Rough interracial sex in the kitchen with the stepdaughter of my buddy

Rough interracial sex in the kitchen with the stepdaughter of my buddy
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She laid on her bed in nothing but a t-shirt she had stolen from his room, she loved having his smell all around her whenever she got the chance especially times like now.

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She had gotten out of school early and rushed home just so she could enjoy some alone time before her parents got home from work. She hadn't been able to get him off her mind all day every time she though of him it sent shivers down her spine. So when she had gotten home and after a quick check around the house to make sure she really was home alone she had slipped into her parents bedroom and grabbed the shirt. She then ran to her room and closed the door leaving it just open enough so she could hear any one if they were headed her way.

After a quick stop in her closet where she grabbed her toy and the small bottle of lube that she kept hidden in a shoe box in the back Looking at her alarm clock she knew she had at least two hours before they got home so it would give her plenty of time to enjoy herself and clean up after leaving her parents none the wiser.

She was very fond of the toy she had gotten, it was a cute pink vibrator that had a long shaft and had one of those vibrating bullets in the tip of it. She sat on her bed for a moment just stroking it pretending as if it was the cock she had been fantasizing about all day, her little fingers tightening and loosening just as if she were playing with a real cock. As the fantasy in her mind played out she flopped back on her bed her hand sliding up under her shirt slowly moving up her body the fingers just lightly grazing over her soft skin, a warmness flooded through her sending tingles down her body.

Laying back she got herself in a comfortable position, she gave a quick listen to make sure she was truly home alone before slipping her skirt off and pushed it and her panties down around her ankles.

Picking up the toy she gave the knob on the bottom a gentle twist and the toy hummed to life a soft whirring noise coming from it she held it for a moment just watching it shake lightly in her hands. Not wanting to waste any more time she grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed a bit of it out on to the toy letting it run down the shaft a bit before she spread it around.

Shifting her hips slightly she opened her legs and slid the toy across her pussy, she moaned softly as it brushed along her sensitive clit she held it there for a moment just letting the vibrations pulse against it getting her worked up.


She was imagining him watching her his cock growing hard as he saw his little girl play with herself, her pussy got wetter just thinking about him and how naughty it was for a girl to want her daddy in this way but since it was only fantasy it wasn't all that bad. Now that she as nice an wet she slid the toy lower and turned it so it pressed into her, the tip of the toy pushing in just lightly, in her mind she was imagining that it was her daddy's cock about to push in to her not some plastic toy.

She pulled the toy back and pushed it in just a little more just the way she imagined he would do with his cock, she imagined he would want to tease her first and make her beg for him to fuck her.

Biting her lip softly she let herself sink into the fantasy "Daddy please don't tease me." She moaned pushing her hips down letting the toy sink in a little deeper before pulling it back. "Aww.does my little girl want my cock that badly?' he answered in her fantasy "Ok I will give her what she wants." And with a quick thrust he would slam his cock into her, but out side of her fantasizing she thrust the toy all the way into her soaked pussy the vibrations of it sending a wave of pleasure through her.

She pressed the toy as deep into her pussy as she could get it to go, a soft sigh of pleasure emitting from her as it pulsed and vibrated against her g-spot. She slowly pulled it back before thrusting it back in and repeated this slowly building up into a quick but steady pace, her hips bucking and grinding down against the toy with each thrust her mind diving deeper into the fantasy of being fucked by her daddy.

He was glad to be out of work early, his boss had been nothing but a dick all day and he wanted nothing more then to get home and relax, but as he pulled up in the drive way he was a little shocked to see his daughter's car parked in it all ready normally she was at soccer practice, but oh well she must have skipped or not had practice.

After parking his car he walked in the door and tossed his keys on the counter.

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"Eva?" He called out trying to figure out where she was since the house was quiet, though he figured she might just be in her room headphones on and her music turned up so he headed to the back of the house were her room would be.

As he got closer to her room he heard a soft muffled moan come from her room that peek his interest, did she have a boy in her room? Was he gonna have to kick some teenage boy ass for touching his little girl? To catch them off guard he slowed down and tried to make as little noise as possible as he opened the door, but the sight he found was not what he was expecting to find. Even worse he did not expect to have the reaction he was having to what he was seeing, he wasn't suppose to be turned on by the sight of his little girl playing with herself.

