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Fakeagentuk auf multiple Orgasmen von petite blonde Couch Casting
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The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Twelve: The Detour Wednesday, June 22nd, 2072 Sarah Glassner Eugene, OR I was thrilled to see Eugene, Oregon still stood. Many of the small towns that lined I-5 had been gutted years ago.

I shuddered to think how many people were butchered by the Holy Liberation Army. It marched somewhere ahead of us. We saw evidence of their large campsites. They didn't seem to be hunting us, but marching with purpose. "They're marching fast," Chase had noted two days ago.

"Armies often travel slower." But Eugene seemed fine. The city sprawled along either side of the freeway. So far, walking through the Willamette Valley had been a peaceful journey. The four days since Aoifa's exorcism had passed uneventfully. The Willamette river cut through the town and the bridge was still in great shape. "We need to be careful," Chase said. "If the Holy Liberation Army is in town, they may still be looking for us.

Just because they're marching somewhere with purpose doesn't mean they've forgotten their soldiers we killed." "You killed," Queenie whispered. "You never said how you did it, Chase." "I can't die," she answered, her eyes distant. "They could." Sister Stella reached out and squeezed Chase's hand. They were a great couple, even if Sister Stella was a nun. I had been reading from the Glassnerian Bible some more. Sister Cuntrag, as the bible called one of the nuns, seemed like a terrible person until she submitted to my father's will.

And then she was written about in rosy terms before she was killed by Lilith. But I couldn't trust the bible. It was full of half-truths. The Christians had always treated me badly because of who my father was. They punished me for his crimes. It seemed at odds with their bible. But Sister Stella seemed fine. She never looked down at me or treated me differently.

And she did love Chase. Maybe they would marry and she'd be my sister-in-law. The farms surrounding Eugene gave way to the town. At first the buildings were spaced farther apart, with chicken coups and small pastures for dairy cows, but slowly the buildings grew thicker. A heavily-patched, asphalt road ran through the middle town. The asphalt on side streets ended abruptly, like the town was ripping them up bit-by-bit. "They melt the asphalt to patch the main roads," Chase said when she caught me staring.

"Oh," I nodded. We came to the Holiday Inn Express, a five story building with gas lanterns out front, driving back the descending darkness. I smiled in relief. I hoped they had running water. I so wanted a bath that didn't involve cold river water. The inn's doors were glass in metal frames.

They were original doors, left overs from the time when manufacturing could make so many wonders that had been lost with the Tyrants' deaths and the chaotic wars. "Welcome to the Holiday Inn Express," greeted a plump woman behind a marble counter. "Travelers, huh?" "We're heading to see family up in Portland," Chase nodded. "You might want to be turning back," the woman said.

"The Holy Liberation Army's marching north to war. Glassnerians took over poor Salem." The woman shook her head, her jowls jiggling beneath her chin. "But the Army will cleanse it." "And Salem is in our path," Chase muttered. "I'm afraid so. I'd wait a good month or two. Let the Holy Liberation Army do their divine work and cleanse those demon worshipers from Oregon." I reached out and squeezed Aoifa's hand. Her face had gone as red as her hair.

She was still a faithful worshiper of my father and step-mother. We often snuggled up and read from the Glassnerian bible together. She had studied the holy book all her life as a priestess.

She had been groomed to be a virgin for my father to deflower. Apparently, he popped one virgin a day before he died. I bet Rex would love that. "It'll be okay," I whispered. "Don't listen to what she says. They weren't monsters." Even if Chase claimed they were. But she also had nice things to say about her parents.

Maybe they were both Tyrants and Gods. They were good and bad. Maybe they were just humans trying to do what was best. I hoped Chase would write the truth down. Everyone else that really knew my father had died with him.

"I hope Salem wins," Aoifa hissed. "I hope they crush the Holy Liberation Army." "You need to be careful where you say that, wife of mine," Queenie whispered, sidling up to Aofia's other side.

"Okay?" Aoifa sighed and nodded. My heart thudded in my chest. War was ahead of us. What were we going to do? We had to reach Mount Rainier in a month. Would we make it in time? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rex Glassner "You are a bad boy," giggled Darcy, the blonde barmaid.

