Veros de merida para el mundo

Veros de merida para el mundo
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Part 6 Sissy was then lead off the stage and back out into the parking lot! Were the dog slut gang bang was to take place. It was next to the motel in the big dog run area, a bonfire had been started and several kegs of beer were tapped and ready. A number of people were already starting to gather, as well as the dog owners who had specially trained their dogs to perform these acts of sadistic sexual intercourse!, as were other dog owners also starting to arrive.

Several floodlights had been turned on to light up the area! It was now starting to take on a carnival like atmosphere as more and more people arrived. Time had really gone by since Sissy had been taken from her house earlier in the day. It had started Friday afternoon just after she had came home from school, when Bull had caught her masturbating and so much had happened since!

Now it was almost 11:00 PM in the evening, and the best, "If You Were A Male horny Dog" was yet to come! The girls, those that had been made over as dog slave bitches were starting to be led into the area that had been set up for this event.

It was a big circle about twelve to fifteen feet in diameter and was covered with soft dirt and a sawdust. In the center were six evenly spaced stakes that had been driven into the ground! This Dog Slave gang bang had apparently been held here several times in the past and had become so popular as word got out, that more and more slave owners had come from all parts of the country.

Most of the dogs were well trained, however several poorly trained ones in the past had become quite mean and unruly! The uncertainty of just what they might do to these naked helpless bitches certainly added to the sadistic thrill of the event!

The other thing that had become a big part of this perverse event! Started with the owners making bets among themselves as to which of the female dog slave bitches would be fucked the most. The one female halfbreed bitch and her master to win, was not only awarded the proceeds of the bets but also won the coveted award of having the most well trained slutty bitch, and with this award for the best trainer also came a lot of well paying customers who wanted to see their slutty little bitches at least go through the same sadistic training, even if they never competed in the fuck off!, and for no other reason except to see them abused and hard fucked by big dogs!

Of the six entered in this competition five were young, but one of them was older, and she had won the two previously held contests and was also a snooty bitch! she had treated the others very hateful and was quite intimidating towards the young bitches!

Sissy was of course one of these six, as was the beautiful dog slave bitch who had cleaned her up, french kissed her, and so wonderfully sucked her off in the motel room earlier.

The third girl was the one that had been hanging upside down and had been pissed on and hard fucked by the two pit bulls, and her master as a lark decided to enter her and she had been grotesquely and crudely painted up with water base house paint as a some sort of mixed breed!

She was the only one that was still bitching and cussing in the foulest of language as all the others were trained only to bark act and sound as much like a dog as possible! The fourth girl was the one that had been made up in the motel room just before Sissy! and had left shortly their after.

The fifth was a beautiful dark haired thing, that unbeknownst to her had been trained by her strange neighbor and was one of the young women that had been used frequently by Brutus and Satan. The two rottweilers that had licked her pussy to orgasm in her back yard a week or so ago! This young bitch, of course was also well trained and well used as Sissy would later find out! And the sixth was of course the red headed young woman, she had witnessed being sadistically abused in the motel room not that long ago!

And she, had been made up as an almost exact twin! and if one did not look really close, could have easily been confused for each other as they looked very much like beautiful red headed twin sister bitches! Each of the bitches were being lead up close to the male dogs that had arrived, so that the dogs could smell them and so that the bitch would know and easily submit to these powerful male dogs!

After which they were lead into the makeshift arena and their collars here chained to the stakes in the center of the circle, Until all were tightly fastened in a circle. Some of the male dogs were at heel with there masters and most were well trained and well behaved and several were quite a handful and yet others were still being unloaded.

The owners that had never been here before and those that had never brought their dogs to such an event were now walking them around behind each of the bitches so that they too would be familiar with them and more accustomed to the crowd, along with which of bitches their dogs, were the first choice to be mated with!!!!. For sissy the wait was agonizing her loins were so wet that her precum was oozing out of her little snatch as the shot Dr DeSade had given her earlier had made her so hot and wanting, she started to howl, and in a most longing way of a bitch in heat!this howl had not been lost on each of the dogs in attendance!

