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Real sister swallow her brother dick
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Id woke up the next morning at around half nine and Fiona and Alice were still flat out beside me, probably still worn out from all of the previous days fucking so I left them to sleep whilst I made myself a cup of tea and wondered how I could punish Fiona for losing yesterday. Thinking about it I actually thought giving her any sort of punishment would be a tad harsh as it was in fact her that had used great initiative to bring back the rest of the men at once; Alice by way of luck and good fortune managed to steal victory.

But rules were rules so I had to do something or else Fiona and Alice would think it was acceptable to lose in tasks I set them and I couldn't have that. I was really struggling to think of something for Fiona to do as over the last few months I'd made her do so many humiliating things I was sure by now she was used to it, although still apprehensive as to where my silly requests would have her end up.

"Fiona" I shouted from in the living room and about three minutes later after she'd came round a little she appeared in the doorway naked. "Yes" she said rubbing her eyes as she gradually began to wake properly. "I need some sugar milk for another cup of tea so I want you to pop across to next door and ask for some" "Ok let me just get my dressing gown" "I don't think so you stupid bitch, remember you lost yesterday so today will be about punishment, I tell you what I'll let you go and put some knickers on and that's all" She looked at me for a moment and knew I was being deadly serious so went into the bedroom before returning to show me that she was only wearing a pair of thin blue knickers.

I followed her to the door and watched her step out into the cold concrete landing her nipples instantly growing hard as the cold early morning air blew up from the stairs beside her and across her body. She shivered twice and looked at me again hoping that I was joking.

Again she was greeted with my blank expression and knew that I was still serious. Our little flat was on the third floor of five floors the bottom two floors had three one bed flats on each then from our floor upwards the floors had two, two bedroomed apartments.

So our entire block had twelve places available and all of them at the moment were full at the moment. Most of the one bed flats were occupied by council tenants and the turnover seemed to be pretty high, the six below us at the minute were your usual non-working kind for one reason or another. There was one couple with a child below our floor and the other two flats below were being lived in by two elderly women with what seemed like health problems and were here before we arrived.

All of the bottom three flats were being lived in by single men between the ages of maybe twenty four and sixty odd. The old chap was a decent enough bloke who I'd said hi to a couple of times as for the other two who were both younger the only time I saw them is when they were staggering in pissed in the morning or going out late at night.

There was always a strong smell of weed coming from their respective flats that had the whole stairwell stinking at times. Opposite us was a middle aged man called Barry he lived alone but had his kid every other week and he seemed to keep himself to himself. The flat directly above was another council occupied flat by a young couple in their early teens who were expecting a child so the boyfriend was constantly at work, opposite them lived a strange man of around thirty five he had a constant stream of people to his flat at all hours and had him down as a bit of a dealer.

On the top floor was another single male of about fifty I'd seen him around the local pubs a few times after he'd finished work and found out he was on a tarmac crew so always started early. Opposite him were two lads of around my age who did nothing but booze smoke drugs and throw the odd party neither worked nor seemed to want to work but generally we got no trouble from the current people living around us.

The general state of the place was not to bad but often the stairwell would stink of piss if people on their way by at night decided to us it as a toilet on their way home.

The lads on the top floor were guilty of causing most of the mess above us from their parties and their guests spitting and pissing in the corners on their way down.

"Go up to number ten and ask him, he's usually up early" She began climbing the stairs and I followed behind looking at her lovely arse in the thin blue knickers that stretched and pulled taught so that her skin was just visible beneath. As she turned to go up the next flight I watched as her fantastic big boobs bounced uncontrollably in front of her and I imagined that Fiona wished she was able to wear a bra. Her nipples had grown a few millimetres in the cold and stuck out like hard little cubes.

I waited on the floor flight below on the corner just out of sight of the blokes door and waited for Fiona to knock; she seemed to hesitate for a moment before lifting her hand and giving the wooden door a gentle tap. Silly bitch I thought she's knocking like that on purpose so that he wouldn't hear. Silence fell in the stairwell foe over thirty seconds so I said loud enough for her to hear "Knock louder you silly bitch" 'KNOCK, KNOCK,KNOCK' She'd given the door three hard knocks and I was certain this time the bloke would hear.