"I am," I grinned at her. "And I want to show you just how bad I am." "And what would my boyfriend think about that?" Darcy asked, her cheeks rosy. She was a buxom, young woman in a low-cut dress of blue trimmed in white. She waitressed the inn's bar, a dimly-let room full of dark, wooden furniture. "How would he know?" I asked her, caressing her fingers. "It's just one kiss." "I think you want more than that." Darcy arched a slim eyebrow.

"Well, you are such a gorgeous woman. How could I be satisfied with only a brief taste of your charms." I pulled on her hand, bringing her closer as I leaned against the column.

It was private back here. She gazed into my eyes. "You are going to get me in trouble. I love him." "What does that have to do with this?" I asked, bringing her hand down to my crotch.

Her cheeks reddened. "Rex!" she gasped. "That's not appropriate at all." "Nope." My free hand cupped her cheek, pulling her closer. Her hand squeezed down on my cock. "But you don't want to be appropriate tonight. You want to be bad.

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I can see it in your eyes. I can smell the excitement drifting from between your sweet thighs." "You are a wicked man. I have half-a-mind to throw you out." "And what does the other half want to do?" Darcy's smile grew wicked. "Find a cozy spot and find out just how well you kiss." I pulled her lips to mine. She tasted sweet. Her hand squeezed my cock again as her lips worked against mine. I stroked her cheek as I kissed her. I let go of her hand on my crotch and slid it around her waist and down to her ass.

I squeezed her, pulling her closer. "Oh, my, this is going too fast," she breathed when she broke her kiss. "Why do you have to have those blue eyes?" "So I can seduce pretty barmaids," I grinned back. "Oh, do you seduce a lot of barmaids?" Darcy asked. "Am I just another notch in your belt?" "A sexy, beautiful notch. I'm going to enjoy every second making the notch." "Rex!" Reina snapped.

"There you are." "Who's that?" Darcy asked, pulling her hand from my crotch, her tone frosty. "I'm his wife," Reina said, standing beside Darcy. "You're married?" Darcy's eyes grew hard. "You have a boyfriend," I shrugged. "That didn't stop you." Darcy's cheeks grew red again. "And you have four horny wives all wanting satisfaction tonight," Reina continued.

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"Four?" gaped Darcy. "I got distracted," I shrugged. "Isn't she a beauty, Reina?" "You have four beautiful wives." "But none our blonde." I reached out and grasped Darcy's hair.

"Isn't that perfect?" "Then maybe you should have married a blonde wife," Reina shrugged. Tell Reina about Darcy's tits. She hasn't really noticed them yet. I bet she'll love them, my subconscious whispered. "And her cleavage, Reina.

Tell me that's not a perfect set of tits." My twin glanced at Darcy's cleavage. A smile crossed my twin sister's lips, then she put an arm around the barmaid's shoulders. "Tell me, cutie, have you ever been with a woman?" Darcy's blue eyes widened. "What?" "Have you ever eaten pussy before?" "Lord, no," she gaped.

"Want to try?" Reina arched her eyebrow. "I see how you got distracted." "Right," I grinned, sidling up to Darcy and grabbing her arm. "Want to have fun?" Reina gave a wicked laugh.

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"Come along, cutie, I think I saw the perfect place." "But." Darcy protested. "It seemed like you really wanted to play with my husband," Reina purred. "But to do that, you have to play with me." A wicked smile crossed Reina's brown face. Her blue eyes twinkled. "But.it's a sin for two women to." "So is premarital sex," Reina laughed. "And yet you didn't seem to have a problem with jumping my husband's bones. I don't blame you, he's got a lovely, thick bone to jump." Reina pulled Darcy to a small alcove along a dark hallway.

I followed, my cock throbbing. Darcy gasped in shock when Reina pinned her against the wall, kissing her hard. The blonde struggled for a moment, her blue eyes wild. And then she relaxed into the kiss as Reina's hand massaged her tit. "So hot," I grinned, walking into the alcove and unzipping my pants. I pulled out my hard cock, stroking it. Reina reached out and seized it, bringing it to Darcy's hand.

