Fudendo uma Novinha Gostosa no onibus Publico

Fudendo uma Novinha Gostosa no onibus Publico
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"say, Nathan? How far do we have before we get to your house? Just five more blocks." Tyler and Nathan have been friends ever since childhood. And even to this day Tyler still has yet to meet his mother.

He has no idea what Nathan's mother looks like. Tyler was a tall 6ft one black man who is slightly muscular. Light brown complexion. Brown eyes. Today he was wearing a black T-shirt with blue shorts and Jordan shoes. "Hey, Nate. How come I Never Met Your Mother? If you wanted to meet her you could have just asked me. Come on man. I've known you all these years and you've never once suggested your mother. Or ever talked about her. How come? Because I get shy when people me her.

What? Why?" Nathan was also tall but he was very slim compared to Tyler. he always got shot by whenever people met his mother because she would Baby him in front of his friends.

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You know like show off a bunch of baby pictures and stuff like that. Nathan what's the typical nerdy type of character. Wearing glasses a white polo shirt and tight black pants. Nathan slowly moved his head down embarrassed at what he was about to say. "alright well, you know I'm white right? Of course, are you okay Nate? No, I'm not okay but let me finish. You know the stereotype about white mothers right?

Yeah, I do." Nathan takes a deep breath trying to relax. Knowing that if he tells Tyler then he won't be as embarrassed. About him meeting the person who gave birth to him. "then you know my mother is gonna baby me in front of you. Come on bro. It won't be that bad." Nathan stays quiet for a moment as they were walking. Normally he would say something to immediately but he was trying to come up with a response.

"Of course it's going to be bad! I don't want my mother to talk about me to you!" Tyler explodes in laughter knowing Nathan was being ridiculous. This irrational Behavior was normal for Nathan. "Bro. There's nothing that your mother can tell me about you that I don't already know.

I know it's just&hellip.oh lookie we are here." Nathan takes a deep breath slowly knocking on the door. The next thing they knew a gorgeous woman came to the door. When Tyler saw her his eyes lit up. The woman has huge tits nice blonde hair very thick and a nice firm ass. Also has girl sandals revealing her beautiful feet as well. "Hey honey you're home!

And you brought a friend? Yeah. His name is Tyler Johnson. A pleasure to meet you, ma'am." she shakes Tyler's hand as he was staring at her nice impressive cleavage.

The huge bust in front of him was mesmerizing. At that moment Tyler had to keep his mind off of dirty thoughts. otherwise, he would get a boner. Nathan's mother Smiles passionately moving to the side.

"you boys can come on in! I'm just making dinner." his mother casually starts walking inside as they proceeded behind her. as they were walking Tyler's eyes lit up looking at her big round ass. It was pretty impressive already that she has a huge bust. Now you mean to tell me she also has a nice round firm ass. This milf is the definition of a goddess. Not too many women have huge tits nor ass. She was something special. Something he really wanted to fuck.

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Tyler had the urge to slap her ass but he held back out of respect for Nathan. although he secretly wanted to fuck her. but he couldn't let his friend know that. before Tyler and Nathan was about to enter the kitchen he stopped when he realized he didn't introduce himself. "Oh, where are my manners? Sorry about that my name is Tyler!

Tyler huh? So you're my son's childhood friend? It's a pleasure to meet you Tyler!" she walks up and shakes his hand while he stares at her tits without her knowing. They were so big and very squeezable. Nathan's mother gives a friendly smile at Tyler. She has such a beautiful smile. And if it's this nice just imagine how nice her sexual expressions must be.

She slowly pulls away smiling while getting ready to fix some food. "my name is Natalie. It's a pleasure to meet you Tyler. Same to you misses Natalie!" Tyler and Nathan walked over to the table and sat down.

His mother has a really big house in a very quiet neighborhood. Crime rarely happens in this neighborhood. "so why am I just now meeting your friend honey? I umm well. You see. Just tell her and get it over with Nate. Fine. Because Tyler was always busy and we barely had time to talk or text." When Nathan's mother turns away Tyler signs while looking at Nate. couldn't believe he actually lied to his mom. now if she asks him something he will have to come up with a lie now thanks to Nate.

"Why were you so busy Tyler? Oh umm because of my a high IQ. The teacher was giving me a little extra hormones work. Plus I had to do things around the house like chores and stuff." Tyler felt bad that he actually lied to this woman.

One thing about him he hated lying. It wasn't fully his fault. it was Nate's because he got him caught in that lie. Feeling guilty Tyler is about to tell her the truth. "Actually Mrs. Natalie the real reason." before he could say it Nathan intervened. "He was about to say something else.

