Sambando em frete ao espelho

Sambando em frete ao espelho
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As the family sextet sat down for supper that evening, the atmosphere in the room could be cut with a scalpel. Leaning over his food, Matthew Ryder could feel several pairs of eyes boring into him like lasers. Glancing up, others at the table tried to avoid his gaze completely. In the space of a couple of days, his arrival had turned the family of nubile women and their libidinous mother into a lustful harem.

No one, not even young Amy, wistfully counting down the hours to her fourteenth birthday, had been unaffected by her brother's presence. For Matthew it was a dream-come-true after seventeen years on a tight leash, made even more exciting by the fact that the girls and their mother thrived upon it as much as he, if not more. And, the more time that passed, the more wanton their desires became, their limits and his pushed further and further.

What had occurred that afternoon in Jo's bedroom would surely remain with him to the grave. The meal gobbled down a little too swiftly to save further embarrassment Matthew excused himself from the table, hurrying outside into the welcoming air of the garden. Yet before he'd even stepped off the patio Meg, Beth and Amy surrounded their brother like a pack of paparazzi to a Hollywood A-lister. "Is it true, Matthew?" queried Meg, the eldest sister.

"It can't be," added beautiful brown-skinned Beth breathlessly, frizzy brown hair dancing in the breeze. Matthew blushed and raised his hands in protest. "What?" appealed Amy, having heard a rumour but kept frustratingly in the dark, as ever, by the others who deemed her a baby. "Amy, butt out," warned Meg, exercising her seniority.

"This isn't for little girls' ears." "I'm not a little girl," Amy appealed. Yet the bookish glasses, blonde ringlets and slight body did little to dispel the accusation. "Yes you are," replied Beth firmly. "No I'm not. I hate you," Amy cried, oval glasses steaming up, light curls animated.

Despite her youth, Matthew couldn't help but think how sexy she looked when pouting and angry. "Amy, I won't tell you again," Meg warned, wagging her finger and losing patience both with Amy's persistence and Matthew's stubbornness. As Matthew wandered off in the vain hope of clemency, he began to think that earlier maybe hadn't been such a good idea. As the entourage reached the end of the garden, with Amy still in tow, Meg snapped.

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"Amy, get back to the house now or I swear all your birthday presents are going on eBay." Amy stomped her foot and created hell but, with Meg's threat carrying so much gravity, grudgingly she did as she was told. "Tomorrow," she stated with authority. "Tomorrow," Matthew concurred in a whisper, adding a consolatory smile. Amy smiled back, her ocean blue eyes radiant, adolescent body oozing frustration. Climbing over the wall, Matthew atempted hopelessly to shake off his two fervent pursuers.

"So, is it true?" pleaded Beth. "God, I wish I hadn't gone to Alice's." "And I wish I hadn't stayed late at work," complained Meg. Matthew smiled in relief. The girls, it seemed, were more jealous than upset. Well, he had tried his hardest to treat them all equally since his arrival, so there really could be few complaints.

Hopping across the log, he teased: "If you want to know any more, you're going to have to catch me first." With that he tore off into the woods, the two sisters in hot pursuit.

The chase took them down a labyrinth of forest paths and the familiar hidden dirt track to the lido where the previous day the adventure had begun. This was where he and Meg had first become acquainted whilst spying on the courting couple.

A lot of water under the bridge since then, it was impossible to predict what might happen next. Despite his youth an afternoon of incredible and mind blowing sex had drained Matthew and he pulled up at the water's edge, offering no further resistance. "You two never give up," he observed through staccato breaths. The girls took up positions either side, feet dangling. Matthew looked out across a surface of that resembled a giant silver platter, mind busily replaying the afternoon's events.

Just thinking about it again made him hard, the power of male erectile regeneration a wonderful asset. All three gazed down in unison at the bulge that threatened to erupt through the front of the khaki shorts, Beth licking her lips furtively. "Tell us Matthew," prompted Meg, her frustration reaching boiling point. Matthew grinned inwardly, knowing just how to handle the situation to elicit the maximum tease effect.

"It's private," he said nonchalantly. Both girls sighed in frustration and it was left to Beth to try to clinch the deal with the offer: "Please Matthew, tell us what happened and we'll do anything you say." That and the big brown Bambi eyes and fluttered eyelashes Beth saved for occasions like this had the desired effect, though still Matthew teased. "I thought you sisters told each other everything?" "I think Jo was still a little dumbstruck," observed Meg with a giggle.

"Just what did you do to her, Matthew?" Matthew laughed.

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Growing in confidence and other places, he enquired of Beth: "You said you'd do anything I asked?" He didn't need to say another word. Such a strong telepathic connection had already sprung up between the siblings that words were rendered redundant.