The blonde grasped my cock, wrapping it up as she stroked me. I shuddered in delight, my eyes closing as both women jerked me off as they kissed. Reina's fingers worked at the lacings tying Darcy's bodice closed. My breath grew more and more heavy as her dress parted, revealing the barmaid's pillowy tits and fat, pink nipples. Darcy moaned into Reina's kiss as my twin's brown fingers massaged those ivory mounds and pinched those pink nubs.

"Damn, that's hot." Reina broke the kiss. "Just watch and enjoy." "I always love to watch you," I grinned. Darcy shuddered as Reina swallowed a nipple. I leaned in and kissed Darcy.

Her hand tightened on my cock. Her hand moved with languorous motion up and down my shaft as her tongue wiggled into my mouth. My sister worked farther down, pushing up blue skirts. Darcy broke the kiss, looking down. "She can't," Darcy gasped. "This so.oh, my!" Her eyes opened and she shuddered. "Is Reina's tongue licking through your pussy?" I asked her.

"Yes!" moaned Darcy. "Oh, Lord. That's.wonderful. I've never felt anything like that." "Doesn't your boyfriend go down on you?" "Not this good," she groaned. "Oh, yes!" "A woman knows where to lick," I grinned. "So just enjoy yourself. She'll make you cum so hard." "Yes, yes, yes!" groaned Darcy, her hips undulating. I leaned down and sucked a nipple between my lips, nibbling and chewing on the fat nub.

That brought another moan from Darcy. Her hand stroked me faster as her breathing quickened. She let out sweet moans and gasps as Reina ate her out. My sister was noisy, slurping and licking, munching on Darcy's sweet carpet.

The barmaid shuddered in delight. Her hand squeezed my cock and then stopped jerking. She sucked in a breath, her breasts rising against my face as I sucked and nibbled. She wrapped her hand around my head, cradling me to her bosom as she squirmed in delight. "Keep licking me," gasped Darcy. "I'm going to cum. Oh, yes! Oh, my Lord, yes! That's it! Right there!" Her body spasmed against the wall as she creamed my sister's mouth.

I moved up and kissed Darcy as her gasps and moans grew louder. She thrust her tongue into my mouth as she writhed. Reina drank down all the juices, slurping them down and moaning her own delight. The trembles stopped and Darcy's eyes opened. I broke the kiss and she had a big smile on her face. "Wow." "Yep," I nodded. Reina rose, her face sticky with cream. She unbuttoned her jeans and worked them off her hips, revealing her shaved pussy glistening between her thighs. "Your turn, cutie." Darcy's eyes widened.

"What?" "While my husband fucks you from behind, you get to eat my pussy," Reina purred, pulling Darcy down. "But.but." protested the blonde. My twin seized Darcy's hair and pulled the barmaid's mouth against her pussy.

Reina shuddered in delight as she smeared her hot flesh against Darcy's lips. "Eat me, slut! You want to fuck my husband, pay the price." I knelt behind Darcy, hiking her skirts. Her pussy was covered by a light down of blonde hair.

I rubbed my cock against her pussy, shuddering in delight as her petals caressed my folds. I pushed just the tip in. "She's not licking me," Reina hissed. "So you can't fuck her." "Just lick her," I said, moving my cock around to nudge Darcy's clit. She shuddered and moaned.

"You'll love it. Reina's pussy tastes delicious. I love to eat her out." "But," Darcy protested, "it's so wrong." "You wanted to be bad tonight," I growled. "So be bad. Eat her pussy while I pound you from behind." "I.I." Darcy shuddered pushing her ass back so the tip of my cock sank into her pussy. It was so hard to yank it out.


"Nope. No cock for your horny pussy until you start licking." Reina let out a moan. "Mmm, just like that. Slide your tongue through my folds.

Don't be shy. Really get in there and love me." My cock throbbed as I pushed it into Darcy's hot tunnel. The blonde shuddered, squeezing down on me as I pumped my shaft in and out of her tunnel. I groaned as my balls slapped into her clit. I drove her face deeper into my twin sister's snatch. Reina shuddered as Darcy ate her out. I grinned, my eyes locked on Darcy's tongue wiggling through Reina's slit.

