Asian twink amateur threesome is awesome

Asian twink amateur threesome is awesome
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*WARNING: Non-consensual fantasy fiction. Contains explicit and extremely graphic depictions of bondage and forced sex. None of this is real. Do not read if this bothers you.

___ Through his bluetooth earpiece, he could hear the 19 year old girl sobbing and mewing into her gag. "shhhh, shhh" he cooed, "I know it's been nearly two hours…you must be really uncomfortable and hot and sweaty. But we'll reach the old school soon where your new daddy is waiting for you…" Valerie Tan, a sweet, petite chinese girl, made a strangled sound which excited him.

She was crammed into a small suitcase that was buried beneath steel shelves full of industrial equipment in the back of a 'construction site' van. Her arms were bound behind her with cable ties, cutting into her soft skin at her wrists and elbows, pulling her shoulders back.

Her legs were also secured at her anklesknees and thighs. Dirty, workmen gloves were stuffed into her mouth and sealed in with a black leather head harness. The straps dug into her face and a thick rectangular slab crushed her lips. The delivery man, as he was known, had inserted a bluetooth headset into her ears before pulling a black hood bag over her head. She could hear everything he said and he could hear her whimpering through a private two-way cell phone line.

The van bounced and rocked casually on the unmarked dirt road somewhere deep in a third world country. "I bought you six pairs of edible thong panties by the way. Virgin vanilla they call it. Isn't that cute? One size smaller so it's snug and delicious. Daddy is gonna have fun eating it off you for breakfast!" He heard her cry in response. He grew excited but reminded himself that she was for master Graheg. There would be videos though. He looked forward to watching them.

A call came in. "Ah," he relished, "speaking of daddy…" The delivery man clicked on conference, so that all three were connected. a deep, haunting voice broke through. "Valeriiiiie…are you reaching home soon?" The delivery man laughed. "20 minutes more sir." Valerie shivered, bit down on the packing, tears streaming down her face mingled with sweat.

It was hard to breathe. Daddy continued teasing her. "Two more long hours before your stupid international school realises you're missing. Silly of them yes? Letting you young girls explore the old city and villages on your own.

Independence training they call it? Look where that got you." She started to cry noisily. "Tell me, my delivery man was really convincing was he? Pretending to be the local chaperone.

And you my dear, so gullible to believe him, getting into his taxi to take you back to the hostel. You're going to a hostel alright. Just not the one Mommy and daddy sent you to!

Did you say goodbye to them properly? You'll never see them again you understand…you are now my official plaything. I am your daddy now and you are my little bound and gagged kitten. I can't wait to get you nice and naked…" Both men were gleeful. Valerie was terrified, recalling how she was driven off-road into the jungles and by the time she sensed something wasn't right and before she could reach her cell phone, she was overwhelmed by the sudden violence of the 'kind native'knocked out cold with chloroform, just to awaken in her current terrifying state.

"Ten minutes sir…" The delivery man said, loud and clear. "Very good. Very very good. See you soon little Vee…" The third line died. "Ten minutes baby…everything will change for you. Once we reach the old school, abandoned and forgotten, deep in the rural wasteland, once we get you into the fortified halls and into the playroom, once we get you out of that suitcase and into your new and horrible reality, you're gonna wish you were robbed and killed instead.

But oh no, we won't kill you. We got lots and lots of plans for that pretty, nubile body of yours. It's gonna be very very exciting…" Valerie couldn't contain herself anymore. She screamed and screamed into her gag with no one around to hear her as the van reached closer and closer to her impending nightmare.

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Valerie Tan, 19, with lovely straight black hair, slender, adorably sweet and innocent looking, attractive the way young Korean actresses were attractive, couldn't keep her sweat from pooling into her eyes. It stung, the heat in the suitcase made her feel nauseous, sweat rolled into her nostrils.The constant crying clogged her up, and because her mouth was sealed off, she had to clear her nose repeatedly in order to breathe. It was a mess.

She was thirsty more than hungry, mostly from all the useless screaming, especially when she had reawakened to find herself jammed up in a tiny space, curled and fetal, bound and hooded.

Those first few minutes of dreadful realisation was musical to the delivery man. He had of course recorded her first muffled screams, the deep and long weeping noises, the sound of her body rocking side to side trying to break out and woefully failing. "A www baby Val…don't cry.don't cry," he had said into the mic. "Save your gagged crying for daddy, he likes to hear his little babies cry into stuffed and sealed mouths…shhhh&hellip.shhhhh&hellip." he drove on, erect and squirming in his seat.

Coarse grains of dirt, made muddy with her saliva, clung to the back of her throat in layers where the rough gloves scratched. The gloves themselves were soggy and mushy. They made her cheeks bulge while the head harness mashed everything in. The taste was awful but she could not expel anything. The tightness of the gag and straps made her head throb. Gunk slowly slid down her sore throat, making her retch and cough.

Her stomach was twisted in knots of fear and panic, her energy eaten up by trepidation. She fought the urge to vomit. Her arms and legs had gone numb from poor circulation. The tightly cinched cable ties were itchy as it bit into skin. She had mostly given up trying to break them. It was nearly night. Through the gate that marked /private property, no trespassing/, the van turned down the final stretch of dirt road.

Headlights beamed on Wild dogs that roamed the only way to the school of ordeals. They were trained to attack and kill all foreign intruders. They started barking violently as the van passed. They could smell the young girl. "Hear that val? The dogs are all horny for you…" The triple story building sat on a plot of land in the middle of a vast and abhorrent jungle.twenty years ago, there was a village community here, but the untamed jungle, with its dangerous beasts and poisonous snakes caused everyone to flee with the school halfway built.

It was the perfect place. Why, and how such creatures no longer dared to trespass now was beyond the delivery man. Something even more toxic had settled into this terrible place he reckoned, and it kept the lesser dangers away.

The locals had erased this place from their minds. Now, only the mad Graheg resided here, but he will soon no longer be alone. The building was completed, again, with whose money no one knows, but the school was now a fortified hell hole of brick and stone where no sunlight entered. Electrical lines snaked from an array of gasoline generators that rumbled behind the building.

There was only one entry way, guarded by reinforced steel doors that groaned open as the van waited to enter. "We're here little Vee! Are you ready for lots of disgusting sex? Hmm?" She made a guttural sound behind her uncomfortable gag. The van jerked and rolled into the dark, as the great doors slowly screamed shut, sealing in her doom. The engine sputtered off. Her eyes were screwed shut, an attempt to block out reality as she heard the van's back door creak open and boxes with metal shuffling around.

When she felt the suitcase being dragged out forcibly, she bit down on the dirty mouth packing, praying, heart palpitating and calling silently for Mommy or daddy or anyone to end this. She was visibly trembling, fingers tugging again at the cable ties as if by some miracle, they would break free. Her mind started to play delusions. Maybe this was a naughty camp prank. Maybe she'll be released into a sunny resort.

Maybe it was just a nightmare, and she would wake up. She felt the suitcase tilting, then dragged on top of something else. She felt movement.

On some kind of trolley. She retreated into herself, illogically hoping to remain in the van, in the suitcase, because she knew that whatever was waiting outside was even worse.

The delivery man pushed the trolley into a small room just by the side of the van. He shut the thick, soundproof door behind him. The room was like a padded cell, heavy duty sound absorbent material were stacked wall to wall. There were no windows. In the middle of the room, two 18 inch speakers were facing each other. The gap between them was just enough for the suitcase standing up. He locked down the wheels of the trolley and with one swift move, he pulled the bag off the trolley, let it swing down and thumped it onto the floor standing up.

"Oops! He said loudly, hope I didn't hurt your knees!" He pushed the suitcase in between the speakers. Valerie wasn't on her knees. She was upside down in the suitcase.

Blood rushed down her legs, her knees pressing against her hooded head. "Daddy will come collect you soon, but first, you'll be provided with some In-house entertainment!" The brutal, death metal track came on at full volume that even the delivery man winced. Immediately, her young body tensed and coiled, confusion and chaos mercilessly ravaged her entire being. She clenched her fist, bit down hard on her mouth packing, too strained even to scream.

The big black speakers was exploding with violent distortion, ungodly drums played at horrific speed, then the demon like growling of lyrics she could clearly discern. "TIED HER UP! TAPED HER MOUTH SHUT! CANNOT SCREAM! RAPED VIOLENTLY! STRIPPED, RAPED, TORTURED! STRIPPED RAPED TORTURED! TIED HER UP, TAPED HER MOUTH SHUT!" The psychotic song was spliced and looped. It was deafening and defeating allowing the poor girl no way escaping through thoughts of safe spaces.

Valerie spiralled into a vortex of heightened anxiety, heaving hot air that was trapped behind her gag. Those words drilled into her, sickening her, like advanced radiation, poisoning and killing off hope very quickly. The delivery man left the horrible noise, shutting the heavy door behind him. He could still hear the terrible music, his cock hard and his head dizzy with excitement. How long will she be exposed to such cruelty?

Only daddy knows. Daddy, who was sitting in his master bedroom, watching the whole scene on the large coloured lcd screen. He plugged in his earphones to listen to his favourite song. He stared at the suitcase between the speakers and stroked himself, imagining what the young teen must be feeling and thinking as she heard those lyrics over and over again.

He couldn't wait to get started on her but knew he shouldn't rush such things. He leaned back and continued watching. Let her sweat it out he thought, as he slowly started on his dinner. when the brutal noise had suddenly stopped, almost an hour after it began, Valerie's' ears were ringing uncontrollably, loud then soft, peaks and valleys of hum. Her head was filled with horrifying repulsive imagery, word associations to the lyrics that created her worst imaginings.

Her lovely dress, one she wore on her birthday a year back, felt completely inadequate. Stripped and raped, stripped and raped. The words circled her mind like vultures. She knew it was useless trying not to think of it. It was going to happen. Very soon. Raw pain ran down the sides of her neck. Perhaps it was the strain her head was in or the strain her ears had to endure, she couldn't tell. All she could hear was her own erratic heartbeat pounding, her chest tightened from stress, body wet from sweat tricking all over her sensitive flesh that seemed heightened by the loud harshness that dragged on forever.

adrenaline was rushing inside her, which made her more aware of her situation. She squeezed her legs together, even though it was already tightly bound. Her panties and bra were inanimate things, unable to stop whatever her captors had in mind. Stripped and raped. She tried thinking of happy times but that made things worst.

Joyful thoughts failed miserably before her. Dead fantasies. The density of her true reality was too great a weight. No bright thoughts could save her.

It was almost like a hallucination, that whistling. She heard it through her ringing ears, a sharp melody, a happy tune, like from a cartoon. It got louder, approaching her darkness. Then the suitcase moved again and again she recoiled within, no where to hide. Something else probably worse was going to happen to her. She started pleading senselessly in the dark.

Please let me go. please don't hurt me anymore. please, please, please. The whistling and dragging didn't stop. It felt far, wherever she was taken, she couldn't fathom where she was. The heat in the suitcase was stifling her, she felt weak and vulnerable. Then without warning, the whole suitcase was pushed over, she crash landed on her side again and her head was suddenly crushed down under an immense weight.

She heard that familiar, demonic guttural voice. "Vaaaaa lerrrrrrr rieeeeeeeee" you still there?" She kept still.silent. As if that would make her vanish or be forgotten. Graheg, who was sitting on the suitcase,bounced up and down. "I can't heeeear youuuuuu" he bounced some more, finally eliciting a muffled half scream, half moan, not because she wanted to reply, but because the weight crushing her was too much. "Ahhhh, there you are&hellip.sorry it's been so long since you had some fresh air… She tried not to imagine the body that belonged to such a weight.

He got up, releasing the pressure. "I'm going to go get ready. Have to look presentable for my baby girl right? Don't go anywhere!" She heard her captors mad giggling fade away, leaving her with silence and a mind running wild with fear.

The mad, six foot, negroid Graheg looked at his pretty self in the full length mirror and adjusted his blue and white cheerleader skirt.

His stomach was a bloated thing which made it hard to keep the skirt up. He spread his legs and bent them, right hand reaching up the skirt to tug at his pale orange, high—cut grandmother panties. His bulging, half coiled, uncircumcised cock made the panties too tight while the lacy flower designs irritated his scrotum, but he wanted to look pretty for little Vee. He wore black fishnet stockings that was torn in several places, exposing thick, hairy legs.