It was a Saturday morning so unless he was at work I was confident a man that gets up regularly at six or seven am would have a body clock setting that made him be up early on a Saturday also. I then heard a floor board or two creak above and then a key turn followed by a chain slide across; the door creaked open moments later and silence again fell, only this time I imagined the silence to be very awkward right where Fiona was standing as the men would be in now doubt surveying the very nearly naked neighbour in front of him.

"Well…&hellip.what can I do for you at this time love ?" he said in a rough voice with a definite hint of cheekiness. "Hi I'm from number seven" before she could continue he butted in. "I know where your from it's not hard to notice a fine women around, what brings you to my door at this time in what seems to be a state of undress?" "I'm sorry I've ran out of milk and wondered if I could borrow a cup until later?" "I think I can manage that considering you asked so nicely" with that I heard the door creak to and rattle as it bumped against the locking mechanism but stay ajar.

I took the moment to climb a stair or two and saw Fiona nervously waiting in front of his door with her legs crossed the left over the right hiding her gusset and the outline of her magnificent pussy.

Her right arm was also over the front of her chest hiding her big cold nipples and dark areola from his view. "OI" I called up in a loud whispered voice if that's possible and she turned towards me. "Drop your fucking arm and uncross your legs you sneaky bitch" I heard a creak and glared at her until she quickly did as she was told and I stepped back out of sight as the door swung open.

"Ah now that's a better greeting than before" the bloke said, Fiona's breasts now fully exposed to him. "It looks to me as though you're a little bit cold…&hellip.oh and damp too……maybe you should just take this so you can get a nice warm drink inside you" "Thank you I'll return your cup and milk when I've been shop is that ok?" "Oh that's just fine I'll be out at the pub from eleven till one so make it around two if you like" "Ok thanks again" Fiona said turning away and coming towards the stairs but she was halted by the man calling towards her.

"I look forward to seeing ALL of you again later" before slamming his door with a bang. I wondered whether Fiona had noticed the emphasis on the word ALL as I had done, I assumed so because she wasn't a stupid woman.

As she came down the stairs towards me I also saw why he'd made reference to being damp as well as cold. The front of her thin blue knickers was doing little to hide the small dark damp spot right between her legs around her pussy. "You are a filthy whore Fiona getting off on this a little bit aren't you?" "A little I can't help it, I'm sorry" "Don't be sorry Fiona it just proves to me what a horny whore you are" Once we were back in the flat I shut the door and took the mug of milk from her and tipped it in the sink "Bu……" "Don't be silly Fiona did you actually think I needed some milk?

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Like I say today is going to be a little bit of punishment for losing yesterday and that means you'll do what I ask ok?" "Yes" "Anyway I need some bread for toast but we don't seem to have that either" "It's in the&hellip." she stopped herself as she knew full well that I knew it was there she also knew that I'd be sending her off to another flat to get some. "Why don't you pop across and see Barry he's bound to have bread as I think his kid is coming tonight" "Ok" Before she left I told her to keep her tits on display and make sure that her legs are uncrossed so that the moist patch was visible to Barry; then just as I was about to open the door to let her cross the hall I slammed it closed and pushed her up against the wall and kicked her legs open a little.

I then pushed my hand in to the top of her knickers and drove two fingers up inside her wet hole with great ease. I then proceeded to roughly finger fuck her hard and fast until she buried her head in my shoulder and clamped her thighs together on my had and fingers before her orgasm ripped through her soaking my fingers and had as well as her inner thighs. I pulled my hand out quickly and pulled her knickers back into place from around her knees.


With the flat of my palm I mashed the thin blue material of her gusset in to her wet lips and hole holding it there for about a minute as I sucked each of her nipples making them hard. "Right go get me some bread" I opened the door and had a look at her sodden dark fronted knickers and hard nipples before pushing her out in to the hall and shutting the door.

I then watched through the spy hole as she crossed the landing and knocked on Barrie's door. "KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK" Three hard knocks this time showing that she maybe not so nervous even if her knickers were soaked and nipples were hard. Barry opened his door and almost spat out his mouthful of tea from the cup he'd just gulped.

Barry stood almost six foot and I could see through the peep hole that his eyes were somewhere between Fiona's tits and wet knickers; Barry broke the awkward silence when he asked Fiona if she was ok.

"Yes I'm fine" she replied shuffling on her feet so that they were now slightly wider than before. Barry didn't try to hide the fact that he was looking between her legs and continued to do so until Fiona spoke again and his gaze eventually travelled up her body over her breasts until he was looking at her face.