OMG !!!.She thought to herself will this ever get started!!!. Dr DeSade had also given her lookalike twin a shot of the same stuff but it had been a double dose!

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And her husband was having trouble getting her to bark and howl like a bitch dog in heat, but as the heavy dose finally started to kick in she suddenly lost her human voice and this at first left her stuttering and then slobbering and then she let out the most convincing howl that had instantly perked up the ears of all of the male dog making them all the more ready and wanting!

If this was not enough to entice the dogs to her, the sadistic little men who were the Doctors helpers had taken raw blood red meat, fillet chunks of steak from a big ice chest and were smearing it on, in and all over each of the slutty dog slave bitches juicy and well stimulated cunts! And were then taking some of these chunks of pussy soaked meat and feeding to the meanest looking dogs they could find!!!.so as to sex them up into a sadistic wanton frenzy!!!.

Especially the ones that they thought had the biggest and hardest cocks, sissy was now beside herself and wanted so badly to have something stuck up in her sweet pink virgin pussy and was to the point that anyone or anything could have their way with her, as one of the gremlins started rubbing raw meat on her sensitive and well perked red clit! She shuddered, yelped, and moaned as another incredible orgasm reeked through her young body!

She was of course technically a virgin as nothing had ever been inside her virgin little cunt! The only exception was when Bull had earlier that day slowly forced three of her big black fingers into Sissy's tight little pussy! The drug that the good doctor had given her had relaxed her along with her own natural and now well charged and overpowering urge for sex, and the sexually forbidden thought of being mated to an animal was, in itself overpowering!

The raw meat that had not been given to the dogs was being scorched over the big bonfire and the smell was of the burnt meat along with the pussy juices had become quite pleasant and very intoxicating! Some of the sadistic master's had been enjoying themselves by eating pieces of this delicacy and had even been licking their fingers!!!.

This smell had only added to the bazaar and decadent scene that was about to occur!

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Most of the dogs were common, Pit bulls, rottweilers and dobermans being the most popular, along with a few shepherds mastiffs and Danes, but their were also some rare breeds a Karelian bear dog along with several other types like the Siberian timber wolves were also quite rare!, but all had been bread to have enormous cocks!and the stamina for prolonged sex and the ability to produce large amounts of cum!

One of the interesting things about female humans that are mated to to animals and especially dogs, was the fact that once mated the bitch becomes the property of that dog or at least in the dogs mind and can become hard to handle, an many need to be muzzled and have socks placed over there paws to keep the male dogs from injuring the bitches during the mating process as they love to bite the females on the neck back and bottom!, And that their sharp claws could also horribly scratch them quite severely, This of course was not a problem as the bitches were suppose to be brutally humped and a little scratching and biting only added to their sadistic mating and abuse!!!.

The other thing about dogs with large cocks was their knots, as once in and their knots would swell up quite large and become very hard, and usually could not be removed or pulled out until the dog has released his cum load and relaxed, so that these human dog bitches were in for some very hard painful and prolonged fucking!

Also if there is more than one dog involved with each bitch, as in this current dog gang bang the dog to next fuck the bitch will first lick her clean so that the first load of cum will not inseminate her at least in the animals mind! Most of the dogs were well trained and had no problem ore favoritism easily allowing another to do the bitch!

There were now over two dozen dogs and they, and the human bitches were more than ready. They had all drawn numbers as to which dog would be first and their were twenty eight numbers!

The Doberman that earlier had such great interest in Sissy was among the first to be turned loose, and he immediately bounded up to her as Bull gave her the command! Assume the bitch mating position! Sissy lowered her arms and let her bare breasts down against the the dirt and sawdust.