Could you please excuse us for a minute mother? Sure sweetheart go ahead." Tyler sighs more he got up going with Nathan outside.5 seconds later they went outside and before Nathan could speak Tyler said something. "Just tell her the truth bro. You're not going to die. Of course, I will. Out of embarrassment. Bro stops acting like a little kid and just be a man and tell her. Easier for you to say.

You don't have a mother who babies you. Especially in front of your friends. Bro…" it was a pause for a few seconds. "If your mother does baby you let her. Shit, she's not hurting anyone. You should be happy your mother is saying good things about you. Nothing wrong with that." Nathan stares at Tyler trying to come up with another response.

little did Tyler know that from the window of the house. Mrs. Natalie was checking him out. "Why are you not phased by this Tyler? Cuz this is nothing new to me. And bro you're acting like a hormonal teenage girl right now." Tyler Laughs Again about to go back inside.

He starts walking and before he gets to the door Nathan stops him. "Tyler you are right. Perhaps I have been overreacting. What's stressing you out man? It's nothing it's just. Talk to me? It doesn't apply though. So? I still like to know what's bothering you. Because obviously, this is more than just your mother. Alright. So you know how you lost your virginity in high school right? Yeah, why? what of it?

do you remember when I told you I was going over to a girl's house to get laid? Well, it never happened." they started talking about the situation for a few minutes. After talking about it it was time to go back inside because dinner was done. They both sat down at the table and started eating while Natalie smiles and sits down alongside them. As Tyler was eating his eyes slightly locks on Natalie's huge rack.

It's been ten minutes and he's still mesmerized by her Tits. Who could blame him? They are so big and round.

Surprisingly Nate's mother hasn't noticed his gaze on her bust yet. Suddenly Natalie got tired of being quiet and was ready to start a conversation with Tyler. "So Tyler? What do you do? Oh, I work out at the gym. And I am a college student." Natalie smiles and stands up. "Let me get that for you Tyler." she grabs his plate and starts walking to the sink.

As she was walking Tyler could once again see her ass. To Tyler, her ass was almost as nice as her tits but it didn't matter. Both of them were incredible.

As a child, Nate was clueless about his mother's life. And the things she used to do. When she lost her virginity her, to her boyfriend, at the age of 14. Her lust mode was triggered. After that Natalie was considered by most a sex crazed animal. she would have sex with boys when her parents were away.

If they ever caught her, she would have been in serious trouble. Her parents weren't too keen on the slut lifestyle. Nine weeks after she lost her, virginity she broke up with her, boyfriend because he stopped having sex, with her.


So Natalie has always been a slut, she could never tell her son about her, slutty, nature. Knowing he would be ashamed of her, only that but he'll keep all of his friends, from meeting her, out of fear that she may try to have sex, with them. It wouldn't be easy, knowing your mother is a slut, who is used to satisfy men, he couldn't comprehend how many men she has been fucked, by.

There is one thing Nate, did notice as a child when he was ten years old, his mother, would constantly bring men over for lunch. She always told him they were people from her, job. By him being so young, he didn't think anything was wrong with that, he believed everything his mother, said to him.

Even when he heard noises, coming from his mother's bedroom, no clue of what a slut, his bitch of a mother, is. During sex, his mother, loved when men, called her dirty names, it was a turn on for her. Natalie starts to clean the paper, plate, then looks back at Tyler, eying him down. He didn't realize that she was checking him out, he was too busy thinking about sex, to realize it. Nate's, mother, looks over at the window and realized what time it is.

"On my look at the time, I didn't know it was this late! I guess you'll have to get going now." How strange, it was only 6 PM and alrighty, she's trying to get rid of us. Something doesn't seem right, I'll leave peacefully, but I'll see back later, to see what's she's up to.

"Mom, it's only 6 why are we leaving so early? Oh because I have to clean up plus, I have other things I need to do. Mom, you sound like dad is still around. Wait your father, is dead?

How come you never told me, Nate? Because it's not something I'd like to talk about. Tyler, my husband died many years ago, after protecting the country." Whoa! I had no idea my friend's father, died in the line of duty, must have been a great man! Fighting for our freedom is something not everyone can do. "It's not something we like talking about Tyler.

Now, I think it's time to get going. Okay, mother, see you tomorrow! Come on Tyler, let's go! Alright." they walked out of the house and got in the car, and drove off. One hour later, Tyler was walking up the street, not too far from the sexy slut's house. His objective was to find out what she was up t. In that house of hers, what if he sees interesting?

