Gorgeous ladyboy slowly fucked after hot fellatio

Gorgeous ladyboy slowly fucked after hot fellatio
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I have been a fire fighter for almost 4 years. I noticed upon my first day wearing my uniform, that women found me more attractive. I am never without a women in my bed. As I have grown older, I attract younger and younger women.

Today I am 30 and I am dating a beautiful young chick that just turned 21.

Sex is the best it ever has been. She is roughly 5'6" with a 36 Double D tits. Her jugs are so firm that she never wears a bra. She has very narrow hips and the smallest waistline. She loves wrapping her long legs around my waist as I fuck her hard. She is so good to look at and touch. Conversation is not one of her strong points, which is okay since we don't converse too much. Most of our time is spent between each other's legs. I love her tight little pussy.

I enjoy women who shave their pubic hair, which makes the area very sensitive. When I slide my fingers down her slit she is immediately wet and I easily slide my hard cock right in.

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I have always fantasized about having a chick at the firehouse. Fucking her in the house tower and the hose bed. Evening nailing her in the chiefs car. I know if I was ever caught it would be my job, but sometimes "Billy Bob" has a will of its own. It was late on a Friday night and everyone was asleep in the Firehouse. Maggie my 21 year old baby doll was so excited and eager, her face was flushed. She wore a small staples number with crotchless panties.

During our ride over to the Firehouse, she continually touched herself, spreading her legs wide flashing her wet pink pussy at me. Her melons barely contained themselves in their strapless harness. Driving with one hand on the steering wheel, I used my other hand to help my sweet baby to an orgasm. She moaned gratefully, as she bowed her head dutifully in my lap.

She loved sucking my cock to hardness. She unzipped my pants and pulled "Billy Bob" out. "Billy Bob" was her name for my cock. The first time I fucked her she called out that name.


I was so pissed that I slapped her silly, until she told me "Billy Bob" was her name for my cock. She liked naming cocks. Maggie loves being slapped. She purposely is bad so that I bend her over my knees and give her a good spanking. She loves dating older men because they remind her of her daddy, which is fine with me.

I would love to be this girl's daddy, and have had the privilege of teaching her the sexual tricks she needed. I pulled my car next to the curb, about a block from the Firehouse.

We walked around back and snuck in with out making too much noise. I was so excited, my cock was throbbing with anticipation. The first place we headed was the house tower. With out ceremony, I shoved her against the wall and lifted her tight little skirt.

I ran my fingers down her dripping wet pussy. She eagerly spread her legs wide as I penetrated her real deep. She removed the material that was barely covering her large tits and started stroking her nipples.

I bent my head down and grasped her nipples in my mouth, sucking them to hardness. As I sucked her groans of pleasure grew. I finally had to take one of my hands off her wet hot pussy to shut her up. I lifted her slightly off the ground and continued ramming my cock in real deep. It only took a few moments for me to dump my first load. Immediately after dumping it, Maggie knelt down to suck on my cock. She loved tasting the last drops of cum that occasionally, with her coaxing, came out.

I wasn't ready to leave the house tower, as I told her to get up.

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I pushed her against the wall face first, and lifted her skirt again. I moved down her moist panties, exposing her firm tight ass. Out of my pocket I took a roll of duct tape. I taped her ass cheeks open, exposing her pink dark hole. "Spank me daddy", she whispered. I took the belt off my pants and spanked her ass until red welts appeared.

She moaned with pleasure. I positioned my mouth over her tight ass hole and made it moist. I first inserted my finger, testing to make sure she was ready.


Then I shoved "Billy Bob" deep up her tight ass. Again, she wiggled with pleasure, pushing her ass against me, causing my cock to go deeper. I held her hips, pumped her hard, and released the tape.

Her cheeks closed about my cock, holding me tight. With one of my hands, I reached between her legs and played with her hot wet pussy.

I fucked both holes simultaneously, her pussy with my finger and her ass with my cock.


With all the excitement, I quickly came again. She turned around and got completely undressed. She left the house tower and ran over to one of the trucks. I was so afraid we were going to get caught.

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She crawled on top of the truck and finally settled on the hose bed. She looked so at home amongst the hoses. Her long dark hair sprayed around her face. She was riding one of the hoses between her firm legs. I could see her juices bubbling out of her wet pussy. I ran my fingers over her thighs, urging her to spread them further. She reach up and pulled me to her, rubbing her tits in my face. I pulled out my stiffened cock and rode it between her large breasts.

She held me so tight and warm. As I rode her my excitement grew.

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She started playing with my balls and she sucked my head. She ran her tongue over my shaft. Without warning, I orgasmed shooting my cum into her face. She licked her lips and continued sucking my cock, swallowing as much cum as she could get.

She continued sucking on my soft cock, willing it hard again. In moments, and to my surprise, my cock sprang hard to her attention. I ran the tip of my cock down her wet slit. She eagerly wrapped her long legs around my neck, raising her self higher, allowing me to penetrate straight down into her hot cunt. She wiggled against me with pleasure. She fingered her own pussy as I fucked her. She reached between her legs and felt for my balls. As I banged her, she cupped my balls with her hands.

She reached up, and pulled my head down to her tits. I nuzzled my nose between her breasts feeling their softness against my cheeks. I rammed into her one last time, spraying her cunt with another load of my cum.

We laid on top of the hoses catching our breath. She was eager and ready for more. I had told her all about our cheif and how much I resented his authority over me. He was a balding guy with no sense of humor.

He was constantly talking about his hair loss, like having hair is everything. Having a sweet babe like Maggie is having everything. I wickedly looked at his car. The thought had entered my mind before.

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what if. I pulled Maggie off the hoses and pulled her to the back of the chief's car. As I opened the back door, I had second thoughts. I started sweating due to nerves. If I got caught it would be my career. My life as I knew it would be over. No more pretty chicks chasing after me because of a uniform.

Maggie pulled me in and eagerly spread her legs. Getting hard took me awhile, as I continued sweating over the what if's. With Maggie's tender coaxing, I finally got hard ramming my cock into her pink wet pussy. I fucked her like a devil, getting all my anger and hate for the chief out in every motion.

Maggie seemed to enjoy my hard thrusts as she wiggled closer, causing me to enter her deeper. As I came, she pulled me down and cuddled me between her warm arms.

I didn't realize it, but I had started to cry. All the stress and hatred for the man had come up and out. She held me tight, telling me that crying made me sexy. I believed her when I felt between her legs, feeling her silky wetness. She was ready for more.

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I was just about to re-enter her when a call came in. I scrambled out of the car so fast. Maggie was giggling as she ran around trying to find her cloths. I pulled on my pants and ran for the door. I lost Maggie on the way and had to double back.

She couldn't find her crotchless panties. At that point, I just didn't care. I grabbed her hand and ran for the back door. The sweat was pouring out of my body and my heart was hammering in my chest. I was so scared about getting caught, I didn't dare look behind me.

As we reached the car, I saw the garage doors open and the trucks moving out. The chief was in his car, riding out in front. Maggie and I duck down fearing to be seen.

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As they passed, I quickly left the area. I dropped Maggie home who demonstrated her gratitude for a great night.

The next morning I went into the Firehouse.

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I was told about the call that occurred last night and that the chief was in a whole shit load of trouble. It seems that the Mayor found a pair of crotchless panties in back of the chief's car. Having confess to several affairs, he was being suspended until future notice. And it is said there is no justice in this world.