A dirty beige, silk negligee stretched tautly across his sweaty upper body, leaving mounds of fat to hang out around his waist. He ran his black nailed fingers through his long, badly cut, pink dyed hair and scratched at his thick, stinking beard.

He sloppily put on purplish lipstick, licked his foul lips, burped with satisfaction then duck faced the mirror. He was ready to show himself to his beautiful, young daughter. 100 mg of viagra super-active. Popped. Graheg entered the room slowly, heart racing, closing and dead-bolting the door behind him.

Despite the safety and obscurity of the school, he loved the idea of total security. Something about being locked in the room with a tied and gagged teenage girl. No one in or out. Just him and his little vee. "I'm all ready for you sweetheart…" He heard her whimper in the suitcase that was dumped next to the large dirty mattress on the floor in his 'fuck palace' as he called it. Rolls of heavy duty black tape, a bag of cable ties, bundles of thin, harsh rope, a hunting knife, scissors, handcuffs and bottles of lubricants lay nearby, neatly arranged next to high grade intoxicants, whiskey, beer, a ziplock full of fat blunts, more viagra pills and other chemical stimulants.

He was always prepared for long, exciting periods of raping young, frightened girls. He sat next to the suitcase, legs spread out to either sides, cracked open a beer and finished it in four giant gulps.

He then lit a fat joint and smoked it with large drags between teasing her. "Do you think the police have started looking for you? You're two and a half hours away from where you were taken. That's a long, long way off, far away in no man's land, surrounded by thick jungle in the sweltering heat. It's going to be hard for them you know? No road cameras,country's too poor, hahaha, no witnesses as far as i know, no proper roads to this place, even if they knew how to get this far. Your phone has been destroyed.

no GPS tricks there. The cops will ask around the city pointlessly, showing off your pretty picture. Have you seen this girl? Everyone will say no. Who cares? People are too busy being poor. Think they want to help find you? You're right here with me, your new, beloved daddy, and NO ONE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Except my trusty delivery man of course. Who is paid well for his good, good work…maybe i'll let him play with you too, after i'm done with you of course.

Maybe when i'm taking a break from unloading sperm into your lovely body. Maybe two to three days time…" He finished smoking the potent joint, satisfied with the way his senses were very much heightened. He devoured another can of beer, chased it with a few shots of fine whiskey. He was sweating profusely, drunk, his fat body hot and tingling and excited.

Slowly, he opened the zip of the suitcase just a little, he bent over and put his face at the opening. He inhaled deeply. "Ohhhhh, ooooooh yessss. you smell really gooood. Sweaty and steaming and full of terrors&hellip." He inhaled deeply some more, his cock growing in the tight panties he had on. There was something wonderful about the way a teenage girl smells. Clean and dirty at the same time. Fresh and juicy.

Maybe it was all the crap they ate. fast food and what not. He opened the zipper some more, letting light in. He peeked. Her back was facing him, he glimpsed the white material of her dress, made partly translucent because of her sweating, showing off the thin strip at the back of her white bra. Carefully he pinched the part where the hooks were, pulled it then snapped it back against her skin.

She jerked forward, a half yelp escaping her, with no where to move really. "Did i scare you Val? we're just getting started baby…" He unzipped the rest of the suitcase completely, throwing off the covers.

And there she was. 19 year old Valerie Tan, curled and shaking in her white virgin dress. She felt the cool air but it was no reprieve. A new wave of panic filled her. No more was she 'safe' in the suitcase. Her body was now exposed. Her captor was leering at her, she knew.

Graheg's eyes roamed her tiny waist, sloping and curving, her legs, smooth and tender. The black cable ties were tight, he could see, cutting into her below the knees, her ankles.

She had no shoes on. His gaze ran over her small soles, her cute toes. She shivered. She was scared. He could hear her clearly now, whimpering. He lowered his face to the side of her arms, sniffed her. She bucked and struggled, head finally rising out slightly from her entrapment. The black hood was cinched at her neck, her lovely long hair spilling out from under.

He lifted portions of her lamb soft hair and sniffed it. Sweat and shampoo, floral and fruity. Bunching and twirling it in his hand, he struggled to get up then with one ruthless tug, he dragged her out from the suitcase. Her scream was gurgled, her body twisted, arms straining against her bonds. She could barely balance herself and was tossed sideways unto the mattress.

Instinctively and immediately, she pushed herself away from his presence, frantic and driven by fear, she used her bare feet to propel her body anywhere, anywhere but here.

Her head shot left to right, confused, directionless. He was amused and let her struggle, jerking and pushing her body but finding it difficult because she couldn't feel much, legs and arms numb from her prior position. "Where you going baby? Door is the other way…" He was enjoying this.

The sounds she was making behind her gag was erotic to him. Short bursts of guttural desperation. She could have been saying, no, no, no. He picked up the suitcase and sent it crashing against the far end of the room, out of the way, nothing between him and his fuck toy. He crept towards her small, writhing body, studying it in her full extended glory.

That little dress. All that fair flesh. Her slender neck, the spaghetti straps, the curve of her shoulder blades and upper arms, her unblemished skin, the rest of her arms disappearing behind her, bound.

The thin, white bra straps. Her supple a-cup breasts, the curve of her waist, her flat stomach rising and falling with frightful breathing, her damp, sweat soaked dress hugging her body.

He looked to her legs, the hemline ending three inches above her knees, her beautiful thighs and calves, the black cable tie around her ankles. "you're so petite…soo small" graheg said, amazed. "I hope i don't break your ribs when i crawl on you completely naked…" She moaned and struggled some more, crawling on her back desperately inching away from the source of his voice.

Reaching the end of the mattress, she panicked and stopped moving, unsure if it was a bed she was on. She could fall, break something, die. She didn't want to die, but she didn't want to be violated either. 'stripped and raped. Cannot scream.' Fragments of the brutal song played again in her head. With no where left to go, she pulled her knees up towards her chest, stomach protecting her crotch it seemed.

Graheg stared at her ass, rounded, small, perky. He could see her panty line. He circled her like a shark till he stood behind her. He plopped onto the mattress,above her head. she panicked again, tried to turn away, to some other direction, pleading through her gag.

"What you saying baby? oh! You want me to hug you? You're afraid? Sure!" She screamed when he gripped her shoulders to push her up, moved his body further in. He spread his legs, cheerleader skirt riding up, then pulled her back in, letting the back of her body lean against his big stomach, he wrapped his bear like hands around her waist and squeezed her to him tight.

her crossed his fat legs over legs. She bucked maniacally in his vice grip, struggling to pull away, grunting, groaning, legs banging the mattress, trying to pull herself forward out of his grip. No use. He pressed his cheeks to her hooded head. "Little veeee, little veee," he sang, "should i begin stripping theeee?" He held on to her waist with his left hand as his right started un-cinching the hood just under her chin.

He pulled at the leather cords opening up the hood. He was excited to see her pretty face. Gripping the top of the hood, he pulled it off her in small increments until it was completely off.

The cool air hit her face, bright lights hurt her eyes. She had been in the dark so long and the first unforgettable sight was a full length mirror on the wall opposite her, and a terrible being behind her, cradling her. She had no time to decide which sight was worst. The head harness her face was in, mouth clamped shut with black leather or that large, black face snorting her neck, shocking pink hair falling down the sides of his face.

He didn't want to look in that mirror, in case he could see between her legs. Instead, he focused on her neck, the sweat, the soapy smells, the close range of her gagged noises. His cock grew wild but it was trapped in the panties he wore.

It hurt him but it gave him immense pleasure. He kissed the taut straps that ran across her bulging cheeks, round teh back of her head, down the sides of her jaw, over the top of her skull and under her chin, compressing her face tightly. It was sexy but he wanted to re-gag her. He bit and munched on her neck and could clearly tell she was trying to turn away.

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So, so pointless. He clamped his hand over her already gagged mouth and pushed her head against his neck, he rested his face against her right ear, tongue flicking and slithering into it. "I watched that interview with you on youtube," he began, " what was it you were saying? oh yes.

I want to spend everyday happy with my family and friends! Are you happy now little Vee? Will you be happy with your new mommy? Mommy has a big fat cock. Do you want to suck on mommy's cock?

I like you little vee. You smell and taste nice…" she cried and cried, half given up on struggling as he continued licking her creamy neck. His grip was too tight. He pulled her in even tighter. "Your days will be so different now… I'm the one who is going to be truly happy. I've got a young sweet thing all to myself. I'll be licking you and touching you and kissing you all over." He started kissing her ears, her temple, her eyes. Licking at her tears that streamed profusely.

" I'm going to really enjoy stripping you. Nice and slow. Tying you up in different ways. Spreading out your young body, gagging you real tight with all sorts of horrible things." He pressed his disgusting, putrid mouth into her ears. "Happy happy days, fucking your tight cunt.

Your slippery mouth, your cute ass. Rubbing my cock all of your body and face…fucking and fucking and fucking you for hours, all day and all night long. You like that Valerie? you want that?" Her body was shaking with her sobs and sporadic screams. He laughed. kissed her gag noisily.

"We are going to have so much fun!" He pushed her body forward, then pressing down on her shoulders, he pushed himself up. He let her fall back between his legs as he stood above her. Immediately she turned her head, screwed her eyes shut.

He stooped a bit over her face. "look up! Open your pretty eyes! I'm wearing pretty panties for you! LOOK UP!" She didn't do a thing. "I'll fucking drown you in the un-flushed toilet bowl if you don't FUCKING LOOK UP!!!" The shouting terrified her more than she already was. Reluctantly she turned her head, opened her eyes against her will.

The sight above her was terrible. A flaring cheerleader skirt exposing a bulking crotch, alive and moving, trying to tear through gross looking underwear. His inner thighs were grimy, with sweat dripping onto her face. She blanked out her mind, tried not to see while seeing.

He slowly, theatrically dropped to his knees burying her head beneath his skirt, heavy balls in stinking panties pressing against her nose, he crushed her head between his thighs. She could not turn away in time. Frantically, she raised her bound feet and jerked it forward, trying to pull out. Immediately he grabbed the top of her thighs with both hands and with all his weight, he pinned them down into the mattress. She could hardly budge her legs.

His nails dug into her flesh through her dress. She could hardly trash against this nightmare. He could feel her screams rumbling against his crotch.

And the smell. Oh god, the smell of him. She retched air. He started rubbing his groin up and down her face. The smell nauseating her. He dropped his head down and buried his face into her stomach, using his lips, he bit her dress making 'mam mam' noises, wanting so much to just pull her dress upwards towards him with his mouth, just to expose her crotch and panties.

But he took control. No. Not now. He continued rubbing his groin in her face, harder and harder. She twisted and turned her head left to right, which made it worse as she was rubbing her own face in his bulge, the lace of his panties rough on her face.

He kissed her knees and calf, then suddenly, unceremoniously, he got off her. Immediately, she rolled off away from him, off the mattress and onto the cold, hard floor. With all her new found energy, she continued rolling away, mindlessly banging into the mirror against the wall. From there she used her feet again to push herself to the corner.

He simply went after her, grinning. He grabbed her hair and dragged her back onto the mattress. "We're not done yet!" he growled.

The booze and viagra and drugs was starting to peak in his body. He reached behind for the hook of his skirt, that was nearly rolling off his fat body. He pulled the zip down.

Valerie was sobbing uncontrollably. "look at me, cunt! or i'll suffocate you!" Her eyes half opened, peering through tears, body shaking. He wriggled out of the skirt, letting it fall, showing her the full glory of his swollen member that was trying to grow out of his panties. She shook her head, as if that would stop his act. Thick, messy pubic hair stuck out through the lacy designs, the bulk of his lower stomach made the leg holes in the panties larger.

Such a grotesque sight. Then, like a striptease, he gingerly peeled off his negligee, tossing his long messy pink hair left and right, swaying his excited body in slow circles, occasionally pumping his crotch to and fro, humming some sickening tune, exposing bit by bit, his hairy, sweaty black body.

