Trepada gostosa com a maravilhosa Fabi Morenno

Trepada gostosa com a maravilhosa Fabi Morenno
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The entire group had moved to the point of no return. Had anyone tried to pull out, they would have been trampled. No one did, nor even thought of it. From Gladys to Adam, they began to crescendo. They were at different levels, and not necessarily according to the order of their position in the chain. Everybody responds differently to stimulation. Fanny was funny to watch.

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She had reached a point of passion that submerged her into another world. She dropped her remote control device, and grabbed Carl's hips and just banged away. As she banged him, she was banged by the pulsing, vibrating, dildo monster between her legs, that was assaulting her stretched pussy, and that she could no longer control. She threw her head back and yelled.

No one cared, and most did not even hear. Gerald's extender was not near long enough, he discovered, as he struggled to keep up with Fan. Yolanda came first, as Adam had stimulated her inside and out, back and front, breasts, pussy and buttocks. She screamed and continued to buck, giving Gerald the works, wishing she had worn a larger dildo.

She could not get enough of thrusting into him, and feeling Adam inside her from behind. She would not admit it at first, but the feel of the breasts and silk lingerie against her had doubly excited her, and she might consider talking Adam into doing that on their own time. The butt plug gave her another sensation, as she climaxed, her anus closing around the object and finally realizing what was back there.

Adam felt the sensation from her legs, as she squeezed her legs on his member deep inside of her. He came and came, squirting ounces of his juices into her and it eased its way down his pole, staining the panties, matting his pubic hair, and sliding onward and into the crack between his butt cheeks, staining the panties in the back also. His climax made his anus close on the butt plug inside of him, and almost caused him to release again.

He now wished they were in the middle of the pack, instead of at the end of the train. At least Yolanda was getting the double treatment. Gladys was the next to finish, after so long a time of receiving and trying to hold back.

She gushed juices all over Mike's face, coating his chin and the protrusion from the strap around his head. She thrashed and bucked, grabbing Mike's hair and pulling him deeper into her. Meanwhile, Gerald's extension was filled with his semen and began running down his dick, into his pubic hair and down his leg. He shuddered at the release of his joy juice, and gave several final thrusts into Fanny.

This caused Fanny to climax again. She grabbed Gerald's arms and wrapped them around her, moving his hand to her own dildo and letting him feel the movement against his hand, and of Carl's rump against her girdle wrapped thighs. Mike had been masturbating, as well as he could, while giving pleasure to his espoused mate.

The pounding into his behind by a woman, her breasts stroking his back, was worth the price of not having his dick in his mate's love hole. That could come later, if they wanted. His member squirted his juices upwards and onto the legs of Gladys. She was so far out of it, she did not know what was happening. Her final release was so powerful it caused her to pass out for a few seconds.

I was giving Melissa all I could give her, with the sleeve on my pole. I could not feel enough pressure to make me get over the hump, so to speak. When I heard her familiar gasp and short yelps, I knew she had climaxed. I took this opportunity to pull out of her anus and remove the sleeve from my penis, in a quick motion, and on her next backwards thrust I slammed my unsheathed penis back into her butt hole.

I climaxed immediately, and she bucked and thrust forward hard and then backwards hard, nearly pinching my balls, sucking my dick into her ass.


Trish and Marv, the only ones facing each other, had brought each other to climax earlier, and were continuing the rhythm of the group just for fun.

Melissa kept slamming into Marv and back to me, calling for more and more. She had become insatiable. I was afraid I had opened a real can of worms; one that I did not know if I could handle the consequences of. I had forgotten about the bullet in my butt, until Tracy climaxed and pushed it deeper into my ass. My penis hardened again immediately, and I remembered the sweet spot she touched on the way in. She completely massacred it this time.

Carl was still pumping away, holding on to Tracy and grinding away. His pantyhose were wet from the sweat dripping down his back and legs. He finally announced to all, several times I might add, that he was coming; and he did.


Yes, he did!! The motion of the hose caused tremendous friction between his legs, causing his sacs to fill and enlarge, moving against the nylon material and taking him over the top.

