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Blonde Latina Tranny Masturbating on Webcam
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Jordan was 14 years old when she first learned about sex in school. The health teachers used scare tactics to try to keep them from ever having sex; they taught nothing except for abstinence. According to their teacher, no form of birth control was effective enough to protect against everything, and there were many things to worry about, from AIDS to herpes or even the obvious one: pregnancy.

Even so, Jordan, as all teenagers, was still very curious about sex. When she was 15, she had her first orgasm and began to masturbate on a fairly regular basis. She never had a boyfriend, because her parents had taught her that school comes before romance, and she believed this. She never really wanted a boyfriend, all she really wanted was to experience sex.

By now, Jordan was 17, and had a rather nice figure: her C cup breasts were not so small that they disappeared under her clothes, and also not so large that they looked unnatural; her skinny belly was nice and flat, but not so thin that she looked ill; her legs were long and thin, like you would find on a runway model; her hips swung exotically as she walked, as though she practiced in a mirror; and her round butt finished off the package without a detail spared.

Because of this, all of the boys that went to her high school were frustrated that she shot down everyone that asked her out. Her brother, Sam, was a year younger than her, but even at the young age of 16, he was just as horny as any other boy in school. He would give his left arm to have sex with almost anyone of the female gender.

Sam never admitted it to anyone, but he didn't actually think of his sister as unattractive; he told people that he would never dream of doing anything with Jordan, but in his mind, he knew that if it came down to it, he would fuck her (only as much as any other girl) in a heartbeat.

Besides the fact that he would screw any human with boobs, there was one girl in particular that Sam had an eye for, and that was Cindy. To Sam, she was the hottest of the hot when it came to female-kind. Not only was her face the nicest thing he ever did see, but he was quite positive that if he ever saw any other part of her body, the number one slot would be quickly replaced. This story, however, focuses on Jordan and her needs.

Jordan was always the first to arrive home each Monday, seeing as how Sam had after school activities on those days, and both of her parents worked until around 6.

One such Monday, Jordan came home from school and was feeling particularly horny. She figured it was because she was ovulating; it made a lot of sense to her, evolutionarily, that the female body was rigged to have the greatest sexuality when at the highest chances of conception. She almost immediately went to her room after grabbing a small snack as per usual. Once in her room, she locked the door behind herself and dropped her backpack at the foot of her bed, before plopping herself back onto her bed.

She got herself comfortable before unbuttoning her jeans and pushing her right hand down into the front of her panties. Images of Rick, one of the cutest boys in school, floated into her head as she began to finger herself. Her fingers were busy jumping into and out of her soaking hole, when she realized, once again, that she had yet to feel the fullness that only a penis would grant.

She stopped her hand and pulled it from her clothes, realizing it was a useless excuse of fulfillment. Jordan had always wanted to find a way of feeling the real thing, but she wanted it with none of the risk. The problem she always struggled with, is that to her, using some phony rubber covering made the whole idea seem stupid.

What was the point of sex if you couldn't even feel each other? Because of her strong hormones, Jordan tried, as she does whenever she's horny, to devise a plan to finally taste this 'wine, so sweet.' No matter how much she tried, she couldn't seem to think of anything that would be both the real thing, and perfectly safe.

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She didn't trust any guy to pull out in time, and she didn't know anyone who was 'snipped.' One idea had always lingered in her mind, but she wasn't ever able to have the right situation; she was under the assumption that when sleeping, guys couldn't have an orgasm. It made sense to her: she'd never had an orgasm while sleeping before, and it was against all evolutionary logic, because that would be a waste of precious resources.

Her plan was to simply ride someone's dick while they slept. The two problems with this were: a) she never had anyone around who was sleeping and b) she couldn't be quite sure that they would stay asleep. Today, she was feeling particularly desperate, when she remembered something vital: her brother had been having trouble sleeping recently, so the family doctor had put him on a medicine that made it so that he went to sleep fast, and so that almost nothing could wake him up.