The mere inference was sufficient for Meg to reach aside to pop the shorts button from its hole and Beth to work the zip down. Between them their slender fingers prised the hardening cock from the fly of the boxers. The warm air brushing the throbbing red tip caused Matthew to grimace.

Meg was quick to pick up on the point. "Hmm, poor thing looks a little sore." "Now I wonder why that is?" Beth mused with a devilish grin. "The dirty boy's been using it too much," added Meg, reaching over to give it a squeeze on the tip and making Matthew yelp. "Aww, did that hurt?" asked Beth, a good cop / bad cop routine arising in the two sisters. "What do think we should do to get Matthew to confess his sins, Meg?" "Hmm, I'm not sure, Beth." Though Beth knew exactly what she wanted to do.

"It looks like it could do with being soothed." With that she dipped down, back arching and hand flicking a few strands of stray hair behind an ear. As Matthew leant back on his elbows, a pair of soft sweet lips descended to envelope the bloated purple mushroom head. Beth's lush sucking brought instant relief to the numb pain. Yet it was an all too short-lived sensation as she pulled clear to be replaced by Meg, the older sister intent on causing more suffering. Flick, flick, flick, her tongue tip ran severely across the eye, causing Matthew to suck in the air through gritted teeth.

"Poor Matthew," cooed Beth, muting the hiss by leaning in to place her mouth to his. The kiss was tender, loving and ripe with passion. Their tongues touched momentarily and it was electrified. Reaching beneath, Matthew undid the buttons of her blouse, pulling the two haves apart and off her arms to expose an ice white lacy bra that was in direct contrast to the brown flesh it covered. How he wanted those pert little orbs in his hands and in his mouth. As she pulled away coquettishly, shaking her head and wagging a finger, Matthew conceded: "Okay, okay, I'll tell you." His agreement was instantly rewarded with Meg going back down on him.

Only this time it was tender, the older girl savouring his cock in her mouth, rolling it around inside the warm crevice. Repositioning, her face began to move up and down in a steady rhythm. Simultaneously Matthew drew Beth back to him, forefinger and thumb finding her nipples under the bra and rolling the erect teats between.

The chafing material added an extra sensation that made the teats expand obscenely at his sure touch, eliciting a deep throaty growl in Beth. "So there I was in bed with Jo after we'd just finished know," began Matthew, finally breaking his silence. That in itself was a revelation that caused both girls to gasp in surprise: Jo having sex with a guy?

It was some special kind of male afforded that rare accolade. The idea caused Meg sprang up in surprise, making Matthew's cock thud back painfully against his belly. Reaching over he took hold of Meg's hair and manoeuvred her head back down on his cock. Meg whimpered at the newfound show of forcefulness as her brother grew ever bolder and uninhibited.

"Oh Matthew, hmmph" she mumbled as his cock slid into her throat and he started to push, stretching her lips. "The next moment," Matthew continued as he idly fondled Beth's tits and facefucked Meg, "there were footsteps on the stairs and before we knew it mum was standing in the doorway looking at the pair of us in bed together." "Oh my gosh!" exhaled Beth.

A muted gurgle came from Meg as she deepthroated her not so little brother's rampant cock. "What happened next?" implored Beth, pushing her breasts into his hands, willing him to paw them.

Matthew needed little encouragement, kneading firmly. "She looked as mad as hell, but didn't shout, just said how disappointed she was. I didn't know what to say but then Jo claimed it was all her fault and how sorry she was.

Mum shook her head said how ashamed of ourselves we should be, since we hadn't used any kind of protection." "You came inside Jo?" Beth gasped. "Yeah," Matthew confirmed, feeling Meg's mouth suction harder meeting it with a thrust. "Then what happened?" implored Beth, allowing him to uncouple her bra which he did with shaky fingers. Matthew took a moment to survey the b-cup beauties, nipples a deep chocolate hue. Reaching close he pawed the flesh as Beth purred contentedly.

"Mum really strung it out and said that if it was Jo's fault she'd have to be punished." "Punished? Oh my God!" "Yeah, mum said that all naughty little girls ought to be spanked." Beth inhaled loudly, loving her brother's hands on her bare boobs and the thought of Jo being chastised equally as much. Finally Meg surfaced for air, her eyes wide and an elongated trail of saliva stretching from her lip to the tip of Matthew's cock.

Glancing down, Matthew wouldn't have believed it possible to produce that much spittle, the shaft drenched. Cocksucking, he concluded, was his eldest sister's forte. Both girls looked on intently, eyes appealing at him to continue with the tale.

