Liliane Tiger Rubs Her Tattooed Pussy

Liliane Tiger Rubs Her Tattooed Pussy
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The Devil's Pact, Tales from the Best Buy Incident by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 The Number One Rule of Retail Chapter Three: My Girlfriend is a Whore Visit my blog at Tuesday, June 11th 2013 Kevin Mattock South Hill, WA Yesterday had been so amazing. I made love with Jessie Smith, and I had never been happier.

I had fallen in love with her on the day January fourteenth, five months ago she started working at Best Buy. And thanks to the 'Best Buy Incident' last week, Jessie had finally noticed me, and I finally had the courage to ask her out for coffee.

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And that somehow led to me making love to her in the Starbucks restroom. After work today, I took her out on another date. Once again we had coffee, and once again we slipped into the bathroom. Jessie was lithe and warm in my arms as we kissed, her tongue wiggling in my mouth as we made out. I fumbled at her pants, pushing them down, followed by her purple thong. "Oh, Kevin," she moaned as I sank into her wet pussy. Her pussy felt just as good on Tuesday as it did on Monday.

Tight and wet, squeezing pleasantly on my cock as I plowed into her hot hole. Jessie wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me deeper and deeper into her velvet sheathe. "Jessie, oh, you feel so good!" I panted into her ear, before I nuzzled at her neck.

"Umm, love your cock in me!" Jessie moaned. "Fuck me harder, Kevin! Oh yes!" I pumped faster and faster into her wonderful, wet pussy. Her soft, velvety walls sweetly rubbed against the head of my cock. Jessie moaned louder and louder, her breath hot on my neck.

Her hips were humping against me as I fucked her. "Umm, you're driving my poor, little pussy crazy!" Jessie moaned. "I love your thick cock inside me!" Someone knocked at the bathroom door. "What's going on in there?" a woman demanded. "Go away!" Jessie panted. "Umm, I'm so close to cumming!" I was about to cum, too, so there was no way in hell I was stopping; the person kept hammering away.

I pumped faster, enjoying the silky feel of her tight hole. Jessie hugged me fiercely, working her hips on my cock. I squeezed her ass, pulling her hard against my groin as my balls started to boil.

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"Oh yes!" Jessie moaned as she bucked in my grip, her pussy spasming on my cock. "Oh yes, fuck yes!" "Ohhh God!" I moaned, as Jessie's orgasm sent me over the edge; I filled her pussy with three, thick loads of my cum. "Get out right now or we're calling the cops!" the person hammering at the door shouted.

Giggling, Jessie pulled up her thong and pants as I put my wet cock away, and we opened the door to see a disapproving woman in a Starbucks uniform glaring at us. We were both flushed and sweaty, and there was no denying what we were up to in the restroom as Jessie pulled her shirt over her beautiful, perky breasts. "Get out!" the woman shouted. "Don't ever step foot in this place again." We laughed as we left the Starbucks, and held each other. I felt so alive and intoxicated. I had never drank in my life, but I imagined this is how it would feel.

This warm, fuzzy feeling that made it hard to think of anything other than my beautiful Jessie. I was drunk on her, and I felt this growing excitement that just had to be released. "Jessie Smith is the most beautiful woman in the world!" I shouted out to the cars streaming by on Meridian. Jessie blushed and smiled shyly and kissed me one last time as the 402 bus arrived to take her south to her apartment.

I talked to Jessie on the phone the entire walk north back to my apartment. She eventually had to get to bed; unlike me, she had work in the morning.

My head still swam with thoughts of her as I lay down to sleep. For once, I was disappointed that I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

The next day, I waited at the Best Buy for when she got off work. She smiled happily when she saw me, and kissed me on the lips. She wore a hot-pink thong today, her hair was tousled, and she was flushed from a long day of work. We had been texting all day, whenever Jessie could get away with it, and we were planning on seeing a movie down at the Longston Place Theaters.

"Thanks again," a Black man said, walking out of the store, leering at Jessie. I glared at the guy; that was my girl he was leering at. "It was a tight fit, but we got it in there," Jessie giggled at the man.

