Teen in glasses pleasures stepbros cock

Teen in glasses pleasures stepbros cock
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My girlfriend Myra and I were sitting in a booth at the local bar and grill. Over a ham and swiss on rye and a tall pitcher of Long Island iced teas we were actually talking about things happening in our lives.


Long Island Iced Tea was a power drink all right. It was a tall pitcher filled with vodka, triple sec, gin, rum, tequila, and a splash of coke and sour mix. You know how we girls are when we get together, anything goes. We talked about our marriages, our housework, our sex lives at home and the guys at the gym we frequent. Hey we are human too after all. Just because we are married doesn't mean we are dead. Myra was very sexy for a forty five year old woman.

She was from India and had some very erotic ideas about sex. She has beautiful dark brown hair full of waves and it flows down to the middle of her back but she wears it in a long braid with a pink bow. She has small breasts but they fit her petite body and awesome ass. She has been married for twenty years and teaches me lots of things, tricks of the trade you might say.

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I am Sharon, a part time homemaker and full time writer. My friends call me Shadow, a nickname my daddy gave me when I was three. I used to follow him around like his shadow. Married for ten years to a great man who loves me to death and I him but we have no kids.

I have real blonde hair about shoulder length. Although I have a killer body so I have been told I still stand at five foot three and have issues with my height. That is my problem not yours so I will move on. I have 36 D breasts my waist is a tight 20 and my ass is perfect. I am a dedicated wife and besides a fantasy chat now and then with Myra, I stay on the straight and narrow. Now that you are up to speed with the story I will tell you what happened to me.

Myra confided in me this day sipping on our Iced Tea something her husband never knew about her and made me solemnly promise that I would keep the secret till the day I die.

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Myra leaned over to me and whispered to me that she used to be a belly dancer back in India. I giggled and asked her what the hell was so bad about that.


"Listen, you think that it is like what you see on the television but it is not. It is the most erotic of all dances and can make a man fall to his knees and throw riches, all he has just to be with the dancer." Myra explained as she had a glazed look in her eye. "Myra what are you think so hard about?


You are a million miles away." I said as I shook her to snap her out her fantasy state of mind. Myra and I argues over the fact that I didn't believe for a second that she was ever a dancer like that.

Now it was like she was on a mission to prove herself so she called a cab. We paid the bartender and got up out of our booth. I fell back down I was so drunk and she laughed as we saw the cab outside waiting. We got into the cab and off we went. "Hey girlfriend, where are we going?" I asked but Myra told me to shush. "We are going to a small place uptown to show you and then you will see that I used to be and still am the best dancer in the entire world." I knew we were both in no shape and the liquor was doing the talking.

We pulled up in front of this place that looked like a small palace. She grabbed my hand and practically dragged me inside. The place was dark and all you could see was the spot light on the dance floor. We took a seat in the far corner and she was watching the dancers so closely. I saw women with heavy garb and veils I just did not get what her point was. "Myra" I called but she was so into watching as if she was judging the dancers.

"Myra" I called again shaking her to snap her out of her trance. Then she looked at me and said "I have to do this". I watched as she got up and started to dance. Soon the spotlight was only on her and the crowds of men were cheering her on. I found myself getting a bit jealous as I sat and watched her do her thing. I got home and drew a hot bubble bath. As I lay there thinking of the nights activities. I saw her dance over and over again in my mind. She was right. The other girls there were just dancing as if they learned steps.

Myra was an artist.

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Her every move told a story, a very sexual story. I mean her moves were so intense. I closed my eyes and imagined I was back there again. I could see her doing her thing. As I look around the dark crowd I see the look on the men's faces. They were acting as if she was fucking them all one on one.

I could only imagine how those men made Myra feel tonight. I started imagining I was in Myra's place. It made me feel as if my pussy was pulsating, wanting them to want me and they did.

They all wanted me to fuck them and that only made me dance better for them. My fingers went inside of my pussy as my thoughts ran wild. The more I danced for these men the deeper my fingers went. "Ohhh, shit" I cried as I started small orgasms. I opened my eyes for a second then finished myself of with small circles running over my clit.

I finished my bath and got ready for bed. My husband asked if I wanted to fool around but I told him I was too tired. Myra called me bright and early.

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She wanted me to go shopping with her at the mall. I got ready and waited for her outside on my front porch. She pulls up and I ran to her car.

"Are you ready for a great day" she asked. Ready" I told her as I jumped in the front seat. Before she pulled away she turned to me and said "Look, I'm sorry for yesterday if I made you feel weird or anything". I interrupted her and said "No not at all, I thought you were great". "Well then you liked it, my dance I mean". She said smiling.

I answered her with back with just a smile. "Well then I think you are ready to graduate" she added. I asked her what she meant by that and she smiled and said,"You shall see, good things cum to those who wait my dear". We pulled up to this place that looked like a factory.

No windows and one door. It wasn't that bug but when I asked her what the place was she never answered me. She just took my hand and pulled me along to the door. She knocked and the door opened. A man stuck his head out and saw it was her and seemed to know her well. He let us in. Myra still holding my hand took me to a room off to the side.