The blonde was getting into her first lesbian experience. She sucked and nibbled, bringing the sweetest gasps from Reina's lips.

I shuddered, pumping harder. Darcy's pussy sucked at my cock. She was tight and hot, and she knew how to wiggle her hips.

"Damn, Rex, you know how to find the sluttiest women," Reina moaned. "Oh, fuck, she's going to make me cum hard." "Drown her with your juices," I growled. "Just flood her mouth with your naughty passion." "Oh, yes!" growled Reina, her back spasming.

"Oh, fuck! You ready, slut. You ready to drink all my juices down." "Yes!" Darcy moaned. "Oh, wow. I never knew. You taste so amazing." "What a slut!" I laughed. My cock ached. Watching Darcy eat my sister made my balls boil. I pounded her harder and harder. Her sweet sheath gripped my cock, massaging me with her silky flesh. I groaned, joining my sister as she writhed and squirmed. "Yes, yes!" gasped Reina.

"That's it! Oh, fuck, you have a hot mouth, Darcy! Drink my cum!" My sister bucked on Darcy's face. Reina gasped as she came. Darcy drank down her juices, slurping with enthusiasm. Her pussy tightened on my cock. The blonde slut's hips bucked back into my thrusts. "Delicious!" Darcy moaned as her back arched. "So delicious. I've been sooo bad!" Her pussy writhed about my cock.

I drove my shaft into her cumming pussy. Her moans were muffled by Reina's snatch. I slammed deeper and unloaded load after load into Darcy's hot, delicious snatch. I held her hips, grunting with each explosion.

I bet her boyfriend never fucked her that hard. "Reina!" Queenie snapped out of the darkness. I looked over my shoulder to see my buxom wife stalk up. "Hi, Queenie," I grinned.

"I expected Rex to be distracted by a slutty barfly, but I thought better of you." Queenie folded her arms beneath her breasts. "Sorry," Reina panted. "But she's never eaten pussy before. I just.couldn't resist." "She's great." I grabbed Queenie and pulled her in. "Why don't you give her a try?" Darcy gaped. "What?" "Time to lick another pussy," I grinned, my cock growing hard.

"You might have to satisfy all four of my wives before tonight is over." "It's the cost for fucking our husband," Reina nodded as she unbuttoned Queenie's jeans. "Sarah and Aoifa will be angry," Queenie protested as Reina pulled Darcy's face between her thighs. Queenie's eyes widened as Darcy began to lick. "Darcy's mouth will take care of their anger," I winked at Queenie.

Queenie laughed, "You're so bad, Rex." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thursday, June 30th, 2072 Reina Glassner The outskirts of Salem, OR We were the only travelers heading north on I-5 in the week since we left Eugene. Three days ago, there was a constant stream of people fleeing south, all complaining about the fighting in Salem. On the horizon before us was a pall of smoke that grew darker as the day passed.

Soon the air was rocked by booms. "I don't think we can go any farther on the road," Chase said, holding Alison's reins. The pack mule didn't seem to care, she just flicked her tail to clear the flies.

Woods surrounded us. The trees looked young. Much of the farmland of the Willamette Valley had gone wild. According to Chase, it used to be very productive land, but thanks to the wars, no one had been farming much of it.

"The trees will provide us cover," Chase said. "We'll just have to circle the fighting and hope we don't get caught up by any screens or scouts." "Yeah," Rex nodded. "I agree." I looked at the rough terrain. "This is going to suck," I muttered. "Yep," Aoifa nodded. The redhead had grown used to walking and didn't complain as much as she had the first few days. She glanced at the smoke, her face growing pale. "I'm sure the Holy Liberation Army is losing," I told her, giving her hand a squeeze.

"The Glassnerians will win. They serve my father." I didn't really believe that, but Aoifa gave me a smile.

She clung to her beliefs like a lifeline. She had a hard time coping with the death of my parents. While she seemed my age, she grew up during the Theocracy, not the aftermath.

She could remember big trucks driving up and down I-5 carrying food and supplies. The world must have been a safe, orderly place. The chaos was a constant shock to her. "Come on," Chase said, moving down a on off ramp that led to some abandoned town.