"Yeah, it was great to see it slide on in," the man grinned. "I never would have thought of using the rear hole." "Well, have a nice day, sir, and please, come again!" Jessie said to the man, then turned and gave me another kiss. "Let's get going!" "What was that about?" I asked, feeling a little jealous. It was like they were flirting, or something. "Oh, you know, customer service," Jessie giggled as we walked out to the bus stop.

"Just doing everything I could to make sure he was happy. You know, the number one rule of retail." I laughed, relaxing. Jessie was just being friendly to a customer; after all, it was what she was paid to do. At every team meeting, Oscar, the General Manager, would go off on a rant about the number one rule.

We even had this lame, corny poster hanging up on the breakroom door that showed an Asian girl helping a young couple buy a TV, with that slogan captioned on the poster's bottom. When we got off the 402 bus, we quickly stopped by her apartment so that she could change out of her work clothes. Jessie lived in an apartment behind the Safeway, which was across the street from the Longston Place Theater.

I had never been in a girl's apartment before, and it was surprisingly messy. "Sorry," Jessie muttered. "My roommate's a bit of a disaster." She held up a pair of frilly, red panties sitting on the couch, and shook her head.

"She leaves her clothes all over the apartment. And doesn't understand how to use the dishwasher." Jessie took a quick shower.

and changed into a tight pair of jeans and a red, loose top that she called a peasant blouse. When she bent over to tie her shoes I could see right down the loose neck; her breasts hung bare topped by pink nipples. "Enjoy the view?" she asked archly as she stood up. I grinned, feeling my cock stir in my pants. "I love looking at your breasts, Jessie." We saw the Purge.

I hoped a suspenseful thriller would let me 'comfort' Jessie. And I did a lot more than comfort her.

We sat in the back corner and when the movie started getting suspenseful, Jessie clung tightly to me; then we were kissing, her hands rubbing at my cock. My zipper came down, and she drew me out, hard and throbbing. She broke the kiss, and bent her head down; I groaned. Jessie was giving me my first blowjob. Her mouth was warm as she sucked at my cock. And her tongue was! She swirled it about the tip of my cock, tracing the rim of the head. Then her mouth started bobbing up and down on my shaft, sucking hard as her delicate hands began to massage my balls.

"Holy shit," I whispered, throwing my head back. "Oh wow, that's nice!" Good thing the movie was loud and no-one sat near us, because I could not stop moaning. Her mouth just felt so wonderful—hot, wet, fantastic. I ran my hand through her silky, blonde hair, and started to thrust my hips up, bracing my feet on the sticky floor of the theater.

I felt that familiar stirring in my balls, and I wanted desperately to fill Jessie's mouth. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I panted. "Oh, fuck!" Jessie sucked harder, like she was eager for my cum. Well, I was eager to give it to her!

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I groaned as my cum spewed out of my cock into her sucking mouth. Three large blasts, and I could feel her mouth and throat constrict as she swallowed my load. Then she sucked a little bit more, her hand squeezing up and down my cock to get the last of the cum out.

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"Delicious," she whispered, her breath smelling salty, and she kissed me. "Was that your first blowjob?" I flushed, feeling a little embarrassed. "You're my first everything." She smiled happily. "I can also be the first girl you go down on," she whispered in my ear.

"Sucking you off got me all horny. And I got my pussy nice and clean for you when I took the shower." We slipped out of the theater and, when no one was looking, Jessie slipped into the men's room, and I followed her into a bathroom stall.

I kissed her again as she shimmied out of her tight jeans, and pulled off a frilly pair of pink panties, exposing her pussy that was dewy with her arousal.

"No thong?" I asked. "Thongs are for work," she said. "For you, I wanted something different. Something special." She sat on the toilet and spread her legs. I knelt down and stared at her pussy up close. She had a tight slit that gaped open as she spread her thighs. I could see the pink hole of her pussy surrounded by flushed lips.

A small nub, her clitoris, peaked out of its hood. I had watched a lot of porn, and I tried to copy what I'd seen. I licked up her slit, and found the flavor to be tangy musk.

