Extreme fisting and toilet brush insertions

Extreme fisting and toilet brush insertions
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hello my name is liam, when i was 15 my sister was 14.

we had just got back from helping my dad and his football training and at this time i really wanted to try sex, but i thought to myself that i would be very weird trying it with my closest relative. i had an erection jus thinking about it and i wanted it to become reality.

i heard my sister in her room which is next to mine and it sounded like she was getting undressed, so i shouted "come in here" to my sister so she walked in wearin a top, socks and panties but i couldnt see all of her panties, i still had and erection. i was quite nervous about askin her and then it all came out. "would u want to try and have sex with me" she was quite shocked and nervous to.

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" she said very quitetly "yes but this will be the only time if i do not like it". we were both very nervous.

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my sister said "will it hurt" and i said it properly will but you will be fine. so she went back to her bedroom pretending that she was getting ready to have a shower. she wrappd a towel round her and came back into my room holding her bra and panties so that she could put them on when we had finished.

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she put her underwear on my floor. i was sat on the bed with her stood in front of me still with a towel wrapped round her still, i took my top of so all i had left on was my boxers and socks. she said to me "you first" that meant u take off your boxers first and then i will take my towel off after.

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so i slid my boxers down my legs revealing my erect penis, she had never seen and erect cock before so she was quite suprised. then i said to her "take your towel off then". she let go of the towel to reveal her shaved pussy and round boobs.


i was in heaven, it was so good looking at her then i said to her "come closer" and i said "lay on the bed next to me" and she did. we were both totally naked. i said to her "play with my penis" so she grabbed hold of it and started to move her hand up and down on it.

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she done this for about 5 mins and then i said to her "can u put it in your mouth so i can feel what it is like" so she did, it felt so good. she done this for 5 mins aswell. then she knew it was her go so i said to her "lay down on ur back and look at me" she did and then i rubbed my finger up and down her shaved pussy and she started to make noise and then i slid my finger in her hole (or whatever you want to call it) then she made and ever bigger scream.

i moved my finger in and out of her pussy for 5 mins non stop, i was so nice. then i took my finger out and i said to my sister "pull ur legs back so my penis can reach your vagina. she done this by pulling her legs back while she was laying on her back. this revealed her camel toe very nicely. my cock became erect once more. then because i wanted to be safe i pulled and comdom out of my draw and put it on the end of my erect penis and rolled it down my penis.

then i gradually moved my cock towards her vagina. when my penis touched her vagina it felt so good. i pushed my penis in her vagina slowly because i did not want to hurt her. by the time my penis was fully in you could see it was hurting her but she was also starting to like it. then i moved my cock in her vagina for about 5 mins.

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it felt like it was the best thing ever to me. after the 5 mins was up i removed my penis from her vagina to reveal and saw penis and a red vagina. i removed the condom from my penis and i said to my sister to play with my cock for 2 mins orso.

she played with my cock with her hands and her mouth. after a while i started feeling my self wanting to cum but i did not want to ejaculate all over my sister so i said to her "go and get some toilet roll to to catch my cum in" and she said "i dont want to, i want you to put it all over my chest or in my mouth and so i can goto the toilet and spit it out.


so i ejaculated into my sisters mouth. it was the most amazing feeling i have ever had. then she ran to the toilet and spat it all out.

she came back in and we both started to get dressed, jus watchin my sister putting her underwear on was very good. she is so sexy, she put her bra back on and then she bent right over to pick up her thong revealing her camel toe once again which was so amazing.

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than she went back into her room and we have both carryed on with out lives as normal from that day onwards. i just wonder whether she would want to do it again with me and whether she would tell me how much she liked it.

it is a true story and the story contains no lies wat so ever, everythin in that stroy happened.