The signs were gone and the buildings had been consumed by the wilderness. Another site where Glassnerians were butchered by the Christians.

We left roads behind, entering into forests. The smoke was blocked by the branches, but the drifting sounds of fighting penetrated the canopy of green leaves. The pace was slow as we circled out around Salem. By the time the sun set, we still hadn't passed the town.

We went maybe a third as far as we should have. I was sore. Walking on uneven ground took more out of you. Salem was an orange glow on the horizon as we camped. Rex held Aoifa as she tried to ignore the burning. I couldn't look away. So much death was happening because the Christians couldn't leave my father's worshipers alone. It was such foolishness. The world had crumbled into barbarism because of intolerance. If there had been no fighting after my father died, the world would have gone on just the same.

People would have medicine, food, electricity, and all the other marvels Aoifa and Chase talked about. Even planes. They could fly around. How marvelous. Instead, they threw it all away for something as pointless as who worshiped what. I crawled into the tent and fell unconscious in the pile of my spouses. We were all too tired and sad to make love. We just held each other in the press of flesh. I didn't sleep well.

I felt like sandpaper covered my eyes the next morning. The second day was like the first. We kept heading north. The column of smoke, glimpsed briefly in gaps of the foliage, kept us on track.

We were beginning to pass the city. We might be able to start angling back towards the highway by late afternoon. I couldn't wait to reach I-5 again. Chase frowned, looking around. "We should take a break." "What did you see?" Rex asked. Chase grabbed her bow. "I think fresh meat would be nice. I saw a deer." "I'll come," Rex said. "No, no.

You stay and guard everyone," Chase said, her cheeks flushed. I frowned. Why were her cheeks flushed? "Maybe that's a bad idea," I said. "We're losing time as it is." "And we need more food," Chase answered. "Fine," I muttered. "I wouldn't mind the rest," Aoifa smiled, sitting down on a log. That would be nice.

"I'll be back in a little while," Chase smiled. "Take care," Sister Stella said, giving Chase a hug and a kiss. "I will. Watch over my siblings." Sister Stella nodded and joined Aoifa on the log as Chase stalked off into the woods.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chasity "Chase" Glassner I stripped naked the moment I was out of earshot of my family and Sister Stella. Especially Sister Stella. Guilt twisted my stomach warring with the heat boiling out of my pussy. Shadow stalked us in the woods. The demon had caught my attention, his burning red-yellow eyes boring into mine, stirring my excitement.

The demon did that to me. I couldn't resist him. The moment those eyes caught mine, lust burned through me. I latched onto the first excuse I could think of to slip off on my own—hunting.

I knew I would be cheating on Sister Stella. Why did he affect me? Ever since the first time he took me all those years ago, my body ached for his tentacles and demonic cock. I leaned against the tree, the bark rough on my back as I waited for him. Shadow prowled through the trees, flashing ahead, his demonic body reforging out of umbra.

His tentacles undulated as the demon crept closer. "Mmm, I've missed you," I purred.

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"I don't know what you've done to me." Shadow crept closer, his tongue licking his chops. "Or what I did to you." His snout nuzzled at my belly. I reached down and stroked his rough hide as his tongue licked my stomach.

I shuddered in delight. His tentacles caressed me, wrapping around my breasts and touching my face. His tongue licked lower. "Yes," I hissed as his tongue brushed my pubic mound. I tensed as his hot breath rolled over my pussy. His thick tongue caressed the folds of my cunt. My toes curled and I gasped as his rough tongue wiped through every inch of me.


The bliss hammered into my body. My asscheeks clenched as I humped that wonderful tongue. Shadow growled as he ate me. His tongue hungrily swiped through me as his tentacles massaged my tits. His tentacles caressed my nipples. The tingles rippled through me. More tentacles rubbed at my lips. I kissed them. One wormed into my mouth, and I sucked them like a cock, savoring their rubbery texture.

Shadow's tongue wiggled inside me. It was long and thick, filling me up. Pleasure rippled through me. His tongue caressed every inch inside my pussy. The pleasure burst through my nerves.