She tasted so delicious I dove in for seconds and thirds. "Umm, that's nice," she moaned. "Try sucking on my labia and clit.

And don't be afraid to stick a few fingers inside me." I followed her instructions, sucking where she told me, licking all the parts of her pussy that brought her pleasure as I slid two fingers into her velvety depths. The entire time, men were walking in and using the restroom, and Jessie had her hand clamped over her mouth until they were gone, then she would gasp and moan again.

I enjoyed discovering every little fold and crevasse her pussy had to offer. I rubbed my lips, my cheeks, even my nose against every part of her. Her breathing soon quickened, and her thighs squeezed my head as her body shook. Fresh juices flooded my mouth; I eagerly drank them down as her pussy contracted on my plunging fingers. "Oh, fuck, Kevin!" she moaned. "Where did you learn to eat pussy like that? I thought I was your first?" "Porn," I answered with a smile and she laughed.

I went home with her that night, and we started making out on the couch. It wasn't long before I slipped my hand up her loose, peasant blouse. As I felt Jessie's perky tit her roommate walked in, talking loudly on her cell phone. "Ooh, what do we have here?" she asked with a mischievous grin, interrupting us. "Go away, Anne!" Jessie ordered in annoyance. "Is this Kevin?" Anne asked. "Yeah," I answered, pulling away from Jessie. Anne's green eyes twinkled with amusement when she saw my hand slid out from underneath Jessie's blouse.

Anne was not what I expected in Jessie's roommate. She was tall and blonde, her hair cut short. She dressed like some sort of pervert's wet dream; a white corset with black lacings cupped her breasts nicely, and her shapely hips and ass were covered by a short, pink-and-white plaid skirt, the kind a catholic schoolgirl would wear in a porno.

It barely covered her ass, and I'm sure her panties would peak out if she bent over. Knee-high, white socks completed the look, and I found my eyes drinking in the sight. "He is cute," Anne purred, looking me up and down. "You stay away from my boyfriend," Jessie glared. Anne gave a challenging laugh. "Only if he can stay away from me." Jessie threw a small pillow at Anne. "You know the rule!" Anne gave me a sultry look, and retreated to her bedroom. Jessie kissed me fiercely once she was gone.

I guess she wanted to make sure I knew who I belonged to. I didn't mind. I loved kissing Jessie. Naturally, the kissing led to her bedroom, and making love to her in a bed was just as much fun as in a bathroom at Starbucks, and it was also more comfortable.

As we lay tangled in her sheets, cuddling afterwards, I whispered, "You called me your boyfriend." Jessie blinked.

"I guess you are," she said happily. "I've never had a girlfriend before." She snuggled up to me. "Well, you're doing great so far." We both had Thursday off and, after we took the bus to my apartment so I could change, we navigated the bus system to get out to the Point Defiance Zoo.

Point Defiance rested at the very tip of the peninsula the city of Tacoma was built on, and a large park and zoo was there. Jessie loved going to the zoo, and staring at the animals; I loved being with Jessie, and staring at her hot body. We spent the day in the zoo and the park. I had never walked so much in my life, but being with her made the pain all worth it. When dinner came around, Jessie and I walked down the hill to Anthony's, next to the ferry that ran out to Vashon Island.

The restaurant was built on the dock overlooking the Puget Sound. Jessie loved it; when she was a kid her family always ate here after visiting the zoo.

I was having second thoughts though. It looked pricey, and I worked minimum wage at Best Buy. "Um, Jessie," I said, feeling embarrassed. "I don't know if I can afford this." "It's my treat," Jessie said and gave me a kiss. "You bought lunch and the tickets for the zoo." "But." I started to protest. "It's the twenty-first century," Jessie scolded. "And feminism has given me the right to buy my boyfriend dinner." "Fine," I sighed, my stomach rumbling.

The dinner was great, and Jessie didn't even balk at the bill I could eat for a week on how much our meal cost she just pulled out a wad of twenties, and tipped the waitress handsomely. I almost asked her where she got all the money.