She nearly puked. When he finally pulled off the silky thing, he swung it above his head for effect, tossed it away and strutted towards her. She was too tired by then to push herself away, having learnt that it was useless. Her head still hurt from the dragging, her face wet with tears. He was breaking her bit by bit.

He knelt beside her, she scrounged her body, retreating. He tumbled over and sat down cross legged. He held her shoulders from the front, then pulled her up and hugged her. she turned away from his stinking hair and beard, his roaming tongue.

With his right hand he pushed her head gently so it rested on his shoulders, she was coughing into her gag. "i'm sorry i yelled at you," he said in a gentle voice, kissing the leather across her mouth. It was maddening, this play of violence and subtleness. "I just wanted you to see how pretty i am. You are prettier of course." He stroked her hair as she sobbed. She tried to say 'please stop, please stop,' but it all came out insensible. " I know, I know," he replied, "we have to change your gag to something tighter, I know.

I've got the tape and ropes ready. shhhh. shhh." Valerie was very very tired, mind reeling, her body was still on high alert, tensed and anxious. she made small noises in her throat, she was praying now for it to all go away, 'god please, god please make it stop. make it stop' but it fell on deaf ears. Tears continued to stream down her face. She still didn't want to believe this was happening&hellip. He kissed her some more. "we'll get you naked real soon ok? real real soon&hellip." he gently pushed her onto her back and fumbled to get up, his fats wobbling.

she bent her knees, drew it towards her again. "we have to stuff your mouth with something yummy ok?" she saw him tuck his thumbs into the sides of his panties&hellip.

The unsightly shape of his cock, in that pale orange lace panties disturbed Valerie. She wanted so much to turn away but was afraid of his shouting, his threats. She was sweating, more scared now than ever. She kept crying noisily, the only way to release her fear, but it only made him more creative. He pranced around her like mad ballet. He kept tugging down his panties then pulling it up again, all the while leering at her, creeping towards her, licking his purple lips.

"You hungry val? Want something sweaty to chew on?" With every step he took, her heart pounded harder, louder and louder. He pulled down the left side then the right side of his dirty panties, thick pubic hair bunching out, knotted, clumpy, copious, heavy and damp with sweat. He wiggled his ass. She noticed his cock curled upwards, head sticking out the top of his panties.

"Watch me, watch me." She was on the edge now, almost hysterical. She fought to hang on to her sanity as he pulled at the front of his panties, allowing his monstrous, eel like cock to fall forward, bouncing in the air like a cobra.

He was grinning as he pushed off the filthy, lacy thing down his legs, inches from her body. She started shaking her head, made unintelligible gagged noises, balled herself up, lying on her side. Graheg got down on all fours, a seething, naked animal and with his panties in hand, he started crawling towards her, his stomach and cock dangling down, crawling, crawling onto the matress, a beast in heat towards his little lamb.

"Do you like what you see little Vee? this hot, sweaty body all naked for you?" The sight of her rapist advancing burned into her brain, into her reality. She wept. "You're Bound, gagged, unable to escape, vulnerable, powerless.

all mine, all mine." He reached out to touch her feet, she pulled it in closer to her body. She yelped. He crawled closer still, beard grazing her calf, then biting her hemline with his lips, pulling it up, exposing soft flesh. She tried kicking him in the chest but it only hurt her bare feet. He released her hemline, surprised by her act and laughed, moved away so her second blow missed. "You're going to pay for that little vee." His voice was cold and composed, chilling.

He was by her side now, still on all fours, an obese spider waiting to strike, tilting his head. He licked his lips, then ruthlessly climbed onto her small, balled up body and clamped it between his legs.

It was no trouble turning her onto her back this way. He straddled her stomach and upper thighs, expelling all air from her, forcing her legs to shoot out straight. His raw cock was excited as it rubbed against her soft dress. He attacked her right breast, biting it through her dress and bra.

She jerked and howled into her gag endlessly, head thrown backwards. He bit down hard for a few seconds before release.

Tears poured freely from her frightened eyes. He straightened up his body, moved forward on his knees till his blackened, erect meat dangled above her face. He snorted, a half laugh. His throbbing cock was long and oily, thick with twisted veins, it stank of piss and cum.

"Now this!" he began, holding his cock to slap her face, "is your new pet! You are to welcome it warmly with an open vagina, open anus, open mouth and anywhere else I plan to plug it!" He hammered his tensed cock repeatedly on her nose and eyes, rubbed it's most sensitive spots up and down her face that had the most tears.

She squealed and twisted and turned her head but it never escaped the big black thing. Her terror was tangible and visceral, full of horrific flesh and meat. He grabbed her head with both hands, cock heavy on her face and said, "you'll probably be screaming like crazy when I force this thing deep inside you SOOOO we really should improve on your gag!" He jammed his unwashed panties into her face where his cock was resting just a second before.

She coughed and reeled at the smell. "Oh wait!" He fished it off her, turned it inside out and let it drop, crotch first right onto her nose. "There! That should smell better! Worse it for a week! Rancid, no?" He pinched the panties and her nose shut without warning.

Her eyes flew wide open, her body started fighting against his weight. "Now how on earth can i undo the mouth piece of this gag? I can't seem to find the buckle!" Blood rushed in her head, pounding, air depleting furiously, nothing coming in. She sucked hard on her gag, hoping to steal precious oxygen.

But the leather across her mouth was unrelenting. He could feel her pushing against the mattress beneath him so he pinned her down even more. When pushing didn't work, she started pounding her feet, making things worst of course, spending whatever little air she had left in her burning lungs.

"Oh here we are!" He finally said. He took his time unfastening the harness, letting her breathless suffering drag out, whistling as he slowly and casually worked at the strap. She was nearly passing out when she felt the pressure of her gag released. Small amounts of air seeped into her mouth but it was hardly enough. The dirty gloves shoved in place was still blocking her air passage. He opened the flap that once crushed her lips and peered at the ring gag underneath that held her mouth open.

A little more air could enter, teh dirt filled taste seared her throat but she didn't care. All she wanted to air. He pulled at the mouth packing with his free hand then carefully tugged it out. The first glove extracted was partly wet from her saliva. More air could enter but still, not enough for a full satisfying breath. Her eyes were rolled halfway into her head. A deep seated groan followed the last glove out but as soon as she sucked in a lungful of airand before she could scream, Graheg released his pinch on her nose and pushed his dirty panties, crotch first, through the ring gag, into her mouth.

She turned her head fast, a half scream trapped by the first shove of her new mouth packing. He grabbed the side of her head, forced it back straight, then using both thumbs, he packed the distasteful thing in. He pushed and pushed, filling her cheeks, stuffing it till the end of her throat.

She coughed, gagged, nearly threw up as more and more of his panties cramped up her cavity. More tears streamed down the sides of her eyes as she started hitting his back with her knees, thumping against him, trying to knock him over and off him. He was very amused. He felt nothing as she continued her weak pounding. He increased the pressure of shoving, shifted his weight onto her stomach, pushing air out of her. She could hardly scream or moan, the sounds getting weaker and softer.

"There, there, just a bit more, you can do it, a little more…" His panties were big, her mouth, small, so it took some effort stuffing the garment into whatever little nook and crevice was left, under her lips, into the sides of her cheeks, prodding and pushing. She struggled to breath under his weight, nostrils flaring as he finally finished pushing in the panties. He then released the chin strap of her harness, tugged and pulled off her head harness.

As he tossed the old gag aside, she started pushing out the panties with her tongue. He caught her doing it and cruelly pushed back whatever little she tried to expel. "No, no, no, baby, this stays in your pretty mouth. I want you to taste me completely. My piss, my cum, my sweat. Isn't daddy yummy?" Valerie didn't notice all the while but as soon as he asked that question, the awareness struck her.

That bitter, pungent taste became full blown. He grabbed her lower jaw and jammed it upwards, forcing her to compress his sour panties against her tongue. "This is just the first part of your gag…" he growled, and with his free hand, he reached out to grab the thin rope and a new roll of black industrial strength tape.

He freed his hands long enough to pull out a good length of rope then shoved one end behind her head. Pulling it out the other end, he held both ends, crossed it over to the front of her face then cinched it down very tightly,right in the center of her mouth packing to hold it in.

He did this five times, encircling then cinching it hard and fast, tighter and tighter than the round before it. The rope dug painfully into the sides of her cheeks. It was taut and terrible. He made sure the knots were impossible to undo without cutting. "There!" he clapped his hands, "Part two of your gag done! And now…" He picked up the roll of tape… "Now, this my dear, is really going to keep the rich flavours of my panties in! Industrial grade, triple adhesive, Extra strength!

Waterproof too! So you can cry all you want, and I can cum all over your face and it isn't going to loosen one bit! I LOOOOVE tape! It keeps pretty little screaming girls like you nice and quiet!

Shall we?" He ripped the tape from the roll. Valerie felt exceedingly overwhelmed. Every last strand of hope to call for help, to scream for attention was diminishing fast. The more he gagged her, the more trapped she felt. "How many rounds should we go hmm? Two? four? Six! I think I like the number six!" And with that, Graheg plastered the first layer of tape down from cheek to cheek, right across her mouth packing.

He massaged it into her skin, right over the taut ropes, pulled her head up by her hair, wound the heavy duty tape round the back of her skull then pulled it back across her upper lips, making sure it was taut and unforgiving.

With every round, he sang gloriously, "yum, yum, yum! My panties full of cum!" The third round buried her lower lips. "Scream, Scream, Scream! No one hears a thing! " The fourth round went tightly over the first, " if you puke, you will choke! It;s no joke! " The fifth round went under her nose, " cry, cry, cry! No one can hear you cry! " The last round went across, just above her chin. "Boo, hoo, Hoo! No one has found you!!" Her lower face was completely compressed inwards, cheeks very obviously bulging and straining.

By the time Graheg had finished gagging poor Valerie, she was deeply sickened and shaken by the act, by the song, by his madness. He kept thumbing and rubbing and pressing down the tape. The soggy and pungent panties was warm and heavy and impossible to expel.

Her skin burned with the tight tape and rope. Every breath she took heightened the acrid taste in her throat.Every fibre of her being wanted to reject this reality. With great futility, she tried to push the gross thing out of her mouth, but how could she? It was thoroughly sealed in. It was an ever present nightmare.

And to make things worse, Graheg said. "Now that was fun yes? Gagging is always fun! and as your punishment for kicking me…" he grabbed her gagged face and leaned in so his stinking breath was inches from her noise. He spoke slowly and clearly. "you will stay gagged for the next 24 hours.

No food. No water. Nothing but that disgusting thing in your mouth for you to chew on…" He cackled and guffawed. She went completely numb. He kissed her gagged mouth. Seriously and quietly, he said, "You look really good&hellip.I'll have to take pictures, to remember your pretty face… and I have to pee now… and drink and smoke&hellip.

I'll be back little vee&hellip. Think about your family and friends now. Pray someone finds you right about now…because when I come back…" He leaned into her ear and said very slowly. "I'm. Going. To. Peel. Off. your. dress… Peel off Your bra&hellip. Peel. Off. Your. Panties&hellip.then, we shall have lots and lots and lots of unprotected sex… he got off her and she knew. She knew, her nightmare had barely begun… Valerie felt haunted in that room with the mad naked man.

His presence was evil, menacing, creeping under her skin. He was was silently watching his young victim quivering on the mattress as he gulped down more beers, smoked a fat blunt, touched himself now and then as his imagined what he would do to her next.

She couldn't deny her reality any more. It was starting to sink in. She could not pull her bound arms from under her body, she could not push him away, or hit him, or stop his hands from roaming, undressing, touching her, she could not even get up, let alone run from him.

She was forced to lie there on the filthy mattress, in the locked room, all alone with her brutal rapist, waiting for the inevitable. Her muffled screaming will barely go beyond the room. There was no one else to hear her except him, and he loved the music that gagged, frightened teens make.

All that crying and mewing. No one had burst through the door to save her. No heroes surrounded this place, ready to strike, to kill this horrible man, to bring her home, safe and sound, to mommy and daddy and friends. She felt horribly trapped in this nightmare.

A lamb to the slaughter. Her hunger and thirst was unbearable, weakening her, making her feel terribly vulnerable, all forms of positivity draining away with her sweat and tears.