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Five minutes, later, he reached the house going to the backyard when he got to the back he heard moaning. It was coming from a room on the top floor, now he has to figure out how to get up there. Tyler looks around for something that could help him out, unfortunately, there was nothing he could use. "Ugh! There's no way in! Damnit! Maybe. I should go home?

Oh, wait, the door. Nah, why would it be unlocked? That's foolish unless she made a mistake. Well, it's worth a shot." He goes over to the backyard door, to his surprise the door is actually unlocked. He goes inside and quietly, walked upstairs to the bedroom, where Nate's mother is. The moaning got louder as he got closer to the room. At this point, he was right by the room door and gonna open it. This is crazy, and there's a high chance he may get caught by this slutty goddess.

He opens the door slowly, and just enough for him to look in. In the inside of the room, he could clearly see Nate's mother, laying on the bed with her legs being spread out sticking dildos, in her beautiful pussy. Her huge rack, now completely visible right in front of him and all it was doing was giving him a boner. He just sat there listening to her, sounds of pleasure. He could also tell that her pussy was very wet. "Mm, I wanna see Tyler's huge, big black cock, I want him to treat me like the naughty slut, that I am.

At that moment, Tyler was touching himself without knowing it, he was too busy being trapped, in her gaze.looks down after five minutes, and saw that he was stroking himself, he couldn't believe he was playing with himself in someone else's house. He was just so turned on by his boobie, goddess.

Tyler faps, a bit faster while watching her stick things in her cunt. 20 mins later, he came and quietly and quickly, got out of there. Well, he learned about his friend's mother, she is sexually attracted to him. This is useful information that can be used to seduce her. The thought of sticking that nice long black cock, inside her pussy will feel so good.

Before he knew it he was home fapping, in his bedroom fantasizing about sex with his friend's mom. "Fuck, Natalie makes my dick so hard.

I want to ram my huge, cock, deep inside that pink pussy. Oh, I need to look up porn!" he takes out his laptop and went straight to Pornhub, the largest porn site in the world. When he got on the website he started looking up random, pornstars, when all of a sudden, he spots Natalie and couldn't believe it was her.

Without hesitation, he views the video only to see Natalie, getting her pussy pounded by two men. Tyler laughs knowing that he could do it right. She's probably never went black before. He faps to it for 30 mins and soon came all over himself. "Oh fuck, I made a mess haha well nothing else, to do but clean up." He cleans up and goes to bed. The next day Tyler, woke up hungry and horny with a morning wood, he went downstairs and got ready for work. Tyler didn't even wanna go to work today, all he could think about was Natalie's huge rack, sucking and fucking them.

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Her breasts were big and natural. Thoughts of fucking, she ran through his mind like a raging wolf. Tyler remembers he has work so he had to push those lustful thoughts away. He can't let these naughty thoughts, of fucking her interfere with what he has to do. Natalie is a prize and he will claim his prize later on.

He quickly got ready for work heading out the door. She could wait his personal responsibilities came first. After all, she's not going to help him pay his bills. Precisely one hour later when he got to his job. People were already getting into it which is a very bad thing. they were starting a conflict with one another. he didn't want to get involved so he stayed out of it and went straight to his desk.

Whatever problems they had they need to work it out and fast. Before they get themselves fired. good thing I'm not involved because I don't need to lose my job over this. Unlike them, I actually own a place and I need to pay my bills but otherwise. I probably will get kicked out. I stayed in my office doing paperwork noticing time was flying by.

It wouldn't be long before I will be out of there. I had only one Mission I needed to do after this. And that is to fuck my friend's mother. I imagine her putting her huge tits between my cock and moving back and forth.

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until I come. 6 hours past and it was about time for me to clock out. I finished the rest of my paperwork and I got out of there.

I was driving to go pursue my objective. To get in Mrs. Natalie's pants. I had been driving for only five minutes, and I still have 30 minutes, till I get to her, house. On the way there Tyler was listening to music on the radio, and my friend's house was five minutes away. Time flies by just like that, he reached her house and when he pulls up his eyes lit up.

Knowing he was about to ram her. He got out of the car and proceeded to the front door. He goes up to the front door and knocks on the door, waiting for her to come to the door. Natalie opens the door to see Tyler, she looks at him shocked that it's only him." oh it is you Tyler, where is my boy? Busy at work, I came here to take care of urges. Urges?" She looks at Tyler, in wonder as to what he means. "Ma'am you got a great rack." Natalie's eyes open wide as she begins blushing deep red.

She couldn't believe he actually said that. "Umm, what did you just say?" She wanted to repeat just to be sure. What she heard was really what sounded accurate to her.