I remembered seeing that same wad of cash on Monday. Maybe she just cashes her paycheck? That night, Jessie came home to my apartment. I moved in right after graduating high school last year with two of my buddies, Glen and Tommy. When we walked in, Tommy was playing Xbox, and cursing into the headset while Glen laughed at him as he sat on our ragged couch. All our furniture was hand-me-downs from family members, save the TV.

The three of us had pooled our money to buy the 56" LCD TV that dominated our small living room; of course we used my Best Buy discount. Glen gaped when he saw Jessie. "Holy shit, she's real!" Tommy was too focused on Xbox to notice. Jessie waved at them as I pulled her into my bedroom.

Jessie moaned real loud as we made love in my bed. "I want them to know just how much of a stud you are in bed," Jessie giggled after our first round. After our second round, we snuggled together. I half-drowsed, her head cradled on my chest, and I whispered, "I love you." "I love you, too, Kevin," she murmured back. A happy warmth drifted through me. I kissed my girlfriend's forehead, and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was Friday. Jessie left my apartment early so she could ride the bus to her apartment and get ready for work. When she walked into Best Buy later on, she looked very sexy in her too small Best Buy polo that molded to her perky breasts, while a pair of low-riding and very tight khakis a neon green thong peaking out the back like a whale's tail drew the eyes to her gorgeous ass.

We briefly kissed in the breakroom, before we had to start our shift. My eyes kept drawing to her as I worked, and I had a flash of jealousy as she helped a customer in the DVD section. I saw her laugh as she talked to him. It looked like her breasts brushed his arm. Then she whispered in the guy's ear. It was almost like they were flirting; the jealousy grew.

Calm down, Kevin, I told myself. She's just being nice to the customer. Then she walked off to the bathrooms. Jessie used the bathrooms a lot at work. She must have some sort of medical issue. "Can you tell me what's the difference between LED and LCD TVs?" a fussy looking man asked. When I finished helping the man, I looked around, but I didn't see my girlfriend.

She must still be in the bathroom. Feeling a little concerned for her, I walked to the back of the store. There were two single-occupancy, gender-neutral bathrooms in a small corner of the store down a short hallway that led to one of the emergency exits. One of the doors was ajar, the other occupied. I was about to knock when a low moan passed through the door. I frowned, listening. There was another moan and a grunt.

I could hear a faint, rhythmic sound, like flesh slapping together. I flushed; it sounded like someone having sex. My heart suddenly clutched. Was Jessie in there? No, that couldn't be right. My girlfriend wouldn't be having sex in the bathroom. She wouldn't cheat on me? Last night she said she loved me. My heart hammering in fear, I stumbled out to scan the store, looking for her.

I almost ran through the store as panic gripped my heart. She worked the DVD and Video Game sections, and I didn't see her anywhere as I walked briskly through the aisles. Where could she be? I looked back towards the bathroom. No, Jessie couldn't be in there.

She loves me. That couldn't be her in there getting fucked. I remembered the customer I thought that she had been flirting with before she disappeared to the restroom. A terrible image sprang up in my mind of her bent over the toilet as the man fucked her from behind, leaving a sick feeling in my stomach. No, no, no. That is not Jessie in there. Get a grip, Kevin. Steeling myself, I walked back to the restrooms.

People shouldn't be fucking in there, and I was going to put a stop to it, and prove that my girlfriend wasn't in there. A customer asked me for help, and I said something to placate her as I walked by. I didn't care about doing my job right now. I had to prove that my girlfriend wasn't getting plowed in the bathroom by some guy. "Fuck me, Mr. Beckam!" a muffled, woman's voice came through the door.

"Oh, yes! I'm gonna cum!" My heart sank; that was Jessie's voice. "Here it comes, whore!" the man grunted. "Yes, yes, fill me up, sir!" My girlfriend was getting fucked by some strange guy. He was shooting his cum inside her cheating pussy as I stood out here in the hallway. My emotions were all mixed up—hurt, betrayal, anger, and.arousal. My cock hardened in my pants as I pictured her bent over the toilet, the man slamming his cock into her.

