Cute busty GF teen smashed by a ebony BFs slender dick

Cute busty GF teen smashed by a ebony BFs slender dick
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I was only 3 years old when my father decided to take his own life. I never really got to know him or what he was like. Growing up I had always thought that my daddy just never was.

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I didn't find out the real truth until I was a week away from turning fourteen. My mother told me later, that she was ashamed to tell me and wanted me not to have to wonder 'why' growing up. I understand her reasoning though. I really do. The day that she told me the truth about my father was certainly a day that was, well weird.

Everything that day just seemed to go somewhat differently than usual in most aspects. It all started when I woke up around two in the morning and noticed my television was still on from the night before. I scrounged around the sheets trying to find the remote, but to no avail. Sluggishly I stumbled out of bed and shut it off manually.

At the moment I didn't have to pee but figured that the second I lay back down is when the urge would come. I slowly exited my room and started down the hall to the bathroom. I noticed my mother's television was also left on. I quietly opened the door and noticed that she was fast asleep. It was really hot and muggy in the deep beige colored room just as the whether had been the past week.

Neither my mother nor myself liked air conditioning, her because of the cost of cooling the house, and I because of the aches and pains it left in the joints of my body. The glossy finish of the rosewood trim in her room reflected the blue's in the television picture and danced little shapes all about the room. The curtains that draped over the six foot windows blew in wild cascade as the dual fan blower in the window shuffled in what cool air there was outside.

I walked over and clicked off the TV and started for the door when my mom began to whimper. I was hesitant as to what to do, and then it seemed as though she was beginning to cry.

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I felt bad for her because I knew she often had nightmares, but this was the first time I had ever seen her having one. I slowly approached the bed as she continued the soft cries. I placed my hand on her shoulder and softly shook her. "Mommy?" With my subtle motions she sat directly up in bed and yelled out. I was so startled that I jumped back and smashed my heel on her nightstand. "Oh dear, honey are you okay?" she asked as she held her hand out for me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you." "It's okay ma, I was just concerned." "Mommy was just having a bad dream, that is all." In all of the confusion, one of my mothers spaghetti straps from her cream colored top had fallen to the side exposing part of her breast. My mother was quite a pretty looking woman.

She was about 5'5", about 120 pounds, and although she wasn't skinny, she carried it really well. Her legs were strong and firm, she had a nice round ass, a tummy that was round but not fat, and I would have to say about a C cup. Her hair was long and brown with somewhat "poofy" bangs but not like the girls of the eighties that looked like one had fallen over and invented the Garden Weasel.

She was almost always tanned to a light brown, but hardly ever lay out in the sun. Her mouth was small but she had really nice lips that always looked like she was wearing lipstick. She didn't notice the strap but explained, "Oh honey, mama sorry. What were you doing up anyway?" "I had to go to the bathroom and seen your TV was on so I turned it off and noticed you were having a bad dream, and…" "Hush honey.

It's okay. Thank you." She gazed into my eyes and seen that I was mildly upset and startled from the ordeal. With an outstretched hand she called me over and asked me if I would like to lay down with her. "Sure mommy," I replied and began to climb under the sheets. I was only in a pair of cotton boxers and the rest of my body was bare.

As my mom pulled open the sheet I could see the silky shorts she was wearing that matched her top. I could feel my dick growing as I situated myself in the bed, and it is not like I wanted to have sex with my mother, but she was very pretty and the sight had just engulfed me.

At that time my mom noticed the strap and went to slide it back up on her shoulder but the back of it tore away from the rest. "Damn," she exclaimed as she examined it. "Would you like me to grab you a different one?" "Naw, that's okay sweetie." With that said, she pulled the top off completely exposing her breasts. With my head on the pillow I couldn't help but stare in amazement. I had never seen her breasts this close before. In fact the only time I ever seen them was when I was twelve and ran into the bathroom while she was in the shower.


I was a little uncomfortable but she didn't seem to be. Glancing down she noticed me staring at her and said, "Am I making you uncomfortable?" "Well, I just didn't expect that.

It is okay though." "Hmmm. Okay, huh? I notice you looking honey; you don't have to pretend you are sleeping. Do you like what you see?" I paused. "Listen honey, mommy knows you are young and your hormones are raging inside, and just because I am your mother doesn't mean you can't look at me. It is okay honey. Do you like my boobies?" she said as she wiggled them back and fourth. "Yeah, a lot actually. I think you are really pretty mommy." "Well thank you.

That is really nice," she said as she reached down and held my hand. "Have you ever seen a girl naked before in real life?" "Well, no." I wasn't about to admit to seeing anything previously.


"Here," she said as she brought my hand up to her right breast. "Touch it. It is okay." As I began to do as she instructed, she went on, "I have heard you before talking to your friend about those movies you seen at his house and how you wished you could just touch one. So now you know.

Is it everything you thought it would be?" "It's better than I ever imagined." With a chuckle she retorted, "Well, okay then." She moved my hand back away and laughed a little more.

Then she gave me a somewhat hard to explain playful grin and then got under the covers and we were facing each other. She moved in close to me and kind of pulled me in close to her so that her breasts were pushing up against me. I began to get extremely erect, more than I ever had before. My boner poked through the hole in my boxers and touched my mother's stomach. I was so very embarrassed and she must of known that because she looked into my eye and told me that there was no reason to feel embarrassed.