He filled the crotch of the hose with his cum and it strained through the porous material, dripping to the floor in a pool. At the front of the line, this was going on almost simultaneously mind you, Cindy had kept close to Mike with her double dildo, and was getting all she could.

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She was notorious, it came out later, for taking a long time to climax. Gary could stay with her for an hour or so and she could hang in there, holding and holding it in until she burst forth like a volcano. She had only been going forty minutes or so, but it was hard sex. She felt it building and decided to let go. She burst forward and drove Mike deeper into Gladys, who was enjoying every second of it.

Cindy howled like a bitch in heat, as she was, and pumped harder with each howl. Ah, ah, ah, ah-h-h-h. She finally let it all go at once, nearly climbing into Mike's ass and sending the dildo on her end deep into the crevasses of her vagina. If not for the ring, she would have totally taken in the dildo.

You could not have forced a piece of paper between Mike's cheeks and her thighs. She collapsed on top of Mike's back, her breasts mashed flat and providing a cushion for herself, with her arms limply falling to her sides and brushing Mike's legs.

Gary, seeing and hearing Cindy do her thing, pumped and prodded with short strokes, while Cindy lay limp on Mike. His member was caught between Cindy's legs, which were now clenched and unmoving.

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It was only a short period of time before he filled her ass with the dildo he was wearing, jammed up as far as he could get, and let his juice fly. It shot onto Cindy and Mike, dripping down their legs and falling to the floor in droplets.

The thing that helped Gary get over the top was Marsha. She had become enamored with the double dicks in her dual holes. Terry had filled her pussy with his member, and her ass with the black dildo.

She backed towards Terry, getting into the action with him, forgetting the butt plug in Gary. When she went too far, the butt plug made a popping noise and came out of Gary's tightened anus. This sent shock waves through his body, not to mention no small amount of pain, and sent him over the mountain.

Marsha and Terry were the last to climax, amazingly enough, and his juices filled her vagina, running out and down her legs as his penis began to shrink.

The climaxes were over, for now. Each person began to recover and slowly uncouple from the person they had banged from behind, except for Mike who had banged Gladys in the front and for Trish and Marv, who were facing each other from the beginning.

The place was a maze of people in various stages of dress and undress, and weak from the experience.


No one said much for several minutes, exhausted from the session, and yet, basking in the afterglow. Gladys recovered and sat up, after removing the dildo from her ass. "Well, how was that for a "bachelor party" everyone" she queried? Adam, still near breathless, admitted it was the best sex he ever had, and definitely the best bachelor party he ever attended.

He had forgotten to remove the plug from his anus, and gently withdrew it.

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Mike made an announcement for everyone to follow him through the door at the end of the room. It opened to a giant shower. We all moved, rather slowly, to the shower, each couple holding the other by the hand. We were a sight. Some had not removed their strap on toys, and the objects bobbed up and down to the gait of their walk. Mike made another announcement. "You may shower as you wish, and do anything you wish. The toys you chose are yours to keep, or trade if you like, our gifts to you.

Thank you for coming, and stay as long as you want. At the end of the other room is a banquet hall, replete with all the foods you can think of. This is our way of saying thank you for your attendance and participation.

Now, have a good, clean time; eat what you will; eat who you will; have all the fun you want; and keep this in mind when you host your own bachelor party. You might give a thought to who you invite. I noticed a few reluctant at first, but you proved our guess to be right by inviting you all. Adam and Yolanda did surprise us, somewhat.

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We thought you would come around, but not to the extent you did. (Yolanda was measuring her breasts with "Adams" and came out second.) I should tell you now; there was a little something extra in the drinks. Nothing harmful, just an extra herb to help get us loose. You could not have been made to do anything you did not want to do, down deep. Keep that in mind also. See you at the wedding in a few days. And, none of you are invited to the honeymoon!!" Everyone laughed at that. Mike and Gladys made their way through the opposite door, to their private suite, where they would clean and dress for the banquet.

We all stayed for the supper, but I will not tell you what happened in the shower, or who was the last to come out, or who did what with who. That might come later, and it might not!! And, when we left, we were presented with a video of our party.

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That was another little secret they kept from us. Sincerely, Todd; Melissa's boyfriend and partner

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