Memories of a week ago, when she was bent over the Geek Squad desk getting fucked by a long line of men during the Incident, flooded my mind; I remembered just how exciting it had been to watch her be their whore then. The door opened and a man walked out, his face flushed, his shirt half-untucked. He nodded to me as he slipped by, trying to act natural. I caught the door and pushed it all the way open to see Jessie, naked and flushed, her blonde hair mussed, wiping the man's cum out of her pussy with a wad of toilet paper.

"Hey, Kevin," she smiled. Why was she smiling? Did she even care that she just cheated on me? "Get in here and close the door before someone sees me." Not sure why I was listening to my cheating girlfriend, I entered the restroom, closed, and locked the door.

My stomach roiled; confusion racked my brain. I thought Jessie loved me, and yet here she was fucking this guy. I felt like throwing up. And she just kept cleaning up that guy's cum out of her pussy like it was the most normal thing to do. "Why.I.what?" I stammered. "I.Jessie.fuck!" The last word came out as a loud shout and Jessie frowned at me. "Is everything all right, Kevin?" she asked, a concerned look on her face. Did she not care at all how I felt about her fucking some guy? How can she just act so matter-of-fact?

A grin broadened her face, "Did you want to mess around?


We really shouldn't when we're at work. But just this once, okay." "Are you kidding me?" I finally got my tongue untied.

"You just f-fucked that guy at work? I thought you loved me, Jessie! I don't understand?" Confusion marred Jessie's face. "Of course I love you. What does that have to do with this?" "You were cheating on me!" A smile appeared on her lips as a look of realization appeared on her face.

"Oh, Kevin. I thought you of all people would understand. I was just giving good customer service." I gaped at her. "What?" "You know, the number one rule of retail—keep the customer satisfied." "That doesn't mean you have to fuck them!" "It does though.

That's what I learned last Thursday, during the Incident," Jessie answered, her voice full of hurt, like I was the person out of line. I started to feel bad all of a sudden. How did she do that? "You were there. Mark taught me that my tiny, little pussy was supposed to satisfy the customers." I frowned, remembering the morning I watched Jessie get fucked over and over by all those men. I had been one of them, and it had been thrilling to watch the girl of my dreams getting fucked.

And Mark had mentioned something to her about satisfying the customers. My cock was hard in my pants, and I found myself eying her naked, just-fucked body. She reached out, and picked up several bills, twenties, that rested on the top of the toilet.

Then she picked up her pants, and pulled a wad of cash out of a pocket. "Where did you get all that money?" I finally asked. "Tips," Jessie answered. "From the customers who.fucked you?" She nodded. "You're a prostitute?" "No. They're just tips, Kevin, for giving good customer service." She looked me up and down.

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"Listen, I should have told you about this. I'm sorry, Kevin. I just didn't think it was that big of a deal. Let me make it up to you." "How?" I asked. She bent over the sink, the wad of cash in her fist. "How would you like to try anal sex for the first time." I stared at Jessie's rear.

Could I forgive her? I wanted to as I stared at her ass. I saw that wad of cash in her fist. "How much cash is that?" "Oh, I don't know," she shrugged. "I haven't counted yet. But Monday I made over $1000." I blinked in surprise.

That's more than I made in two weeks. I swallowed; my cock was so hard in my pants, and I so wanted to fuck a girl's ass.

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And it's not like Jessie was dating these other guys. She was just.providing them with a service. Just another of the many things we did for customers. And her ass was just so round and firm and pink. I moved up behind her, unzipping my pants. Jessie cooed in delight, "Stick it in my pussy first. Get that big boy all nice and lubed." I moaned as my cock slid slowly into her velvety cunt. I wondered if her ass could compare to how great this felt. I pulled out; my cock was drenched in her flavorful juices, and I spread her ass cheeks.

Her anus was brown and wrinkled, a little mouth that seemed hungry for my cock. So I moved my tip to the puckered hole, enjoying the feel as I rubbed it between her soft asscheeks. "Go slow, please?" Jessie asked, suddenly nervous and cute. "The customers were all too rough." "You don't like anal sex?" "No," she answered, with a shake of her head. "But I'm happy to let you do it, Kevin. Just go slow." I could forgive her, I realized.