"So, next moment mum pulled Jo from the bed and placed her across her lap. "Oh jeez," gasped each girl in unison. "And Jo just let her?" "Hmm, not really, she was wriggling a bit. So mum told me to hold her still." "Wow!" "And then she gave Jo ten of the best, lifting her hand pretty high and slapping Jo's arse really hard." "Wow, I wonder what that must have felt like," mused Beth rhetorically beneath her breath and not really intending the others to hear.

But they did. "Mmm, maybe you'll find out." stated Meg, easily lapsing back into the bad cop role of earlier. Immediately Beth realised her faux pas.

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An evil grin exchanged between Meg and Matthew, he moved so fast it took his younger sister completely by surprise. "Matthew, no!" she shrieked as he upended her. A feisty little thing, like Jo she gave as good as good as got as Matthew wrestled her into position over his lap. It needed assistance from Meg, grabbing her sister's ankles and warning her it would only hurt more if she resisted, to get the little mixed race beauty spread across Matthew's firm knee in readiness. Witnessing his mother spank Jo's arse earlier that afternoon had turned Matthew on no end and unleashed a monster.

He relished the prospect of doing the same and Beth was about to become the victim of that desire. Panties tugged down to her calves, skirt smoothed up her back, Beth's peachy brown arse was unveiled. It was crying out to be walloped. "Nooooooo," she squealed, wriggling and writhing in a futile show of resistance. "You did ask how it felt," Matthew reminded, overcome by the urge to spank his younger sister and feed the longing desire.


"Nooooooo," whined Beth, merely adding to his pent-up lust as he raised an arm in readiness. "Do it," mouthed Meg, gripping her sister's ankles tightly and clearly as turned on as Matthew. "Spank the filthy little slut!" Oh fuck, had Matthew ever been more turned on?

He could never have imagined that the afternoon just gone could be topped, yet he was fast being proven wrong. "What are you Beth?" he enquired. "Nooooooo, I'm nothing," the pretty youngster reiterated, doing her cause no good at all.

Matthew let rip. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Beth screamed, as much in surprise as pain, though her arse cheek did sting like crazy like a cattle prod. Yet like a cattle prod the pain soon abated, particularly when Meg reached over to stroke it soothingly like a good protective sister. Thereafter the pain receded to a numb sensuous tingle that transmitted to her cunt.

It was the moistness between her legs, dabbing at Matthew's lap like a swab, that betrayed her totally. Matthew ran a palm up the girl's inner thigh to demonstrate that there was no ill-feeling, and Beth purred, clit tingling. But Matthew couldn't contain himself, such was the deliciousness of that curved backside. Hand elevating he delivered three more well-aimed smacks to the gorgeous brown butt. Beth squealed, then exhaled, then bit her lip as a dollop of cunt juice seeped out to stain Matthew's thigh.


"What are you, Beth?" he repeated. "Nooooooo, I'm nothing," she maintained. "Tell him honey," prompted Meg, roles reversed as she patted Beth's stung arse gently. A threatening raised male hand forced her finally to concede. "I'm a dirty little slut," admitted the highly aroused girl, grinding her soaked cunt repeatedly into Matthew's lap.


"So what happened next with you, mum and Jo?" implored Meg whose hand had slipped from Beth's bum to the front of her own panties where she was rubbing herself through the crotch. "This," Matthew replied with a grin, demonstrating by using Beth as a life model.

Lifting his sister easily and adjusting her slender body so that her knees came to rest either side of his neck, her pussy rubbed at his chest and her face was close to his rock hard cock. She was in such a precarious position that, if he let her go, she'd slide into the water. Yet already she trusted her elder brother implicitly. That faith was rewarded as, leaning in, he tongued her gorgeous little snatch for the second time that day.

Aroused beyond belief, it tasted exquisite, even juicier than in the shop earlier.

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Beth moaned, reaching instinctively for his cock and feeding it into her hungry little mouth. Close by Matthew observed Meg's fingers disappear down her panties and start drumming her pussy. She was watching intently as Matthew ate their sister's cunt, whilst imagining her mother doing the same to Jo earlier. "Oh God Matthew, it must have been so hot watching mum and Jo." "Mmm it was," enthused Matthew between slurps.

As he stopped licking momentarily, backtracking over the hottest parts of what he'd witnessed his mother and sister do, his lips left Beth's pussy momentarily.

Feeling empty, her knees tightened at his throat as if to draw him back inside her. She made sure to suck his cock extra hard as an incentive. "Did Jo lick mum's cunt too?" enquired Meg throatily, knuckles jerking at the crotch of her panties. "Mmm, yes.SLURP.They were rolling around on the bed locked tightly together in the 69 position.SLURP." "Oh jeez, yesssssss," Meg moaned, fingers buried deep, teasing her clit.

