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Escort Mädchen anal akzeptieren
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Revenge is Sweet I don't know where this story is going, or even if it will continue. You will all be the first to know. I opened my eyes groggily as I slowly came to in an unfamiliar room and shook my head in a vain attempt to clear the haze from my brain. Had I been drugged? What was going on? The last thing I remembered was coming home from work, closing the door to my apartment and then: nothing.

I looked around the room I was in and was surprised that it wasn't a hospital room, which ruled out the possibility that I had woken up after some kind of accident. Maybe I had been drugged. The room was painted in a deep crimson on all four walls and was fairly large, at least 400 square feet.

I was lying on the floor, which was made from some kind of rubberized material, and as I sat up to take a look around I was surprised at what I found. There wasn't a single window, and all along the walls were peculiar devices I could only think of as bondage machines. Some were plugged into an outlet and others were simply wooden frames with leather bindings.

If this was some kinky lair or some crude joke, I wasn't buying it. At that moment what had been a smooth portion of the wall opened up as a door, and a man wearing loose sweatpants, a white t-shirt, and running sneakers entered the room.

He was probably around 6'8", and he was built like an athlete. The shirt was obviously too small and clung to every ridge of his rippling abs. His hair was boyish, unkempt but still attractive. He looked like the poster boy for every frat boy. He had a far more endearing quality to his face than I would expect for a man who owned this type of equipment. "Oh, here we are! Awake at last, are we my little cunt?" he beamed at me and his voice was honey-smooth, making it even more difficult to believe that he'd had the audacity to address me in such a way.

"Excuse me young man," I snarled angrily, even though, at 27, he couldn't be more than 2 or 3 years my junior. "Do you know who you're talking to?" "Well, let me see." He snapped his fingers and another well-concealed slot slid out from the wall holding a clipboard.

He picked it up and read aloud to me what it said. "Elizabeth Browning, Senior VP of Carlton Industries. Impressive. Congratulations to you!" He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back.

"But to continue," he resumed, glancing down at the clipboard, "you are 5'4", 100 pounds even, 30 inch waist, 32 inch hips, and a nice 32 B rack to go along with it all. Very nice." He flipped to the next page, furrowed his brow, and then looked up at me, frowning.

"You were given this body, a nice enough body from the looks of it, even if you are a little on the "big" side." "Not everyone needs to be an anorexic little slut you know!" I shouted, but when I went to continue lashing out I found my lips unable to move.

"Before we continue I think maybe I should ell you what it is that I do. I can control you, in every way, mentally and physically. Now, if you interrupt me again you will lose the right to speak for good. Do you understand?" I nodded my head earnestly, growing frightened of this seemingly innocent young man. "Good. Now, although you were given this body, a nice enough body, you chose to become, and I quote, a 'frigid bitch' who 'teases cocks like a cat teases mice.' Now, that doesn't sound very nice, does it?" I shook my head once again.

"Well, that's because it isn't very nice at all. However, people like me use our powers to rid the world of women like you. Over the next few days you're going to undergo a lot of changes.


But first things first! I always like to start with a clean canvas. It's time to get you down to your basic shape. How does that sound?" I tried to speak, to ask what was going on, but with a snap of his fingers I found myself laying on a medical table. "Now, we're going to take all of that chub off of you, give you a nice lithe body for the men to enjoy.

You know, so that, when you start growing breasts, they'll really pop." He snapped his fingers again and I could feel myself folding in, the fat melting away all over my body. Even my breasts and ass, which weren't much but had gotten me noticed once or twice, melted away until I was thin and toned like a gymnast. My breasts were hardly more than mosquito bites, and I realized for the first time that I was naked.

"Now there's our pretty little slut, how does it feel? To be flat, completely inadequate, pathetic? Powerless?" I was growing more frightened now but I found that I could speak.

"Please, stop, I'll do whatever you want just please stop this!" "But if you leave now, you'll miss out on seeing your sisters. Come on in here girls!" Another partition of wall seamlessly opened and let my two sisters in, entirely naked but physically unchanged. "Surprised to see them? I picked them up right after I dropped you off here. They were very sweet, and it was almost too easy. Too trusting." "Caroline, Susan… How did her get you?" I turned to him, noting the glazed look in my sister's eyes.

"Please, leave them alone! They've done nothing you sick bastard!" "Oh, I know they've done nothing. They are modest, good little girls, and because of that they will be eventually set free, so don't you worry. But I will be using them to show you a model of what a real woman is." He turned to them and I could see him begin to focus on them.

At first I didn't notice anything, but then the changes began happening so quickly it was almost impossible to keep track. First their hair grew to their mid-back and became golden blond. Then their faces were suddenly covered in heavy eyeliner and eye shadow, making them look like the sluts he apparently wanted them to be.

"Please!" I sobbed, straining at the leather straps that now held me to the table. "Please leave them alone." His lips twisted in a smile, and as I looked on my sisters' lips plumped up into fat pink pillows designed for cock sucking.