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She saw him stand up, having finished his 'break.' He was coming for her. She could see it in his red, drunk eyes, in the excitement of his gross, erect penis, coming alive again as he approached her youthful body.

"Gotta tie down those lovely legs vee," he slurred. "keep it nice and straightened, so you can't go anywhere, and you can't kick me or push me off you." She was still curled as he stepped onto the mattress, towering above her fragile form. There was determination in his voice. "I drilled the flooring." he said, picking up a bag of heavy duty cable ties, "rows and rows of thick screws with eyelets, all around the fuck bed.

Hold you down real tight, spread you out if i like." The term 'fuck bed' made her sick. She saw herself naked, sprawled, hopelessly open to this disgusting man. He tore at the bag with his teeth, letting several long and black zip ties tumble to the foot of the mattress.

She started to struggle away, fear climbing up her throat with no where else to go. Tightly gagged. Soggy panties. Blood was rushing through his body, feeding his cock. The drugs escalating the viagra in his veins, balls broiling. Where did she find the strength to start screaming again when he grabbed her ankles with both hands,?

she didn't know. Where did she find the energy to keep yanking her legs from his grip? It was lost to her. Survival instinct perhaps. It wasn't enough. It was never enough. He pulled her little body towards him, making her dress slide up to her upper thighs. He reminded himself not to peek between her legs. Seeing her panties for the very first time is important. Make the revealing meaningful, delay the sight of that secret, intimate thing, hiding her tender treasure, as long as possible.

He turned his back to her, then sat on her lower legs, pinning it down into the mattress. He positioned her bound feet, so small and cute, right above the eyelets secured in concrete. He threaded a cable tie through two eyelets, wrapped it around her feet, inserted the tip into the opening of the tie and yanked tight. Immediately, she couldn't lift her legs anymore. He threaded one more cable tie that way, then cinched them both together. He reached for the bundle of thin rope and started to thread and knot, and twist, securing her down utterly and completely.

"let's test this out shall we? Q.C and all that." Graheg got off her legs, turned slowly for effect, his balls and cock swinging back into view. Valerie was visibly cowering. He dropped to his knees, straddling her solar plexus, jammed his right hand needlessly on her gagged mouth and pinched her nose shut with finger and thumb. He turned to look at her feet and waited for her to start trashing. Her legs started jerking furiously, pointlessly tugging at the bonds.

"Try harder baby.try to break free!" he rubbed his crotch up and down the soft fabric of her dress, making his dick grow harder and harder. She twisted and pulled and pushed her feet to no avail. Nothing gave. Good, good." He let her breathe, rubbing his groin on her soft dress some more. She sucked in air through her nose noisily. He leaned in to smell her neck, planting kisses across the taut black tape.

He whispered hotly in her face, his breath reeking like a sewer. "Now we can start getting you naked." He licked her neck, up and down, left hand roaming, cupping her breast, squeezing. It was dearly soft. Her scared, noisy squealing was such a turn on. Music to his ears. He massaged her young flesh through her bra and dress. He could feel her body straining and squirming beneath him. "Where you trying to go sweetie?

don't like me touching you?" He made it worst when his right hand joined in. Her arms, buried behind her, was crushed beneath his weight. She could do nothing to stop him. His molested her slowly and gleefully, his thighs squeezing her torso, his body upright. He started riding her, The inhuman length of his cock was sliding up and down between her bound knees and upper thighs, poking beneath her skirt, almost grazing the tip of her crotch.

He was hungry to feel her panties with his sensitive head but fought against it.

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Be patient. Be patient. He mashed her supple breast with both hands, thumbs circling, stroking, pinching her nipples through her bra, enjoying her muffled squealing. He cupped the sides of her arms and leaned in, his nose running along her bare shoulder, breathing in the aroma of her young skin.

He kissed the length of her while bra strap till his lips touched the top of her dress. He then kissed along her spaghetti strap, the flesh beneath it, moving upwards, back to her shoulder. He bit her left strap with his lips, then gently pulled it off her shapely shoulder, letting it fall down the side of her upper arms. Valerie wept into her gag miserably. "Should I pull off your dress,over your head, or pull it down your beautiful body?" She shook her head.

He laughed. He lip bit the right side of her bra strap and let it snap against her skin. His tongue explored her bare chest, then roamed to the other spaghetti strap, curled under it, pulling it off the right side of her body. He returned to her neck suddenly, suckling on her delicate flesh, startling her. In her disgust she used her gagged face and tried to push his head away but with every weak attempt, he sucked and licked harder, hand squeezing her tits. Her loud sobbing filled his hungry ears.

He pressed his throbbing eel, his swollen balls on her crotch, still protected by her dress and panties.

He clamped his thighs around her small waist, devoured her neck against her senseless protest. Valerie wanted to die. She wasn't even naked yet and already so traumatised.

It was claustrophobic, his fat, stinking, sweaty body on top of her, his tongue lapping, nibbling, hands mauling. Unable to throw him off. His groin rubbing into hers. So terrifying. So real. So inescapable. Stop, stop, stop, stop. It did not. Instead, he used his mouth —purple lipstick smeared messily— to pull down the top of her Virgin white dress.

Inch by inch. Again, she was painfully aware of the uselessness of her hands as her dress fell away, straps scraping against the sides of her arms, his mouth pulling at the thin fabric, pulling it down her slender frame, hot breath on her skin. "Mmmmm" he moaned. "Yesssss." His head came up like a creature from a black pool, licking his lips, eyes burning with lust, staring at her small breasts bundled in an even smaller white cotton bra.

She started heaving, mind reeling at her exposure. He kissed the areas not covered by the small cups. Kissed it noisily. She was too scared even to make a sound, a restrained, choked cry. He started slobbering her. The wetness of his saliva made her queasy. "Yummy, yummy, yummy!" Losing a bit of control, he pushed his hips forward, pushing up her dress.

He nearly ejaculated when he felt his hairy ass rub against the crotch of her panties. His mind screaming. It must be white! Her panties must be white!

He fought the urge to peek. He started kissing her bra cups, her smooth skin around it. She felt his rough, dry beard and thick moustache scrape at her sensitive skin. Again, he traced her bra strap with his kissing, biting with lips, pushing it off her left shoulder with his mouth.

The left cup of her bra loosened, his face backtracked, tongue leaving a trail of brownish saliva, she shut her eyes, biting down on the soggy panties still reeking in her mouth as his mouth closed in on her nipple. Her body tightened, the lodged scream turned animalistic and hysterical as Graheg slurped then bit her pink nipple for the first time. His free hand slipped under her other bra cup and he seized her youthful flesh, fingers punching and playing with her nipple, long nails scratching her, poking her, making her struggle violently under him.

She threw her head back then jerked her body upwards. She simply fell back into the filth beneath her as he continued his assault. She jerked again and again, trying to pull her breasts away from him. She forced primal noise from her gut, the cruel, effective gag shutting it all off. He just kept on molesting her, slobbering her, turned on madly by her hysteria. He filled his mouth and hand with her soft meat.

He slid his body upwards some more, bunching up her dress around her ribs.she was crying uncontrollably, head banging side to side as he tightened his grip, both hands rubbing, playing, squashing her breasts.

He felt irritated that her bra was in the way. He was a lover of panties. Bras were a nuisance. He wound the twisted bra around his hands and pulled, straps snapping, cotton tearing.

It was off her in seconds, her chest now completely and irrevocably exposed. He stopped violating her enough to simply study his teenage sex kitten. "Oh god Valerie, your body is amazing!" Before she could find temporary relief that he stopped fondling her, he started all over again. "So smooth, so smooth and so soft and so young." He slid his body down her body again, cock sliding across the snug crotch of her panties.

Repositioning himself comfortably, legs stretched out alongside hers, his head just above her toplessness, he let his face roam her body. He was licking, smelling, feeling her skin on his cheeks and forehead. It grossed her out. Never had she ever let a boy be so intimate with her. She felt her body to be private, a sacred temple, well cared for and protected. Graheg was destroying all of that. This was pure violation. It was dirty, perverted, appalling violation and she could not stop him or escape, or block out or pass out.

She looked elsewhere in the room and saw nothing but mirrors reflecting his black and naked obese body on top of hers.

She saw her feet bound, half her face in tight black tape, her own eyes wet and bloodshot and wide open, taking in the true nature of horror.

She found no hope, no distraction, no peace, no help. She knew was going to be naked very very soon&hellip.

Water. That was all Valerie wanted. Cold and clean water to quench her terrible thirst. She felt her body shrivelling up, her organs screaming for pure water. She had never been so desperate to drink her entire life.

Water. To fill her empty stomach. A stomach so wrought and twisted with anxiety, that it made her retch nothing but hot air, making the sickening bitter panties trapped in her mouth taste even worse. Water. Precious and fresh water, to wash off his stink from her body, to wash off the stickiness of his saliva that clung to her neck, breasts, face, ears and eyes in layers. That was the worst. When he licked her eyes with his long fat tongue, his spit like mild glue collecting in the corners of her teary eyes, He kept burping into her face, between kissing her gagged mouth, amused at her disgust.

He knew she was sickened by the stench, so he kept doing it. The beer, the blunts and tobacco, whiskey, rotting teeth, all unwashed for days. Rancid breath, in her face. He let the tip of his tongue wriggle into her nostrils like a slug, his big hands holding her head firmly so she couldn't turn away. She needed her fathers arms, hugging her tight, her mothers touch, stroking her head, telling her it's alright.

She wanted so badly the comfort of her own home. Home cooked food, her soft, comfortable bed, scented candles that put her gently to sleep. Not this.

Not this reeking, naked man crawling on her, slobbering all over her, lusting like an animal, about to cut off her dress. Scissors. He waved it in her face, playfully cutting off bits of her hair. "You gonna push my hand away baby?

Gonna push me off you before I snippy snippy your little dress? come on gal. Try. Wriggle out from under me. I might stop if you succeed." Despite her fatigue, her weakness, her thirst, her knowledge that struggling was futile.

She fought. She grunted. She willed her body to be strong. To break free. He just laughed. Her writhing made him horny. That's all it did. "No progress? No go? Poor little kitty. You fail…" And with that, he snipped the straps. He made sure she was aware that her vulnerable body was slowly being exposed to his hungry eyes and hands and mouth.

And that she could do nothing. He dangled the thin white straps over her terrified face, listening to the song of her sobbing.

It was symbolic, the minutiae mangling of the dress she wore once for her birthday. "You cannot hide your pretty body anymore little Vee! The more I cut away, the more naked you will be!" He was full of glee, a giddy headed schoolboy unwrapping his present. Graheg kept pausing to stroke his long, tangled pink hair as he cut off her dress bit by bit, pulling it out from under her, sometimes tearing at it.

The sound of her clothes ripping upset her but delighted and excited him. He sniffed the torn pieces I front of her eyes, wagging his tongue. Then tossed the strips in the air, letting it sail down all around them, all the while singing, "no more pretty clothes for my pretty pretty princess!

No more pretty Dress! Only pretty, pretty breasts!" Valerie was deeply disturbed. He started snipping off bigger patches from around her quivering, flat stomach. His eyes grew wild and wide.

The sight of her belly button, greatly aroused him. He was getting impatient, cock protesting for explosion, eyes hungry for the sight of her panties. "We are reaching your panties soon baby! Oh panties, panties, panties! Is my panties still yummy?" He grabbed her face and shook it side to side, "is your gag still nice and tight?

Tears not loosening it one bit? Is your panties yummy? Can I smell it please? Can I? Can I? " He was truly enjoying himself. She couldn't help but imagine his face in the crotch of her underwear, snorting like a pig. He tossed the scissors away, content with whatever little cloth was left covering her torso. He was sitting right on top of her crotch, his black blind eel slithering, trying to find its way into her tight and warm heaven.

He rose up on his knees from straddled position, her ravaged dress had become an unevenly cut mini skirt. Without looking, he fumbled with his hands to adjust It. Remember, revealing her panties was a sacred act. No accidental peeking. He adjusted the remains of the garment until he felt satisfied she was covered.

Feeling out its contours. Yes. Perfect. He stood up, off to the sides and excitedly studied her petite form, from head,slowly down to her toes. There she was. His little Vee. 19 years old. That timeless sight of a nearly naked teenage girl. His scared little kitten.


