least to me. You want to read it?" He knew the story was a little vulgar but not too bad. He wondered what her reaction would be after or even during the time she read it. "Sure, if it's OK." She twisted her head around trying to focus on the screen.

"This is kinda kinky isn't it. Can I sit in between your legs instead of off on your knee like this? It would be more comfortable. " He gulped wondering whether that was a good idea or not. He would have to carefully place her either in front or in back of his erect cock.

What the hell, he decided, maybe he could rub his erection across that hidden little pussy in the bottoms of her pajamas. He placed his hands under her armpits and began to lift her while he was talking.

"Sure. . let me lift you up and over." He pulled back the chair to make more run for her lifted body. He tilted his head and chest back and sat her on his stomach, making sure his erect cock was in front of her love tunnel. The material of his robe and the cotton pajama bottoms touched.

When he looked downwards his 7" cock was poking up waiting for escape. "That's better. Ok, let's move along to a good part and then I want you to read the words for me with a lot of enthusiasm, OK?" "Sure Daddy.

So this kinda stuff makes you get all horny, huh?" she asked browsing the words she was about to read to him. "It sure does honey.

. and having girls like you read it to me, is extra special!" "Awesome. I like to please you Daddy." "And your cute body is exciting me too! But that's just between you and me." he said glancing down at the obvious curves that he hoped to see in the flesh very soon. "Yeah sure," she said sarcastically, "I don't even have a sexy body yet." "Your body is already extra special, but you don't even know it yet. Go ahead and start reading right here where it says.

. "So the daughter. . "Sure Daddy. . 'So the daughter, with no one watching, brought her right hand straight up to her breast, and caressed it, her eyes once again maintaining an unwavering lock with mine. My face must have been comical. My tongue hung limply out of my mouth, a bit of drool sliding and mingling with the hairs on my chin. She caressed her tit for another moment, then took her hand away. She stopped using the stair climber, and stepped off the apparatus. She unzipped her light jacket, and tossed it into a corner of the room.

Underneath, she was wearing a one-piece bathing suit. It clung tightly to her developing breasts, and I guessed she was probably 16 at that point.

Her tits were perfect, straining against the lycra material of her suit, and her nipples were ten shades of hard underneath. She moved to another treadmill in the room, running, bouncing, and still staring. There were just 10 minutes left in my workout.


I could ride forever if this show continued'." "Daddy, what does it mean "her nipples were ten shades of hard underneath"? "Well honey, maybe already your nipples get hard when you get horny and this girl in the story must have been real excited." "My nipples are hard right now Daddy, while I'm reading this to you," she said in a matter of fact way looking away from the screen for a minute and down at her young chest covered by the colorful top.

Jerry's cock leaped at her words as he noticed two distinct buds stick out from her pajama top. He placed his shaking hands on her knees. He wanted to look even closer by lifting up her top, and inspecting her titties, but decided to wait. "Really honey? I guess this story is kinda making you horny then, huh?" "Yeah, let's keep going. My boobies are getting kinda itchy too, though." "Tell you what honey, why don't you keep reading and I'll try to get rid of that itch for you, OK?" "Really?.

. I don't know if I want to get rid of it though?" "Well you read on and I'll try my best to make you feel real nice, deal?" "Ok here goes.

. "She resumed her work on the treadmill, again bouncing, again grabbing eye contact with me. She became much bolder. I saw it happening, but didn't really believe it. The young girl, never losing gaze with my stunned brown eyes, reached up to the strap of the suit on her right shoulder, and slowly eased it down, letting her young right breast pop free of the material. I started riding harder, hoping maybe that the physical exertion would make my painful boner go away.

It wasn't working. The girl was kneading her breast, rubbing the underside of the developed tit, tweaking the hardened brown nipple, caressing the still forming aureole. She did this all while she was running slowly on the treadmill, so I got the added benefit of her tit bouncing.

Then she stopped, and the machine ground to a slow halt. She put her tit away." As Mindy read, both of Jerry's hands slowly slipped up her legs to the bottom of her pajama top. He slipped both thumbs under the fabric and slowly moved his sweaty hands up across her tummy to the base of her breasts.

. .the ones he longed to touch. "Daddy that kinda tickles. . oooooo. . your making me feel kinda. . almost too horny." Jerry's fingers had a mind of their own and he allowed the fingertips to begin to make circles around the edges of her round cones. "Mindy. . you can't be too horny.

Just let it happen. . I think you'll like it." "Can I watch you Daddy? I mean can I pull up my top and watch you touch my boobs?" " Call them titties honey.

