Ebony fucked in back seat

Ebony fucked in back seat
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With three men that were at least 6 ft tall and about 200 pounds each were standing in front of me, I knew fighting would be useless. Realization dawned on me; I was going to be taken and I had no choice in the matter.

I read once that if you stress about something, you put yourself through it twice. With some knowledge on being captured, fighting only makes things worse. Going quietly was my best bet. I put my hands up in surrender to them, and my head down in surrender to myself. No more freedom; that much was sure. The bigger of the three threw me over his shoulder and began walking, taking me out of my home, with the other two following closely behind.

No doubt ensuring that if I had tried anything, they would be quick to stop me. The male carrying me practically threw me into a car and climbed in after me.

Still, I hadn't flinched or said a word. I was determined to not give them a satisfaction they could have craved and wanted from me losing it. I assumed I wasn't theirs since they were clearly the 'pick up' crew, but they are men, let's be honest. They would probably take every chance they could to have me. I was already about to be owned, I wasn't going to let them have me too.

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I had to keep some semblance of my dignity; it just had to be silent. Once the other two climbed in, the black SUV started to pull off, and I watched as my familiar home started to drift behind me, doing my damned best not to cry.

One of the men started to bound my wrists, and again, I didn't fight. I let him, not even looking at him. Surprisingly, he hadn't covered my mouth with anything.

Although, it was probably because I was silent already. They had nothing to worry about at this point. I thought about how these men probably had families and were doing their jobs. Most wouldn't have actually thought it that way, seeing how psychologically, most would be just thinking of their impending demise; but I was a different cookie. You had to let things be. Sometimes, you just have no control. Realizing that makes situations that you're out of control of helps your own cause. We drove for what seemed no time at all, and no one touched me besides bounding me.

When we stopped, I was taken out of the SUV, and put in a black Hummer stretch limo. The moment I got in, there was a mattress on the floor of the vehicle. And not like in the movies where it's laden with dirt and a mess from a previous engagement, but brand new with beautiful black and red sheets and a pillow.

They placed me on the mattress and quietly yet sternly commanded "don't move." And so of course, I didn't. Now I felt a little exposed. I was wearing my black silk robe that I normally wore around the house with nothing but a black silk teddy on underneath.

On top of that, I was sitting on a mattress in a limo, with three guys sitting around me, just staring. Whoever it was coming to claim me, I hoped to hell they were arriving soon. Just as I thought that, the door opened. A male climbed inside with a black Armani suit on and sat in the seat right in front of me. "Well hello there, puppy." He said with the most gorgeous British accent I had ever heard.

The British weren't really my style; they just weren't that attractive to me. This guy though, was absolutely beautiful. His eyes crystal blue, hair as black as my robe and teddy. He was thin but slightly built, as if to just keep up his health, and not at all addicted to fitness.

The top button of his stark white shirt was opened, and his dark hair stuck out against his light skin. To top it all off, he looked at me as if he had been waiting for me. And now, he was claiming me. I don't know how or why, but I was fucking wet. I shouldn't be. This man just abducted me out of my home so he could own me, and called me puppy. Yet, I wanted to bend over for him and allow him to take me however he chose.

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"You're quiet," he pointed out. "Most would be fighting for their feminist independence. Tell me why. Are you enjoying this? Has this been a secret desire you were too afraid to admit, even to yourself?" Shakily inside, but surprisingly steady aloud, I replied: "no point in fighting, sir." I wouldn't dare admit to being wet. I'm sure his explorations would give me away, and that's how I was going to allow that to happen.

"Smart girl," he smiled wider. As if that was even a possibility. He wanted submission, not a fight. Good. Because he wasn't getting it. I had to keep as much control as possible, even if that meant psychologically. Silence loomed over me. His eyes roamed me from head to toe. I knew I had something going for me, with my natural brown hair with slight natural red highlights; average build (I like tacos), triple D sized breasts.

I was only 5'3, but my legs made up for most of my height, which turned most men on. His blue eyes met the brown eyes that matched my hair, and he stared at me for what seemed like eternity.