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"Would it be possible to borrow some bread until later, I'll return it once I've been to the shop&hellip.please" she said again hoping on to her right foot this time making her boobs jiggle. Again instantly catching Barrie's attention and making him stutter his words. "Um um&hellip.yes ……yes of course. Let me go and get some" he disappeared and returned moments later with a full loaf. "Oh a full loaf wasn't necessary" Fiona said "It's fine but can you make sure you return the favour by tonight as my kids coming over" "Not a problem I'll return it later, thank you" she said softly before turning and heading towards our door.

Still watching Barry he watched her all the way across and adjusted his cock in his tracksuit bottoms before shutting his door. Fiona's charms had certainly got Barrie's blood rushing to his cock and not his brain. We stayed in the flat then until about half twelve when I went and fetched Fiona her dressing gown and threw it at her with enough change for a loaf of bread.

Alice by this time had surfaced as was lying on the sofa watching TV.

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"Go and get that loaf for Barry because upstairs will want his milk back soon as well" "You want me to go in that?" "I can't believe your even asking Fiona, just go and fetch it" Now the local shop is literally across the road and she was in actual fact back within five minutes and for once I didn't send her there with an ulterior motive, we just needed some bread to give Barry.

As the clock clicked round towards time that Fiona had to return the milk by I told her to go and find the bra that matched her knickers which she did and then I just told her to but her dressing gown on and leave it open a little exposing her bra. Once she was ready I got her fill his mug with milk and then we went to leave our flat. "What you're going to do Fiona is show the man how grateful we are for borrowing a cup of milk do you understand?" "Yes I understand" she wasn't stupid she knew what I meant I followed her up the flights of steps but didn't wait this time around the corner out of sight, this time I joined Fiona at the blokes door as I had full intentions on helping it on to the next level if it was to go that way.

"Knock the door" "KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK" Three hard bangs just like before only this time there wasn't much of a wait until the door open as funnily enough the man seemed very keen to greet his visitor, what he wasn't bargaining on was me being there and he stopped in his tracks as he looked from Fiona's chest to me.

I just gave him a little wink and Fiona started to speak. "Hi here's you mug full of milk just like I promised" "Thank you" he said looking from Fiona to me and back to Fiona.

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"I'd like to show our appreciation somehow if that's ok as were very grateful for the milk" as she said this she was untying her gown which eventually fell open revealing her body only in bra and knickers "Ok…" he said staring at Fiona I reached up and eased the gown off her shoulders letting it fall around her feet, I was then able to pop the clasp on her bra and help that from her shoulders until that to fell at her feet between her and our neighbour.

His eyes didn't move from her breasts. "Show him how grateful we are Fiona, we don't want the neighbours thinking were ungrateful do we?" "No I guess not" Unaided she dropped to her knees in front of the man and reached out towards his zipper. "Maybe we should step inside" "Ok it's up to you" I said He stepped back several paces and Fiona crawled into his musty smelling flat, I followed shutting the door behind me as we stopped in the hallway.

"Here's fine" I said as Fiona again went towards the man's zipper and pulled it downwards before using both hands to open his button. Once open she was easily able to pull them down and push them in a heap around his ankles, the man wiggled his foot and stepped from his jeans kicking them aside. Fiona then did exactly the same with his green 'y' fronted pants which he too stepped from and kicked over to his jeans.

Fiona was now presented with a semi erect average looking cock covered with a bush of pubes around the top. His cock had been cut and his very large helmet seemed to be swelling constantly as his shaft rose, stiffening and thickening all the time.

His helmet was now about level with Fiona's eye line and less than five inches away; she used her right hand to grasp his cock and lifted it moving her head forward she stuck out her tongue and ran it up the length of the underside until the tip of her tongue came to the bottom of his helmet.

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The man had pushed his dick forward and was supporting himself with his hands on the small of his back at this point. Fiona then circled the circumference of his huge dome before poking her tongue into the jap's eye of his dick. "AH oh fuck" he gasped the sensation obviously doing the job for him.

Watching intently from the door my own cock began stirring as I watched my whore pleasing another man for the umpteenth time.


Fiona's lips parted like they have many times over the last few years and she lowered her mouth around yet another strange penis, she was such an expert at sucking cock and the man certainly knew it as she continued moving her head forward until her face was buried deep in his pubic bush.