He couldn't help but have to reach down and adjust himself as he stood watching his little girl buck and moan slamming the toy in her hand in and out of her pussy.

Unzipping his pants as quiet as he could he pulled his dick out and started stroking up and down its length his cock becoming rock hard in moments. He slowly kicked his pants off, the boxers following quickly after, he though he was gonna lose it when he watched his little girl pull the toy out of her pussy her juices glistening on its shaft and it was only made worse when she licked its length before going back to fucking herself with it.

She must have been really lost in the moment if she hadn't noticed him jerking off in her door way yet but he wasn't going to complain he was really enjoying the show.

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"Oh, Daddy." She moaned rocking her body her free hand giver her breast a rough squeeze. Shit he had been caught now and was bent quickly snatching up his pants just about ready to book it out of the room. "Daddy fuck me harder!" she cried out her pace picking up her thrust becoming much more urgent.

This caused his jaw to drop, his little girl was fantasizing about him fucking her? She wanted her daddy in her, man this was a dream come true!

Dropping his pants he pulled his shirt off quiet as can be and slipped over to her bed. Quick as he could he snatched her by her ankle and turned her to face him on the side of the bed, his hands pinning her hips against the bed. "So my little girl wants her daddy to fuck her does she?" He smiled pinning her toy in her pussy with his hips his cock resting on her clit and pussy mound.

She let out a surprised yelp her eyes popping open as she felt his body press against her's "Ah! Dad.What are you doing?" She cried squirming trying to pull free, but it wasn't really doing her any good he had always had a strong grip and each time she squirmed she made the toy push deeper.

Her cheeks burned red with the embarrassment of being caught how could he have been able to sneak up on her like that. "Well ,my little girl seems to want to be fucked by her daddy, so I figured I might just grant that wish for her." He smiled grinding his hips against her pushing on the toy enjoying the site of her squirming as he teased her. "I.I do." She whimpered her hips grinding with his, her horniness getting the better of her "But Daddy.its wrong." She panted trailing off as he reached up and started to rub his thumb against her clit, the little circles his finger was making around it sending little waves of pleasure through her whole body she wasn't sure she was gonna be able to take much more.


"But it looks like you really want me too." He smiled his hands sliding up and cupping her breast giving them each a soft squeeze.

"It looks like if daddy doesn't fuck you soon your going to go crazy." he said leaning in and giving her right nipple a quick suck. "And daddy wouldn't want his little girl to do that." He cooed repeating the process on the other side. "B-but daddy." she panted and moaned her back arching, she was gonna orgasm soon if he kept it up and the though both embarrassed and turned her on."What if people find out?" She asked her hips bucking and jumping as the first twinges of her orgasm rolled through her.

"Well we just won't get caught or tell any one will we?" He asked reaching down and quickly pulling the toy out of her pussy, he didn't want her to cum just yet. "It can be our little secret, how does that sound?" He smiled positioning his cock so it rested with just the tip pressed into her wet little pussy. "would my little girl like that?" He said as he rocked his hips forward just a bit, god help him if she said no because he wasn't sure he was gonna want to stop.

"I would, it can be our secret." Her hips were already rocking forward with his pushing his cock deeper into her, its large size stretching her pussy, her daddy was a lot bigger than her toy but she still couldn't wait to have his cock filling her up. Her brain was screaming that it was wrong to do this with him but she had wanted this so badly she didn't care what it had to say about it.

"You really want your daddy to fuck you my sweet girl?" "Yes please." She moaned arching and bucking against him pushing him farther in.

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With that he grabbed her hips and slammed his cock all the way into her tight pussy. Feeling it squeeze his cock tight was just too much for him and he let out a low growl like moan and started to fuck her fast and hard his hands pulling her hips toward him with each forward thrust.

"D-Daddy." She moaned her whole body trembling as she felt her climax building up fast, she was finding it so hard to focus on anything but him fucking her, it felt much better than she had ever imagined and she soon grinding hard against him each time he slammed his cock forward. Reaching up she grabbed around his neck and pulled him down to her, their mouths met in a passionate kiss each one putting all the passion and need they had for each other into that kiss, it was almost as if they were lovers not father and daughter.

"Wrap your arms and legs around me." He demanded pulling free from the kiss his hands sliding under her ass as she did so. He scooped her up only slowing the pace of his thrusts once he had her in his arms. Turning he sat down on the bed with her now seated on his lap, and with out having to tell her what to do his little girl started to grind and bounce herself on his cock her fingers curling in his hair as she leaned back changing the angle that his cock entered her.

