Real self gay sex in boy When Dustin Cooper is caught snooping for

Real self gay sex in boy When Dustin Cooper is caught snooping for
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this is Jai, . I am a 31 yrs old, well settled man from Bangalore working for a MNC. Thanks to your response to my earlier stories.

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One couple read my previous stories and got in touch with me. They were in late 30's, Kannadiga. We chatted for a while and used web cam. They both liked me a lot and we decided to meet over snacks one evening.

Since I was open and gentle, they felt closer to me and trusted me more. The husband Kumar was working in an IT company while his wife Savita was a housewife. They were married for over 10 years. They both liked my story a lot. They both confessed to me that their sex life was getting boring, especially after having 2 kids.

So it was Kumar's idea to introduce someone else in their sex life. And when they came across my story, they got in touch with me. Kumar had convinced his wife for 3sum, so it was easier for me when we met.

We met in a restaurant in Bangalore. Soon we struck a good conversation. Both of them were well read and we were discussing various topics.

Savita was a beauty, with well curved body. I was hard instantly by looking at her. She had lovely long hair and nice complexion. Savita was shy at the beginning since it was their first time, but soon I eased off her tension and we started chatting openly. Neither of them brought of the topic, so I broke the ice by praising Savita, to which she blushed. Savita was wearing a Jeans and t-shirt.

She asked me which dress I would like to see her in. I said 'Sari'. After finishing our snacks, Kumar suggested we head their home. It was a nice apartment. Obviously they were well settled in life. Once at their home, Kumar offered us some wine while Savita excused us to freshen up and change.

I & Kumar continued our chat. Soon Savita joined us. She had reapplied her makeup and had changed into a light green chiffon saree and a sleeveless blouse. Her ass was looking even bigger in the tight saree. I offered her some wine.


This time I asked her to come and sit next to me while her husband was sitting opposite to us. She said in a low voice, "Jai, we both have liked u a lot. But please go easy since this is our first time". I thanked her and assured her that I would go easy. I told them some of my previous experiences. I asked what Kumar wanted. He replied he wanted to watch initially then join later on. By the time our wine was over, Savita was very much relaxed.

I started asking her some personal questions to which she was blushing a lot. I slowly put my hand on her thighs, she shivered but kept her hand on my hand. Kumar said, "Savita, relax and let yourself go. I want you to enjoy with Jai". Hearing this Savita felt even better. I put my hand on her breasts and started massaging them. Then I pulled her face towards me and started kissing her.

She was very good in kissing. While kissing I started slowly undressing her by removing her Saree, blouse and petticoat. She was looking so sexy in her blue lacy bra and panties. I glanced at Kumar, he was obviously enjoying the site. He smiled at me and gave me 'thumbs-up'.

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I got my attention back to sexy Savita. She was totally engrossed in me the passion with which I was kissing her, touching her, arousing her. When I started licking her neck and earlobes, she let out a loud moan and whispered in my ears that she is very wet. I said, "Savita let me find it out myself". Saying this I went down and slid down her panties.

She was very wet for sure. Her love juices were literally flowing down her thighs. I asked her to undress me. She stripped me naked.

She was very happy to see my big and hard cock. I asked her to take it in her hand. She caught it tenderly initially then firmly and started stroking. Then I asked her to take my cock in her mouth, to which she gladly complied.

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Later on Kumar told me that she rarely blew him. But by now she was super hot. She started sucking my cock.

I was in heaven. I was playing with her big boobs that time. After a while I got back to her pussy. Her odor was really intoxicating. I must admit, Savita's was one of the best smelling pussies I have ever been. She had neatly trimmed her pubic.

I literally dived between her legs and started licking that treasure. Savita's moaning grew louder as she soon had a strong orgasm. I continued licking her further giving her another orgasm. I started massaging her butt crack and asshole along with her thighs.

I continued licking her pussy and all along her butt crack giving special attention to her asshole. Apparently Kumar had never licked her butt crack and asshole. She had another orgasm as soon as my tongue touched her asshole. She just wouldn't let go me from her honey pot and begged me to lick her further. I continued licking her with the same vigor giving her another orgasm after which she begged of me to stop and take a break as her knees grew weak.

Kumar was amazed to see his wife having 3 orgasms. Savita admitted openly, "Jai, I never had so many orgasms during one session. This is just amazing. Thanks a lot. Now I want you inside me Jai.

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Please do not teas me anymore and come inside." I was happy to fulfill her wish. By now Kumar was naked too. He was distinctly smaller than me but hard and was stroking his cock.

I called him closer and asked him to hold his wife's legs apart for me. I then asked him to hold my cock and guide it into his wife's pussy. He was shy initially but then Savita said, "Kumar, just follow whatever Jai tells you to. He is too good."Hearing this from his wife, Kumar grabbed my hard cock and started guiding into his wife's pussy. Since her pussy was already very wet, my cock went inside easily. She was not that tight, as one can expect after delivering 2 kids, but still she was good.

I was fucking her nicely as her husband was holding her legs for me while stroking his cock. After a while I changed position. I asked her to be doggie style and entered her pussy from behind. I asked Kumar to spread open his wife's big ass. It was such a nice feeling. Both of us were moaning as my cock was moving in and out of her cunt. I started slapping her fat ass which made her even hotter.

Soon I picked up the tempo and started fucking Savita harder. During that time I gave another orgasm to Savita. After some rigorous fucking I finally came and discharged my huge load deep inside Savita's pussy and collapsed on top of her. We lay in each other's arms for a long time.


Slowly my cock slipped out of her pussy and my cum started oozing out of her cunt. Kumar was hard. So I asked him to come and take my place in his wife's pussy. He was too happy to do that. It took him just a few minutes to cum. After that we all rested for a while, Savita was again in my arms after cleaning up. We again kissed for a long time. Meanwhile Kumar brought us another glass of wine. After some rest, I was hard again. This time I suggested we have a 3sum a double penetration.

I asked Savita to be doggie style again and entered her virgin ass. It took me a long time but I had to loosen up her ass for the double penetration.

I asked Savita to apply lots of KY jelly on my cock and on her asshole. My cock went inside inch by inch. Initially it pained her a lot but she told me not to stop. So I continued penetrating her tight ass. Once I was fully inside her, I started moving in and out slowly. I fucked her ass for a few minutes.

Then I asked Kumar to lie down, made her saddle him. Then I knelt behind her and entered her ass again. Then I told Kumar to move his cock in and out of her pussy alternate to me.

I have always liked double penetrations.


Even Savita and Kumar loved it. After a while we switched positions. Kumar could not last for long inside his wife's tight ass and shot his load inside her ass. I continued to fuck her pussy for a while. Then finally shot another load deep inside her pussy.

After this we drifted to sleep on the same bed, Savita in my arms once again. I opened my eyes in the morning to find Savita snuggling to my body.

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I got hard once again and made love to Savita again this time her hubby didn't join. After breakfast Kumar left for work, but Savita asked me to stay back. She had called up her in-laws and asked them to look after their children for the whole day.

I made love to her practically the whole day with occasional breaks. She was very good. We had sex in the bath, on the sofa, on the floor, on dining table.