Still trying to maintain my inner control, I stared back. I wouldn't let him have the submission he wanted from me. At least not yet. Send the message it was going to be difficult to try and break me down to build me up to his specifications. Still, without saying a word, he leaned over and untied the sash to my robe. "This will not do," he finally said. "Take the robe off, but leave that dashing teddy on." Without question, I slowly took the robe off, hoping to build his anticipation, but not too long that it would anger him.

Balance. Clearly showing that I wasn't sure where to put the robe, he held his hand out and I carefully placed the silk into his hand. "That's better, Puppy." Another run of juices came from my betraying pussy.

How in the hell was that name turning me on? It was so vile. "I can smell you. You want this. Bend over, facing the front of the vehicle." His voice calm, yet demanding. I did as I was told. To add more, "shoulders down, ass up." I was so turned on now. Just teasingly exposed to him, due to my teddy reaching just under my ass cheeks. It was right there in front of him, yet he couldn't see it.

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As if he read my thoughts, I felt him use just two fingers to lift the Hem of my teddy right above my cheeks. "Beautiful," he whispered into the crevice between my legs. I felt his breath on my aching pussy, wanting him to touch me. And not in any specific way. This man could do whatever he wanted and I'd accept. My whole life I had been a feminist first.

Demanding the same respect a man would and nothing more. Balance. Yet, in this very moment, I would allow this man to take me to points of his choice. "I have been waiting for you more than a millennia." He continued to speak into my pussy. I could feel him breathing still, in and out; warm and cold. I felt him slowly take a hold of my thighs from the front and pull my legs apart slightly.

"So wet," he pointed out. His nose brushed my pussy lips, and it took everything I had not to moan. He had barely touched me and I was ready to fall apart.

It was time to admit to myself that I was absolutely into this, and there was no more fighting the thoughts. Yet, I still wouldn't let him hear me submit. Scientifically, when a woman is touched, she gets wet.

Not a definite sign. Deliberate actions give away to true desires. This was definitely being done purposefully. Him teasing me. He wanted my reactions to his touch. I wanted to give it to him.

To give into him. I shouldn't, but I was so close to giving in. "Hold out a little bit longer, Champ. Keep teasing him back," I encouraged myself. Right when I started to feel more strength, the tip of his tongue touched my hooded clit, and ran it from there, across the length of my lips never inside teasing the spot between my pussy and my ass, finishing with my asshole, paying special attention there.

Never entering, but just enough pressure to make me squirm. Shit. "There you are, Puppy. I knew you'd like that." He did it again, just as agonizingly slow as last time. I moaned in my throat, fighting to keep it from reaching my lips. Not. Yet. This time, when his mouth touched me, he pushed his tongue just enough to open my pussy lips to expose the wetness inside them.

His tongue then dipped inside and explored my soft tunnel as if searching for something. I moaned aloud, pushing into his mouth, wanting more.

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He defeated me. I defeated myself. His hands gripped my thighs tighter, and in response to yet another moan, he dipped his tongue further inside. Somehow, his tongue was so deep it hit my g-spot and I cried out. It was his turn to moan into my pussy, and I almost fell apart. Just like that, his face was gone, leaving me wanting, needing more. I wiggled my ass in request, but he never returned.

"Get out," he growled and it dawned on me that the three men who captured me were still present. They watched it all. Witnessed another man ravish my pussy. I heard the door open and close.

We were alone. I was spun around and now on my back, my knees up but closed together, now feeling humiliated. When the car began to move, I still was unsure of the next actions that would take place, but the man sat back on the seat, licking his mouth clean, looking at me. Watching carefully. "Spread eagle," he quietly demanded, and I did as I was told. He then looked between my legs at my soaked and swollen pussy, never moving his eyes away. I watched his intrigued face. "Until we leave this vehicle, you are free to speak as you wish.

You may ask me anything, and I will answer honestly." "What is your name?" "Lucifer," he emphasized. Okay, wait. Seriously? I was at a loss. I had a million questions and yet I couldn't ask any of them. Was this guy mad? Was he really the King of Hell? The angel cast from the heavens? No way. Those are just stories, aren't they? He must have seen the look on my face, because he smiled like earlier. "Yes. I truly exist. And I have absolutely waited millions of years for you.