Cock sucking? I shivered, a chill floating along my spine. Why was I suddenly turned on by these changes?

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Their lips glittered with bright pink lip gloss. Their mouths parted in identical vacant smiles and they looked at me without recognition. The changes stopped for a few brief second as I struggled to figure out what he was going to change next.

Then I noticed it: their breasts were subtly expanding from the modest B cups that we had all once shared into more lewd Ds, steadily growing as my sisters moaned in pleasure, cupping their new tits sensuously. The stopped when they reached the size of basketballs, huge orbs of flesh sitting proudly on their chests. Their nipples had grown, but not proportionately, and the half-dollar sized nipples with little nubs growing turgid from arousal stood in contrast to their porcelain skin.

They were bright pink and hard, and seeing their overly sexed up forms was making me wet against my will. Immediately after their breasts were finished he moved on to their asses, making them pop out nearly as obscenely as their breasts. Their hips widened, making them the ultimate symbols of fertility with perfect hourglass figures.

The downy tufts of hair above their slits abruptly fell away, revealing the words "Insert Here" and an arrow pointing down. They turned around and I saw that the same tattoo was now on the small of their backs. True tramp staps. "Fine, you've had your fun, now let them go!" I yelled, face turning red as I grew increasingly aware that I was very aroused by the scene before me.

"Shut up cunt," he said distractedly, "They're not very unique now, are they? Let's make them each special, hmm?" He walked over to Caroline and paused for a moment. "You are now Cari." She nodded in understanding. "And how does a 10-inch tongue sound?" She smiled, nodding girlishly, and stuck out her tongue.

It was quickly growing into the 10-inch snake he had promised, and she tested the air in front of her with her rapidly growing appendage.

"And you, Suzi, how about some milk with rather interesting effects, wouldn't you like that?" Immediately her breasts ballooned out to almost 3 times their original size and settled lower on her chest as they filled with milk. Her areolas grew to the size of large saucers and her nipples looked like small thumbs.

Her nipples darkened to a rusty brown and both Suzi and Cari, as they would now be called, jumped up and down, clapping their hands and giggling like the brainless sluts he was forcing them to become. "Susan, Caroline…" a quick stab of pain went through my skull and I cried out. "What are their names Lizzie?" He had forced the last syllable to take on his sinister tone.


He wouldn't even let me call my sisters by their real names. "But, please-" a quick throb served as my warning not to push the subject any further. He wouldn't stop until I had submitted to him. I turned my eyes to the ground, ashamed that, in some horrible way, I loved the way he was treating me.

"Their names are Cari and Suzi." I said, avoiding eye contact with him. My obedience was rewarded with an increase in the pleasurable warmth between my thighs. At some point I had grown very aroused, because my pussy, clearly displayed because of the tables stirrups, had swollen, leaking freely onto the table underneath me. "You will find that obedience will be rewarded with pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, but insolence will result in nothing but pain.

Now you can make your choice: you may submit to me and allow this process to go smoothly to its end, and I promise you it WILL meet its end, or you can fight it, suffer agony, and still end up the bimbo you're already becoming." He had slowly paced in front of my, my sisters' eyes locked onto him or, more specifically, his crotch.

He strut about like a professor giving a lecture, and I found myself hypnotized by the steady swing of something solid in his sweatpants, something long and limp, reaching far down his leg.

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I was overcome by a desire to get to it, to put it in my mouth, my pussy, even my ass. He caught my stare and smiled warmly at me.

"You see, it wouldn't be all that bad, would it?" He smiled boyishly, lewdly tilting his pelvis outward and making his package strain against the material. "Unfortunately you're not my type. A bit of a beanpole if you ask me." He looked critically at my body and I knew he was right. All skin and bone but with no curves, I wasn't even a real woman anymore. "You're doing this to me, aren't you?" I said, my cheeks reddening as I realized I was still looking at his crotch.

"Oh no, I've done nothing but show you what you needed to see." He walked back over to my sisters and hefted Suzi's milk-filled udders, aiming her nipple towards my prone form. "I've shown what a real woman was, and now you know exactly what you need to do, don't you?" He punctuated the sentence with a sharp squeeze on her tit, sending a fine spray of her white nectar streaming towards my body. It hit me in my thigh, the warm milk tickling my skin and then dribbling down, making a small puddle beneath my flat bottom.

I nodded my head, knowing what I had to do. I had to fuck him. I knew it wasn't really me that wanted this, that it was simply some sick mind game of his, but it didn't matter.

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I was overcome by a sick need, a deep hunger for his cock, I craved it I needed it deep inside of me, filling me with hot cum, leaving me the writhing slut I was bound to become sometime. "All right, I know, I'll do it! I'll even enjoy it. I need it, I need your big fucking cock. That thing must be huge when it gets hard!" I giggled, flinching at the sound of my own voice. "Oh, you'll get a piece of me eventually, and you're entirely correct. You will enjoy it, that I can promise you.

