Muscle stud Atlas Grant banging older guy in the kitchen

Muscle stud Atlas Grant banging older guy in the kitchen
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Late at night in the dark theater people everywhere take some liberties in public. Jane liked to fuck in public places. The thrill of getting caught did not attract her; she just liked to fuck a lot and never wanted to wait.

If she had a willing partner she was down to fuck almost anywhere. The Old Kabuki theater showed old movies with English subtitles. There was a place in the back that was nearly invisible too.

After an incredible night of fuck play Jane limped home and wondered when they might return.

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She hoped it would be as good as that last visit. Japantown was stuck next to the Filmore district.

It was an enclave of Asia against an outpost of African America. There was Judo and Jazz in the space of a couple of blocks. Gay musicians and modern Geisha wanna be girls wandered around in the Avenues. Dan had found out about a traditional Japanese restaurant, with paper screen room partitions between kneeling height tables.

The prices were typically low in those days. Sushi would not be fashionable for another ten years. The atmosphere was fun. The table sat in private rooms but the adjacent walls were like a shadow puppet show. You could not see details completely but, you could watch Japanese businessmen groping their secretaries. Jane like getting fingered during an extended dinner so it became a regular stop on their social routes. They sipped sake and enjoyed the warm buzz it always gave them.

While they waited for their soup to cool, Jane sucked on Dan's dick while they knelt on the floor. When the screen moved to open for the next course, she quickly covered him.

The napkin formed a tent between them and the waitress said nothing. She brought more sake and quickly left. Jane resumed sucking Dan's swollen vein. Dan played with her breast and looked around at the other walls.

One side looked like a family with smaller and larger members in a small group.

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The other side seemed more like a business meeting with just a bunch of men silhouetted on the paper screen.

They laughed loudly and talked in incomprehensible Japanese. Jane and Dan ate lightly and drank more sake.

Then Dan noticed a woman shape in a kimono enter the businessmen's room. Next she clearly disrobed the kimono in the shadow puppet show next door. Then she lay down on her back on their low table and the men seated themselves around her. The outside partition slid open and trays of food were brought in. The food dishes were served out with spoons and chopsticks right on to the woman's body, it seemed. Jane was fascinated by the shadow show. The woman clearly lay on the table and the men began to eat right off her body.

Dan realized that she must be naked. This had to be some kinky business meeting. They stopped eating and sent their empty plates back and had more sake. The men looked busy playing with the woman too. Some of the ate while others played with her breast and reached between her legs.

Her muffled moans verified the nature of activity next door. It was later than they usually ate there. The late night action continued as the family on the other side left. They knew that nobody else would be seated and that until they left they would be undisturbed.


The movie could wait, this kinky shadow show was picking up. Men stood and took off there trousers and knelt at the woman's head level for an obvious suck down. Her hands got busy stroking others and the someone got down on the table and started fucking her big time. She yelped something in Japanese and they kept fucking away. Jane got turned on by this and stood to remove her panties and sit on Dan's dick.

Dan enjoyed the mouth to pussy switch and pulled her up and lay back on the floor. Jane loved a good ride, Dan's dick could hit her in a few triggering places and she wiggled and dick danced on his cock. The veins bulged from the sides every time Jane raised herself. Dan got so hard watching the show and being fuck ridden.

Jane had ripe nipples on her breasts. Her boobs were smaller but, stuck out proudly. Her nipples were hard wired to her clit and Dan played them like pachinko machine. His pin ball fingers tickled her boobs to a red hot state. Rubbing the underside of her tit made her come at this point.

He kept dick drilling her from below and her ride decayed as she shook and shuddered. It was their fuck night in strange locale.

They both watched the paper screen next to them like a porno. It was like a porno. There were at least eight or ten men and they began to gang fuck their serving platter slut from every direction.

Some men came quickly and passed the baton to the next. The woman stood up and bent down to suck while she got fucked from behind once again She milked her way through their ranks and emptied their balls two by two. In a few minutes they were reduced to soggy soup noodle stiffness. Dan stayed hard and Jane rode on he looked over and watched. Then one big guy started stand up fucking next door.

He was big like a sumo wrestler and he pumped the server hard. She shook her hips wildly and squeezed of the big guy. He howled with pleasure and then reached to grab his chest.