Time means nothing to you petty humans. For me, it's been agonizingly painful." "What do you mean by 'you've been waiting for me?' Who could I possibly be to you?" "Once upon a time, before I was cast to Hell, I was promised a woman made only for me. As I was being damned, the promise remained; the catch was I had to wait. And wait I did. You're more beautiful and perfect than I had anticipated." "Why me?" "It has nothing to do with whom you are as a human, or whom you've fought to become.

It's not a matter of why. It just is." "I have heard that too many times in the Christian religion; just believe." He laughed at this. "Christian also has nothing to do with it. Jesus never happened.

There was only a narcissistic creator. There is no meaning. There is no why. Only how. What other questions do you have?" "You own me." I said more as a statement than a question. "Yes. But you also own me.

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We shall run Hell together. Bare children. And no, before you ask, there is no such thing as an anti-christ. No war. No Revelations or end of days." "Where are we going?" "Have you not been listening? Hell, Puppy." "Why 'Puppy'?" "Everything must have a meaning for you. It's your nickname. Get used to it. It's not demeaning I swear it." "Please touch me again." WHAT? I hadn't meant to say that aloud.

Had I?


The smirk on my owner's face said I indeed had asked him to. "Not yet, love. Soon enough. All of your darkest desires will be met." His eyes darkened at that statement, and I wanted to both hide somehow and bounce with excitement. I was wet, yet again.

He smiled a knowing smile as if he already knew I liked that and the testament of it was just proof he was right. He knew me.

Knew what I wanted and had only touched me once. "We're here." He stated. Lucifer got out of the limo and turned around to reach out his hand. This was it. I could fight. At least try to. Or, I could take his hand and accept my fate.

Without thinking any longer, I took his hand and let him take me out of the limo. I stepped out to see a crossroads and attempted to stifle a laugh, but the chuckle was clear. "Yes, we enter through a crossroad. Have your fun." He put his hand on my back and we walked through the road heading towards a forest. The moment we walked between two trees we were instantly somewhere else.

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Darkness consumed something inside me. Not danger, and I could see everything. But a feeling. Almost familiar as if I'd felt it before. It was if we were in the same place before, in the forest, yet a different, I don't know, realm? The trees looked to be hundreds of years old, and still filled with life.

The sun was still there and blocked by the trees, yet tinted crimson. Not what I expected Hell to look like by any means. In the silence between us, I could hear nature. "Open your mind, Puppy. What you read about were just stories made up to make you believe in something fictitious.

Things flourish in Hell. The wicked are not on this plane. That's why they call it the 'pit of Hell'." What was there to say? Nothing; and so I didn't speak. I kept walking with him until we hit a clearing with what looked like a Dracula mansion. Huge, brick with steeples. Not tortuous or abandoned. Yet dark. The darkness seemed to never fade. "Welcome home," he whispered in my ear.


When we entered Lucifer's home, it was almost modern yet old fashioned inside. There were old paintings from years before my time and further back to times I hadn't known existed.

The floors were marble and the furniture is what was modern. A red chaise lounge was up against one side of a wall while there was modern chic chairs on the other side.

Chandeliers marked the ceilings that we're absolutely gorgeous. I would have never in a million years been able to afford even one of them. The stairs Lucifer was leading me to wound loosely and I was literally in awe. He led me up the stairs and turned left. There was a door at the end of the hall that we were clearly heading for. We stopped right at the door.

Before we entered, he turned to look at me, and smiled that devilish grin (pun absolutely intended), then turned back and opened the door. The first thing I noticed was the bed. It was definitely a California King with silk black sheets and a poster including the black curtains that were drawn to go with it. Everything was black.

The window curtains, the carpet, even the walls and furniture. There was a chandelier hanging above me. Seems like he's into those, but no complaints here. Lucifer picked me up and threw me on the bed, and in an instant, he was on top of me.

