Mexican gay twinks tube Braxton sets up his camera for a lowkey but

Mexican gay twinks tube Braxton sets up his camera for a lowkey but
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A plastic sheet was spread on the floor and over the rug.

Chains hung from all four hooks in the beam. Master was comfortable, and at the computer.

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I went to the bathroom and prepared myself for Him, then went into the living room. Silently I waited for His instructions. "Sit down under the chains" I did as I was told. Without another word He began His work.

Leather cuffs went on my ankles; I was already wearing the wrist cuffs. My wrists were attached to the chains in the center. "Lay back" His voice was strong. I lay silent and still as He raised my legs and attached to cuffs to the outside chains. Feeling very vulnerable, I remained silent and, as Master unlocked the padlocks holding the chain in place on my labia rings; I could feel myself sink deep into my submission.

A blindfold was placed on my eyes, and Master began His working again. Lubricant was applied to my labia and the cylinder was held in place. Slowly He began pumping and my labia and clit began to swell.

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The pressure was incredible! I could feel the blood rushing to the nerve endings. Master left the cylinder on and went back to the computer. As He checked His E-mail, I was left on the floor, in chains, my cunt beginning to throb.

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He came back several times pumping more pressure into the cylinder, drawing my labia and clit deeper into the tube. I moaned softly, but did not speak. Time passes quickly while blindfolded, so I am not sure how long He left the suction on. I do know that, when He removed it, I began to drip. My clit and labia were swollen and sensitive, the need for release was overwhelming!

With each touch, I felt His power over me. Vibrators and dildos were put to the test. The vibrator tormented my clit; bringing me to the edge of an orgasm time and time again, never allowing my release. It was thrust into my cunt, the speed turned up high, and all I could do was moan with incredible pleasure!

He fucked my cunt until I was begging to release. "Please may I cum?" I pleaded. "You want to cum, slave?" His voice gave me hope.

"yyyyeess.pplllllleeeeasssse?" I began to sob .


a moment of silence. "NO!" was all He said? The vibrator moved back to my clit on high speed! The dildos were put to use. every size He owns.all used to stretch my cunt as wide as possible, and when I was wide open, I felt His fingers.

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First one. then two. thrusting in and out of me.

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He added a third, twisting and turning inside me. Spreading His fingers, stretching me open. I knew what He was going to do! The more aggressive His thrusts became, the louder my moans became.

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"ssshhhh!. quiet down, slave." His command was barely louder than a whisper. My desire to feel His hand inside me tried to take over. I felt my hips begin to move, to rise up and meet His thrusts. I also felt myself tighten up and push against the pain.

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He stopped."Quiet down and be still, or I am going to stop". My mind began to panic! My thoughts all centered on the wonderful feeling and not wanting it to end. Master reminded me to breathe and relax. Breathe and relax. I am not sure how much longer He worked me, nor am I sure how much of His hand actually got into me.


All I know is I began to float. Unaware of time, I felt nothing but the calmness that envelops me when I reach my "zone". The content feeling of being owned took my mind and I began to ride the waves of my submission. As I lay there, blissful and content ever nerve on edge I felt the warmth of His golden gift as He showered and bathed me in His ownership and love! My back arched as I begged to be allowed to cum and my request was granted! My entire body flexed as I began to gush the silky nectar of my love for Him.

It was a few minutes before I realized that He had stopped. I heard His footsteps as He walked away, and then returned. "Open your mouth" He instructed me. Without question, or hesitation, I did as I was told. The ice cold, sticky, sweet maple syrup covered my lips, then down over my breasts, over my neck and shoulders. dripping into my hair, and then it was the warmth of His shower again!

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He released me from my chains and sat in the rocker. "Come kneel before me". For the next hour I was allowed to worship Him with my hands and mouth. He had me massage my own breasts and cunt as I gently sucked Him, and then. He fed me! The warm, sweet drink that nourishes me! I began to fly again.