. I like that word better and if you want to pull up your top please do. . go right ahead." And she did. Not interrupting her Daddy's fondling. . she slowly lifted up her top. All four eyes. . hers and his. . inspected her teen breasts. He continued to circle her small firm mounds and they both noticed her hard nipples sticking straight up in the center.

"How does this feel kitten?" he asked as his circles began to get closer and closer to the buds that had begun to grow so stiff. Her round cones were very white compared to the bathing suit marks that were visible from the summer months. "It feels awesome Daddy.

But my little nips still feel kinda. . .tingly. In fact, my whole body is like feeling very hot right now. Would it be all right if I just pulled off this top? My hands are kinda aching from holding it up like this," she admitted. "Honey, go ahead and take it off if you want. Hell, you can take the bottoms off too, I don't care." And of course, he hoped she would follow his suggestion soon.

"That would be too naughty Daddy. Here let me pull this top off." She put her fingers under her top, lifted it over her head and tossed it on the floor. She straightened herself back up where she was, but her warm tight crotch had now slipped a little further down and it was now directly touching his fully erect boner. He was surprised she hadn't said anything about it, or maybe she was enjoying that contact.

"Go ahead Daddy. . touch my titties some more. Your fingers were making them feel real good. Am I like a cock teaser for you right now?" "Yes baby, you are one delicious cock teaser for your Daddy, and I can't wait to touch you all over. But, before I do, could you show me one of the pictures on the computer of your sister that she sent to her boyfriend?

We could peak at it together." "Sure Daddy. I just need to switch screen names. Would Laura's picture make her like a cock teaser too?" she giggled as she switched screen names and punched in her sister's password. He tried to memorize it for later use, but she went too fast. "Uh huh. . .Can you tell Daddy what Laura's password is?" "You nasty man! You'll be looking at both your girls' titties at the same time! Tell you what, I will tell you her password, if you put these back on my titties!" she teased as she placed her small hands on top of his, and brought them directly on top of her stiff nipples.

A sudden rush went through his body as his fingers twisted her tender buds. At the same time, a strange new feeling shot through her body as her nipples hardened into hard little jelly beans as he continued to pinch and twirl them. He hadn't ever felt a 16-year-olds titties in many years and the cream in his loins was suddenly on the move.

"Oh Daddy, that feels soooooooo good. Keep pinchin and pullin them. I love it!" She also began to move her pussy up and down, further exciting her Daddy. He looked down at his fingers and then further down at her dancing little hips.

But there was one more thing to look at too. . his aching taunt cock was now fully visible, having snuck between the folds of his robe. "Where's my picture Mindy," he said cupping and fondling her soft sweaty cones. And almost on cue, his monitor began to download first his older daughter's face and then slowly moving down past her chin, neck and then to the very top of her titties. He continued to cup and pinch Mindy's breasts as the tops of Laura's teenage cones came into view.

He couldn't wait to see her nipples and compare them to the younger version that was in his hands right now. As the image moved down further, he was excited even more as Laura's fingers came into view around her stiff nipples that stuck out a good half inch from her 17-year-old chest.

The image stopped at her belly button, but the combination of touching Mindy's titties and watching Laura's made his hips move in unison to Mindy's.

He knew his younger daughter was going to go off any minute and looked forward to watching the rush of excitement travel through her body. "Oh Daddy. . I think I'm going to explode! But look at you! Your cock is outside your robe! And it's real big. . ." "Yes it is honey. . and it's because you are a very talented "cock teaser". See what you did to Daddy? You teased his cock into being a big ole boner didn't you?" "I guess I did.

. and Laura helped too!" "Let me put my fingers in your mouth honey. I want to make those swollen titties of yours feel even better." He took his hands off her titties and brought the thumb and first finger into her dripping mouth. Once they were soaked with her spit, he placed them back over her taunt nipples. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssss Dadddddddddddy.

. that's the best!" And she began to shake. She brought her left hand down to the elastic of her pajama bottoms and onto her damp pussy and rubbed it as her body continued to shake. Occasionally her dainty fingers touched his rod through the material that was moving up and down her lovely crotch, just barely covered by the bottoms of her pajamas. Up and down he humped to meet her dancing little butt. After a few minutes she began to slow down. The image on the screen had changed.

It was now a slide show. Her sister's face was now filling up the entire screen. Laura's tongue was out in a lewd expression. Next it switched to a shot of her sister with her blouse open down the front. Since she wasn't wearing a bra, the image showed the beautiful sides of her titties and the valley in between. Jerry was still excited and anxiously waiting relief. "Isn't she a little slut Daddy?