She held him there a moment letting his dick bump the back of her throat so that he knew she was getting him as deep as possible before moving her head backwards pulling her lips along the length of his shaft like a cock withdrawing from a tight wet pussy. The man was moaning with his head tipped back and his eyes closed as Fiona again gave his sensitive helmet a bit of treatment before starting of a steady sucking motion; pushing about three inches of helmet and shaft into her mouth whilst using her right had to grip his cock at the base in his pubes giving it a little twist as she sucked him.

My dick was absolutely solid and straining against my shorts so I pushed them down and knelt on the floor behind and eased her knickers off. I lifted her up a little so that I could part her legs and kneel in behind her and line my thick dick up at her soaking wet entrance. I pushed forward letting my helmet part her pink lips and invade her hole which made her lift off the man's cock and moan out loudly.

I looked up at the man who feeling Fiona's mouth leave his dick looked down and on seeing me buried inside Fiona he smirked and grasped her head forcing his dick back down her throat this time with him dictating the pace. We then both hammered Fiona from both ends for what seemed like around ten minutes but in reality was maybe slightly less, when our neighbour declared that he was going to come. "I'm going to come, where can I come?" he asked me as I still pounded her cunt from behind.

"Where do you want to come?" I asked not breaking stroke as I felt my open spunk boiling up in my balls "In her mouth, I want her to swallow my load" he said through grunts and pants as he tried his hardest not to blow until he'd got confirmation that she was going to swallow his load. "You here that Fiona he wants you to swallow all his load you got that?" "Ump humph" she mumbled from a mouth full of ready to explode dick "Let her have it then" I said smiling up to him just as he screwed up his face and pushed his cock to the back of Fiona's throat holding her there until his dick stopped twitching and he was able to remove it, completely clean and empty of sperm.

"Oh my" he whispered pushing himself back and letting Fiona fall on to her hands making it easier for me to grip her hips and really drive my cock home as I fucked her towards a massive orgasm. She bucked and her cunt gripped my cock as her orgasm took hold, a split second later after her walls tightened on my cock it pulsed and exploded inside her my cream filling her womb.

I pulled out letting some spunk ooze from her and drop on to the man's grubby carpet; I was sure he wouldn't be to bothered about it though.


"Right get dressed you slut" I said slapping her arse hard making her yelp Once we'd dressed I made Fiona the neighbour for the milk and that we were very grateful obviously he was very forthcoming in offering his milk and any other groceries we may need. We left his flat with a spunky mess in his hall and a massive smile on our neighbours face now we only had the bread to return to Barry but that could wait an hour or so as his kid never arrived till six o clock anyway.

Alice was totally oblivious to what was going on and didn't even ask why we were going out again an hour later with the bread in our hand. Fiona was still in the same blue lingerie only the knickers were even more soiled now as my spunk had been leaking into them over the last hour before leaving the flat I told Fiona to leave the gown as I didn't think that would be necessary considering we were only across the way.

"Same again Fiona make sure you show him how grateful you are" "KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK" The door opened almost instantly which took Fiona by surprise as did it catch Barry by surprise seeing me stood behind the lingerie clothed Fiona.

"Hi were just returning your bread from earlier" "Oh thanks it could of waited I found another loaf" Barrie's eyes were wandering all over Fiona's body and he again didn't really hide the fact even though I was standing there.

"I also want to show how grateful we are as its nice that neighbours can help each other out" Before he had time to speak Fiona was down on her knees in front of Barry and was pulling the tops of his tracksuit bottoms down.

"Whoa whoa whoa" he said retreating in to his flat his steps small because of the tracksuit bottoms around his feet. "Come in here" He'd shuffled in to his lounge which was similar to ours except he had a bigger TV and a very nice corner sofa. Fiona had stood up and walked in after Barry following him all the way into the lounge and this is where Barry had grabbed her and pulled her towards him and gave her a deep long kiss whilst pulling her bra down exposing her boobs and hard nipples.

Barry was much more dominant and vocal towards Fiona than the neighbour upstairs so I just sat on the sofa for a while and watched.

"What was all that about this morning coming over with these big titties out and a wet cunt" as he said this he roughly yanked the front of her thin knickers down causing them to rip a little and become loose and baggy.

He pushed her forward and did the same at the back with both hands ripping her knickers almost in half before standing her back up and as she did the ruined knickers fell from her.

