Cute gays have a enjoyment bareback fuck

Cute gays have a enjoyment bareback fuck
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I recommend reading part 1 first. This is a pure work of fiction/ fantasy. "Tom, I have good news, someone cancelled, and doctor heather will see you shortly." My luck is getting better," he thought. He was taken in to the exam room next to Sally's and the doctor joined him in a few minutes. His jaw dropped when the doctor walked in. She was a total babe; she was blonde with a hint of a tan. She was barely thirty and even better, no ring on her finger. "Tom, how are you today." She said, "I'm fine thank you, how about you Heather." "I'm fine thank you for asking." He was having a hard time looking at her face.

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She had on a knee high skirt that was loose and easily blown away by wind if there was any, no stocking to cover up those gorgeous legs. But the biggest problems were those breasts swaying in front of him. She had a very low cut blouse with no bra on. Every time she bent over slightly, he was presented with double nipples.

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"So, the nurse said you need a quick physical for your job application?" "Yes." "That's not that bad, good thing you're not sick." "I was thinking the same thing." "So why don't you go ahead and take off all your clothes." "Sure. Um before I do that, there is a … concern; it's not really a sickness.


But I …" He removed his t-shirt, his shoes and dropped his pants and shorts. Immediately his dick sprang up standing erect. "This one here is very quick to stand up, makes it painful sometimes." He was talking pointing at the dick and glancing from it to her face. Her face was just a little redder than before, he suspected she'd seen quite a few dicks, but not that many hard-on's. "Yeah that would be a little uncomfortable if it's that hard most of the time.

Are there any specific triggers?" "Well yeah, mostly hot babes in revealing outfits. In this case, there is a hot doctor in a revealing outfit." This time her face got noticeably redder. "Well, hopefully it will calm down on its own." "Yeah that'll happen." "I should start your physical though." She said trying to change the subject and had him lie down on the exam table.

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She went through the exam normally and professionally until she had to go down further. The dick was still erect and she was bumping into it quiet frequently. Finally she had to examine the testicles, but they were busy and very sensitive at that point. "You really need to calm down." "I can't help it doc." "What do I need to do to calm it down?" "Come on doc, you must have a few ideas." "Well, maybe I'll call nurse Ratchet I mean Nurse Elizabeth." "Oh come on doc, that's torture, not a cure." "There is no cure that I know of." "Yes you do." "It's illegal." "I don't see a judge or law enforcement officer." "Never tell anyone." "My lips are sealed." She was already holding the dick by that point with one gloved hand; she stroked it a few times.

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She removed her hand and took off both gloves and her lab coat. He leaned over the side and slowly lifted the skirt revealing gorgeous thighs.

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His hand groped her ass cheeks and slowly pulled down the thong all the way down her legs. She stepped out of it and bent over taking his dick in her mouth. He realized that she was experienced at it because he was quickly building up another load. Her tongue was moving with speed and perfection, her lips were tight around his dick and she was taking him deep to her throat. He moved his hand to the fork of her legs and found her forbidden area.

His hand moved with speed and accuracy targeting her buttons and succeeded in slowing her movement down a bit. She lifted her head and moaned a few times but quickly returned back to her business. Suddenly she stopped and pulled away from him, he was about to protest when he noticed her removing her shoes.

She came back and mounted him without taking the dick inside. She was just sitting on him facing him with an evil smile on her face. "Come on doc, you want it as much as I do." She couldn't argue with that, she moved a hand under her and moved his dick to her entrance and lowered herself.

He wanted more than anything to push up hard, but he let her lower herself slowly. It took longer, but the ecstasy on her face was more satisfying.

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Finally she had him in all the way, he quickly extended his arms and lifted her blouse above her breasts and grabbed them both. She moaned again and again, tried to contain her sound so they wouldn't be overheard, but it was hard for her, she wanted to scream her pleasure.

Slowly she started gyrating her hips, at the same time; he was squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples.


In no time, the slow action moved to fast paced movie, as if someone just hit the fast forward button. She was moving her hips up and down in speed; he was matching her rhythm pushing himself up to meet her on her way down. She must have already been horny because she came first. It wasn't that hard to tell either, she stopped moving and her pussy grabbed his dick hard like a vice, she arched her back and let out long moan.

From that point, she had multiple orgasms; she'd stop and squeeze him hard while moaning. By the fourth time, he couldn't hold it any longer and came inside her.

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She felt his hot liquid inside her and it made her orgasm go even longer and harder. Finally she collapsed on top of him. He quickly lifted her head and kissed her on the lips, "Thanks doc, I think I need a repeat visit, what do you think?" she was breathing hard and trying to recompose herself.

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"I think you're right." Slowly she got off of him and started dressing up again. When they were both dressed, he pulled her to him and kissed her again while squeezing her ass cheeks, "Thanks doc." "Any time." "Really?" "I'm not sure; I'll schedule another visit when I think I want it again." "Why not just come to my place?" "I may just do that."