She'd never before thought of having sex with her own brother, but she was impatient to finally try this thing called sex. Jordan salivated at the idea, and pondered over the concept for a good half hour before Sam finally arrived home.

She decided against trying to slip him one, and was just going to wait until night to put her plan into action. When Sam arrived home, his sister came out from the hallway looking particularly cheerful.

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"You seem peachy," he said, closing the door behind himself and throwing his backpack to the floor. "Did something good happen today?" "Not yet," she responded as Sam kicked his shoes off, "but soon enough." Sam was kinda curious about the way she worded that statement, but decided not to pursue it now. Instead, he grabbed a bag of chips from the cupboard and sat down at the couch before turning on the TV.

As he opened the bag of chips, Sam said, "well, I wish you the best of luck with whatever it is." Jordan walked around the couch and sat next to him. She looked him over for a few seconds before turning to the television. She was surprised that she'd never noticed how good he actually looked before. Although he may be kind of nerdy, Sam was still rather cute.

In fact, the nerdy look added to the cuteness somewhat. "Hey Sam," Jordan began, still looking at the TV, "do you have any kind of crush at school? Like is there anyone in particular that you find attractive?" Jordan was now looking at him as he turned to face her.

Sam wondered what had brought this question to her mind, and was curious as to why she wanted to know. He figured that this probably had something to do with why she was so happy. No matter what was making her so happy, he decided it was best to go the safe route. "Well, yeah, but I'm not going to tell you who it is.

Why do you want to know, anyway?" Jordan sensed the defensiveness in his voice, and figured it was best not to implore any further. "Just wondering. I was just thinking of conducting an experiment." This comment got Sam even more curious; was this 'experiment' what she was so excited about? "What kind of experiment?" Sam inquired. "I was just wondering if what someone dreams has any effect on their mood the next day," she started.

This was the inner workings of her plan: she needed him to be nice and hard when she finally got to him.

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"I was thinking that if you think about this person you like so much when you're going to sleep, and end up dreaming about her, you might be in a good mood tomorrow." Sam thought that this could be some kind of trap, but figured that there wasn't really any way that Jordan could turn this on him.

"Well, if that's all it is, I guess I could be a part of this experiment. This wouldn't be the first time that I would be a guinea pig in one of your tests like this." Jordan had a scientific mind, and so conducted some 'experiments' of the world around her on a somewhat often basis. Her most recent of which was testing if what color someone wore affected people's first impressions of them.

"Good!" Jordan said. "Now let's see what's on TV." The rest of the evening passed without event, except for Jordan's vagina becoming wetter and wetter in anticipation for the moment she would finally get to have a penis inside of her. That night, Jordan reminded her brother of the experiment as he was swallowing his nightly pill.

"Don't worry," Sam said, "this is one experiment I don't mind trying at all." The siblings parted ways and entered their separate rooms, where Jordan laid awake for another half an hour before sneaking into her brother's room. While their parents were still awake, she wasn't worried about getting caught, because it wasn't uncommon for the siblings to visit each other on sleepless nights.

Upon opening the door, Jordan was treated to her brother showing the telltale signs of REM sleep: deep, steady breathing, and fluttering eyes.


As she stood over him, Jordan pulled the covers down, revealing his nearly naked body. The only article of clothing still clinging to his body was a pair of blue boxers. As she reached her hand down to his crotch, Jordan's heart began to flutter.

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This was it, she was finally doing the one thing she yearned for most, and her adrenaline was (as well as other hormones) off the charts. Her hand made contact with a stiff pole underneath the thin fabric, and she grasped it loosely. She pushed it through the hole in the front of the boxers, and began to stroke it lightly. As she was stroking the penis with one hand, she used the other to remove her night shorts and panties, and found herself shaking with anticipation.

She smiled wide to herself as she climbed onto the bed and straddled her brother, facing away from him. She reached her hand down and pointed his penis at her entrance before sitting down just enough that she could feel the warmth of the tip on her crotch.