Tears rolling over her tight tape wrap gagged face. Her sweaty, slender neck. Her fine, smooth skin and shoulders. Her cute, nicely rounded, A cup breasts. Tender and oh so tasty. Her erect pink nipples. Her arms, conveniently out of the way, buried behind her. Her curvaceous waist, her gloriously flat stomach, her lovely belly button. Only one—third of her dress left, barely covering her from below her belly button to the very top of her thighs. He stared at her hidden crotch, his cock nearly going hysterical with mass ejaculation.

What Colour were her panties? Pastel pink? Virgin white? Light Baby blue? Was it snug? And small? Cotton and Plain? G—string or thong or bikini? What will her panties smell like? Is she cleanly shaven? Tight? Virginal? Compact? Lips barely showing? What does she taste like? To prevent himself going mad, his eyes moved on to her bound legs. Oh god. Her supple thighs, forced together because of the zip ties around her knees.

Her perfect skin. Silky complexion. How soft were her inner thighs? He wanted to lay his head between them. Valerie avoided looking at him. But the sight she saw in the ceiling mirror was even more alarming. She saw, with her own eyes, how nearly naked and how very helpless she was on that mattress.

As if the elaborate stripping and cutting away of her clothes didn't quite happen, because she didn't fully see it to understand. The mirror was the proof of her gruesome reality. There really was nothing much left to remove. "I must photograph you," He said, not contented with staring at her body, "to keep you in more ways than one…" He waddled off to grab his high def camera.

He came back shooting. Obsessively. "This will make a good bondage photo set. And oh, in case I didn't tell you, did I tell you? Maybe not, but ever since you arrived here, you've been filmed. Six cameras hidden everywhere, focussing on every single thing I have done to you and will do to you, in the hours, days and even months to come." He circled her like a vulture, zooming in, focussing, shooting, "Recorded to hard disk.

High quality no less. Full colour film of the bondage, stripping and non stop raping of miss Valerie Tan! It's gonna be an epic film. To sell. And to be sent to your family of course! Let daddy wank off, watching his little girl stuffed with cock!" She was wrecked with emotional pain, pain that could only be expressed with miserable crying. Her nightmare and fear was growing more complex.

What else would he be doing to her? For how long? How much longer could she hold out and stay sane? She was too afraid to struggle. There was nothing she could do to cover up her naked upper body as he took lurid pictures. She wanted to twist and turn, since he was not sitting on her, but the remains of her dress felt too delicate. If she budged just a little, it might fall away against her will. He will see her panties. It would be like blood for a shark, throwing him into a frenzy.

She kept motionless because of this fear. He stood over her and took perverse joy in capturing close ups of her gagged face, tears running down her cheeks, her bound feet, nipples, neck and different sides of her body. He was careful not to take 'panty peeks.' adhering to his rule. The sight of his ugly erect penis, still throbbing with Viagra, his bloated and blackened balls, heavy with sperm, his thick and bushy pubic hair and hairy ass crack was an unholy presence that fanned the fires of panic deep inside her being.

"You are such a fine teenage fuck toy! I must thank your parents really, raising you up so pretty and petite and sweet. I must tell them how beautiful you are…" He then put the camera away, rubbed his hands together.

"I think it's about time…" Graheg started rummaging through his medicine bag. He was very pleased to find what he was looking for. A syringe. Filled with a large dose of colourless liquid. He walked over the Vee, who was furiously shaking her head again, pleading through her gag. Oh god, no, she must've been saying. Oh god, no. He straddled her chest, cock bouncing about between her petite breasts. He pulled the cap off the syringe with his teeth.

He casually asked, "Are you a virgin Vee?" He flicked at the syringe, squirted out air and a tiny bit of liquid. "Hmm? Answer me Vee…" She half nodded. Sobbed. "Good&hellip.your first time, must always be very very memorable…this…will certainly help you." Valerie started screaming again when he pushed her face to the side and into the mattress.

Her screaming made the tendons and the veins at her neck stand out. This made it easy for him. "Stop struggling Vee… " His voice was cold, evil.

I might accidentally burst your veins if you struggle." She froze, swallowing her terror. He found a good vein…and carefully pierced.

"Don't worry love&hellip.this won't make you sleep or pass out…" He pushed the plunger in. Half the dose. "Quite the contrary actually…" The drug hit her immediately. Her heart rate quickened, her eyes went wide. All drowsiness, from the hunger, thirst, struggling, left her swiftly.

She started breathing faster. Then all her senses lit up. The pungent taste of his soggy panties and the smell of his spit, his body odour and his unwashed crotch, became unbearably and horribly worse. She experienced new found tautness around her gagged face, fresh, sharp stings around every part of her limbs lashed tightly with zip ties.

Numbness in her arms had new meaning. It was like everything was tightening around and inside her. She watched him psychotically inject himself, straight into the veins of his penis, shuddering at the rush of stimulants.

Rapist and victim. Experiencing extremes. Extreme terror. Extreme pleasure. Anticipation. Anxiety. Yes, yes yes. No, no, no. Her near nakedness felt profoundly disturbing. Her mind kept screaming, where is my dress!? Where is my dress? She clamped her legs even tighter together. The raw and impending reality of the brutal raping that was to come was crystal clear. She fought to cross her legs. Don't let him touch me!

Don't let him touch me! Graheg was slowly turning his grotesque, overweight body on top of hers. The stimulants gave her renewed power. She tried one last, desperate attempt to throw her body off the mattress, away from him but it was too late. Her face slammed into his drooping bulk of a stomach before her entire form was pinned down by his empowered body. The drug coursing through her veins refined her vision and fucked with her head.

She thought she saw the ugly stretch marks and mass of hair all over his gross, bloated stomach coalesce like worms. She was dizzy, eyes buzzing now, breath frenetic, no air passing through her gag, nostrils flaring, taking in more nauseating smells. He crawled on her like a pig, eyes shut, delaying the sighting of her panties, his mad oily cock slipping and sliding on her muffled screaming face as his face found the area around her flat stomach.

"Daddy is hungry! hungry! Hungry for your panties!!!" With heightened sensitivity, she felt his wet mouth slurp about her belly button, his thick beard scraping against her skin, his trembling hands groping the sides of her thighs, slipping under the loose fabric of her torn dress, deft fingers playing and stroking the elastic sides of her panties.

"What colour is your panties!? what colour is your panties!?" He kept his eyes shut. A mad game of hiding and seeking his holy grail. She pulled at her bound feet but it was cruelly caught at the end of the mattress. She pulled at it again and again, hoping it'll break, cable ties and thing rope cutting and slicing the surface of her skin.

She yanked and tugged and screamed in pain, desperate to knee his face away, his face that was pushing her loose dress off her slender hips, inch by inch, bit by bit until his nose and lips made contact with the elastic tip of her panties. "YES! YESSSS!" He fought the urge to open his eyes butNOT YET NOT YET Her blood turned ice cold when she felt his hot hands slowly and cruelly slide the destroyed garment down her body.

She felt it scrape against her legs, her knees. She heard the disheartening sound of deliberate and purposeful ripping and the maniacal laughing and cheering. "WOOO! WOOOO!" She felt second last scrap of security pulled from under her legs.

Gone forever. There was only one thing left between her rapist and her complete nudity. She held her breath. She could not see what he was doing exactly. He seemed to have frozen, gone completely silent. Teh silence was deafening and horrible because it signalled something even worse and louder coming next. His cock grew on her face. She could feel it enlarging, hardening.

He was breathing heavily, like some sicko on the phone, taking full deep breaths. Getting ready for the great revealing. she sobbed noisily. Her terror expanded but was trapped by her bound and gagged body Graheg then decided it was time to open his eyes. The clean, pure, white of her panties shone for him like a beacon of light. He pulled himself up for a much better view, an animal on all fours, saggy fats and blood filled groin hanging over her small quivering body.

He gazed at her lower body. Venerating the sight. His adorable, teenage fuck toy Clad in nothing but her small and white string bikini panties, snug and low cut. That thin, elastic string stretching around her waist. That triangular cotton crotch of pure joy. Her beautiful, untouched vagina, hidden behind so little cotton. All that soft flesh around it, waiting to be tasted… A small drop of sperm leaked and fell unto Valerie's face.

Her gagged screaming was lost to him. He was lost in the vision. His fetish. His ungodly worship of the young girl's panties. So tight and tiny and vulnerable, just waiting to be peeled off… 19 year old Valerie Tan's chemically induced hyper—awareness was a complex and evolving curse. The focus it created was unbearable.

It made her thoughts crystal bright, almost as real as the physicality of her bondage and her surroundings It made her interlocking feelings of despair, dread, helplessness and panic sharp as knives, twisting and turning in her heart and lungs and intestines. It made physical sensations visceral. The heat, the smell, the sweating, pounding in her head and chest. In the minutes before the actual rape began, she careened between mental torture and physical brutality.

Her mind spawned a vivid web of savage imagery and ideas, innovative ways to reinforce her terror. —120 kg of living perverted flesh sliding about on her young, near naked body. Graheg buried his face into her crotch. That violation pulled her mind outside herself and into her present nightmare.

She could hear him snorting. She could feel every minutiae detail. His nose digging into the crevice of her tight outer labia. The panties rubbing against her flesh. —Her sad parents huddled on her bed, doing nothing to save her. "I love the smell of your panties Val baby! sweaty teen you!" His voice appeared louder than usual, hallucinatory, shaking in her skull. Her leg muscles strained and ached, stringently held down with ropes and cable ties to eyelets buried in concrete floor.

He munched on her pubic area with his lips, through her panties, wetting the fabric. Her mind went on like a sick film. —Policemen are closing files, going for lunch, cracking jokes, laughing over cold, satisfying drinks. — Small teenage boys are masturbating to pictures of her bound, gagged, naked, raped His hard cock abrasive against her tender chest, bumping into her breasts. His sweat was warm on her, rolling off her body.

Or was it her sweat? Or was it his sperm? —An army of naked brutes, lining up at the foot of her bed as she lay screaming with no sound. Graheg's half opened anus was pressed up against her face, sweaty butt cheeks rubbing against the tape around her jaws, She could see clumps of hair between the cracks. He was hugging her legs tight. The pressure real. He was planting kisses along the bikini line of her skimpy white panties, lapping up the spit he left behind.she felt every single peck, the slime of his hot feverish tongue.

— Her panties: the only thing between her young virginity and his ugly, thick veined cock —Dead sperm, fully unloaded into his pale orange panties, soggy and heavy with her saliva, trapped in her mouth.

That thought triggered the taste, brought it front of mind. She bitterly struggled not to swallow the mess collecting in her cavity but it was getting harder and harder. The stimulant made her gnaw on the souled mess against her will. A motor response. Jaws aching, white teeth grinding into his panties. She felt the whole clump was sliding down her throat. Her tongue had to push against it. Tastebuds drowning in vile bodily fluids.

—No one is here to help. No one is here. No one knows. — Cameras recording. Alone with her tormentor. His lips closed on one side of her panties near the groin where cotton met the elastic string.

Pulling at it. Peeking at the cleanly shaven flesh beneath. Tongue slithering. A Booming voice. "So nicely shaven val! I love love love clean girls!" Heat and abrasions between the length of her legs increasing by the second, sweat rolling off her legs. —He was going to force his unwashed cock deep inside her with no condom. Diseased flesh tearing into her purity. She could not feel her arms. She could not block out the terror of her mind.

The scenes it tortured her with. — Her friends and teachers leaving the country. No one knows she's here at all. They can't do anything else but go home to their friends and family. — She was alone here with him. He was going to rape her many many many times.

Valerie's gurgled, highly muffled screaming had become an accompaniment, a soundtrack to a rape film — No one can hear her. — Old men masturbating with olive oil in front of their computers, watching her young naked body being sexually abused. She felt her rapist roll the left side of her panties down her hip with his lips. She heard him say something excitedly but couldn't make out the words Her blood was still pumping furiously, her gut, knotted and vibrating with intense, uncontrollable fear.

Muscle spasms along her back as she mindlessly struggled beneath him to escape. No escape. He pulled the thin panties back up, his hands tugging it tightly into her cunt. He got off her. "We have to take pictures val!" A hallucination. she saw him as a hairy obese beast.