"You think you can send your slag over here for bread with a wet pussy? What are you a couple of swingers?" "You could say we lead an adventurous sex life Barry" "Adventurous sex life I see" He then turned her to face me and he was stood to the right hand side of her but slightly behind her right shoulder and was pulling her nipples one after the other quite hard making them become hard and stand out like little bullets.

"Open your legs" he said to Fiona to which she instantly complied and opened her legs to about shoulder width apart. Barry then let his right hand run down her smooth pale skin and over her neatly shaven pubic region until his hand folded in between her legs and his fingers were lost in her already cum sticky wet pussy.

Barry mashed his hand in to her hole three or four times and then pulled his hand out holding it up and showing his sticky three fingers. "Looks to me like you've not long used her pussy?" he said looking at me on the sofa, a huge lump unable to be hidden straining at my shorts.

"About an hour ago yes" I said stroking my dick from the outside of my shorts. "A freshly used cunt doesn't bother me" he said pushing three fingers back inside her an instantly began finger fucking Fiona very hard and very rough almost lifting her on to her tip toes as he drove his digits home. He also used the palm of his hand to grind between her lips and rub her now extremely sensitive clit. Barry was rubbing her clit harder and harder the more Fiona began to moan and yelp and it wasn't long before I heard the deep long moan I'd heard so many times before just before she came.

"ARRRRRRRRRRR UMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH" She bucked her pelvis forward on to Barrie's fingers jamming his fingers as deep as possible in to her hole and tipped her head back and closed her eyes, Barrie's hand was almost invisible between her thighs that were now clamped shut as her perfect cunt walls gripped and constricted around his fingers like it was a big pulsing cock. Once she'd stopped and her body relaxed letting her thighs part Barrie's hand fell from her cunt along with a steady drip of sweet smelling pussy aroma.

"Oh my& really are a horny old bitch aint you?" he didn't want an answer to his question he was merely stating the obvious and wasted little time in pushing her too her knees in front of him and without warning pulled his boxers down and feed his long thin cock straight down her throat. He was a good eight inches long and I guessed that he didn't stop until six inches were in her mouth and his helmet smashed her tonsils making her gag.

He quickly pulled his dick out letting Fiona let a stream of saliva run out over her chin between her massive breasts before he told her to suck him real good.

Fiona went about repeating a near exact replica of the expert suck job she'd preformed an hour or so earlier on the upstairs neighbour only this time she had eight inches to play with and was able to give Barrie's shaft a bit more of a wank as she moved her mouth up and down his thin shaft.this time though Barry wasn't going to be content coming down her throat and he made that clear by picking her up after about eight minutes and leading her over to his big sofa.

Once he'd got her on her hands and knees on the sofa he told her to put her head right down and arse right up in the air. "Now reach round and pull them pussy lips open for me" he said stroking his cock as Fiona reached round and spread her sticky swollen lips.

Her hole looked so inviting it was untrue and at this point I had to pull down my shorts and begin masturbating myself.

Barry stepped a bit closer until his pink helmet touched the insides of her spread lips and rested at her moist entrance. He held it there. "Ask me for my cock" he said to Fiona "Please give me your cock" she said from leaning on the sofa with her head cocked left looking at me. "That didn't sound very convincing maybe you're not that grateful after all" "Please Barry, fuck me with your long cock until I come, Barry please fuck me please" "That's a bit more convincing" he said as he began to ease himself into Fiona parting her lips a little more as his long thin cock began to disappear in to her womb.

Fiona pulled her hands away but Barry told her to get them back and keep her lips spread while he used her. I looked Fiona in the eyes as she began to wince and grimace each time Barry withdrew and powered himself back deep inside her, he seemed to have a lot of stamina and managed to keep up his hectic fucking pace for a good ten minutes before pulling out and stepping back.

"Turn round on to your back and spread your legs" Again Fiona complied and presented herself to him like a piece of meat and again without asking she asked Barry to fill her cunt as she was close it coming again and wanted to cover his cock. He wasted little time in driving his cock balls deep in Fiona and lifted her legs over his shoulders and then eased her towards the edge of the sofa.