"I said you got nice huge tits, so big and round." She blushes more and slightly turns away from him. "Um, yeah that's what I thought you said." She was about to walk away but he moves up grabbing her to him, he pulls her to him and starts kissing her while squeezing her tits as well. Natalie blushes surprised by the sudden kiss.

She kisses back making out with him. Realizing things were going to quickly she slowly, pushed him back. "Wait! We shouldn't be doing this! You're my son's friend. Oh, don't try to pretend like you don't want me." He kisses her more and placed his hands on her firm ass. Tyler continues kissing her eventually, reaching his hand to her crotch area rubbing slowly Natalie moans out getting turned on.

She just said they're taking it as she's utter Tyler's name. "Oh, Tyler." Her voice sounded so sexual when she moaned his name. "You are one sexy MILF and it's my time to claim you. I'll fuck you way better than those pornstars in your videos.

Oh, y-you know about that? Yep seen them." Tyler takes Nathan's mother and bends her over the table. Pulling her panties down and everything and slowly starts to eat her out. "oh fuck! Your mouth is so good! Please don't tell my son." He eats her out enjoying her pink pussy and his dick was hard as a bone. He pulls away slightly smirking. "I won't. I don't think he would be happy knowing what a slut his mother is." her ass was shining from the window light and it was mesmerizing.

He lightly fingers her clit with two of his fingers. "You like that don't you? You naughty bitch! Y-yeah I like it. That's right moan slut." He fingers her harder as he gets ready for the main course. He ends up in his pants pulling out his nice long black cock. As Natalie looks at him Blown Away by his size. "Good God that's a big cock! That might rip me in half.

that's at least 11 or 12 inches. You are a slut. I think you will be able to handle it." He Smurfs and without hesitation he positions himself and slams deep into her pussy causing her to moan in pleasure. "Ahhh! So-so deep!" Tyler starts to hump away loving the Sweet Sensation. He could see his big black cock going in and out of her pink pussy. "Oh fuck! Grr! So good! So tell me, white bitch. is this your first time going black? Yes! It is!." Tyler lightly starts to squeeze her tits while moving back and forth.

"slut you better bounce back against my cock. Y-yes Daddy!" she started bouncing her butt against his cock creating extra pleasure. "Yeah-yeah that's it! You white bitches were designed to take big black cocks!

Yes, Daddy! Use me however you please! I'm nothing more than a white slut for black cock!" he remembers he brought something that he could use on her. So he stops moving as he slowly pulls out. "You stay right there and don't you move! Yes, Daddy!" He goes over to a bag and takes out a gag ball.

he puts the gag ball on her so she couldn't speak and continues fucking. "Hehe, you're such a naughty slut, allowing me to do this. Not even putting up much of a fight.

Perhaps this is one of your fantasies. To be dominated by a black man with a large cock." She tries to speak but she couldn't so she nods at him. "Haha if your son saw you right now. he would say my mother is such a slut!" He slams a bit harder causing her to really moan.

"Mm, this pink pussy is so good! Fuck yes! Hey, tighten your pussy bitch!" She does what he says and tightens it up for him. Natalie Loved being dominated by this black man. He pulls out tired of doing all of the work. He looks at her as she stood up waiting for a command. "Well, what are you waiting for? Giving your knees and suck my cock slut!" he goes over to her and takes off the gag ball for a bit.

So that way she could suck him off. She gets on her knees and slowly started sucking him off. "Mmm, that is it!

Suck it like a popsicle." he moves her head back and forth loving it so much. She tries to take in as much of him as she could. Hopefully not gagging, after all, she didn't want to choke. She was giving him a mean blowjob. He felt it coming. "Grr, it's coming!" He feels up her mouth with sperm as he moans.

For a quick second, she had to struggle to get it all down. Eventually, it goes down her throat as she pulls away panting. "Did you enjoy your little treat? Yes, Daddy, I did. That was only one of your treats.

Now I want you to sit up and follow me to the bedroom. And make sure to collect the gag ball." she nodded slowly stood up getting a gag ball and follows him to the bedroom. When they got into the bedroom, she looks at him smiling lustfully. "Now what Daddy? Am I the first one you called daddy? Yes! You are the only one. Okay, lay down on the bed and spread your legs. Okay." She gets on the bed and spreads her legs for him. "Unbuckle your shirt too. I want to see that impressive rack of yours".

She unbuckles her shirt revealing her beautiful bare tits. She wasn't wearing a bra so they were completely visible to him. He goes over to her and grabs her tits. He begins to suck both of her nipples one by one. She Softly moans as he sucks her tits. She sucks her tits for a minute and pulls away. "Mm, you are the best milf! Other hotter than a milf with huge breasts and ass" she looks at him starting to blush.