Pink hair messy, draping down the back of his scaly skin. A fat woman with a dick. A black naked woman with a cock He came back with the camera. "smile honey bunny! smile for mommy!" He snapped pictures. Each click loud in her ears, capturing her innocence about to be lost forever.

Capturing her youthful form for all manner of perverts to jerk off to — Pictures sent to her daddy and mommy — Pictures circulating on the internet with no way of identifying where she was. No way of tracing origins — The police have failed.

The police are clueless. "FUCKKK you're so sexy! So very sexy in your snug white panties! Beautiful bikini panties!" He squatted over her legs to take close up shots of her crotch, tongue dangling lustfully.

She could not kick him in the groin. She tried. Legs caught. She was a scared girl caught. —Why did she get into the car!? Why did she follow the stranger? Never follow strangers Val! — Too late — Unmarked grave.

Buried alive, full of sperm in her vagina, her anus, her mouth, her nostrils. Cruelly tied and gagged and blindfolded in a coffin. No air. All these thoughts haunted her. They were not irrational. He could do anything he wanted with her. No one to save her. He took pictures. She jerked her body around like a ragged doll, throwing her body off the mattress but her secured feet prevented further escape.

No escape. "Such a naughty, fiesty fucky fucky you are! Where you going? Where do you think you're going?" He put the camera down on the filthy floor, moved to her head, grabbed her hair and dragged her back onto the mattress. He picked up stray rope. She fought to get away again. He bitch slapped her hard, (she howled)
 "DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE CUNT!" She thought he was going to strangle her there and then when he loped the rope around her slender neck. He crossed the rope and tugged.

But not too tight but tight enough to scare her. to secure her. She coughed when the thin rope bit into her neck. "Too tight? Of course not. I'm not going to break your windpipe.

I want to fuck a warm body you see. A struggling body, a sweaty body. I want to hear your gagged screaming and pleading and crying. I want to hear you say no, nono, no as i FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT!" Her own gagged noise flooded her head like an echo chamber. He laughed. A maniac pulling two ends of the rope, threading it into eyelets in concrete at the head of the mattress.

Just like her legs. He tied it off, making sure the tension was taut enough, so she could barely move her upper body. He stood up when he was done. Erect. Roiling with lust, circling and looking down at her straightened body, glistening with sweat, shaking like a leaf with terror and crying. — He's going to crawl over you now She watched him with eyes wide open.

As if knowing exactly what he was going to do next would help her prepare for it. He picked up more stray rope as he circled. He picked up the scissors and new cable ties.

He moved to the foot of the mattress. - Oh my god. Oh my god, no. She saw him sit at her feet, then with the new cable tie, he fastened her left foot to an eyelet.

Fresh stream of tears poured from her frightened eyes. He leaned forward and snipped off the cable ties securing her knees together. He sat back on his haunches, grabbed her right ankle tightly. Carefully he cut off the other ties and ropes. She felt the old bonds give way.

A new wave of panic rose up in her chest. Her attempt to kick free was pointless. He brutally pulled her right leg away from the left. The sudden parting freaked her out. She pulled at the free leg but his grip was firm. The left leg was still trapped. Mindlessly, she lunged her body upwards. Or she tried to. The neck rope nearly snapped her windpipe.

She choked down the half scream, then understood the sharp pain, eyes full of terror as she watched the mirror above them. Helplessly, she saw him secure her right leg to the far end at the foot of the mattress.

He used ropes. Zip ties were never enough even though it did the job. He wanted to be sure she could not break free. He moved on to her left leg and did the same. Grabbing, cutting the tie, pulling, re-securing, confidently and effortlessly despite her desperate but fruitless attempts to pull away. "wide open my dear Val, that's how i want you! I want to taste every inch of your soft, yummy thighs! Wheeee!" He kissed her toes, sucked on them, tested the quality of the bind by running his sharp, uncut nails up and down the soles of her feet.

She squealed and choked instead of laughed. This wasn't the way her daddy used to tickle her for fun when she was a little girl.

This was sheer disturbance. Mockery. Torture. He kept playing with her feet for fun just to watch her legs jerk and try to bend away, to break away. He saw that her bondage was good.

"You like it? Ih you like it? wheeee, wheeee!" She trashed her head no, she cried loudly, begging for him to stop. When he finally did, he simply got up with more ropes in his hands. There were eyelets all along the side of the mattress. "Wide, wide open! From your sweet feet to your sweet cunt!

Mah hands and tongue will go a 'sailing, licky, licky, kissy, kissy!"
 He stretched her legs further apart with rope around her knees, pulling them outwards, then tying them down into eyelets on either side. He relished the process, pausing to slowly feel up her inner thighs before he pulled the ropes tight, dead knotting it, spreading her wide. She could not close her legs. He had mauled her chest, her breasts, her stomach, her neck, her face.

But her legs. It was untouched. Until now. With every virgin touch, every new stroke, she clenched her gut, she clenched the muscles around her vagina, as if that would protect her. She anticipated the hand to grope further and further up to her sacred spot but he never reached it. He was content to feel the softness of her thighs.

silky, white, thighs, curved, without an ounce of fat. Young. Oh so young. She feared his every touch. She hated it, the texture of his rough skin on her smooth skin.

She felt dirtier and dirtier with every thumb stroke, sliding up and down her flesh in slow motion. A slow sacrilege. The warmth of his hands was not the loving touch of a possible boyfriend (she never knew such intimacy but she knew this was not intimacy) or the closeness of a parent or kind friend.

For him, It was intimacy. For her, it was sheer repulsion but she could not stop his roving hands. The sight of her body spread out in the mirror above terrified her. That small panties now seemed even smaller with her legs apart. All flesh now with just a little cotton left covering her most intimate of places. Fully accessible to him. He got up to take more pictures. - Her friends reaching the airport, exiting arrival gates into the arms of their worried parents who had heard the news.

Poor Valerie. Missing. Abducted. Was she dead? What is happening to her? What are the police and embassies doing to help find her? Can she be found? Where is she? - Her friends going home. -She is not home. -She will never go home again. -What is happening to her?

Graheg was done taking pictures. He straddled little Vee again, sitting on her ribs, his cock elongated between her small breasts. His right hand clamped on her gagged mouth. He did not need to do this. The gag took care of her screaming.

Who was to hear her anyway? Only dogs and forests outside for miles on end. Snakes and insects and night. The jungle swarming with primal noise.

Its an act of power, of domination. Hand hard on a teens' gagged mouth. Tears running over the fingers. "My panties still a delicacy? How does my cum taste?" He squeezed and released her gagged cheeks several times, as if juicing her mouth packing. "It's only been what? An hour? Two? 22 hours more? Can you deal with it?

22 hours of no food and water, just my foul, disgusting panties in your mouth. Will you wish it was food? Maybe an orange! Chew on it, chew chew chew! Suck it clean, swallow my fluids. My piss, my sweat, my cum!" Being reminded of staying gagged this way sickened her even more. She saw him applying lip balm from a pink tube. "I want to taste your virgin pussy. Strawberry and teenager juice. I'm sure you're yummy. Were you told I have edible g—string panties for you!

Virgin vanilla! I'll slip them on you after I'm done fucking you. Maybe in five or six hours. I'll have a yummy breakfast! But no food for you yes?" He licked the tears from her eyes. "Your panties smells real nice. What detergent do you use?

Or does daddy do the washing? Do you think he sniffs your used panties when no one is looking? I bet he does. Your panties smell real nice.not like my panties. My panties made me gag. But it's your gag now sweetheart!" He tossed the tube, not even capping it.

"Time for dinner!" Her body contracted. The psychotics in her escalated with his movement, as if obeying his every command. He started sucking on her neck, then down her chest, pausing first at her left breast, suckling on her nipple for a few seconds, then licking off his own spit to taste the strawberry. Iced chills on her skin Her mind went berserk with his voice in her head.

- His dirty teeth will bite into you. Poisoning your blood, making you puke into your mouth, then you must swallow it all down again. She nearly puked, but fought it. He kept on licking her nipple in circles. - His tongue will enter your vagina She tried to close her legs. Fail. Fail. He started on the right nipple, then stopped abruptly.

"This is no fucking good!" He sounded irritated. He got off her, frustrated he had to stop. "I can't taste the sweetness! Where's my flavoured lube?" He stormed off to his supply table nearby.

This was maddening to her.

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starting and stopping. Not that she wanted it to continue but the unpredictability of his actions made her more anxious. She wept and wept. Her brain screaming for everything to stop. —Only your panties is left. — Please please stop! He picked up a tube of lubricant.

A new, fat joint. Lighter. Lit it up. Heaving in air and smoke. Cock still hard and ever ready for invasion. "I'm Comiiiing Toooo Eaaaat youuuuu, then Faaaark Youuuu." he cooed repeatedly, swaying his hips, as he smoked like a dragon, stimulating his already over stimulated body.

Valerie wanted to black out so badly. Be lost to this terminal madness but the drugs in her system kept her fully awake, fully alive, fully aware, watching the dancing monster that was about to ravage her. He flicked away the mostly smoked thing.

Stomped back to her, straddled her. She was so scared. He showed her the tube of lubricant then excitedly read aloud from the label. "Cheeky Cherry feels smooth, tastes sweet and is deliciously fruity! Use it WHEREVER you like, WHENEVER you like! Now THIS should be GOOD! Why didn't i think of this soooner???

I can put it ANYWHERE!!!" She howled into her gag as he squeezed out fresh, cold gel all over her chest, all over her stomach. He put the tube down next to him then proceeded to massage the gel into her body with both hands. Her body convulsed with his slippery groping. Her skin crawling with grossness.

- He's going to SLOBBER you "Yummy yummy cheeky cherry! Yummy yummy cheeky cherry!" He rubbed the remainder of the gel off his hands and onto the lower parts of his cock, giggling as he did so. — No, no, no, no — Yes yes yes yes He started sliding his cock up and down her body, balls dragging into the gel. "Oh my gawwwd!" He squeezed her breasts together, clamping his cock in between and started fucking her that way.

"Oh my gaaawwwd!" Unintelligible, garbled noises escaped her. Her breath caught in her tightened chest as he breast fucked her. Her mind was reeling. He was escalating. "OH MY GAWWWD!" She thought he had cum on her, but it was just his sweat pouring and raining down on her body. He was panting noisily. He let his fat body slide down her small body, his thighs catching the sides of her panties but not tight enough to roll them off.

His face collapsed into her breast and he started eating the cherry gel off her. "Oh! Oh! yum! YUM! This is much much better!" He licked her like an animal, practically biting her breasts, sucking hard on her flesh, filling his mouth with smooth sweetness.

"Durex Play Cheeky Cherry boys and girls! Buy yours today! It's really delicious! Fruity! Sweet!" She saw naked boys and old fat men jerking off to the very scene. Naked men and horny boys buying the tubes from grocery stores. Her mind going mad with his slimy, slippery tongue all over her body. He went lower and lower, devouring her stomach, her muscles there, tensing, shrinking away but never far away from him, from this madness. She shut her eyes tight, tears streaming, meaninglessly screaming.

She felt his mouth pull and tug at her panties, revealing her cleanly shaven pubic area. Her panties couldn't be pulled lower because of her spread legs. He was done smelling her. He reached for the tube blindly as his moved gel around with his wet lips towards her crotch. His false pink hair draped over her hips. Valerie wanted to burst out of her body as his mouth inched closer. He paused long enough to grab the tube. He squeezed gel all over her pubis.

"This is one of my favourite parts of a girl!" He lowered his open mouth… Voice recording: I love the way little vee is scream-crying. Every time my tongue touches the edge of her tight pussy lips, she lets out this howl that ends with loud weeping.

All muffled of course, trapped in the mess that's my underwear, crammed in her little mouth behind all that tape. I love the way she's hyperventilating as I'm smearing the sweet, sweet gel all over her cunt. I want so much to keep her panties intact but I also want her completely naked. Fast. It'll be too much trouble to untie her legs and slip off this little white thing.

She's trashing again. Useless. But I love it. The shuddering as my lips slide over her sensitive skin. I'm alone with her. No one obviously knows where she is or else, this place would've been raided.