The Dobermans master helped guide the dogs hard prick into Sissy's open folds as he commanded the dog to hump little bitch! After several moments of wild humping the dogs master had gotten him started into Sissy's pussy, she was wild with young over sexed lust and felt her virgin vaginal tunnel first stretch,and then it felt as if her slit had been ripped!

It hadn't of course, she at first thought so as the searing painful torture of her virgin pussy slowly gave way to perverted lust! But she was being choked by the chain and leather collar as the big dog pushed and humped her forward. She was now so hot and horny as he slowly and forcefully slid inside her that she hardly noticed as she was choked into another orgasm! OMG the feeling of finally being fucked and by a big dog was so over powering along with the pain she easily cummed again from the sinful abuse and it only took the dog little more.

Sissy then thought that she was going to be able to take him, but realized that his knot was expanding and as it got larger she experienced the pain of a virgin who had never had anything like this in her, she was horribly and painfully stretched even more!.

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After which the dog again started humping and pumping her with little regard for her pain or his gigantic knot!. This humping had progressed to some serious fucking as a lot more dog cum spurted out. The doctors little demons had a bowl and were being careful around the big dog as he held it under her open slit and collected the excess load of semen that seemed to flow out of her and into the bowl!

Sissy was at first confused as to the animal noise she was hearing, and then realized,OMG!, it was her!, that was making this awful grunting and squealing moans. These noises sounded more like a wild pig than that of a dog bitch! She had been concentrating on her own dilemma and had not realized that more and more of the bitches who were staked down next to her were also being impaled on hard dog dicks and their swelling knots!

As more and more satisfied sounds of females being used and abused as slutty animals! There were more satisfying whimpers as these half woman and half animal dog bitches received a hard fucking and orgasm after orgasms. For Sissy it was even better, earlier she had thought she had nothing left to give, but now seemed to have even more sexual stamina, and an abundance of female nectar. She seemed not to have any problem in getting off at all!

The Doberman continued to hard hump her. She of course was quite horny and had been saving herself for as long as she could remember. She was quite pent up sexually and had not even realized that she was now pushing her swollen and sensitive cunt and bare white bottom back, and up as hard as she could to meet the Dobermans hard thrusts!

All of the previous sucking manipulation and sharp hooks on her virgin cunt clit and labia lips were nothing compared to the hard fucking and the swollen rough knot that was in her vaginal tunnel. She was beside herself screaming with unabashed pain and sexual satisfaction, the likes of which left her mound swollen out around his big cock and her thighs quivering with the want of an oversexed young nymphomaniac !!!. Sissy had laid there for a short time with her breasts on the ground as the Dobermans knot was slowly receding along with a warm glow of sexual satisfaction.


She had been craving this for a long time and was even more so wanting after Bulls attention and the good doctors helpful shot into her genitals. She was ready for more as the dogs knot finally popped out! The next dog that entered her was Brutus one of the neighbors dogs that had licked her pussy through the back fence not all that long ago! She in her condition had not realized it was him at the time, as all she wanted was another hard animal cockbut Brutus's sharp paws were scratching her back and he was biting her just hard enough on her neck to satisfy her growing need for more forceful and sadistic intercourse and she did not even realize that he, was doing so as all she wanted was more cock!

But Brutus knew, and remembered exactly who she was!!!!. Another orgasm soon followed by yet another! OMG She wanted more and her sounds of near animal sexual satisfaction again escaped her lips. She was starting to act more like a unsatisfied bitch dog in heat! Sissy had heard some screams as the older bitch who had won the last two contests, and that had also been so mean to her and the other girl bitches, had just been severely bitten by one of the poorly trained timber wolves. He had first bitten one of her breasts and then her round chubby bottom, his master was trying to control him, but he stuck his snoot into her wet and wide open cunt and bit her again!

She screamed and screamed until he was finally able to mount her and with a cock that was bigger that most! Really started to ram it to her, along with biting her neck until she passed out from pain!