"am I really that sexy to you Daddy? Yes, the hottest milf I have ever seen." He moves his hand down and lightly fingers her cunt. She moans more blushing more. "Mm fuck my pussy Daddy! Please, I need your cock so badly! Okay since you are in such a hurry." He goes to the end of the bed. He gets on the bed and positions himself, as he slams into her pink pussy. Natalie screams loudly as he bangs her once again. It didn't take long before she was squirting all over the bed. And even then he still continues pounding away.

"Mm, Daddy! I love your big black cock! Pound me as much as your heart desires." He grabs her legs bringing her feet closed to him as he fucks. Tyler could feel it drawing near. "Mm, I'm glad I was the only one to fuck this hot milf. I'm such a dirty woman." He smiles pounding her cunt. "I wonder what Nate would say seeing his mother being fucked, like the naughty slut she is. Oh, he'd be so ashamed of me. But I honestly, I don't care. Fuck I got needs." Tyler loved how she was so honest about her sexual nature.

"Damn right you are!" It starts coming. " Oh fuck it's coming!" He starts cumming inside of her cunt making her cum as well. "Hehe, that was wild Daddy! I want more! Then rid me, you dirty bitch." She moved out the way as he laid down and she positioned herself on him. She moved down slowly pushing his cock inside her pussy. One it went inside she begins bouncing fast on his cock.

Her moaning sounded so sexy in his ears. "Hehe, you fuck like a dog! And they say men are dogs. Thank you, Daddy." The sudden urge of climaxing went through her mind as she released.

Releasing her lust juices all over him. She blushes out of embarrassment realizing it's all over him. "Oops sorry, daddy! That's okay my little bitch! Please continue." She continues ramming him for another 30 mins as another urge clicked in his mind.

He growls as he starts feeling up her pussy more with his sperm. "Oh, I might get pregnant! Maybe that's the plan! What will happen if I do get pregnant? Then this will be your first biracial child. And I don't care if Nathan knows." she starts blushing as he pushes her down on the bed, lays on top of her and continues pounding.

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"Ah, yeah! I'm going to get pregnant!" She was right after all. He must have climaxed in her pussy at least three times. And without a doubt, he reached her womb. Strong possibility of pregnancy.

"Mm, are you going to show off your pregnant belly to your son? Yes, I will! Let him know that his mother is going to be carrying my offspring. You are going to be carrying his brother or sister!" he climaxes again and after that, he pulls out expecting a titjob. She gets into position and starts moving her tits back and forth.

After 2 hours of fucking, they were finally done and sleeping in the bedroom. 6 weeks later Nate was coming to check up on his mother. He went up to the house door and rings the doorbell.

"The door's open. please come to sweetie!

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Okay, mother!" Nathan walks into the house and when he saw her his eyes lit up in shock. his mother stood up as he seen her big round belly. at that moment he knew right away his mother was pregnant but he didn't want to believe it.

"Jesus Christ mother you picked up a lot of weight. I'm afraid this isn't weight honey." his eyes lit up even more when he seemed tired of walking up to his mother. When Tyler got in range he placed his hands around her slowly rubbing her belly.

"Mother, what's going on? Well, sweetie. Mommy is such a naughty woman. It appears mommy has gotten herself pregnant.

Are you telling me Tyler is the father? Yep, you impregnated my mother! Yes, I did but who could blame me? She's a hot milf after all! Yes, I am your mother's new boyfriend!" Nathan was staring at Tyler as if he wanted to punch him in the face but didn't have it in him. "Oh perfect just simply wonderful! My best friend knocked up my mother! How can my life get any worse? What's this you're playing Tyler?

To have sex with my mother and to impregnate her? No, I just wanted to have sex with her. The thought of impregnating her was something I wanted to do though." Natalie blushes more as Tyler rubs her belly. "To be honest I'm happy he did. He made me so happy. and honestly, I've been wanting another baby for a long time.

Just haven't found any donors but now I have." Natalie Smiles slowly walking over to her son. "I know this is a lot to take in Son. But don't stress about it too much. After all you're going to be a big brother! I'm not stressing over you being pregnant. I'm stressing because it was my friend who impregnated you in the first place!" Tyler walks up to him as he looks him in the eyes.

"Listen buddy. I'm a man and you're a man.


It is in our nature to procreate so don't be mad at me. just accepted and life will be a lot easier from there. Hell if anything I just increase the population by 1 baby.

accept it because when your biracial sister comes you're going to have to take care of her. Ugh! I guess you're right.at the same time I am happy that I'm going to be a big brother though. Even if it's your baby.

Hehe your mother looks so sexy being pregnant doesn't she?"