Extraordinary bimbo enjoys rear fuck

Extraordinary bimbo enjoys rear fuck
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Tony lived in the condo below me.

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We were both twelve and you could often find us in the field behind our development playing soccer, catch or Frisbee. At twelve, I was already a C cup and was self conscious of how my boobs bounced and jiggled when I ran about. One day, Tony called me and asked me to come over. When I knocked on his door, his seven year old brother, Tommy, answered and proceeded to tell me that their parents were out playing golf and that Jason was babysitting them.

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I followed him back to Tony's room where everyone was hanging out. I sat on the bed and looked up and Jason. I'd seen him around the neighborhood but I didn't really know him.


He was fourteen and our age different was such that we ran in different circles. After a few minutes of introductions and small talk, Tony asked me if I'd lift up my shirt and show them what's under it.

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The question surprised me and my first reaction was "no way!" but the idea of boys looking at my body excited me so I agreed. I pulled off my shirt and unhooked my bra, letting my creamy tits fall free from their cotton prison.

As the cool air from the ceiling fan overhead swept over my body, my long pink nipples stood at attention. My half dollar sized areolas helped anchor the long nipples.

"Wanna touch them?" I asked Jason and Tony. They both declined but my nipples were aching to be touched. I looked over at Tommy who was playing with his matchbox cars. "Tommy, do you know that babies get milk by sucking on their Mommies nipples?

Do you want to be my baby?" I asked. Tommy put down his cars and quickly came over. I pulled him up onto the bed and laid him down across my lap. I guided my nipple into his mouth and he eagerly began to suckle. After a few moments though, he told me he wasn't getting any milk. I laughed and told him I was only pretending to be his Mommy.

The answer sufficed and he went back to suckling. Both boys just stared, adjusting their dicks every once in a while. After a few minutes I had him switch sides. This time, with his free hand, he started absently playing with my free nipple.

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He alternated between quickly flicking it back and forth with his pointer finger to squeezing and twisting it, to sometimes pulling it out as far as it would go and with each deviation, I felt a pulse of electricity between my legs. I pushed his head closer to my nipple and stroked his hair gently and told him what a good baby he was by drinking all of Mamas milk.


Minutes passed by and Tony told me he thought the baby needed to have his diaper changed. I played along and gently laid him down on the bed and pulled off his shorts and underwear.

I pretended to put a diaper on him, while my exposed tits swung in the air. I made sure to bump his little dick every once in a while and was surprised to see it growing before my very eyes. Jason jumped up and said he had an idea. He returned moments later holding a leftover hotdog from lunch. "I want you to stick this up your pussy." He told me. I was shocked; I didn't think anything could fit in there.

But Jason was so cute and I didn't want to let him down so I took the hotdog.

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I laid down on the floor and pulled my blue jean shorts off and then slipped my pink lacy panties off exposing a semi-hairless cunt. I rubbed the hotdog against my pussy and shivered at the coldness of it. I opened my legs farther and tried to work the dog into my hole but it was too big.

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I drug the cold dog up and down my tiny slit and tried working the head of the hotdog in again. It was difficult but I was finally able to slowly work it all the way in my hole.

The contrast of hot/cold felt amazing as I slowly pulled it in and out until it finally made squishing noises. "Now eat it!" commanded Jason. "What?" I asked confused. "I want to see you eat the hotdog!" he repeated. I slowly put the warm hotdog up to my mouth and took a nibble of it. This did not please Jason and he snatched up the hotdog and moved it back into my pussy, scooping up the goo I produced and shoved the hotdog in my mouth. "Chew!" he ordered.

I had no choice. I chewed and chewed until my jaw hurt. I noticed him eyeing the matchbox cars and before I could swallow, he had told Tommy we were going to play a new game. He told him to take his matchbox car and put it up my pussy.

This intrigued Tommy and I felt little fingers fumble my pussy hole and he shoved a car into my pink opening.

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The boys laughed when my pussy seemed to have swallowed it up. Then they made Tommy stick his fingers in my cunt to retrieve it. Tony and Jason started looking around the room to see what else my hole could swallow. They found small star wars characters, jacks and a ball, crayons and checkers and each time they made Tommy stick it in and then work his little fingers up my hole to take it out.

"Wait!" Jason yelled excitedly, "stick her underwear up her!" This time Tony took my pink laced underwear and slowly inserted it into me. I could feel it fill me up while his fingers danced across my pussy, making me squirm. Tommy leaned down and started sucking on my nipples again as Jason disappeared yet again.