I can take my time with little Vee. Graheg is gnawing on the thinnest part of Valerie Tan's tiny white panties. The part where elastic string met the top edge corner of the crotch. His left thumb is slowly stroking her inner most thigh. Her legs are taut and stretched and straining. She hasn't stopped crying or trying to close her legs. It was no use. It's been four hours since she was taken. Four hours bound and gagged.

She's spreadeagled, nearly naked, sweating, hysterical and about to be raped by an obese, black, cross dressing Monster. She can't shut her eyes because it just makes her sick and dizzy. Watching herself in the ceiling mirror, with his face breathing into her crotch was even worse.

She didn't know what else to do, except cry louder. It only made him hungrier. With his lips, nose and cheeks, he slimed the lubricant all over the surface of her cunt. She threw back her head and gurgled like a choked child. His stomach growled. Ever so slowly, he opened his mouth like a cobra, then lunged upon her unprotected vagina. The gagged howling was visceral.

He slobbered her pink, fresh cunt with relish, tongue digging in deep, lips, wet and munching on her private flesh. Frantic and obsessively scared, she curled repeatedly with every disgusting sensation, but the curling was internal. Of course she couldn't move her actual body. Roped down at her neck to solid ground, jerking upwards nearly strangled her. Intense pain shot up both her thighs, thin plastic cutting beneath her knees and she violently tried forcing her legs shut.

It almost felt like her tendons would tear but nothing gave way. She was coughing on her tears that clogged her gagged face. He sucked noisily on her. Her Young, exposed body, was steaming from his saliva and her sweat. Teh drugs in her system heightened every terrible detail and feeling.

Arms crushed and numb behind her, she could only clench her fists, nails digging into flesh to feel something other than his tongue, burrowing into her hole. The bite marks on her breasts stung. Her face was red and slightly bloated, but it's the effect of the tightly wound black tape wrap sealing her cries shut. Her head felt like it was overly compressed, about to give her a stroke.

He continued eating her, pausing to clamp his teeth on her panties, tugging them this way and that, so more space could be had for his ever restless face twisting into her shaved vagina.

A small girls' crotch. Slightly humped, lips neatly tucked in. Un-torn, for now. Her entire being begged for this violation to end but he kept on slurping and molesting her. Valerie was all his. Completely. Nothing, and no one was going to stop him.

Her desperate imagination replayed the chance of doors bursting inwards, cops and loved ones storming the room to kill him, to free her. Over and over again, she fantasised rescue but the rhythm of his slimy tongue pulled her back into nightmare.

He started licking her thighs, Long and hard and without rush. He loved the taste, lapping along the crease where her upper most thigh met her pubis. The cherry lubricant, beautifully scented made him think of flower girls. Her perspiration excited him. Her fear was a distinct delicacy.

It rushed blood to his groin. He needed, wanted, desired to finally slide his anxious throbbing cock deep into her unblemished vagina. He clamped his stinking wide mouth over the delicate crotch of her panties. A mixture of fruity detergent, sweat and light, buttery soap filled his oral sense. He loved the way her soft panties felt in his mouth, he bit down hard, pulled and grunted like an animal. She started panicking, she could feel her flimsy panties giving way, stretching to the edge of tearing, she screwed her eyes tightly shut, fright rippling through her young body.

no, no, no,no, please, no. He twisted his head like a dog yanking something out of masters' hand. she felt like her life would, irrationally, explode from her anus, only because her brutal gag kept reality trapped in her soon to be ravaged body.

The last, tiny thing protecting her quivering crotch finally ripped, the song of his victory punctuated with her compressed, maddening screaming. Her blood turned cold, his, hot and riotous. He was full of joy. He tugged one last time and the mangled panties was torn from her body, destroyed and dangling like a dead thing from his mouth. His rape lusting eyes were wide with ecstasy. She was finally, and completely, naked before her unholy violator.

"Little veeeee." Graheg cooed, crawling on her lithe, exposed body like a pig in heat. "Little little veeee." His face was directly above hers. She twisted her head away, eyes shut, tears pouring. She could feel his cock heavy on her stomach. He dropped his face into her neck and suckled her flesh as she squealed.

"Hours.days.weeks of hot.sssssweaty Ssssssex." He licked her ears. Sniffed her hair, his blind cock desperately searching for her tight hole. "We are all alone. Just you and me. A young, virgin body for me to fuck and fuck and fuck!" Her crying became noisier.

Uncontrollable. He caressed her small breasts with both hands, massaging, squeezing, rubbing, playing with her nipples, following the shape of her ribs, her small waist.

He was on his knees, straddling her, creeping backwardshands roaming her heaving stomach, so lovely and slender and flat. He knelt between her splayed legs, bent to kiss her belly button, then her pubis, tender lips, urethra, then, slowly pushed his face into her right inner thigh, breathing in her fair scent, nose compressed into smooth skin, breathing in deep her fear, kissing then licking the softness.

She was hysterically screaming, jerking against her cruel bonds. His left hand found her left thigh, caressing shapely flesh. He moved his face there, took deep breaths along her left inner thigh and ending again with his hungry mouth on her cunt. How could a girl cry so much? He didn't care to know. He simply enjoyed the sounds she was making.

"My pretty baby Vee." He tasted her deep against her will, suckling, slurping. Gingerly, he used both thumbs and fingers to part her outer labia then let the tip of his swollen tongue curl up and down her wet meat. Valerie felt sickened to her core. The drugs in her heightened every disgusting feeling, she was sweating, senselessly pleading for him to stop but he won't.

He could see her tugging madly at her legs but the binding was impossible to break. He licked deeper against the backdrop of her gagged gurgling. He pushed his right thumb in, feeling the warmness, he found her clit, massaged it. His cock was about to explode.

Graheg kept reminding himself how lucky he was. Horny and excited, his own body hanging over a bound and gagged and naked teenage girl, with all the time in the world to molest her, to violate her, to fuck her sloppily, no one to stop him.

The bright lights exposed his young toy, quivering and spread out tightly on the filthy mattress. He was so high, licking her tight snatch. He climbed back on her body, face slobbering her neck, his blind cock searching, poking, snaking, swollen tip finding that tiny crevice. "You ready Val? You ready for my black, meaty, sperm bloated cock?" He pressed his ears to her taped mouth, just to hear her scream.

She held her breath, she could feel his cock on the surface of her vagina. A sudden chilling realisation filled her, then dread, then absolute fear. There was nothing left to protect her, For hours, he was all over her delicate skin, his tongue, his hands, his sweaty, slippery body, stinking up hers, but now, now he was going to enter her, crawl INSIDE her, FLOOD her. She could not disappear, would not be saved, She sucked in her breath, the pungent smells, she bit down on her disgusting gag as she felt him position himself, heard him growl with glee.

"Here I come baby!" He pushed himself in. Very slowly. Very cruelly. prolonging his first entry into sweet little vee. That coiled anxiety inside her tightened with every inch. She felt her flesh part, stretched without mercy, a thick, slimy organic snake sliding deeper, SINKING in. She could not stop it. Then the tearing began. The sharp pain. The blood. Hid body weight, gravity doing all the sickening work, crushing her second by second.

She could not or did not want to believe at first. It felt too foreign. It didn't register. His fat, heavy body about to bury her beneath him, his cock worming its way in. It felt endless, the penetration. He held on to her breath, poised on the edge of madness as if she missed her cue to scream. An evil, hot eel was inside her, hard and unforgiving and growing. Tightness. Impossibility. This is cannot possibly happening.

This is not real she thought. He paused. Her tears hotter.


Her mind reeling. She then looked at the mirror above her. Saw his grotesque, obese nakedness on top of her, his torso, twice as large in width compared to hers.

He light, fair, unblemished skin, his black, stretch marked, ugly body. That meaty, writhing, uncircumcised horror inside her. Unwashed flesh inside her clean, previously untouched vagina. It really dawned on her. Then, without warning, he let out a short, strangled sound, sucked in his breath, then violently began fucking her. She truly started screaming that instant. The insanity, the nightmare, has irrevocably begun. It was animalistic, untamed, brutal, beastly. she never felt such pain, like she was being sawed in half.

Blood hard meat tearing in and out of her over and over again. Air was forced out of her, every thrust slammed her deeper into the matters, onto her own arms. Excruciating pain burst from her shoulders, pulled back by merciless bondage. Her neck tendons tensed near breaking point. She was screaming nothing but soreness and empty sounds and hoarseness. Her spine felt crushed, her stomach compressed against his fat belly, her chest bulging outwards towards his hungry, mauling mouth.

He bit and chewed on her tits and neck, sweat raining down on her, his cock drilling, bloodying, abrasive, abusive along the inner walls of her ravaged reproductive organs. He fucked her without mercy, her spread legs, taut and twisted as she tried to close it again and again, but his knees clamped down her thighs, pushing her open more and more so he could pound and rape and slosh himself in and out and in and out.

He grunted and growled, "mommy raised you well, daddy must be so're so nice and tight and all mine!" It was almost funny, how Valerie kept twisting away from her violator, as if it did her any good.

It was almost funny, how he maniacally kept licking her neck and wet face full of tears like a mad dog. He squeezed her already gagged face with his huge hand, pushing her head into the mattress, spat in her eye, kept fucking and fucking and fucking her, endless power, drugs and viagra turning him into a non stop raping machine.

Her torn and damaged vagina, once so sweet and tight and unblemished and clean shaven, was now burning and hurting badly without respite, full of blood and messily spurting juices forced from deep inside her terrified body. His cock head slammed into her cervix, the pain was nauseating, inhuman. The visceral experience was too intense, too noisy and in her face to be shut out by any amount of screaming.

God knows she tried. screaming and screaming into her disgusting gag. eyes screwed shut, eyes wide open, nothing but desperate demands for him to STOP! STOP! STOP! Her inner child crying and trashing and trying to crawl away somewhere deeper and safer, only to be dragged out into the horrible light of her reality. Between the endless pulling out and plunging into her groin, she caught sight of the door, her escape, her exit, shut and locked forever, oblivious to her nightmare, never bursting open, just there, unmoving, like all the sex toys and furniture and boxes of edible panties, all motionless in the hurricane of his tireless raping.

He unexpectedly stopped, his cock fully inserted, almost splitting her in half. He was panting sour breath and saliva into her terrified face, he took several deep breaths, then without mercy, started fucking her harder, if it was at all possible, going deeper, faster, madder, every word punctuating every thrust inwards. "I. LOVE. YOU. I. LOVE. YOU. I. LOVE. YOU!" His voice eating into her brain, his body eating into her body, fucking and fucking and fucking.

Her body was tight, convulsing with all that raw, dirty energy screaming through her bound form. "I'M GOING TO DROWN YOU IN MY SPERM!" somehow, she could tell he was giving it that last, extra burst of power, riding her, ravaging her like a jackhammer, head thrown back, his mad eyes wild, he screamed. The uncontrolled gush of his orgasm was unleashed into her suffering body.

She wanted to die, vomit, pass out, shit, all at the same time. The emptying out took forever. With every push he made, more hot gunk, like a strong stream of urine, forced its way into her. She felt like it was overloading her uterus, then spilling out into her intestines, big and small, pouring into her stomach. There was no turning back. Her entire body had been ruined from the outside, for hours, and now, his unholy bodily fluids was churning like sickening cream INSIDE HER.

Inside her. Inside her. That's all Valerie could think of. HIs sticky, slimy, mess was INSIDE HER. when Graheg finally pulled out, barely exhausted, it was like her body could coalesce again into a tight ball of violated flesh. The second wave of madness closed in on her as he climbed onto her ravaged body and slapped his dirty, dripping, steaming cock onto her face.

The smell of rotting fish hit her immediately. He let his still erect cock rub up and down her face, wiping off his sperm onto her nose and eyes and gagged mouth.

He grabbed a clump of her sweaty hair, twisted from all that struggling, and wrapped his cock in it. She wanted to vomit but fought against it because where would the vomit go?

He let his cock bounce on her frightened contorted face. He was laughing crazily, very pleased with himself, body vibrating from that mass ejaculation into his little vee. "so much more to do to you my darling ." He fumbled around for his bottle of whiskey, his fat spliff and lighter. "How many more times should i fuck your cunt?" He lit up, still straddling her. Valerie was crying, resigned to small kitten like mewing, permanently damaged inside and out, eyes dazed, refusing to accept that she had just been violently raped.