Then softly she said, "Honey, it is normal to have a reaction like that. I really don't mind. Hey, give mommy a kissy good night." I brought my lips toward her cheek but she turned her head at the last moment so that our lips came together. As I pulled back, she moved toward me and kissed my lips again. I smiled at her, and kissed her back. This went on a few more times, kind of as a game, and then when I went to kiss her she stuck her tongue out and pushed it between my lips.

Inside my mouth it met my tongue and I just let my mother's tongue move around with mine. This went on for what seemed like forever but was only probably thirty seconds. She then said, "Let's sleepy now honey." I smiled and acknowledged by laying my head back on the pillow. She pulled off her bottoms and threw them on the floor. I was thinking about slipping my boxers off, but wasn't able to think long because my mom reached down and pulled them off for me.

"It is too hot to have anything on tonight," she said.

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I was still hard as a rock and it felt so good. My mother edged herself upward a bit and somewhat slid my body downward so that my face was now directly against her breast. I cannot explain how or why what happened next, but it just did somewhat naturally. I opened my mouth and placed it around my mother's nipple and began to softly kiss and lick it. I could hear her gasp, and then moan slightly.

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She brought her leg up between mine and placed her hand on my ass. She pushed me forward so that I was grinding my erection on her leg. I was engulfed in pleasure. I brought my hand up on my mom's tit and cupped and caressed it.

She took her hand off of my ass and put it on my head pressing me hard against her chest. I kept grinding away into my mom's soft and smooth leg, and almost came.

I stopped though because I thought that it was going to be wrong. However, my mom knew and told me not to stop, and that it was okay. So I grinded a couple more times and began to cum. It was total ecstasy. With each load that came out my mom let out a small grunt. I swear it felt like I came two cups worth because both my mom's stomach and mine were soaked with my sticky fluid.

Though there was other wetness too, a wetness that was hard to explain. It was really wet, but warm. I didn't think nothing of it and just let my body relax. I felt my mom bring her hand down and rub the cum that had spewed up onto our stomachs.

After that I don't remember much but feeling really sleepy. I heard my mom softly utter, "you're such a good boy," and I fell right to sleep in my mothers arms. I woke up around five and realized where I was.

I was still in my mother's arms, my face next to her chest, and I was really sticky. I lay there and stared at my mother's breasts. She started to move around and opened her eyes and looked down at me. "Hi honey.

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How was your rest?" she asked. "It was good," I replied with a smile. She smiled back and stuck her tongue out at me in a playful way. I continued to smile and told her that I had to get up to pee.

"Really?" she asked playfully. I shook my head yes, and got ready to get up when she grabbed me and began to tickle me. Laughingly I said, "Ma, I'm gonna pee my pants." "That's funny, you're not wearing any!" She continued to tickle me and laid me down on the bed, straddling me. I had a slight boner, but it was definitely due to having to piss so badly. She kept tickling me and all of a sudden I began to piss.


As it started to flow out, my mom leaned down on top of me and turned us both over and as much as I tried not to, I continued to urinate between the two of us. It seemed as though she enjoyed it, and looking at her I noticed her eyes were closed and mouth opened wide. "I'm sorry mommy," I said as I finished. "No, don't be sorry at all honey. It is okay. Mommy did the same thing last night. It's okay you know." Well this answered the question about the wet spot last night, and since she thought it was okay, I figured what the hell, fine with me too.

"Why don't you go start the shower. I know it's early, but we could both use a good wash. I'll be right in." "Okay mom," I said as I got up and headed out of the room. Upon exiting, I walked down the hall to the bathroom, still moistened from the urine on my body.

Once in the bathroom, I grabbed a hand towel and dried off a bit and then started the shower. I grabbed an extra towel and went to bring it down the hall to my mother. As I approached her door, I could see her through the dusky darkness, laying down like she was with her hand between her legs. She was writhing back and forth, slowly and softly moaning. I didn't interrupt, but stood there and watched her.

She was using one hand to massage her breasts and the other was between her legs. It made me think of the movies I had seen before and I felt myself getting excited. She turned her head and looked at me and seen me watching her, but it didn't seem to matter because she just continued what she was doing. I approached her and laid the towel on the bed next to her and told I had brought it for her, but still she continued what she was doing.

"Thanks honey. I will be right there." I took that as my cue to leave and walked back to the bathroom. I had an erection again from watching my mom, but I didn't play with myself or anything. I began to think about what had transpired over the past few hours and tried to figure out how I really felt about it. I at first felt very wrong for doing what I did, but then began to feel that maybe it was just normal. I mean I am a growing young man about to turn fourteen, and from what I know, my mother hasn't been around with anyone in years.

Nobody ever told me that what my mom and I had done was wrong or taboo. It just seemed to be natural. My feelings weren't though. I didn't hate her, but felt the same love for her that I always had, just now it felt like there was something added to it.

I always thought my mom was pretty and that she had a nice body.

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Not like what you see on TV, but nice. I had never felt this before, but now I couldn't stop thinking about it. I turned and hopped into the shower. The water felt warm and the room was quiet except for the sound of the water falling.