Look at her show off her body to him." The slide switched again and caught them both by surprise. This time it was Brian's body that was on display. The first picture showed him unzipping his pants.

The next one had him reaching inside his jeans. And then the image began to show his huge cock sticking out of his zipper. Jerry was even excited looking at the image. "Daddy, his cock is almost as big as yours right now! Look at it!" The next slide showed him jacking off his cock. "Why is he doing that Daddy? Does it make him feel real good or something? Ohhh and look at that creamy stuff all over his fingers!" "Yes honey, that's what makes a boy or man feel the very best." "Could I do that for you right now since you made me feel so good?" "Yes honey, go right ahead.

Put your hand on my cock for me." Mindy reached down and gripped the head of Jerry's cock. He immediately moaned and jumped slightly. She quickly took her hand away. "Did I hurt you?" she asked somewhat worried. "Ahhhh noooo you can put it back, but first I want you to lick your hand real good for Daddy. Make it all slippery." She brought the palm of her hand up to her lips and began to lick it with her tongue.

After thirty seconds or so it was dripping with her saliva. "Is that good enough?" she asked. "Yes. . now put your fingers around it like this and move them up and down. Don't be afraid to squeeze it a little. Yessssssssss that's it. Ohhhhhhhhh that feels wonderful honey. Keep it up!" Mindy gently squeezed his rigid cock and pumped it up and down.

As you can imagine it didn't take long for the eventual orgasmic consequence to take place. "Mindy, Daddy's gonna shoot some stuff. . just like Brian did ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, here it cums!!!" The first rope of cream shot directly upwards and splashed across Mindy's chin as the excited girl continued to give her Daddy his first hand-job from his daughter.

Almost instantly she continued her manipulations and a second blast glanced off her still rigid nipples.

Mindy watched as it dripped down on to her tummy. Still jerking on his cock, she anticipated the next eruption and re-aimed it towards her face, eager to taste her Daddy's jism. Her mouth was open with wonder and it was instantly gratified by the delivery of another rope of his special cream. Mindy giggled in delight as his hot cum coated her tongue.

She twirled around his hot juices inside her mouth and marveled at the salty taste. The last minor dribble of jism drooled down her fingers. "Ohhhhhhhh that's enough baby. Thank you, thank you thank you! That was the best cum I've ever had." "Look Daddy! Your cream is all over the monitor and it looks like it's in Laura's mouth!" Jerry opened his bloodshot eyes and sure enough, Laura looked like she was enjoying his dripping cream.

Soon he hoped she would become a good little cocksucker for him and drink down all his juices. But that's part of the next story. Mindy looked at her glistening 16-year-old chest and the thick hot wads of cream that was still drooling down her breasts from her Daddy's recent eruption. Neither Jerry nor his daughter had ever done anything like this before.

"Are you okay honey?" he asked rather exhaustedly. He watched his daughter smooth his gooey jism across her surprisingly taunt titties. "Daddy, you sure get excited when you shoot this white stuff all over, don't you?" She continued to pool his semen in her hand and then paint her still erect nipples with the grayish juice. "All boys do Mindy.

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You've just given Daddy one of the best orgasms he's ever had, but we've got to get cleaned up. Your sister should be home in a few minutes and we certainly don't want her to see my cum all over your face and on your titties. Why don't you go to your bathroom and take a shower?" "Okay Daddy." As she stood up his juices continued to drool down to her navel. She scooped up the lumpy liquid in her hand and examined it more closely. "Did you know some of this goo shot right into my mouth?" "Really?

What did it taste like honey?" "Kinda salty, but it wasn't bad.

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Do you dare me to slurp up the rest of it and swallow it down?" Jerry's spent cock, began to perk up when he heard his innocent little daughter. "Okay I dare you!" he said, watching her every move. She smiled at him and then stuck out her tongue and licked the remainder of his cream into her mouth. She lewdly let the jism twirl around her tongue and then moved it up to her upper lip and allowed it to drip downwards.

"Yummy. . .I did it! What do I win Daddy?" she said letting almost a teaspoonful drip down her lip to her pink chin. "We'll talk about that later, you horny little nymph. Get cleaned up before Laura sees you like that." "Do you think she's tasted Brian's cum Daddy?" "I have no idea, honey.

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Now get going and put something on top so those titties don't get frost bite." "Okay, but I'll bet if you go back to her screen name you'll find more pictures of her titties and his big old cock and maybe even stuff they wrote to each other." Jerry watched his daughter's little ass wiggle down the hall in her pajama bottoms.

She knew he was watching and deliberately pulled the back down slightly to show her cute little crack, and then giggled down the hall. It had certainly been a great day so far.