But first, your sisters need a little attention, don't you think." He rubbed at Suzi's nipple with his thumb to emphasize his point. "No, you promised you wouldn't hurt them!

You said you'd leave them alone!" I writhed against my bindings. He laughed at me, a knowing smile splitting his boyish face. "I was completely honest that I wouldn't lay a hand against these two, and I WILL let them go once I finish with you.

In fact, I'm not going to fuck your sister's. They're going to be having a little fun with you." Cari and Suzi stepped forward, casually surveying my body to decide where to begin first.

"Cari, why don't you get started on your sister's wet little cunt? She's been excited for far too long, and even a frigid little bitch like her deserves some release." Cari stepped forward, her long, thick tongue unraveling from her mouth and wriggling through the air as she approached my position in the chair. She got to her knees with her head between the stirrups, leaving her mouth in the perfect position to eat my pussy.

She reached out her tongue and ran its tip along my soaking slit, eliciting a gasp from my lips. "Please, Cari," I cut myself off by moaning as my sister circled my clit with her tongue, teasing me but refusing to lick my button.

I tried to regain control of myself, pushing myself away from her searching tongue the best that I could, but her new 10-inch appendage easily compensated for any distance I managed to get between us. "Cari, for god's sake, please! Don't do this. It's wr-" I choked on the syllable and shuddered in complete pleasure as she finally found my clit, tickling it feverishly with her tongue as I was sent into an earth-shattering orgasm.

My skin was on fire and I bucked in my stirrups, unconsciously forcing my open pussy towards my sister's hungry mouth. As I came down from my peak I looked down to find her sliding her long pink tongue along my cunt lips, smiling devilishly up at me. My head was fuzzy and I didn't feel nearly as conflicted about my sister bringing me to orgasmic relief. I didn't know why I suddenly felt comfortable with my sister tongue fucking my cunt, but I didn't care.

All I saw was a huge member in her mouth that was still outside of me, where it didn't belong. It belonged inside me, wriggling and writhing, working into the dark depths that no man's cock could ever go. "Cari, please fuck my cunt, please…" I was begging her, but she only smiled and shook her head, stroking my lips with her tongue. Her face glistened with my juices, making her perfect skin glitter in the light. "Please," I said weakly, doing away with any dignity I had managed to retain.

She nodded, and I quickly felt the pressure of her tongue pushing into my cunt. My lips were pushed aside by her tongue, and as soon as she gained entrance she began working her tongue in every direction, forcing inch after inch of her wriggling tongue into my dripping snatch.

Finally her lips locked on to my mound and I could feel her tongue working its way into the folds I never knew I had. I felt hands taking hold of my hair, and my neck was forcefully turned. Beside me stood Suzi, her breasts more full with milk than previously. They looked to be ready to pop, her skin stretching tight over her fleshy globes.

Droplets of milk beaded on the tips of her thumb-sized nipples, occasionally breaking off and rolling slowly down her body.

She hefted her breast, spilling milk in the process, and attempted to feed her nipple into my mouth. As she did I remembered something the boy had said, something about the milk having special effects. I turned my head away from her, receiving a dousing of milk on my face, and the man chuckled. "What's wrong Lizzi?" He stepped to the opposite side of Suzi, forcing my to look at him or drink from her.

"Don't you feel a little thirsty? Immediately I felt an overpowering thirst come over me. My mouth was cottony, and my throat burned with every inhalation.

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The bastard knew exactly how to make me do what he wanted. "You bastard, I'll- mmph!" As I had gone through the thoughts in my head I had slowly turned toward Suzi, and now her fat nipple was nestled between my lips.

As much as I wished I could tear myself away, I couldn't. I could only wait to see what types of effects he had been talking about. I sucked in long draws on Suzi's tit, sweet cream pouring down my throat and easing the thirst I had been controlled by. Cari's tongue still wriggled in my cunt, my pussy pouring juices out at a faster rate than Suzi's breast. I smiled, content to let my sister's sandwich me hear forever. A pressure began gradually building in my stomach, and as tried to look past Suzi's huge boobs I caught a glimpse that, if I had been entirely under my own control, would have stopped me in my tracks.

My breasts had ballooned out to wobbling cantaloupes capped by dark pink nipples the size of quarters. As I watched they continued to swell, gradually matching Cari's in size, and then surpassing them.

I noticed that Cari no longer rested on her knees to stuff her drooling mouth into my snatch, because now I had an ass that gradually lifted my hips off the table, making it so that she could simply crouch and still remain lip-locked with my cunt. As I drank, my figure became that of a cartoonish fuck toy, which was exactly what I was. I accepted that. The man in the corner smiling at me was my master, and I would do whatever he wanted.

Especially if he asked me to do something about that massive bulge in his pants.

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Before I got to play with master, though, I had to drink up. He didn't like scrawny little girls like me.


I was going to become a real woman. His woman.

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