Brunette teen rubs her clit in the bathroom until she squirt

Brunette teen rubs her clit in the bathroom until she squirt
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Fbailey story number 430 Brother Sister Photo Session It all started one day when my brother-in-law asked me if my wife would consider posing nude for him. Hell yes she would, but I told him that I would ask her. I knew that my wife was practically in love with her little brother. She told me about a time that she spent the weekend at her parent's house sleeping on the couch and he had taken a picture of her with her legs spread and no panties on. He thought that she was sleeping but in reality she was flashing him and fully aware that he was checking out her goodies.

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The camera flash surprised her but it also excited her so that she could hardly wait to tell me about it. My wife is the oldest of five children and Steve is the youngest with fifteen years between them. My wife had just turned fifty that year while Brain turned thirty-five. I on the other hand was fifty-five and Steve's wife was thirty years old. Penny had been a stripper before they got married and had a fantastic body and beautiful features too.

Surprisingly her breasts were only a B-cup and my wife's bra was D-cup. Anyway the answer was yes and my wife was excited. She took me right into the bedroom to make love before I could even call her brother and set something up. God, was she ever excited. Her excitement excited me and we were done in about two minutes flat. She sat in my lap naked while I called her brother and told him that his sister was willing to pose nude for him.

When he said that he wanted to do it up in the back of their parent's land in the old stone quarry my wife got even more excited. It was arranged for ten o'clock Saturday morning. He told us to be prepared for a full day. He was interested in the way the sun made shadows on the rocks as it traveled across the sky.

He was going to provide lunch and plenty to drink. He knew that my wife liked sweet wine and said that he would bring a couple of bottles. He also asked that my wife bring some of her sexiest underwear to pose in like bras, panties, nighties, and basically anything sexy. I was to bring any camera equipment that I wanted to bring. She was so excited that we showed up an hour early. His wife talked to my wife and before I knew it Penny was joining us.

Steve thought that having a thirty-year-old and a fifty-year-old posing would be great. Penny then asked Steve if he would like to add a twenty and a forty-year-old to his collection.

Sure he would, so Penny made a phone call to a friend and in about thirty minutes Billie and Casey joined up. Billy was the mother at forty and Casey was the daughter at twenty. Meanwhile my wife told her brother that the lady living just down the road had turned sixty that year and that she was a nudist.


Not one to pass up an opportunity he had my wife call her and ask. My wife explained that her brother Steve was looking for girls to pose nude and said that with her he would have every decade from twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, and with her sixty. There was some conversation and then my wife asked Steve if he wanted a ten-year-old too. It was her granddaughter Virginia that was staying with her and she was a nudist too.

I mentioned something to him about photographing minors but he couldn't say no. I knew his penis was doing all of his thinking because mine was too. I wondered what six naked women each ten years older than the first would look like.

Soon everyone was there. We were running a little late but Penny got back with even more wine. Steve and I put as many bottles in our backpacks as we could and the women carried the rest along with some glasses.

The walk up the old truck path wasn't bad at all. Once we were up there the women realized that they were pretty much out of sight of the rest of the world and relaxed over a glass of wine. Sue and Virginia didn't need any wine to get them out of their clothes. My wife and Penny were next to get undressed.

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Steve and I were both more interested in the other's wife. I couldn't take pictures of Penny fast enough. She knew what I was doing and just smiled at me. Shortly Billie and her daughter Casey were undressing too. Steve had them line up by age so that ten-year-old Virginia was on the left, twenty-year-old Casey was next, and thirty-year-old Penny was next to her.

Then came forty-year-old Billie, my wife at fifty, and Sue the sixty-year-old was on the right. As I look down the line I couldn't help but notice the difference in their breasts too.

Virginia had none but admitted to wearing a training bra when her mother insisted. Casey had A-cup breasts while Penny had B-cup and Billie had C-cup breasts. My wife had D-cup and Sue had the biggest at DD-cup. Their pussies ranged from shaved bald to full bush. Casey and Penny had the bald pussies while Sue had the full bush. Billie had a landing strip over her clit and Virginia had peach fuzz. My wife had a full bush on top of her mound and she was shaved bald below that.

The women really started enjoying the wine, the feeling of being exposed, and of Steve and I taking a million pictures of them. They posed as a group and as singles and pairs too. Our wives got nipple to nipple for few shots and then the grandmother and granddaughter did too.

It looked kind of funny to see the biggest and smallest tits crushed together. Soon they decided that Steve and I needed to be nude too. We were both hard and the women giggled, especially Virginia the little one. Penny being an ex-stripper could really move. When she squatted over a wine bottle and allowed the entire neck to slip up into her pussy Steve and I were right there with our cameras.

After that each woman took her turn squatting down on that same wine bottle and fucking herself with it until it came down to Virginia the ten-year-old.

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That little girl was tight. She was so tight that she had to work her virgin pussy down over that bottle. When she had a few inches up inside herself she smiled sweetly for Steve and I. However, when she stood back up the bottle went with her. Penny reached out to help her but instead started fucking Virginia with that bottle until she had an orgasm and her cum had lubricated the bottle enough to slip out on its own. After that Penny became the life of my party.


