I Accidentally Came Inside My Step Sis

I Accidentally Came Inside My Step Sis
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Last night had been unbelievable!

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I had been sitting watching a movie with my girlfriend Judy, when she had started to get a little frisky under the duvet, playing with my dick and teasing me almost to the point of cumming.

'So what? ' I hear you ask, well, the big deal is that her teenage daughter Emma was under the duvet with us, watching the movie and totally oblivious to what was going on right beside her!

At least that's what I thought, but as soon as her Mom popped upstairs, Emma took right over where Mom left off. Emma was new to the art of jerking off men, but she proved to be a quick learner and soon she had not only given me a wank in a million, but she had learned a rather good blow job technique.

I've got a bigger dick than most guys, though not the mega-dicks you might see in a porno, but it didn't present any problems for Emma, and I have to say, watching her lick my spunk from my belly was incredible.

And I never even laid a finger on her! Well, next morning I didn't know how to behave. I went downstairs for breakfast and both Emma and her Mom Judy were there. Judy knew nothing about what had being going on, and in front of her Mom, Emma behaved as if nothing had happened.

Every time Judy turned her back however, Emma would give me a look as if to say 'fuck me, and do it right here and right now!' Judy turns round, and Emma is sitting demure as ever, as if butter wouldn't melt! Well, the little devil teased me solid for 3 days, and when I say solid, I'm pretty sure you can imagine what I mean!

I had never really paid her much attention before, thinking she was a bit young, and considering I was banging her Mom whenever I felt like it. But since that night I became aware of every curve of her body. The way she walked and even just stood. Her long hair, pretty smile and my God her mouth!. God knows how I never fainted through lack of blood to the brain as I had a permanent boner. I knew she was teasing me, and I also knew that given the chance, I was going to fuck her brains out.

I think she knew it too, and that was what made the sexual tension so strong for the next few days. In one of my few calm moments that week, I made a resolution.


Emma was undoubtedly hot, and a total tease. I would fuck her given the chance, but for some strange reason, she was going to have to drop her panties for me. Call it weird, but I swore to myself that the first time I fucked her, she would take her panties off for me, before I laid a finger on her. This notion, although strange helped me tolerate her teasing. This was a good job, because she clearly had decided to step up the pressure. Now, every time we were alone, or when her Mom wasn't looking, she would lick her lips provocatively, or come close up to me and run a single finger along my lips.

Once or twice, she would look down at the bulge in my pants and run a single finger along my cock, look me in the eye and say 'yum, yum' and lick her lips again. Often that would damn near finish me off there and then, and indeed once I had to rush off to the bathroom and shoot a load into the sink. But I never laid a finger on her.

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She was hot as hell and had already sucked my dick, but I restrained myself. At least until the Saturday morning…&hellip. Judy woke early and went off to her job, working at a shoe shop in town.


I stayed in bed a half hour or so, then fancied a coffee. The house was quiet so I slipped downstairs in my boxers and brewed myself a coffee in the kitchen.

As I stood there, feeling that first caffeine hit of the day, Emma came into the kitchen. She had come straight from her bed and was wearing a long t-shirt which only just covered her gorgeous little ass, and a pair of white panties. Her lovely titties bounced as she came into the room and went to the fridge for a drink.

I just stood and watched, as she bent over looking for the milk. Her shirt ran up, exposing her butt, shrouded in those lacy little briefs, and giving just a glimpse of the heaven that lay between her young legs. She knew exactly what she was doing and as she straightened she turned and looked me up and down. 'My oh my' she said, 'someone's up bright and early!' I looked down and saw that my dick was not only rock hard and ready to fuck her there and then, but it had popped out through the front of my boxers and was in full, glistening and throbbing view.

She smiled, licked her lips and said 'so, daddy ready for a little more fun?' 'Fuck yes' I gasped as she walked towards me, leant over slightly and took my rock hard tool in her hand.

Her palm was still cool from holding the milk bottle and it was an incredible feeling as she started to stroke me. 'wait' I said, 'I want something a little different this time' and took her hand away. I put both hands on her shoulders and felt her get ready to go down on her knees. I knew she would give me a blow job there and then, but that's not what I wanted. With a hand on each shoulder I turned her round, so she had her back to me. Then I pulled her back towards me and embraced her.