I could feel how much she loved me as she let me push my cock against her tight sphincter. It resisted, so I pushed harder and harder, and then I slipped in; Jessie gasped. She felt so wonderfully tight inside her ass. A warm, rough grip that felt amazing. I pushed in slowly, groaning the entire time.

Her ass squeezed hard on my cock, her body tensing at my intrusion. "Relax, Jessie," I whispered. "I won't hurt you. Trust me." "I do trust you, Kevin," Jessie answered. I could feel the tension leave her body, her ass lessened its hold on my cock, and I slid in deeper and deeper. "Umm, that kinda feels good," she purred. My cock was all the way in her, my balls brushing against her taint.

I hugged her from behind, and she turned her head; I stared into her gray eyes. She licked her lips; I kissed her as I slowly drew my cock back, then pushed back in again. She just felt so amazing. In and out, slow and steady, delighting in the pleasure radiating through my cock. "Mmm, this is nice," I groaned. Jessie panted, "Oh, yes! Your big cock's making my ass feel great. Ohh, go a little faster." I pumped faster, my hands sliding up her sides to find her firm yet soft breasts and her hard nipples.

Jessie squealed in delight as I rolled her nipples between my fingers, and kissed and nibbled at her throat. Her hips started to move, adding a delightful twist as I buried my cock in her ass.

The slap of flesh echoed about the bathroom as I fucked her ass. "Umm, that's so nice!" Jessie panted. "Ohh, harder! Umm, ream my naughty ass!" Her hand reached up, still holding the wad of cash, and caressed my face. Crisp twenties rubbed down my cheek, filling my nose with their papery scent; an idea started to grow in my mind, sprouting like a weed.

The depravity of it made my balls churn with lust. I released Jessie's breast with my right hand and dragged it down her flat stomach and pushed it between her legs.

Her pussy was sopping wet and her little pearl was hard; she jumped when I brushed it, and moaned loudly as I played with her clit. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck! There's a cock up my ass and I'm cumming! Oh, Kevin! Oh fuck, that's so amazing! Fuck! Oh, I love you!" Jessie shook in my arms as her orgasm rippled through her body.

Her ass was a vice, squeezing my cock; her body writhed in my arms. I thrust harder and harder, every rub of her anal sheath brought me closer and closer to shooting off. I was frantic as I fucked her tight ass, getting nearer and nearer and then that glorious feeling of release surged through me. I grunted; my cum boiled out of my balls, and exploded into her tight bowels with three mighty squirts. "I love you, Jessie" I moaned in her ear, holding her tight as we enjoyed our afterglows.

I realized I did still love her; it didn't matter that she fucked those other guys. What mattered was that she loved me and I loved her. "Mmm, I didn't know getting fucked in the ass could feel that good," she sighed, rubbing back against me. "Jessie, have you ever thought of cutting out the middleman, so to speak?" She frowned, "What are you talking about?" "Well, why satisfy customers for Best Buy when you could work for yourself?" "What, like be a prostitute for real?" she asked skeptically.

"Sure," I answered. "Technically, you'd be an escort. One who just applies the first rule of retail—to satisfy the customer." I paused, kissing at her neck. "Let's form a business together." "And what would your role be in this business?" Jessie asked. "My pimp?" I kissed her neck. "Yeah. Every whore needs a pimp." Jessie turned around in my arms, my cock popping out of her ass, and kissed me. "Alright. Let's do this, Kevin." I kissed Jessie again, my thoughts full of dollar signs, racing with the possibilities.

We could find other girls to work for us—like Anne. I remembered how slutty Jessie's roommate looked in that Catholic schoolgirl outfit. I bet she would be down for being a whore. And I would have to try Anne out, to make sure she was giving our customers a quality experience. I smiled; maybe it wasn't so bad having a whore for a girlfriend. I kissed Jessie; my hands found her thighs and pushed them apart. My cock was still hard, and I found out her pussy was still wet as I slid into her.

I thought about Anne and all the other girls that were going to work for us, imagining what it would be like to fuck them. Would their pussies feel different on my cock? Would they be tighter or wetter? I was going to enjoy finding out! There were definitely some great perks to dating a whore. To be concluded.