It was now or never. She slowly sank herself down his length, her heart beating faster and faster as her pussy filled with this beautiful feeling.

She could tell that her eyes were wide with amazement by the time she finally had the full length buried within her mound. Jordan sat like this for a few minutes, reveling in the triumph of finally having tasted the forbidden fruit. As she began to slide herself up the shaft, her right hand moved down to her slit, rubbing and teasing at her clit as she rode her sleeping brother.

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Within a few minutes, she heard her brother mumbling to himself, which startled her. She sat down fully on him and held still, thinking that she may have been waking him. As she sat there, she felt his penis pulsing within her, thinking that his heart must be beating very hard to be pumping that much blood to his penis, that she could feel it pulsating within her.

Jordan smiled to herself, thinking that she was also helping her brother have a better dream than he expected. Jordan began to ride Sam's penis again, and found herself even more lubed than before. She chalked the newfound wetness up to the taboo of the situation.

This was a belief which she confirmed to herself, as within a minute of starting back up, she was close to orgasm. She came harder than she ever had before, her pussy clenching down on the dick which was deep within her walls. As her orgasm subsided, she felt her brother's cock once again begin pulsing inside of her.

She got up off of his penis and looked down at it, watching a thin line of fluid trailing from her entrance to the tip of the rod she held in her hand. Then she saw it: as Sam's dick continued to pulse, she saw a fluid shoot from it several times and land on his boxers.

"I must have gotten up just in time," Jordan thought to herself, "otherwise, he'd have cum in me." Still curious as to what this mysterious fluid would taste like, she took a finger and wiped up some of the fluid before inserting it into her mouth.

The substance was bitter, and somehow tasted kind of dry; this was a taste she didn't much enjoy, but one she didn't mind. Having finished her first experience with sex, she slid Sam's penis back into his boxers and pulled on her panties and shorts. She headed back to her room, but as she walked the short distance down the hall, she sensed that her crotch was sopping wet.

Once she was in her room, she locked the door and climbed into bed. She stuck her hand down the front of her shorts, and stuck her fingers inside of herself. She was wetter than she'd ever been before, and decided that this was, in fact the best idea she'd ever come up with. Pulling her hand back out of her shorts, she cleaned her fingers off with her mouth. As the substance on her fingers touched her tongue, she found that it tasted different from normal, somehow.

What she didn't realize was how similar it tasted to the substance she'd seen fly from her brother's penis. The next day, Jordan noticed that Sam was, in fact, seeming extremely cheerful.

"Have a nice dream?" she asked her brother. "Yes, in fact, I did!" he responded. "I went out with the perfect girl, and it was the most vivid dream I've ever had, too!" Sam seemed very enthusiastic.

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"I'm feeling so energized right now, I feel like I could conquer anything." "Tell me," Jordan said, trying not to be too awkward about it, "in your dream, did you 'do it' with this person?" "Jordan! What kind of sick question is that, from my own sister!?" Sam recoiled slightly, but that was all just an act; in truth, he wouldn't mind telling her, but he had a reputation to live up to.

"I'm sorry," Jordan explained, "but this is something I must ask you for my experiment." "Fine, if it's for the sake of the experiment… Just don't tell ANYONE about this conversation." "I promise," Jordan said, truthfully. "Okay… Yes, I had sex with this person. Twice, in fact," Sam divulged. "Is there anything else you need to know?" "Umm, twice?" Jordan asked, slightly puzzled. "Yeah, I came once, but she kept going until it happened again." "Hmm," Jordan was unsure as to what this meant.

She figured that he came again later in the dream, after she'd stopped. "That's about all that happened; some sex followed by a date." Sam wasn't sure what else to tell his sister. "Noted," her sister said, smiling at him. "And I can definitely tell that it got you in a very good mood today." She was kind of smug that it was in fact her doing.