It was sort of a dressing room.

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She told me all the woman here had to dress up. "Like a costume party?" I asked. She simply said "Yep". She found a pink number and it was all see through except for the Bra and panties. They looked like something out of I dream of Jeanie. I picked out a fabulous black silk number. It was see through as well. It barely covered my nipples and in a certain light you can see my clean shaved camel toe.

Myra told me that all I had to do was sit and enjoy the show. She walked me to my table which was right in the front. I looked around me and saw nothing but men. I was confused. The lights dimmed to a pitch black. The spot lights came on and out walked Myra. She started dancing to the music. The men around me started a quiet rumbling talking to each other. The more she danced the louder they got. I watched her and remembered the last time I watched her. I listened to the crowd shouting out obscenities.

"Suck my cock baby" one man hollered. You fuck like a slut whore" another man yelled. Watching her was so hypnotic. and listening to those men screaming out as if she was a slut dancing for them did make me want to run out of their but something made me stay. I watched as many thoughts ran through my mind. I realized that Myra was doing nothing more then teasing these poor bastards and they were eating it all up.

The music was hypnotic as well. It seemed to get louder as time went on. Soon I found myself shaking my thighs together. I was actually masturbating to the beat of the music as I watched Myra fuck these men mentally. Then Myra danced over to me and between her calling me up to dance with her and the moans of the men I just went for it. She whispered to me. "Just let the music take you", as she danced away from me again. I started getting into the beat and started dancing with her.

I had no Idea how to do it but the music took over my body and the men's attention were now divided. Some were cheering her on and some were for me. My nipples were standing straight out almost poking a whole through my top. I never felt anything like it before. I was totally sexed up and I knew the men knew I was also. This added to the excitement.

Then the lights came on and Myra took my arm and walked me off the floor. I was so high with the thought I was having. It was like I was being fucked and almost cumming the sex was interrupted.

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Myra told me the second half would get even more intense and it wouldn't be the same. Just listen to the music and do what ever you feel is right.

The music started again and the lights went out. We were on. We danced our way out to the center of the room. The music took me over as Myra said it would and this time I saw her getting even more sexual then before. She was laying on the floor pumping her ass into the air and this time she was masturbating for the crowds of men. Then she would get up dance some more then she even started letting the men touch her all over.

I was getting into the music and following her lead. I thought what the hell. I will finger myself right on the floor and give the guys a show they would never forget. I lay with my back on the floor as my hand pulled the panties over to one side. I started playing with my soaked pussy as the men called to me. They started telling me what they wanted me to do and I did it all for them.

Myra was doing her thing and seemed to be mad at me or something. I think she was jealous that I was getting all of the attention. She started dancing from man to man stopping to jerk one here blow another over there. I smiled as I watched her doing all those things to all of those men. I couldn't let her show me up so I took off all of my clothes. My tits were bouncing and that's one thing I had over her.

Hers were small but mine were D's baby. I had the boy's complete attention. I think being a white blonde may have had something to do with it. They were used to seeing someone like Myra but I was a rare delight. I was sweating now from my sexual workout so I lay on my back to rest for a second fingering my pussy because it needed it.

Myra walked over to me and kneeled down next to me. She said quietly that I had won. I smiled as she went over to sit at a table. I was alone and the center of the attention. Now a man walked over to me and without blinking an eye he stuck his cock inside of me. He fucked me for a minute and then pulled out. Another man took his turn and then another. I was in shock but let it happen one man at a time.

While this was happening to me I saw Myra sitting their watching and smiling. I had huge cocks, small cocks, fat ones and thin ones all inside of me and you know what I needed more.

I was waiting for the ultimate fuck. That fuck was waiting for me as well. The music still pounding in my head gave me the strength to keep my legs spread open and waiting for my super fuck. A tall man walked up and standing over me he raised his hand and the room went silent. I knew he was the one. He took down his pants and flipped me over and slowly pushed his ten inch cock inside of my ass.

The pain was so intense. It hurt as it always does but his well oiled cock seemed to slip in and soon the pain went away and pleasure took over. In and out he pushed and pulled until he knew I was ready.

He took my hands and pulled me up off the floor. He then tied me to the poll in the middle of the room and started fucking me the way I wanted. The way I liked. The way he knew would send me into orbit. With every push into me I screamed.

I never had anything that bug inside of me before. With ever pull out I would cry out loud in tears of happiness.

Now the music was no longer and my sexual sounds were the music. The room emptied out and the only sights were me being fucked my final time for the evening. Then he pulled out and came all over my belly. Now Myra walked over to me and untied me from the poll. She said "come on sweetie" Lets go home. Tomorrow is another day".

I grabbed my things and we walked out arm and arm. Myra stopped me half way down the hall and turned to me and said "So how does it feel to be a slut? All women are my dear only some deny their destiny. We realize who we are and that's reality". I smiled and said "take me home I'm tired now". Myra said "Wait until you see what we are doing tomorrow.