This woman was directly across from Sissy, and she in her horny and well used state had hardly noticed! The big Doberman that was the first do do Sissy, was now really humping her older red headed twin, who had first protested that she was not going to be fucked by a dog, but after the doctors double injection along with several stinging and sadistic lashes on her bottom had become so horny that she would have humped a pack of wolves!, and was now making the most unbelievable sounds of an unsatisfiable dog bitch!

The Doberman was, as Sissy found out very good and well trained in not only satisfying her, but was now doing the same to her red headed counterpart!, as she was right next to her and the sounds of reluctance and hesitation had turned to sounds of pleasurable animal intercourse. Several of the good doctors sadistic little helpers at his instruction had earlier placed several small branding irons into the fire and they were now starting to brand each of the bitches bottoms!

Sissy, would first hear a short bloodcurdling scream! As the branding started on one side of the circle and finally ended up with her bottom branded. At first it was just searing pain, and as it slowly subsided it produced a shuddering orgasm! OMG pain and pleasure something that Sissy seemed to experience and enjoy more and more!

It was now about about midnight and most of the half bitch dog half breeds had now been fucked almost a dozen or more times, and Brutus had now satisfied himself and after he patiently waited for his knot to recede had moved over to take the Dobermans place on the red head who was now whimpering excitedly for more doggie dick!

Satan also knew who sissy was, and he to had been patiently waiting to take Brutus's place and was now biting and scratching Sissy's back as she mated with her, she was once again being humped and hard fucked by this big over sexed and well trained animal!

The only other slave pet dog slut, who had at the last minute become a willing addition, was the gal that had already been hard fucked by the two pit bulls earlier in the motel, and was the only one that was still bitching and had not been convinced to speak and act like a dog, she was then given one of the doctors double dose shots this time right in her ass !

All of the dog slave females, except for this bitch and the older one had been released and were milling around in the crowd on leashes and were being petted as they sat their and were being admired just like dogs at some bazaar dog show, and of those were now easily acting the part! The alluring sweet smell of burnt meat that had been sauteed with pussy juice was still in the air. Along with the more sickening smell of burnt flesh from branded bare bitch bottom's was also, to a lesser extent!

Two of the biggest and meanest timber wolfs where then lead over and each was given the command to mount the two female bitches that were left staked in the circle and were then fucked so hard and brutal for so long that all they could do was whimper!

The knots of these two big Timber Wolves were gigantic and neither were very well trained and both were impatient and trying to get there knots out before they had subsided. These women were screaming from the pain, as the dogs tried to pull out and were dragging them first one way and then the other! But with there collars still chained to the stakes, only choked them until the knots were finally and brutally ripped from their raw and bleeding cunts!!!.

Both of them were unhooked from the stakes and pulled up into a sitting position by there masters, and then had their hands tied behind their backs. This was followed by first, having the doctors little helpers placing nose hooks in their nostrils and then forcing their heads back and tying the cords to the bindings on there wrists!

This left them with there mouths wide open and them looking straight up and unable to move with out tortuous pain! And if this was not bad enough the doctor had placed alligator clamps on each of their nipples and clits and all had big lead weights!

Doctor DeSade then said to no one in particular that they were going to have a contest as to which one of the bitches could guzzle the most cum! His little gremlins then produced two, gallon milk jugs full of dog cum, that had been carefully collected from the earlier over abundance of cum filled dogs, and then proceeded to see which one could suck down and drink the most cum! The jugs were then raised to each of the bitches lips and pored in!


The younger of the two seemed to easily swallow and choke down most of the gallon jug! And the older one was having a harder time of it! As she was choking and some was spurting out of her nose and more was running out the corners of her mouth!

Finally, both thought, at first that this form of a dog cum gobbling contest was over!!!. The younger one had thought she had won! However two more jugs of cum were quickly produced! The younger one briefly tried to protest, but the jug and cum was quickly pored into her gullet and she continued to swallow most of it with little spilling out!