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I moaned around the tentacle fucking my mouth. The pleasure swelled in my core. Every thrust of his tongue in to the depths of my pussy sent waves of bliss through me. The bark scratched my back as my body tensed. The tentacles squeezed my tits as Shadow sensed my orgasm. His tongue became frantic, teasing my body like he was desperate for my climax. My orgasm exploded through me.

Shadow drank down my pussy juices. His mouth was eager, his tongue flailing through my sex to find every drop as my body heave. The pleasure hammered me. My vision blurred for a moment.

I was adrift in the pleasure. "Oh, yes," I moaned, blinking out of the fog of bliss. The tree creaked as Shadow licked up my body. I smiled as his rough tongue went between my breasts to my lips. He kissed me, his snout rough on my lips, his tongue flooding my mouth. My tart, sweet juice clung to him. He planted his paws on either side of me, his cock nudging up my thigh.

I reached down and grasped his thick shaft, guiding him to my dripping pussy. I moaned into his kiss as his cock filled me up. He was huge, my pussy stretching as he thrust into my depths. The tree shook, leaves falling down on me as he plowed me. My back burned as I slid against the rough bark. But it only made me feel dirtier. I was letting this demon rut in my body.

I loved it. I hugged his bristling hide, my nipples rubbing against his rough fur. I locked my legs about his waist, humping him. Every moment was pure bliss to me. The tree groaned louder, flexing and swaying as the demon took me hard. He broke our kiss and growled his pleasure. "Yes!" I moaned. "Take me! I love it!" Shadow's eyes stared into mine for a moment. There was such passion in those depths.

And love. This demon loved me. "You'll always protect me, won't you?" I moaned. "My big, strong, shadowy protector." Shadow barked and growled, nuzzling against my lips again as he hammered my pussy. His rough hide slammed into my clit, sparking more and more pleasure through my body. I tensed, hugging him tight as I shuddered.

"Keep fucking me. Make me cum, Shadow! I love it! I love your cock! I love to be pounded by you! Oh, yes! You fucking stud! Pound me! Make me cum so hard!" My pussy clenched down on his thrusting cock. I shuddered as the wave swelled inside me. Shadow roared, his cock hammering harder and harder at my cunt. My pussy milked him. He was eager to cum in me. "Do it!" I screamed as my orgasm rippled through me.

"Cum in me! Give me what I need! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck! Yes, yes, yes, yes!" My body spasmed against him as his cum burst inside me.

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I bucked into him. My fingers clawed at his flanks.

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I sucked in my breath as his cock flooded me. I milked him dry. This was one joy Sister Stella couldn't give me. She couldn't cum in my pussy like a man.

Or a demon. Shadow licked my face as I came down from my orgasm. "You are such a wonderful demon," I purred, stroking his face.

The guilt returned as Shadow pulled away. There was a pond nearby where I could wash myself. Shadow watched me, lounging in the shade. His eyes drank in my beauty. I smiled at him as I cleansed myself. "Can you get me a deer?" I asked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Queenie Glassner It wasn't surprising when Aoifa began sucking on Rex's cock.

We were bored waiting on Chase. Her red hair spilled across his lap as she hungrily worked her mouth. I smiled, squirming in my jeans as I sat on the stump. Reina eyed me. I knew what she was thinking. I was about to stand up when the brush rustled. "Fuck!" Rex groaned as he came down Aoifa's hungry mouth.

"Chase?" Sarah asked as she stood up, looking at the brush. "Are you back?" Three men burst out of the brush dressed in ragged, red jackets. Their faces were stained with soot and blood, and two carried rifles and the third had a spear. Sweat drenched their faces. They frowned when they saw us, their eyes scanning with hungry delight. "Are you from Salem?" Aoifa asked.

"How goes the battle?" "We lost," one shrugged. "Time to get moving." "But not without some fine company," the other said, a grin spreading across his waist. "How would you women like to convert to the true faith." "I already worship the Living Gods," Aoifa said.

"And my husband is His son." "Right," snorted one of the soldiers. "Well, if you're a worshiper, then come with us. We could use some feminine company." "These are my women," Rex growled, standing up and marching forward. "You don't need so many," the spearman growled. "Don't be selfish and share the love." Rex punched him hard. The spearman stumbled back, tripping on the haft of his weapon.