I put my hands on her hips and gently lifted her up slightly. As I did so, I guided my cock up between her legs and sat her down along the length on my prick.

She looked down and saw my cock head peeking out from between her legs and giggled. 'now its time to learn a new trick' I whispered into her ear, as I used my hands on her hips to guide her as she ran her pussy up and down along the length of my rock hard dick. Once again she got the idea quickly, and soon she had her palms on the work surface as she leant forward and stroked my dick up and down along her cunt. I just stood there, with my hands on her hips and gently let her masturbate me with her pussy.

Of course, she was masturbating herself as well, rubbing herself along this huge piece of meat between her legs, and it soon became obvious when she discovered which movement suited her best. Back and fro she writhed, straddling my dick and for good measure, every now and again I would put a little downward pressure on her hips at just the right time. When I got it right, I could feel my cock push into her, restrained only by the thin fabric of her panties.

No sooner had I pushed my cock there, I would move her off and keep the stroke going. We were bringing each other off nicely and it was an incredible feeling.

Just when I thought she was about to come, I decided to punish her for the last few days of unceasing cock-teasing. With both hands on her hips, I pushed her forward and pressed her body hard down onto the counter. My cock was pushing hard against her panties, and I'm fairly sure I had a good inch or so up inside her. I leant over, and whispered in her ear. 'that was great Emma, but I think I' ll need a shower now.

I'm heading off upstairs. If you want to come up, I could do with someone to soap my back' This was a gamble for me. If Emma stayed downstairs, it was a quick wank in the shower and the thought of what I could have had there and then in the kitchen. But if she came upstairs? Who knows what would happen. I pulled myself off her, and headed up to the shower.

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As I stood there, running the shower, my cock was throbbing away madly so I slowly started to jerk myself off.

Emma hadn't made an appearance and I was cursing my stupidity when I heard the bathroom door open, and Emma walked in. she stood there, watching for a moment or two as I slowly stroked long and firm movements up and down my cock. I soaped up my hands and started washing my cock and balls and she watched intently, never taking her eyes off my prick. After a while she whispered ' still need your back done do you?' 'sure' I replied. She started to come forward to the shower and then paused as she realised she still had on her t-shirt and panties.

She hesitated, as she considered whether to come in or not. Little did she know that this was the big moment for me. If she slipped those panties off then she was going to get nailed right there and then in that shower. My hand was moving faster and faster on my cock now as I jerked off in front of her.

'come on in Emma, ' I whispered, 'I got something here that I think you like' That seemed to break her momentary pause and she stood still for a moment, then bent down and slipped her pants off.

Then, straightening up she slipped her t-shirt off over her head, and paused before she stepped into the shower cubicle with me.

During that pause, I took in every curve of her hot young body. God, she was magnificent! Slim, beautiful waist with a lovely pair of titties. Still not the fully grown breasts of a mature woman, but certainly bigger than average. Although to be honest, I hadn't seen many ld girls naked of late. However, I would be happy to look at a few more like this one given half a chance. She stepped forward into the shower.

It was a fairly tight space and she was pressed up against me, looking up into my eyes as she whispered. 'ok, do you want to do me first, or will I do you?' I'm pretty sure she meant soaping each others backs and didn't realise the double meaning, but I just smiled and said I think I should do you first. 'turn around' I said, 'just like we were downstairs' She did so, and I began to soap lather up and down her back.

My cock was jutting out like an extra arm, and I made no attempt to prevent it from rubbing back and forward across her ass as I massaged her soapy back. She leant back into me as I put my hands on her hips and I felt my cock press itself, as if by auto-pilot between the cheeks of her ass. I let it stay there and gently slipped my hands round her waist and started to wash her stomach as I stretched around her. My cock was grinding up and down between her cheeks as I soaped her up, and gradually moved my hands up to cup her magnificent tits.

I could feel her nipples stiffen as I massaged the soap into her breasts and she began to moan and pant as I ground my cock into her ass. With a sudden movement I slipped my hands back down to her waist, and once again lifted her onto my cock.


Straight away I returned my hands to her tits and squeezed and fondled her through the bubbles. As I soaped her up, she started rubbing herself along the length of my cock once again.