Tony had just finished shoving the last piece of material in place when Jason returned with a can of peanut butter. "I want you to suck my cock." He said as he undid he jeans. I just stared when he pulled his dick out.

"It's so big!" I exclaimed. The only penis I had ever seen was moments ago when changing Tommy's diaper. He had thick black hair that made a path to his belly button.

His dick was large and thick, easily it would take two hands to hold it and it was covered with veins. He opened the jar of peanut butter and crudely scooped some out with the head of his dick.

"Come here!" he ordered. I knee walked to him and he shoved his dick in my face. "Suck it!" I opened my mouth but his dick was so big I couldn't fit the whole thing in.


He held on to the back of my head and started fucking my mouth, saliva mixed with peanut butter oozed out of my mouth and I was having a hard time breathing because he was going to fast. His fat balls swung in rhythme to my face fucking.

Suddenly, he withdrew his dick from my mouth and spewed white cream all over my tits. "Rub it in, especially on your nipples" he told me. I played with the sticky white cream, massaging it all over my young tits. Circling my nipples, twisting them and pulling on them. Meanwhile, Tony undid his pants and had a chunk of peanut butter hanging off his cock. His cock was much smaller and there was no hair. I got between his legs and opened my mouth to accept his growing manhood.

He copied what Jason had done but it was much easier to take his dick in my mouth. He pumped my mouth hard, groaning loudly and Jason told him to make me take it in all the way. Jason held my head against Tony's stomach and I could feel his dick touch the back of my throat. The saliva was so thick, my spite hung onto my mouth when he took it out. He rubbed his dick on my chest, mixing cum and spite and stuck it back in my mouth.

I nearly gagged from the mixture. I was glad when Tommy wanted to have a turn. He too took peanut butter out of the jar using his tiny penis and stood in front of me. I took my time, licking the peanut butter up and down his shaft with my pink tongue. "Ooh, that feels good!" he moaned They motioned for him to lie down and told me to get between his legs and hold my ass up in the air. They wanted to see my panty filled pussy.

I did what they said. I licked Tommy's pole, taking it all in my mouth and playing with his little balls. I sucked on it and he moaned, content to lie back and enjoy the new sensations. Meanwhile, Tony had stuck his finger inside me wanting to fish out the panties but Jason told him to wait.

He took my pussy lips and pulled them open, revealing exactly where the panties were. Tony dipped his fingers in and started to slowly pull the undergarment out of my small hole. I felt like it was being emptied and it felt wonderful. I was still working on little Tommy when Jason smeared my pussy with the butter, slipping a huge gob into my hot twat and finger fucking me. I moaned and pushed my pussy up to meet his finger.

Melted peanut butter spilled out of my pussy and he shoved another huge gob in, smearing it generously around my pussy lips and clit.


I was told to lie down on my back. Tommy was positioned between my legs and told to clean me up. He gobbled up the peanut butter, nearly driving me wild with his licking, sucking, and shoving his tongue inside to get a taste of that sweet and salty mix.

My hips were moving to accept his tongue, wherever it landed. Tommy figured out I moaned the loudest when he took my clit into his mouth, sucking hard to get the excess peanut butter off, his moist tongue teasing my clit.

Tony was having fun pulling and twisting my nipples and sometimes occasionally he'd poke my nipples with his pointer finger making them disappear into the flesh of my tits. As he was doing this, Jason made me lick off my pussy juice from my underwear.

I licked the musty cream, moaning against the fabric to the assault my pussy was taken by Tommy small tongue. When Tommy was finished, Jason checked by stretching my pussy lips out again. He shoved his tongue deep inside me, twirling it around. When he was satisfied Tommy did a good job, he took his dick and shoved it in my hole.

It gave me a start at first but I was so wet from being eaten that it slide right in. As he started pumping me, Tony stuck his dick in my mouth and told me to suck it. I was trying as hard as I could between moans but the task became impossible as lightening struck through my whole body.

I was dizzy with the effects of the orgasm, screaming and moaning and bucking my hips. Moments later, Jason pulled his dick out and shoved it in my mouth, squirting salty cream down my throat. I gagged and tried to get up but he forced me to suck him dry and ingest his man filling. When he was finished, he told me to put my underwear on. They all watched as I climbed into my wet underwear. As I dressed, Jason took my bra away.

He told me I didn't need one anymore. I slid my shirt over erect nipples and looked down at the peaks it made in the fabric. Jason took one, pulling it towards him. I followed and he french kissed me and I tasted my cunt on his breathe. I left there with a promise to do it again next time.