Stage one Get to know me

Stage one  Get to know me
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Alex was 22 years old and had recently graduated from college. Since his family did not have a lot of money and he was in school all the way across the country, Alex hadn't been home in 4 years and spent vacations and holidays with his Aunt and Uncle who lived within a couple hours of his college.

After graduating, however, Alex got a job back near his home on the east coast.


He decided, as many college graduates do, to live at home for a year while he saved money for an apartment. Alex's older sister was 24 and had been living on her own for a couple years now. His younger sister, Abby, had just turned 14, and had changed quite a bit physically since he last saw her.

The summer he returned, he would tease her about needing to buy shirts and shorts that actually fit her, since many of her tshirts were a tight and many of her shorts were, well, very short. They also talked about other things such as school and, more importantly, boys. Alex knew the only thing boys thought about in high school was sex, and Abby would be entering high school in the fall. He wanted to make sure no guys took advantage of his little sister.

If they did, he'd kill them. But Abby assured him that sex was the furthest thing from her mind. The most she had ever done was kiss a boy, and her and her best friend had a little motto for themselves - "I'm A Tease, I Don't Please." She was so sweet and innocent, and he completely trusted her. Which was why one Saturday night when their parents went out, Alex had no problem leaving Abby lone while he went out as well even though he was supposed to watch her.

Their parents left around 6pm and let them know they would be back around midnight. Alex was gone half an hour later, and told his sister to call him on his cell if there were any problems at all. But around 8pm he started feeling bad about leaving his sister alone.

It may have felt differently if he was on a date and may have gotten some that night, but he was just hanging out with some friends…friends he had pretty much grown apart from since high school. Alex said goodbye to his friends and headed back home.

But nothing could prepare him for what he was about to discover. Alex walked up the stairs and was about to knock on his little sister's door when he heard moans coming from inside. His had raced with what could be going on, but he wasn't stupid. Alex slowly cracked the door open and was in shock at what he saw. His sweet, innocent little sister was lying naked on her bed with some guy's head buried in her pussy!

But that wasn't it! Another guy had his cock in her mouth and she was sucking away. Alex's own cock immediately got hard as he watched his little sister double team these guys. All he could do is stop and watch as his cock swelled in his pants.

Abby moaned for the one boy to eat her pussy harder. His faced was buried deep in her cunt, licking her tight wet hole as he slid two of his fingers in and out of her pussy.

Afer a few moments, he discovered his named was Rick when she screamed his named and told him to never stop. Soon thereafter he discovered the other boy's name was Sean.

She told him how good his cock tasted, and how badly she wanted it inside her. Alex began to rub his own cock after hearing this.

Abby took Sean's entire cock in her mouth. Although he only appeared to be about 5 inches, Alex was still surprised that his sister was able to take the entire length in her mouth. After all, she was barely 14! Suddenly Abby arched her back and grinded her pussy harder against Rick's face. She was cumming, and hard! Her moans would've been heard across the street if she didn't have Sean's cock in her mouth. Abby immediately turned over on her bed into the doggy position.

Sean came around and shoved his cock into her dripping wet pussy from behind.

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Rick stuck his cock, which was probably not even 5 inches, into her mouth. He guessed that was why she preferred to be stuffed with Sean's dick.

As she sucked away on Rick's tiny dick like it was a lollipop, Sean slammed her hard from behind. He slammed her harder and faster with each thrust. Alex couldn't believe he was watching his baby sister getting fucked by these boys. Her juices dripping down all over the bed. After a while they changed positions again.

Alex had been rubbing his cock in his pants and this one brought him over the edge. Sean sat down on the edge of the bed, and Abby faced him and sat on his cock. Then from behind her, Rick slid his cock into her tight asshole. Alex's little sister was getting double teamed, fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time!

The three of them spent the next 10 minutes screaming and moaning. Most of the moaning came from Abby of course, as she was getting pounded by two dicks. Alex came right in his pants, and soon thereafter, his sister came as well.

Then Rick came, shooting his load right into his sister's ass. Abby climbed off Sean's cock just in time for him to shoot his load right on her face.

She wiped it off and ate all his cum! Just then Alex heard a car outside.

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Could his parents be home already?! It was just after 9 pm! He went to his parents window where he could see outside, but saw it was not his parents, but his older sister, Gayle.

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He didn't know what to do. Like an idiot, he had just cum in his pants watching his little sister getting fucked in the pussy and ass, and Gayle was either gonna catch him or Abby.

So he decided to stay in his parents room and pretend he was not at home. He heard Gayle come upstairs and she immediately went to Abby's room. "Decided to start without me, eh Sis?" "Sorry Gayle, I couldn't help myself." "Well, it's time for me to catch up them." This just keeps getting better!

Alex though to himself. After Gayle closed the door to Abby's room, he snuck out and went back over to the door. He heard a lot of mumbling going on inside, and then the moans picked back up. Again, Alex cracked the door slightly and looked inside. What he saw instantly caused his cock to get hard and swell again.

Gayle was lying on her back as Rick slid his throbbing cock in and out of her sweet, pink pussy. Abby was sitting on her older sister's face and Gayle was eating her pussy. On the other end, Abby had Sean's cock in her mouth and was sucking it like she couldn't get enough. All kinds of thoughts started running through his mind.