It was an amazing feat as she swallowed it all,! burping only slightly as she blew a small bubble of cum that was now slowly drifting off in the cool night air! The older bitchy woman was vehemently trying to convince anyone that would listen, not to do this!

As with her helpless pose, and the painful hooks in her nose could barely make her feelings known, the second jug was emptied into her wide open bitchy mouth! She was then choking and gurgling as cum ran out all over her eyes, face and down onto her shoulders neck and bare breasts!. With a gluck, gluck, gluck sound!

most of the cum finally disappeared down her open mouth! Apparently it was a close tie and both had won, although what they had won was never mentioned as the too were finally undone and lead away burping and whimpering!

Bull with Sissy on her leash was lead back to the car and told to heel and then set! her bitch dog act was not quite over. The two big black women were no longer needed and had found more than enough things to occupy themselves in the strange adult motel complex!

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Sissy was setting next to the car and her thoughts were immersed in the events of the evening along with her very sore pussy and branded bare buttock. She could not believe all that had happened? Bull had patted her on the head and had said good little bitch! And left her there still all painted up on her leash, and to Sissy's surprise, she was still quite horny!. The fact that she was very young and had all of this sexual pent up feelings and emotions, even though her formerly virgin pussy had only been fucked by a dog, she certainly had been so, used and abused, and had orgasmed so much, and still had no idea how many, but even she was surprised at how wet and antsy, the last several hrs had left her !!!.


Bull had returned and with her were two of the other contestants and their masters one was her red headed twin, still down on all fours and was now being lead around by her very proud husband! And Sissy finally got a look at her bare bottom that now had the words DOG SLAVE BITCH branded on it!!!! She, the red head had really been enjoying herself as a horny bitch dog!

And the other was the beautiful blonde half female and half animal bitch that Sissy had been kissed by and so taken with! It was not quite 1:00 in the morning and Bull had something special in mind! She went on to say that the Beautiful Blonde Bitch had won the contest and that Sissy's red headed counterpart had surprisingly came in second and that the older woman and previous winner had only made it to third place! The red heads husband was not at all surprised at her second place win he had collected over $1000.00 in bets and had been patting her branded bottom and commenting with an occasional good bitch!

The female Cat Woman, Master of the blonde was also not surprised at all by her pets first place win!

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and had been counting out almost $ 2000.00 in cash from the bets that had been placed! Bull had said to Sissy that she would have done much better, but that three of the dogs, Brutus, Satan, and the Doberman had monopolized her and had not given any of the other dogs a chance at her, and had really growled and shown their teeth to those that tried! She had however been repeatedly hard fucked by them almost half a dozen times or more and for Sissy this still was not enough!!!!.

They all got into the car, Bull and sissy in the front and the others in the back, they, the dog bitches, had all subconsciously placed their padded hands an feet on the seats and were setting just like dogs!

Bull said that she was taking them to an all night black only BD&SM club and that the bitches were going to get another gang bang by some really big black dicks!. Both Sissy and her red headed older twin were becoming quite excited at the prospect and the blond dog bitch seemed to take it all in stride as if this sort of thing happened to her all the time!!!.

Both Cat Woman and the red heads husband were at first concerned about going to a black only BD&SM club, but Bull quickly assured them that as masters of these bitches they would be welcome and that submissive white females even dog slave's were always welcome plus the fact that Bull had called ahead and suggested to them this most unusual sexual perversion and that any or all of the black males or females with strap ons could really enjoy these half animal and half woman and the thought of something so persevere and different had really appealed to even the most hardened sadists of the club!

From the truck stop to this all night club the drive was not that far and within thirty minutes the were all being escorted into the club There was a bar and a big dance floor and several community rooms along with a large basement dungeon.

The attraction for those in attendance of course was not this!, but the thrill of something new and different as this group had been involved in all kinds of kinky and sadistic perversions and a dog slave was something new! All of the girls fixed up as dog slave bitches were led up on the stage and one at a time were to do the few commands that they had seen or learned over the last several hours!.