From his position now he was able to get his eight inches as deep as possible. Fiona absolutely loved this position and I knew that she'd be coating his cock within minutes and she didn't disappoint as I predicted and with a loud squeal she gripped Barrie's head with her calf's and had a huge orgasm that made her toes curl and body shake. Once she'd finished she released his poor squashed head and spread her legs wide and pulled them back towards herself by hooking an arm behind each knee really opening up her hole that was still full of Barrie's long cock.

But now she's opened her herself when Barry withdrew her juices were clearly visible running from her soaking wet folds down across her hairless arsehole and dripping into a dark patch that was forming on Barrie's nice fabric sofa.

He continued to show great if not incredible stamina as he never let up once and pounded Fiona into yet another noisier long orgasm and from the way she was screaming I'd be surprised if other residents couldn't hear. Once Fiona had covered his cock it yet more sticky pussy juice he pulled out and surveyed the damage he'd caused to her extremely red and inflamed cunt. Her lips had probably doubled in size and her clit looked so engorged and red it looked as though it was on fire.

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Glistening juices were all over her lips and thighs and the pool on Barrie's sofa was now the size of a pint glass top. Barry then stepped forward again holding his cock at the base and aimed it towards Fiona's waiting entrance only just before his helmet was about to part her swollen lips again he aimed his cock downwards and pushed it straight in to Fiona's arsehole. This caught her totally by surprise and she let him know by screaming loudly and calling him a fucking bastard; her outburst did nothing to deter Barry though who just continued to push forward sinking his cock in to her rectum until his pubic bone ground in to her pussy.

Once he'd fully entered her he stopped and smiled. "You got yourself a proper fucking whore here aint ya?" he said not even bothering to look at me over his shoulder. He pulled half of his cock out and drove it back down deep in to Fiona's rectum making her grunt and say fuck each time his groin smashed her pussy. He did this five or six times before addressing me again without breaking stride.

"I assumed fucking your birds arse wouldn't be a problem that's why I didn't ask" "You assumed correct" was all I said as I sat stroking my cock as I watched from behind him as he repeatedly hammered his long eight inch cock in to Fiona's tightest hole again I was extremely impressed that he hadn't lost his load yet.

I continued to watch for a good ten minutes as Fiona was fucked mercilessly by Barry who was able to make her come another time before her grunted and clenched his arse cheeks together in front of me and I knew that his throbbing tool would be pulsating inside her rectum spewing load after load of hot semen deep inside her rectum. As he pulled out and stepped away we both watched as her arse hole voluntarily contorted until Barrie's spunk began oozing out in thick white strands all over the fabric sofa.

Once it seemed as though all of his spunk was out he pulled her up and told her to get dressed. My cock was fit to burst but it seemed Barry was eager for us to leave and upon looking at the clock I could see why, his son would be her in an hour and he needed to clean up.

"Come on hurry up you fucking whore" he said walking down his hall and opening his door. I pulled my shorts up over my erect dick and walked over to Fiona and grabbed her arm ushering her towards the door. She's only managed to get her knickers on so we were soon out in the hallway with me sporting a huge bulge in my shorts and Fiona half naked with sodden smelling knickers on and the obvious aroma of sex ad sperm lingering in the air.

"Be sure to drop by again" said Barry with a massive grin on his face his hand round his shrinking cock which he wiggled in his hand before slamming the door. As soon as he had I pulled Fiona over to our door and pushed her on to her knees in the hallway. "My dicks bursting do what you do best and milk it on your face" She didn't need asking and quickly pulled down my shorts letting my cock spring out hitting her on the cheek; she didn't had time to push my shorts right down and got straight to work on giving me a wet blowjob.

I could tell that she was in a hurry as I'm sure she didn't want to get caught sucking my cock in the hallway. Her expert mouth and fast wanking action soon had me losing my load and like id requested she positioned her head under my helmet and made sure that every stream of my seed landed flush in her face until her pretty face was covered in my cream.

I stepped back and picked her bra and dressing gown up off the floor before pulling my shorts back up over my cock. Looking down at Fiona all covered in sperm I smiled and then opened our flat door and went inside slamming it behind me and turning the latch; leaving a spunk covered semi naked Fiona outside&hellip.locked out. I heard a tap on the door and looked through the spy hole, Fiona was there with her legs crossed and her breasts covered, she could do little about the face full of spunk she was sporting though and that was even now hanging in strands from her chin and cheeks.

I opened the door. "This'll teach you for losing the race yesterday" I said shutting the door in her face again. More stories to follow shortly