They were his sisters, but all he wanted to do now was fuck them. He imagined his cock in Abby's sweet, tight hole while he ate his older sister out and had her cum on his face. Alex tried to formulate some kind of plan, but it was too hard for him to think.

He burst into the room.

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"What the fuck is going on here?!" He yelled. Everyone just froze. He grabbed Rick by the arm and tossed him aside. Sean freaked. They guys grabbed what clothes they could and ran out of the house. Alex was glad they were so young and still scared easily.

He knew if they were his age, he may have had a fight on his hands. "I can't believe my sisters are a bunch of fucking sluts!" "Oh God Alex, please don't tell Mom and Dad!" Abby pleaded with him. "I won't," Alex said. "I just want to know, well, what's going on!" Gayle and Abby proceeded to explain how Abby, when she was 11, caught Gayle having sex with a guy.

She was very curious so Gayle began to teach her things. She showed her how to masturbate, how to use a vibrator. When she was 12, Gayle tasted her little sister's pussy for the first time, and Abby tasted her's as well. At 13, Gayle invited Abby over to her apartment where she was waiting for her with a high school boy. That was when Abby got fucked for the first time. A few months later, they all had their first foursome with 2 teachers Gayle had had in high school - her 33 gym teacher who she believed to be a lesbian, and her science teacher who was in pretty good shape for a 42 year old man.

It was probably the best day of his life. For tonight, however, Abby had done all the organization. As soon as Alex had left, she called up a couple of her guy friends from school. As Abby was becoming quite a sexy young girl, Alex imagined her friends wouldn't object to spending time alone with her. She then called up Gayle and told her to come over for some fun. "And now you ruined it Alex!" Gayle said. Abby got laid but I didn't even get to cum yet!

Sex is a very powerful thing. It makes us do things we never thought we would or could ever do. And that is what it was doing to Alex.


He began to unzip his pants and kick off his shoes. In a matter of seconds, Gayle and Abby were staring at their brother's throbbing 8 1/2 inch cock. No one said a word. Gayle immediately moved towards him and swallowed the cock in one fail swoop. She grabbed her little brother's balls and began to massage them as her tongue swirled around his massive member.

Abby soon joined her sister. Gayle moved her hand from Alex's balls, replaced by Abby's mouth.

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What a sight it was! Alex's older sister sucking his dick while his younger sister sucked on his balls! Before long, Alex was shooting his load all over his sisters. They gobbled up his cum like a bunch of whores. It was the biggest orgasm he had had in his life. Alex then sat back on a chair while Abby and Gayle began pleasing each other. They got into a 69 position and began to eat each other out. A 24 year old girl and a 14 year old girl, sisters, licking and sucking each other's pussy and clit.

The sight of this, and their erotic moaning, got Alex hard again. As the sisters satisfied their cravings for pussy, Alex slowly slid his cock into Abby's tight cunt. It was incredible. As he pounded away at his baby sister's dripping hole, Gayle continued to lick her clit. Before too long, both Gayle and Abby were cumming. It was then time to fuck his big sister, but Alex wanted this to be special. He whispered to something to Abby and she nodded approvingly.

Alex sat on the chair and Gayle climbed on top of him, slowly sliding her pussy over his fat cock. She began to bounce up and down, faster and faster, on her brother's dick. Abby crawled behind her sister and slid a finger up her ass.

She moved her finger in and out of Gayle's ass - she loved it.

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Abby's finger was soon replaced by her tongue. Gayle was now getting her asshole licked by her baby sister and she couldn't get enough.

She rode Alex faster and harder, letting his cock make it's way deeper and deeper into her hot wet cunt, as Abby's tongue worked her asshole. Then Abby stopped, and Gayle begged for her to continue.

But she wouldn't. She lifted her off of Alex and stood her up, bending her over on the desk. Abby kneeled below her sister and began to eat her pussy again as Gayle's juices dripped down all over her face. Then suddenly and without warning, Alex slammed his cock into Gayle's ass. He began thrusting harder and deeper into her ass. Abby then did double duty. As she worked her older sister's clit and pussy with her tongue and a finger, she worked another finger into her older brother's asshole.

Alex wished he had a video camera so he could capture this moment. Fucking his older sister in the ass while his younger sister ate her pussy and slid a finger in and out of her older brother's ass.

Gayle came again, and Abby was more than happy to lick up all of her juices that spilled from her warm cunt. Alex was close to cumming but held back. He had an idea for a last position where they could all cum together. This was only possible because Gayle was tall, about 5'10" while Abby was shorter, only 5'2", Gayle layed down on the bed. Abby climbed on top of her in the 69 position. Alex them climbed behind Abby, and slowly slid his swollen cock into her tight virgin asshole.

Abby lowered her head and began to lick and suck Gayle's sweet pussy. Gayle raised her head slightly and spread Alex's as cheeks. She slid a finger into his hole and soon added her tongue; And there they fucked, one big incestual machine. Gayle licked her younger brother's asshole while sliding one of her fingers in and out. Alex fucked his baby sister like a fucking slut, filling her ass with his massive cock and tearing her part with each thrust. Abby, eating out her older sister, licking and sucking and lapping up all the juices she could.

Abby came first, cumming all over her sister. A few seconds later, Gayle came all over Abby's face. Finally, Alex shot his load deep inside his baby sister's ass - just in time for them to notice their parents standing at the door, staring in disbelief.