But this time there was a big difference. Without the fabric of her lacy knickers in the way, my cock was pushing between the lips of her lovely little box with every stroke. I returned my hands to her waist and repeated my exercise of before. Changing the direction and action of the stroke from time to time, to just penetrate her and pull out immediately and continue grinding her along the length of my cock.

Each time I did this she gasped, and began to push herself onto me. I stood there and paused for a moment. ' I know what you want Emma, and I'm going to make you ask me for it.

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Every third stroke, I'll give you a little taster though, just so you can be sure' With that, I carried on the stroking action. Pulling her gently along the length of my prick. With every third stroke, I would change the motion and gently push my dick into her a little, before pulling out and carrying on. She would gasp every time and it was obvious that she was counting the strokes.

Each time the third stroke came, she would wriggle and try to get more of my cock into her, but I would slip out just in time and she had to wait for another 3 strokes.

This was driving her crazy, and having no small effect on me either, I must admit. I so wanted to plunge myself deep into her and fuck her hard but somehow I held myself back.

After about 60 strokes (yes I was counting, some people think of football scores to delay things, I was counting ok?) she began to moan and gasp faster. 'Fuck, fuck oh fuck' she gasped as I continued the remorseless rhythm. 'Fuck, fuuuucccck oh fucking hell 'she moaned as she came closer and closer to her first cock induced orgasm. 'NOW, NOW!, Fuck me please' she cried as on stroke number 87 she wriggled to impale herself onto my dick.

'well, since you asked me nicely' I shouted as I commenced stroke 90. this time, as my cock pushed between the lips of her cunt I just kept on pushing. She was so wet I slipped in with little delay, feeling only a slight resistance as I took her virginity there and then.

She was deliciously tight and after a quick pause when she dealt with the discomfort of losing her cherry and having a rock hard dick grinding into her for the first time she began to breath heavily again as I slowly fucked her from behind. I left one hand on her waist and guided her motions as, with my other hand I rubbed the lovely curve of her ass as I fucked her.

Gently I slipped my hand round, and ran my finger down into the crack of her butt.

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I fucked her steadily as she gasped and moaned on top of my cock, then began to run my finger around her butt hole. There was plenty of soapy water around her ass by now, so there was ample lubrication as I began to slip my finger into her ass, in time with the thrusts from my steady fucking.

She tensed immediately as my finger entered her, and I whispered to her, 'don't worry, you'll enjoy it. Relax and go with it!' Like a good (or bad) girl, she did as she was told and I steadily slipped more and more of my finger into her as I fucked her.

By now she was moaning constantly and I knew I could not keep going myself for much longer. I pulled my finger out of her ass and gripped her hips hard. Now, my cock was plunging in and out of her and if I could have I would have climbed up and got my whole body in there.

I began to push harder and harder, and gripped her hips as I ground myself into her. After just a few strokes I felt myself beginning to come. Quickly, I pulled my cock out of her, and this long motion seemed to be the trigger that sent her over the edge as she began to moan as her orgasm built up and broke through. I began to shoot my load as burst after burst of hot spunk shot up and landed over her ass, only to be washed away by the jets of the shower. As the spasms began to subside, I slipped my hand between Emmas legs and began to stroke her pussy.

She obviously wasn't finished with her orgasm as she felt my fingers touch her and she started to come again. I turned her around to face me, knelt down and buried my face between her legs. What with her pushing her pussy into my face, and the water from the shower pouring down, breathing wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but I began to slip my tongue in and out of her, nibbled gently at her pussy and gave her a first introduction to being eaten out. She tasted great, and I knew I was going to have to have plenty more of this teenage pussy as I brought her to orgasm after orgasm.

After a minute or two, I had to surface for air, so I leant back and looked up at her. 'well Emma' I Said, 'seems like i got myself a cock hungry young lady here. And I've got plenty of cock for you to enjoy, so maybe we should get into the habit of partying together, what do you think?' She didn't say anything, but judging by the way she grabbed my head and pushed my face back between her legs, I took that to be a definite 'yes'.

This was the first, but a long way from the last time that I fucked Emma. Basically, every time we were alone, our eyes would meet and we would jump onto each other and fuck.

Emma began to show an adventurous side to her fucking, which I was glad to benefit from. But little did I know just how adventurous she was prepared to be. Who knows, perhaps soon I'll be able to share with you another surprise story about my girl friends daughter Emma, and my growing fondness for teenage pussy?