Impassive masturbation in village bathroom

Impassive masturbation in village bathroom
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Fbailey story number 739 Slide Into Dried Corn Kernels My wife and I took our thirteen-year-old daughter Desiree to a vineyard 'bed and breakfast' for three days.

It was located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State, between Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake.

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The house was right at the top of a steep cliff overlooking Cayuga Lake and had acre after acre of grapevines, apple orchards, hops, and cornfields surrounding it. Their tasting studio offered a variety of alcoholic beverages to sample and purchase. Everything was grown on their own property. They offered hard apple cider, various grape wines, interesting beers, and even corn whiskey that they distilled themselves.

You received one-ounce samples of your choice, up to eight samples for two dollars. Then you even got to keep the glass. That way they didn't have any dishes to wash and you didn't have to drink from a cheap plastic cup. Plus the glass had their logo on it for a souvenir. Since we were not going to be driving anywhere, we had more than enough samples to get tipsy. To top it off it was cheaper than the popcorn and drink at a movie theater.

Desiree could be near us but she was not supposed to drink.

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After the first eight samples I noticed my wife and our daughter making out like lesbian lovers. Soon I realized that my wife was allowing Desiree to sample the various drinks as well.

Needless to say we walked out of the sales room with a dozen bottles of various wines, all of which my two girls had made note of.

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That evening after dinner and a couple of glasses of wine up in our room Desiree told us about an interesting slide that she had found.

Dressed in their usual tiny skirts and tops I followed them out to the playground. Sure enough, there was a twelve-foot high slide that emptied out right into a big plastic pool of dried corn kernels.

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We all laughed but I got out my camera as the two of them climbed the ladder to the top. They were feeling no pain so I took a few pictures up their short skirts. Both of them were wearing thong panties. They politely waited for me to walk around to the other side of the corn kernel pool to take pictures.

Desiree came down first. Her feet flew up and her legs opened before she slammed her pussy into millions of hard pointed corn kernels. It was not as bad as I had anticipated and she had a rather soft landing. As she crawled off to one side her mother came down.


Desiree said, "They polished that damn slide." Sure enough, my wife's feet flew up and out by the time that she had gotten halfway down. Then she hit with some pretty good force, tossing kernels at Desiree. Then I watched and took pictures as they played around in the pool.

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They went up a few more times and had the time of their lives. Just before we left that area my wife laid back, spread her legs wide, and started to dig around in her pussy. She said, "I've got corn everywhere, in my bra, in my pussy, and stuck in my ass crack." Desiree laughed and said, "Me too" before grabbing at her pussy.

Their panties came off, their lags opened, and they were digging into their wet slits. Needless to say I was treated to some great views of their shaved open pussies. At my suggestion they pulled up their tops, their bras, and searched for more kernels there. I had never seen my daughter that nude in the last ten years.

Desiree acted like she was being attacked by a swarm of bees. When I offered to help her, she gladly accepted. Well thinking that I would never get another chance like that, I took full advantage of the situation. I held her pussy lips open with my fingers and stuck my nose in her pussy hole.

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I thrust my tongue around for quite a while before telling her that I couldn't find anything. I had stimulated her so much that she begged me to keep looking. A minute later my daughter was holding onto my head and forcing it tighter against her pussy.


Oral sex with my wife had never been that good…but then again I had not been with her when she was still a virgin. Next I searched my daughter's sweet little budding breasts for corn kernels with my lips.

I kissed, sucked, and licked her to yet another orgasm. She could also get off on just nipple stimulation…just like her mother.

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When I had finished and turned toward my wife, she had my camera up to her face and was taking her last picture of me servicing our thirteen-year-old daughter. Back in our room my daughter decided that she no longer needed to wear anything in front of me…and that she wanted to sleep with me. My wife said, "Look Desiree, if you are trying to take my place in your father's bed you had better be ready to fulfill all of the duties that come with that position." Desiree laughed and asked, "Does that include sex?


Because if it does, then I'm ready to take your place in Daddy's bed." My wife looked at Desiree first and then she looked at me as she said, "Fuck her if that's what she wants." It sure was what I wanted at that moment. In fact I had wanted to do just that when I first watched her French kissing her mother in the tasting studio earlier in the day.

Desiree undressed and got on the bed opening her legs. I reached over and removed a bright yellow kernel from around her clitoris.

Desiree laughed and said, "Mom put it there for you to find." Well I put something there for her to find…my hard cock. I tickled her clit with it, slid it up and down her wet slit, and then I thrusted it deeply into her in one motion. Desiree had an immediate orgasm. That girl was more like her mother than she wanted to admit. I hadn't known her mother at that age but I was pretty sure that she would have felt that good. It felt very good and I had been waiting a long time so I just took care of my needs…after all I had given her plenty of pleasure by then anyway.

I emptied everything that I had stored up into her. We all slept well that night, the next two nights of our vacation, and the next six years of her life.

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At nineteen, Desiree moved out to attend a university, fell in love with one of her older professors, and had two children. The End Slide Into Dried Corn Kernels 739