I followed her around as she kissed, sucked, and fondled all of the other women. She had my wife lay back on a rock and crawled up over her in a sixty-nine. I got hard watching the two sister-in-laws going at it. The rest of the women enjoyed the show too. Shortly Virginia told her grandmother that she had to pee. Her grandmother told her to go behind a rock. I followed her with my movie camera.

She smiled as she squatted down, spread her knees wide, and let it flow. Her piss was golden in color and she had quite a bit too. When she was done her grandmother took her place and peed for me. After that the other four women squatted and peed for me too. Penny was the last one and played with her clit as I photographed her.

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The wine was going down pretty good. Steve was trying really hard to get good quality pictures while I was just going for quantity.

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I figured that if I took a hundred pictures and got one good one, that if I took two or three thousand pictures that I had a much better chance of getting a few good ones.

While he was trying to get 'figure' studies I was going for sex. I liked it when my sister-in-law kissed my wife, when Virginia sucked on her grandmother's nipples, and when Billie licked her daughter's pussy. Casey the twenty-year-old was the first to ask me to stick my cock in her pussy. I checked with my wife and it was fine with her.

I fucked into Casey's pussy until I cum giving her mother something to lick out. As Billie licked her daughter I got hard enough to slip my cock into her pussy.

When Penny told me that I could fuck her I pulled out of Billie quickly and slipped it into Penny. I enjoyed her for a while before filling her with cum. I passed on my wife but her brother didn't. Penny watched as our spouses made love to one another.


She wondered why they hadn't done that before. I told her that it was a long love affair that neither one of them wanted to end. She said that it didn't have to end and that her husband could fuck his sister any time that he wanted too. Then she made me the same offer with her. Wow! Sue sought me out and wondered when I was going to get around to her and Virginia. I told her I hadn't really thought about fucking Virginia and was really concerned that I had taken her picture.

She made if perfectly clear that I had better fuck her granddaughter or else I would get in trouble. I had cum twice already and at fifty-five I knew that I still had one more in me but that that was my limit.

Sue said that she just wanted to feel me inside her for a couple of minutes and that I could then finish myself off inside Virginia. Okay! Sue got down on the gravel on her back and let me mount her. After a minute or so she had me get off and had Virginia lay on top of her face up so that she could be the mattress. I tried to poke my cock into Virginia but I found her to be a little dry. So I slipped my cock into Sue's pussy on the bottom and then I slipped it into Virginia's pussy on top.

After a few back and forth fucks I was totally inside Virginia's pussy and fucking her like I was supposed too. Steve got a few pictures on my camera of the double stacked pussies and my cock in both of them.

Fucking Virginia was nice and finding out that she had been a virgin was even better. When I filled her with my cum I backed up to take pictures. I watched as my cum slowly flowed out of Virginia's pussy and right down into her grandmother's pussy. Sue had her pelvis tilted and her opening was allowing my cum to puddle up in her hairy hole. It was quite a sight to behold. As the day was wearing on and the clouds drifted in, Casey said she still wanted a load of my cum in her box and that we move the party down her mother's house so that we could continue.

Steve saw the chance for bedroom pictures. I saw the chance to get them in Billie's sexy lingerie and to see what kind of sex toys that they might have. Once we were inside the house they were naked again quickly. Steve seemed to like his wife and his sister together in pictures. That left me with a mother and a daughter plus a grandmother and a granddaughter. At least my two pair were related biologically. The five of us went into Billie's bedroom to check out her stuff. Virginia enjoyed trying on Billie's thong panties, Sue tried to crush her big tits into Billie's bras, and Casey dug out her mother's sex toys.

I took tons of pictures as each girl fucked the others with each toy. Before long Casey and Virginia were both asking for my cock.

I explained that I had already cum in Virginia but not in Casey. Virginia knew that I had fucked Casey but cum in her mother up in the gravel pit and suggested the same thing in reverse, sort of like I had done with her and her grandmother. So Casey positioned herself on her mother's bed, Virginia was positioned on top of her, and then I started fucking them both one right after the other and then changing holes until I was ready to explode.

That was when I pulled Virginia's feet up to my shoulders and thrust my cock into Casey's wet box below. I fucked into her causing her orgasm, which triggered my climax. Pumping gobs of hot molten cum into her volcano was what it was all about. Sometime around midnight Virginia passed out from sheer exhaustion so we all decided to spend the night and see what morning had to offer.


My wife said that she was going to spend the night between her brother and his wife. I decided that I wanted to sleep between Casey and her mother Billie. Sue was happy to curl up with Virginia her granddaughter who was already asleep.

As I lay there between those two beauties I thought about cumming in Sue and my wife the next day to make it a grand slam. Fucking that little ten-year-old was on my to-do list too, right near the top.

I guess letting the devil tempt me was exciting after all. The End Brother Sister Photo Session 430