Sissy and her red headed twin were only able to sit, heel, barkhowl and assume the bitch mating position and the fact that they were by coincidence made up almost as identical twins made this short display they had performed most interesting! Those that watched were quite impressed, however the Beautiful blonde dog bitch was even more impressive as she did what ever her cat woman master had commanded her to do and had left the audience stunned!

Cat Woman then asked for the Exalted Master of the club to come up on stage. He was a big imposing figure almost seven feet tall! and was half dressed in a black leather vest and chaps his muscles and body were superb and his big black dick was almost sticking straight up!!!.The blonde was first commanded to sit, and then to open and the Exalted one was told to place the head of his cock into her mouth as he did so she growled and at the same time showed not only sharp teeth, also some sharp fangs, he flinched!

The crowd gasped! As Cat women then gave the blonde bitch a command to oral him, the fangs instantly disappeared, followed by her deep throating him to orgasm! The crowd started to relax and breath again, as the blonde bitch released her grip on his penis sucking the last of his cum with a determined lip lock!, and was then told to set and howl like a bitch dog in heat, and assume the bitch mating position. The crowd was so impressed with her abilities and the sound of her animal howl, they immediately broke into applause, when those had finally subsided the Exalted sadistic master of this club was given the first chance at the beautiful dog bitch as she was offering herself to who ever her master had chosen to give her to!

Her beautiful round bottom even after all the dog humping she received was quite inviting as her swollen red clit was still sticking out! Quite vulgarly. The exalted master gave it a sadistic pinch as she whimpered softly he stuck his big black cock into her, hard deep and all the way!!!!! and was giving her a very long stroke hard fucking! The other two bitches Sissy and the red head were brought back to center stage and were commanded to assume the bitch mating position!

A line of black males were forming, but several of the black female had been eying the red heads husband and were now more interested in him that in the bitches!

They had been aggressively feeling him up and had undone his pants this produced an enormous white cock something that most had never seen and that several black guys would envy! One of these black gals had gotten down on her knees and started sucking on him and then decided to have a little fun!

Sissy was still in the bitch mating position when the black gal that had been giving him a blow job suddenly got up and grabbed him by his cock and lead him over to Sissy and said that not only she, but others would love to see this young dog bitch well fucked by this well hung older white guy!!!.

He of course had no problem with this and when Sissy finally realized that he, was going to be the one to first do her, she because he was an older and very handsome man had been fantasizing about how enjoyable it might be!

This had immediately made her pussy even wetter! Sissy then started whimpering and wiggling her bottom up as inviting as she could! She need not worry as he had also been eying her and some very lustful and spirited sexual intercourse quickly ensued!!!! OMG him humping and her thrusting her bottom up to meet his lunges, the fact that she was a perfect clone of his red headed wife, and only a five year younger version along with her still being so naively innocent only a few hrs ago, made this sex act between them ever so much more perverse and enjoyable!

This little escapade was soon over and all had been returned to the truck stop and Bull had finally brought sissy home. Sissy had not even realized it as she got out of the car and immediately gotten down on all fours and had let bull lead her up the front steps and into her house !

Bull with a big smile on her face told Sissy as she took off the black leather dog collar and handed her mothers black hi heels to her that she was very proud of her and that her performance was very good for a first time novice and left saying that she would see her late next week!

Sissy then started up the stairs and at first was still on all fours! As she finally realized that she could now stand ! And slowly did so.

At first she was reluctant and still quite shaky! The dog Paws and booties had worked themselves loose as she was able by using her teeth to remove them and then the tape as her balled up fists finally became hands with fingers This is where she left it, as she suddenly felt so tired used, and very sore, but it was a very satisfying and enjoyable feeling of sexual satisfaction, these wonderful thoughts of sex and sadistic abuse were racing through her head as she easily slipped off into a satisfied and very sound sleep!

Continued in part 7