He stumbled around for a second and then fell through the paper barrier right onto their table. He looked like he, had, had a heart attack. He stopped breathing and Jane, instinctively, began giving him CPR. The nude Japanese woman thought this western whore was taking her client and began to gesture and shout to the others.

Jane brought some color to the mans face as, his breathing resumed. The staff cleaned up the plates and bowls like nothing had happened. A fire station up the hill dispatched an ambulance to whisk the man away at once. Their waitress apologized for the disruption of their meal.

There will be no charge tonight. Have another drink and stay until you are ready to leave. Dan and Jane shrugged their shoulders and decided to accept the hospitality and stick around. The movie would play another night. The naked woman left with an over sized purse that seemed to be moving inside. The other businessmen toasted Jane for her speedy action. One of them complimented her skillful mouth.

In her tipsy state Jane countered, "I have many skills to demonstrate with these lips." She surprised herself with such a provocative remark. The businessman wasted no time with her sub conscious verbal slip.

He pulled out his unsatisfied erection and indicated his need.


Jane said nothing and took dick in mouth without hesitation. He had gotten so stiff watching the others that, he was ready to blow any time. Jane sensed his brink and backed off. She looked him in the eyes and smiled.

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She pinched his dick head in a firm way that she knew would delay his response. Then she started slowly working his balls with her hands. She massaged him on his perineum and let his dick head rest. Dan loved to watch her oral skill and he knew this was a good showing.

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Jane side sucked the man's dick like a dog bone and played the crown of his glans with her fingers very lightly. The other men watched with nodding approval as she kept him from shooting as long as she could.

It seemed like he begged her to let him squirt. The others back slapped and waved to Dan indicating their respect for his sharing his date. Then she pulled up her skirt and got on hands and knees to offer her pussy to the others, while she sucked. They looked at each other and decided whose seniority or priority had precedence.

A younger man pulled out his long thin hard on and obliged her back door offering. He matched her sucking rhythm and pumped her like an oil well, in the prairie. The kitchen staff went home and only two waitresses remained to keep score or report back to headquarters.

The motioned to all to continue and giggled to themselves. One nodded to the other and they stripped kimono and started making out on the floor.

The businessmen paid no attention and concentrated on Jane and her insatiable holes. The long dick guy found a perfect position to hit her g spot and he kept her turning brighter shades of red until she fell to her face on the floor. It was as though she had been hit on a karate pressure point or Mr Spock had grabbed her neck artery. Jane came so hard she her legs buckled but, she was still conscious.

Her speech became nonsense babbling that might as well have been Japanese too. The men laughed and patted long dong on the back in congratulatory slaps.

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His precise method could not be resisted. Jane saw stars and paper lantern lights. It felt so great, he triggered her so quickly somehow. The four remaining men jacked off on her and then left out the back exit.

The waitresses paused to lick the come off their guest and then started eating Jane out too. Jane had been with women before but, the surprise of their interest caught her unexpectedly. They team worked Jane on the breasts and then took turns on her poor over stimulated puss.

One of them said in perfect English, "The medics are close, if she passes out; don't worry. We won't kill her." Jane let go and closed her eyes again. She was in the most incredible orgasmic state.

Then one girl offered her pussy to Dan by bending over before him. She did not speak English like the other yet, she made her message clear. Dan pulled out his western sized plumbing tool and put snake in drain hole.

Dan drove and twisted trying to clear the path to pleasure. The thin Japanese figure and narrow hips were so sexy and her channel muscle gripped him so tight he could come without moving for sure. He moved in unison to keep his focus and she looked back and smiled knowing he knew how to enjoy her skill. He pumped up his speed and packed her fluid pressure up to the the limit. Her juices seeped and slopped under pressure from her incredibly tight seal.

Then she stopped him and lay him on his back. She squatted onto his lubed shaft and lowered her self down. Then she motionlessly sat and squeezed her pussy muscles on his dick.


He had never felt this. Even without moving she milked him like a newborn calf sucks cow teat. He ejaculated so hard old faithful lifted her in air with his come blast.

Jane laughed out loud at the spectacle of her tight squeeze job. They glowed in pleasure as the girls giggled and massaged their feet. Then the picked up their shoes and led them to the alley exit. They handed them a card printed in Japanese and giggled again. Jane and Dan walked back to their car and wondered what if someone asked them about the movie they hadn't seen.