"Yeah, I feel great!" The next month and a half passed without any more sexual adventures, and Summer break finally came. Jordan didn't think much of her two missed periods; she figured that it was stress that caused the lack of blood each month. Jordan was feeling sick extremely often for the last month or so, but she and her parents figured it was a lingering cold. It wasn't until her third missed period that Jordan even began to think anything of it; after all, it was summertime, and she shouldn't be stressed any more.

She'd been getting a little bit of a belly recently, and figured it was because of how much she'd been eating; she HAD been craving a lot of ice cream recently, and she planned to cut back on her intake of such foods. She overlooked the one obvious reason to all of the things she'd been through, but she just couldn't see how she could be pregnant. She had seen Sam cum outside of her, so there was no way, right? When month four finally came, she realized something was wrong.

Her belly had grown, despite her eating less, and her period still hadn't come, so she decided to get a test from the local pharmacy. She was in absolute dread as she walked up to the counter with the small package in her hands, and was shaking the entire drive home. When she got home, she read the instructions three times over, and finally locked herself in the bathroom.

After following the steps, she set it on the counter, not wanting to look at it, because she already knew what it would tell her. When she finally did peek, she saw a small red cross in the center, indicating that she was, in fact, pregnant. She spent the rest of the night in her room crying and trying to figure out what went wrong, and what she could do.

She finally decided that she needed to tell Sam. That night, she told her brother that she needed to talk to him in private, and that she would talk to him after the lights went out. Sam made sure not to take his medicine, so that he could stay up to talk with his sister; this seemed urgent. As Jordan walked into Sam's room, she saw him sitting on the edge of his bed, waiting for her.

"What's up?" Sam asked as she walked towards him. He patted the bed next to himself. Sitting down, Jordan took a deep breath. After a lingering pause, she finally declared, "I'm pregnant." Sam was in absolute shock. He didn't know what to do, much less why she was telling him, of all people.

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"Oh… wow," was all he could manage. After another long pause: "Who is the father?" Jordan choked back some tears at this question, unsure of how he would react to the answer. "Sam…" tears began to roll out of her eyes, "You are." If Sam was in awe before, this just blew him out of the water.

He couldn't help but chuckle awkwardly. "Wait, what?" "Do you remember that dream experiment a while back?" Sam racked his mind to remember which experiment she was talking about, but remembered relatively quickly. "Oh, yeah. Umm, what does that have to do with this?" "That night, when you were dreaming of having sex with the person you had a crush on… I was actually having sex with you." "Why didn't you tell me earlier; about either just having sex with me or the fact that you were pregnant?" Sam asked, getting a little bit mad that his own sister had violated him like that.

"First of all, I didn't want you to know how curious I was about sex, and second of all, I didn't know that anything had happened until today." "How couldn't you know!?


That was like four months ago or something!" Jordan began to sob, "I don't know! I didn't know that anything could happen if you were asleep! You were never supposed to find out that it was ME who you had so much fun with that night! I was just so desperate, I didn't know what else to do!" Sam started to feel sorry for his sister, and that he'd yelled at her like that. He put his arm around her and let her rest her head on his shoulder. He began to think about what options they might have.

He knew abortion was out of the question, because the clinics don't allow them past three months, so it seemed like she would have to see this through. One big question was: should they put it up for adoption?

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The other big one was: how would they tell their parents? "Jordan," Sam said finally, "we will obviously need to tell mom and dad. The question is, should we let them know it's mine? I mean, it's not my fault that this thing is here." Sam was being a bit selfish and trying to save himself, but he only spoke the truth. "I suppose we should leave out the detail of who the father is," Jordan agreed.

This was also in her best interest. "But you should know," Sam said, patting his older sister on the head, "that I don't mind helping you take care of it. I don't mind being there for you, just don't ask me for another one," he added, jokingly.


It did get a small smile out of her. "Thank you," Jordan said, "for understanding." To Be Continued.