"how tight is your little asshole?" Her whole body was numb but inside, she irrationally felt his copious amount of sperm bubbling in her blood, seeping into her organs.

Graheg casually smoked his joint, eyes staring up at the ceiling at her small sweating form, blood pooling around her torn and limp vagina. "i can't wait to eat up the little vanilla panties i'll put on you tonight.stuff your slippery mouth with my cock." He blew a kiss to her image in the mirror when she glanced up at the scene of the crime.

"we're just getting started little vee," he said, cheerfully, like a small boy rubbing his palms together. Her mind could not process all the sexual torture that was promised. He flicked away the finished blunt, licked his lips, repositioned himself, then slid his throbbing cock back inside her for round 2. Kidnapped, bound, gagged, stripped, fondled, and all the fear that accompanies it, cannot not be compared to the terror of being raped, repeatedly, with no end in sight.

Valerie barely had time to stop shaking from all that violation just minutes before, when Graheg decided to rape her again. She learnt how helpless she was as his huge, black cock slithered like a monster into her vulnerable vagina. All the automatic reflexes: from screaming NO into her gag, attempts to struggle away from under him, that single, desperate need to close her legs, to pushing him away with her hands, failed miserably.

She realised, with jarring certainty, that he could molest her, lick her and rape her as much as he wanted for as long as he wanted. He didn't care. No one else cared. If they did, if they tried harder, they would've found her, she would be saved. But no. No one else in her nightmare room except her drugged up rapist with plenty of energy left.

How alone she felt. How horrible, that slimy, elongated eel inside her, twisting, pounding, pushing, pulling. Graheg took his time. Finding a slow and steady rhythm, he focussed on the tightness (though she wasn't as tight as the first time.) He was still hot and excited, ever so ready to sodomize her but he wanted to savour this frontal assault. There was heat rising from her body, he loved that smell.

Fear and sweat and hopelessness. He leaned in to snort her neck as he kept rocking in and out of her. He dug his arms beneath her body, pulled her tight against his and fucked her deeper. It hurt her so much. His hot mouth was in her right ear, "do you think mommy and daddy is praying you'll be safe?" He increased the pace of his fucking.

She felt crushed. "I bet your friends are all comfy and sleeping soundly in their soft beds right now while here you are, fucked by a gross, fat monster." He could feel more sperm rising in his long cock. Suddenly, he pulled out, searched around for the tube of cherry lube he had tossed.

Found it. Carefully, he twisted the open end into her bleeding hole and squeezed out gel into her. She wailed into her gag. He unplugged the tube then rolled off her, staggered up towards the table for an unopened bottle of mineral water.

He came back, stood large, sweating and naked above her, cock, hard and dangling and black. He lowered himself to sit on her chest. "You thirsty darling?" His voice was full of pseudo concern. Her suffering overtook her as soon as she saw water. Of course she was thirsty. She was parched, starving, dehydrated, throat dry and sore from hours of screaming and crying. He dangled the open bottle above her wide, craving eyes.

Playfully, deliberately, he poured the fresh water, onto her tightly tape wrapped mouth. The precious fluid ran down both sides of her waterproof gag, wasted and soaked up into the sweaty mattress. This horrible act made her whine and sob.

She was physically and psychological tormented. Soso thirsty. He poured water on her neck and breasts, further and further away from her mouth. It was maddening for her, to feel such cold, quenching water spilling everywhere except down her dry throat. He made it all worse by slowly drinking up half the bottle in front of her, swallowing noisily, expressing his delight of such thirst quenching satisfaction.

"Thirsty val?" she wept. "Ok. I'll ungag you." He paused for effect. "In eighteen hours.or maybe twenty, I've lost track." he bent down into her face and whispered, "then maybe.all you'll get is cock and you can gulp down my hot, sticky sperm." Despair flooded her.

She wanted to pass out but the drugs kept her wide awake and terrified. He cruelly poured the remaining water onto his cock, emptied the gel and lathered his cock up and down, in front of her face.

"Do you love my big long baby? It certainly loves you. It wants to enter all your holes, it wants to dig deep, vomiting cum into your body over and over again." She was shaking and screaming as he splashed the last of the water on her stomach, then all over her bloodied cunt.

With the water based gel turning slippery, he tossed the bottle aside then slid his gross member into her. Again. The ease, the silkiness of the penetration sent shivers down his spine. A terrible, dejected sound escaped her gut as he resumed raping the poor, tormented girl, tongue licking her horrified face.

Two hours later, after Graheg had finished raping Valerie for the third time, he simply lay down beside her, smoking a normal cigarette, his fat fingers hooked deep in her sore and swollen cunt. The drugs was wearing off in her. She was extremely tired, in pain, empty, devastated. She felt ill, bloated from all of his load, congealing inside her. He rolled over, hairy legs over her like she was a bolster, his head on her right breast, full of bite marks and his saliva.

He pinched her nose shut, just to see how much fight was left in her. Survival instincts kicked in. She trashed against her tight bondage, nearly choking herself on the rope around her neck, trying to suck in air through her sealed mouth.

He kept her fighting for life for nearly 40 seconds, before letting her breathe again. Sucking in air through her nostrils only heightened the bitter, vile taste of his soiled underwear, stuffed and steaming in her mouth. He checked her tape wrap gag, still so tightly wound and glued to her soft skin, despite the sperm and tears and sweat on her face.

He pushed himself off her, slapped her right breast hard and said, "time to get you ready for bed." Foolishly, Valerie was relieved. It meant no more forced sex. That much was true, but he had other disturbing plans for her 'bedtime.' Graheg squeezed fresh water off a rag onto Valerie's face and wiped it down.

Again, beautiful water, wasted, rolling off her cruelly taped face unto her neck then mattress but never into her parched throat. He hummed a lullaby she did not recognise as he wiped her neck then her body, each breast carefully washed.

A small part of her hungered for cleanliness but she was still largely disturbed and sickened by the terrible filthy violation she had endured. Her body tensed, twisted and shivered as he began wiping her bruised and bloodied cunt, fingers dug into cloth, dug into torn vagina, soaking up the blood and sperm inside.

He slowly wiped the length of her legs, paying attention to her thighs and calves and feet. She cried throughout the process, he said nothing, just kept humming. Such madness. He tore open the packet of Vanilla flavoured edible panties, sniffing the flimsy g-string dangling between his fingers. "It's gonna be a real yummy breakfast for me…" he teased. The steps he took next were swift and precise. Releasing her legs one by one, slipping on the tiny delicious panties then handcuffing her feet together.

The white vanilla panties two sizes too small, digging into her cunt, petite ass, tight around her waist. snug. She fought, fought hard to pull away, to kick him but he was brutal, strong, vice like grip. He cut off the rope around her neck then roughly rolled her on her stomach.

Her arms were almost blue from the lack of circulation. Blood dried around her wrist where she kept tugging, her shoulders were painfully pulled back because of all that rope and zip ties. He slapped her perky ass hard, several times,squeezing her butt cheeks, listening to her scream into her gag. "I can;t wait to fuck you in the ass my little slut, but tonight, you'll get an exciting place to sleep in!" This terrified her, what could it possibly mean?

He got up, dragged her by the hair without mercy and off the mattress, her knees scraping the hard ground. She twisted and turned, let her body go limp but it didn't make her any heavier. He dragged her effortlessly.

Oh god, she taught, oh god, that smell… Even before they reached the door to the toilet, it hit her. That unmistakable stench of piss and feces left out in the open. Then heat. Then the sound of a radiator clunking. She caught a glimpse of the wet, messy floor. Then the toilet seat. Just a split second look and she wanted to faint, to die. He brain refusing to acknowledge what would happen next. Then she saw the black straps riveted to the sides of the seat, hanging down like limp belts.

"Guess where your face will be my sweetie!" She gagged. He pushed her inside the cramped cubicle, kicked her at the back of her knees, she fell hard, hurting. Flies scattered, unwittingly, she saw the horrible mass of un-flushed human waste and urine, piled up inside. And the flies, crawling and eating all over the mess, loose, watery pools all over the sides.

Was it puke or diarrhoea? She was turning very sick. "welcome to your bedroom for the next 12 hours or so! little vee…" Terror and despair choked her. She tried not to breathe but had to, every inhalation made her nauseous. She thought the taste in her mouth and it's smell was bad, but this was far, far worse. She looked elsewhere, avoiding the terror.

She saw smearing on the walls, the plumbingthe radiator, felt the intense heat. He was laughing, kicking over a bin at the corner, his mass of unwashed underwear spilled out, tumbling into watery shit and piss on the floor. She caught him mopping up the floor with his underwear under foot.

"my toilet upstairs is working fine, this one got stuck days ago, I kept using it anyway, especially for you…" she started begging, crying, shaking her head. He grabbed her from behind, right arm right across her neck and repositioned her. There were eyelets and straps along the flooring. He made sure both her legs were between those eyelets. "Don;t you fucking move" he growled, she was on her knees before the terrible toilet.

He started strapping her legs together with large zipties, pulling them tight, then he strapped her lower legs down. she was crying uncontrollably, eyes screwed shut. He reached for a long belt like strap attached to the back of the toilet seat near the base. He wound it behind her knees then through the buckle attached on the other side.

He pulled it tight and locked it in. She was now secured to the toilet seat. He pushed her shoulder down so that she sat on her haunches. Three more straps were lashed over the top of her legs and belted down, keeping her tight in that position. She was gurgling and half screaming, body shaking with dread. Graheg fished around the messy floor, picked up the most soiled of all his underwear and dangled the white, wet thing in front of her face.

It was stated yellow and brown, almost dripping. "You've got one balled up in your mouth, you should have one over your head!" She screamed when he flipped his underwear inside out then, crotch to the front, he pulled it over her trashing head.

The horrible mixture of piss, shit, sweat, cum, hit her so hard, she retched. Nothing but air. Her eyes were wide with terror and dizziness. She felt the garment plastered to her face, felt the wetness soak into her hair.

"Maybe one more hmm?" He pulled a black lacy panties over her head, this time, butt side into her face. It was smaller than the first one so he had to really pull it over and down tight. By the time he was done, it was hard for her to breathe, every breath sucked in the stench of his bodily fluids.

To secure both his underwear on her head, he grabbed a roll of tape and mercilessly taped down the garments' waistbands that was around her neck. The tightness contracted her neck but not enough to choke her.

The sour stench made her retch repeatedly. Then without warning, he pushed her head straight into the toilet and slammed down the seat over. The nightmare of having two of his soiled underwear wrapped over her head, and it's terrible smell distracted her from the worse situation.

But now its was full blown. Her face was inches from his collected shit and piss and god knows what else. She fought, jerked her body backwards, to the left and right, desperate to break free, the more she screamed the more air she had to take in and that sickened her terribly.

Her fate was sealed when she felt him strap the seat down hard over her head, her neck pressing against the rim. The stench was overwhelming. It was too much. She vomited air. Heaving, struggling, praying to pass out or die, but none of that was happening.

She was sweating profusely now. Sweat stinging her eyes, claustrophobia eating into her. "Gonna turn up the heat a little bit!" She heard him yell. "let the shit cook! HAHAHAHAH" She could hardly move, bound in that haunched position, head in the shit bowl. He wasn't even done with her bondage. He was pushing rope between her stomach and legs then over her body to tie down her arms to her back. He kept slapping her ass with every wind and knot.

The heat was getting unbearable. "Foo! even i can't stand the smell! I'm getting out of here, to sleep! You sleep well my princess! see you in 12 hours! maybe more!!" She heard the door slam and lock, the sound of the radiator going louder, sweat trickling down her naked body, the tight g-string irritating her ass and cunt, making it itch, and of course, the thick, disturbing stench, like a fog choking her.

She struggled frantically but none of the bondage was loosening. Her muscles were already straining, spasming, bent over and kneeling like that, more stomach twisting and retching nothingness from her empty body and soul. She couldn't tell if the lights had gone out. She became painfully aware of how starved she felt, how weak but also not. She couldn't believe she was living this nightmare but it was all too visceral to ignore.