Rex growled and lunged forward, grasping the haft and slamming it into the spearmen's face. The soldier nearest me raised his gun, swinging it around to shoot my husband. "No!" I shouted and leaped at him. I crashed into his back, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Get off me, cunt!" roared the soldier. He thrashed around, the world turning to a blur as he tried to toss me off. I tightened my grip, my fingernails ripping at his face.

He screamed in pain and struggled harder, dropping his rifle to rip at my hands. I gasped in pain as his strong grip bent my wrist back. He shrugged his shoulders and I stumbled off. "You fucking whore!" he snarled, his face bloodied by my fingernails. A gun cracked in the background. Reina and Sarah had tackled the last soldier and fought for his gun. I couldn't worry about them as my soldier advanced on me.

I stood up and lunged in at him. But he seized my shoulders, twisting me around. "I'm going to enjoy fucking your sweet snatch," he hissed in my ear. "No!" Aoifa roared and barreled in.

"That's not how a Glassnerian acts!" The redhead tackled the soldier, wrapping her arms around his waist. The soldier struggled to throw her off and hold me.

I kicked with my boots, striking his shin and bringing grunts of pain from his lips. Aoifa ripped a dagger from his waist and drove it into his gut. I gasped in shock as the soldier's face suddenly became so young. Aoifa drew the dagger back and stabbed it in again, screaming in wordless rage. The soldier let go of me and collapsed onto the ground. Aoifa snarled and drew her dagger out and slammed it in again, tears running down her cheeks.

The soldier grunted and gurgled, blood leaking out of his lips. "Aoifa," I gasped, hugging her. "You can stop. He's dying." "We don't force people!" Aoifa screamed at the dying man. "We're not the Christians.

We're supposed to love each other." "I know." I hugged her and scanned the battlefield. Rex had killed the soldier he fought, ramming the spear into his chest, and the last soldier was running as Reina aimed the gun at his back. She fired, the gun cracking loud, but missed him. "It's okay." Aoifa sobbed on my shoulder as her bloody hands gripped my shirt.

Chase burst out of the woods, a dead doe slung over her shoulder. "What happened? I heard the." Her voice trailed off as she surveyed the two dead soldiers. "Oh, no. I shouldn't have gone off." "It's fine," Rex said.

"We're fine. Right? Is everyone fine?" "Yeah," I nodded, trying not to look at the dead soldier. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday, July 2nd, 2072 Sarah Glassner Everyone was still quiet when we woke up the next morning. We camped a few miles from where we fought the soldiers. Even though we had fresh venison, no one was excited.

Chase was silent, clearly guilty that we had been attacked while she was out hunting, and Aoifa just stared at the fire. I walked beside Aoifa as we started out, cutting back to the road.

The smoke rising from Salem didn't seem as dark. The Holy Liberation Army had won again. I only feared how many were killed by their zealous fires. Aoifa seemed more lively today than she had last night.

Killing had really twisted her up inside. "The Gods will understand," I had told her. "The soldiers were the ones breaking the commandments. You just did what you had to." "I know," Aoifa had answered, her voice tight. "But that doesn't make it right." My wrist still ached.

I had twisted it wrestling to get the gun away. Reina carried that gun, and Rex had the other. We didn't have many bullets, only two in Reina's gun and four in Rex's. But they would be better than nothing. Near noon, the forest thinned and we caught glimpses of the concrete highway. I was excited to be back on the road and out of the slow woods. We all moved faster as the forest gave way to abandoned farms.

People were fleeing down the freeway, refugees of Salem. We found an on ramp and climbed back on to the highway. A faded sign proclaimed Portland was coming up. "Is that at the sea?" I asked. Chase shook her head. "It's where the Willamette River empties into the Columbia River. We'll cross into Washington State when we cross the Columbia." "Oh," I nodded. "Is that Mount Rainier?" I asked, pointing at a white peak. "Mount Hood," Chasity corrected. "We won't see Rainier until we're in Washington State." "Oh.

Do you think we'll make it in eighteen days?" "Hopefully," Chase nodded. "If we don't have more delays." To be continued.