"Damn, I can't tell this story AND eat you out," Matthew complained, his chin stained with a cocktail of saliva and cunt juice. "So what you going to do about it?" enquired Beth mischievously, squealing as he lifted her once more. With Meg's help they positioned Beth's wet pussy entrance against Matthew's cock head, her back to his chest, her legs spread either side of his. She groaned as her brother's rampant manhood pierced its way in, stretching the labia and disappearing into the snug crevice.

His hands took a firm grip on her tits as he pushed until finally his whole cock was inside and she rested on his balls. As Matthew embarked on a steady pulsing rhythm, a breathless Meg entreated: "What happened next with mum and Jo?" Matthew glanced aside as he pumped firmly in and out of Beth as the eldest sister's fingers slid back and forth into her gaping cunt. He smiled warmly at the recollection, very warmly indeed.

"When she'd finished with Jo, Mum looked over me and said: Matthew get over here and fuck your mother.fuck me hard." The words and the implication alone pushed Meg completely over the edge and she came hard on her fingers, staining them thickly. Out of breath, she flopped back on the brass in rapture. "Let me taste your fingers," Matthew commanded. From her prone position, Meg held up her hand allowing him to suck each finger longingly as his cock continued to slam into Beth's tight vagina.

Groaning as he spoke, Matthee too became breathless from pumping so furiously into Beth's cramped cunt. "So I bent mum over the bed and fingered her pussy till it was wet. Then.then I started to fuck her hard from behind," he disclosed, recalling that heavenly half-hour from the late afternoon. And oh was it heavenly. His mother's cunt was nothing like he'd envisaged. The slut of her early twenties, during which she'd given birth to five children from five different fathers in almost as many years, was long gone.

In fact, Hannah's thirties had been a barren period as she concentrated on the task of raising four impressionable young girls. Consequently, starved of cock she was somewhat tighter than Matthew imagined, her cunt walls gripping tightly as his cock head slotted in.

"Oh Matthew, fuck me, fuck your naughty mother," she begged as Jo looked on in amazement and lust. Matthew took a deep breath and forced the rest of his cock into her with purpose, his mother squealing with delight as it filled her to capacity. Clenching her cunt, she squeezed the thick manhood even tighter like she never wanted to let it out, causing Matthew to grimace. But he was a determined young man, intent on fucking that pussy till she screamed. Drawing back he heaved a huge breath and drilled in with purpose.

Hannah squealed as the fat head nudged her cervix, hands gripping the duvet, drawing it into tightened spirals. In out, in out Matthew drove, their breaths in unison. Hannah couldn't get enough, revelling in her son's forcefulness and the slap of his thighs on her buttocks.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," she enthused. Feeling left out on the bed, Jo climbed down to squat beneath the copulating pair, gazing up as Matthew's rock hard cock worked tirelessly into the juiciest pink cunt she'd ever seen.

Cupping Matthew's balls, Jo stroked and squeezed, at the same time catching on her lips any stray droplets of pussy juice that happened to fall from her mother's dripping cunt. She watched with wide lustful eyes as Matthew gathered his breath before slamming back into her womb wall and slapping his balls on Hannah's perineum.

"Are you going to cum inside mummy?" Jo teased. There was only one answer to that. With a head-swimming wave of orgasmic pleasure, Matthew pumped his thick load right up into his mother's womb. The orgasm still intense, a second wave of cum quickly followed and a third and fourth in slightly diminishing amounts. To Hannah, however, it felt like she might never stop filling up. Drawing back, the moment Matthew receded from her cunt Jo pushed her lips up onto their mother's pussy, tongue swimming in Matthew's seed and slurping like she was sucking milkshake through a straw.

"Oh my God!" cried Meg and Beth in unison, the latter's voice reaching a glass-cracking pitch.

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Beth came hard, shaking uncontrollably. On cue, another of Matthew's wads fired deep into the tight pussy of one of his closest relatives, balls emptying. Unsurprisingly given what had passed, Beth wasn't treated to the four full loads of earlier, but then he'd fucked Jo twice and his mother just hours earlier. Nonetheless he found depths of reserve to favour Beth with three healthy spurts, the seed warming her belly.

"Thank you, Matthew," she whispered, still in his lap. Matthew kissed her neck lovingly, bringing a smile to her pretty face.

Meg smiled too, though she'd yet to feel that gorgeous cock inside her.

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Yet. Wandering back home a short while later, the trio enthused about Amy's party and how much fun it was going to be. In fact, there was a great deal of fun to be had before Matthew departed and he planned to exploit it to the full. Comments as ever are welcome. Part 4 will follow.