"Now, where were we." He said almost as if he was hungry. Immediately, one of his hands grabbed the back of my hair, while the other was ripping my teddy off. His mouth met mine, and I responded. Hell, if I wasn't going anywhere, and he technically owned me, might as well let this happen, right? The hand that ripped my teddy pulled one of my thighs open, and he started grinding into me. I met him with my pelvis, pushing, wanting more. It caused Lucifer to groan into my mouth, which was my encouragement to get more into it.

My hands started roaming. From his back to his hair, I held on, begging for more. I found his chest trying to take his suit jacket off, but he stopped me.

"Not yet, Puppy. I control things here. You'll come the way I make you." He began to kiss me again, allowing me to at least run my fingers through his hair again and continue to grind with him. His tongue found mine and we danced in each other's mouths. The hand that was holding my thigh reached up and found one nipple and began to play. He ran his finger on it until it was hard, then began to pinch it a bit just to cause a smidge of pain. I jumped a little but enjoyed it.

His fingers then went to my soaking wet pussy and just lightly brushed the wetness. They went back to my nipple and the cold wetness felt so good. I was writhing and moaning in his mouth. I would ask please if I could, but his tongue never left my mouth. And then he was no longer on top of me.

I shook with need, and he stood in front of the bed, smiling that smile, beginning to take his clothes off. He did it slowly; agonizingly. Torturous man. When he removed his pants, I could see the bulge in his boxer briefs. He was big. Like big. I didn't think this man would fit inside me. Another knowing smile and he took his underwear off.

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I swear it was at least 9 inches in length and 3 inches around. Again, that smile. "Come, now. You didn't think the King of Hell was packing it? I will admit I've had many lovers over the years between men and women, and yet, they all accommodated, as you will. Don't fret.


I'll be gentle. At first." With that, he climbed back on top of me, grabbed my hair once more and kissed me one more time. He let go and moved down so he was on his knees in front of me. Lucifer rubbed his huge cock up and down my pussy, his eyes never leaving mine.


He lifted one of my thighs up and began to slowly enter inside of me. Instantly, with just his head, I felt the stretching. It wasn't painful, but I definitely felt the pressure and was grateful for his kindness to go slow at first. Literally at first. After maybe two inches we're inside of me, he slammed all of the rest of him to the hilt. I felt a little pain that time, and my half cry, half moan made it pretty obvious. He leaned down and whispered "I told you it would accommodate." He stayed there, not moving.

I assumed he was waiting for the queue that he was good to go, but I assumed incorrectly. Before I had a chance to do anything, he pulled almost all the way out. Instead of slamming back in like I had expected, he slowly entered back in, again to the hilt. I moaned again and met him with my pelvis asking for more. Still holding my thigh, he pushed it back so my knee met my breast and began to slowly thrust, looking into my eyes. "So tight," he whispered. I began to enjoy his whispering.

It was as if he were telling me a secret. It was hot. His thrusts became faster, but no too fast so we could enjoy the moment. I continued to meet his every thrust, ensuring he got as deep in as he could. He began to grind when we met each other, and I started to cry out louder, almost falling apart.

I was almost there. "Please," I whined. "Yes, Puppy. Now you may come for me." I was almost there when he stopped. "Look at me." I did, and he went back to business. We looked into each other's eyes as we met each other. I was literally almost there. He let go of my thigh, and I wouldn't dare move it. He moved his hand to my pussy and started to rub his thumb on my clit, causing me to cry out even louder.

"Lucifer!" I yelled. "That's a good girl, come for me." The words of my encouragement, I came, still looking into those eyes. The eyes of determination and need. He came almost instantly as I did; just a few short thrusts later. Not needing to thrust harder or faster. My falling apart smashed him into pieces before me. He laid on top of me, laboring our breath together in pure bliss. Instantly, my brain kicked in. 'Oh. My. God. I just fucked Lucifer.

My dad would disown me if he ever knew this.' Lucifer picked me up and lifted the covers to tuck me in. He didn't lay with me, however. "My love, I have some work to do. Sleep. When I return, there will be plenty more ravishing." With that, he kissed me on the lips, and he was gone. I felt like I couldn't sleep, but as soon as I tried to start thinking about things and try to wrap my head around this, I stretched and passed out.