His little girl rode his cock like a champ, no wonder she was always getting calls from the boys at school, though now that he was getting a turn at fucking her who knows if he would want to share her with those immature little punks. "Daddddy.I'm coming!" She moaned her thrust becoming quicker and more jerky as she climaxed. He wrapped his hands around her hips and pinned her grinding his hips up as he felt that tight little pussy squeeze his cock hard as she climaxed.

She panted and whimpered as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her as she road daddy's cock, it was much better than her toy and she didn't know if she ever wanted to go back to using just the toy when she though about her daddy, maybe they could do this more often.

"That's my girl, cum for your daddy show him how much you love his cock inside of you." he said laying back and letting her pleasure herself on his shaft. He as loving watching her squirm and buck against him.

To add to her pleasure he slipped a hand between their bodies and started to play with her clit some, a soft groan emitting from him as she tensed up around his cock. She must be orgasming again he though to himself watching her head lull back.

Having enjoyed the show long enough he wanted to have his own fun, so he grabbed her hips again while she was on top of him and started rocking her back and forth his cock growing rock hard as he felt the wetness of her slip up and down its length. He was going to cum soon himself but he didn't want to risk getting her pregnant, well not yet that is, so he slowed his pace down keeping himself just on the verge.

Rolling so she was back on the bed, he pulled her back to the edge his dick never once slipping all the way out of her. He slowed down to the point of doing just small thrusts enough to extend her pleasure but not enough to push him over the edge. "We don't want to risk getting you pregnant little girl, so where does my girl want her daddy to cum on her?" He asked.

"I can cum on this wet little pussy." he smiled giving her clit a few rough swipes. "Ooor Maybe these perky tits of yours?" He asked giving each nipple a quick tug. "Or maybe you c He smiled an roll over and I can cum all over that tight ass of yours, Where would my little girl like it?" "Hmm.None of those places daddy.' She answered sweetly 'I know another spot you can cum." She smiled sitting up and pushing him back.

She then got on her knees in front of him, her hand wrapping around the base of his shaft. Leaning forward she gave his cock a few experimental licks to see how it tasted, and to test his reaction to what she was about to do. "Hmm.well never expected my little girl would want it there." He said reaching down and petting her head softly.

"Well get too it." he smiled at her pushing his hips toward her eager mouth. He was a little surprised that she wasn't bothered by the fact her pussy juices on his cock, his wife sure didn't, but he was definitely not about to turn down a blow job from his daughter.

She started at the base of his cock and slowly licked up its length to its head, making sure to keep her tongue pressed flat against it. Slipping her lips over it she started to take it in until she could take no more of his cock into her mouth, her hand started to stroke up and down the length she couldn't take in. He let out a deep groan and rest his hand on top of her head as she started to bob her head up and down on his cock, if she kept it up he was gonna blow his load pretty quick.

She pulled back letting most of his cock slip from her mouth and sat just teasing around the sensitive tip her tongue darting back and forth over it while her hand stroked up and down its length giving gentle squeezes now and again. She was tormenting him, but she was doing a damned fine job of it.

He had had enough though his balls were starting to ache with the need to cum, so he place a hand on each side of her head and started to thrust forward pushing as much of his cock into her mouth as she could take in.

She only resisted a little at first out of shock but soon she was eagerly sucking away as he filled her mouth with his cock.

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Once ready to blow his load he thrust in as deep as he could and held her head so she couldn't pull off as his cum spilled into her mouth, he could feel her tongue press up against the underside of his cock each time she was made to swallow his seed. After the last bit spilled out of him he let go of her and collapsed back into her computer chair breathing heavily from how hard he had cum, he hadn't had a climax that good in a while and it felt amazing.

She quickly stood and took a moment to wipe her mouth as she settled on his lap.

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He could feel her pussy leaking its juices on to his leg but he didn't mind, he just put his head back and enjoyed the moment. "Thanks baby girl, your daddy needed that." he smiled opening one eye to steal one more look at her sexy body.

"But I think you should go get cleaned up now." He said gently pushing her up off his lap and towards her private bathroom "Wouldn't want your mom to find out now would we." "No Daddy we wouldn't" She smiled leaning over the chair and giving him one last kiss as she headed into the bathroom.