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Big ass betty sexy doggy
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Like most all mornings I was sitting at my kitchen table at 4am steadily working on a cup of coffee, in a futile attempt to wake up.

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Having a lot of work to get done today I needed all the caffeine I could take. I live on 60 acres just outside of a semi rural town. My land is pretty level from the road back to the last 10 acres or so where it slopes down into a valley.

The valley is mostly wooded as it isn't much use to me. At one end of the valley there is a large new subdivision, at the other is the local combination middle/high school.

So naturally the kids cross my property near the treeline, to get back and forth. I watch them most mornings as my house sits about 25 yards off the treeline the patio and pool behind the house go almost up to the treeline. They usually walk just on the other side of pool fence. Now most people would be upset about the trespass but you will come to understand why I don't mind at all.

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I'm not much of a farmer I mostly just cut hay a few times a season and sell it to local dairy farms and horse owners. I have the cutting operation down to an art.

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I started at the road with the bar mower working my way back towards the house. The hay field stops about 20 yards from the front and sides of the house, which is a nice kept yard among other things I will talk about later. Next I switched out the mower for the tetter, and made quick work of the of the first tet.

For those urban types out there a tetter fluffs up the cut hay so it can dry faster and shakes some of the dust out of it. By then it was about 7:30am and I noticed some of the younger kids on their trek across the trail behind the house the older kids start earlier and I was too busy to notice them.

I take about an hour lemonade break, then tet a second time and go switch out to the rake. After another hour of drying I rake all the cut hay into nice straight rows that the baler can handle. I was patting my self on the back as I had gotten this far by 10. I had an order for 400 bales for a local horse owner and the rest I was processing into rolls for the dairy farms.

So I put the square baler on first and quickly had 400 bales on the ground, it takes about 20acres to do 400 bales. It was around noon now so I swapped out to the round baler, and started baling the rest of the rows into large rolls. I was just finishing the rolls around 2pm, the timing was impeccable. I drove the tractor down toward the treeline parked and took a break waiting for the high school to let out.

Lucky for me a short time later I saw two faces I recognized as Jake and Pete and their girlfriends. Jake and Pete had helped me load bales a couple times because it is the one thing I can't do from the seat of the tractor, and frankly it very hard work. "Hey guys" I shouted "wanna make a few bucks?" "Hell yea!" they both shouted in near unison, "Homecoming is next weekend, we have to keep the ladies happy!" Jake said as he wrapped his arm around his girlfriend.

"Mr Steve this is Angie my girlfriend and that is Macy Pete's girlfriend." "Nice to meet you ladies.those dresses for dances are pretty expensive right?" I asked. "Yes sir" Angie said and Macy nodded in agreement.

" How about $100 a piece for a couple hours work $400 should make for a hell of a date" I asked Everybody agreed I explained I was going to spear the rolls and get them put up if they wanted to grab the other tractor and load up the big flat bed trailers using it. I told them to teach one of the girls to drive the tractor while the guys loaded it, and the second girl could help out where ever she could. A few hours later all the rolls were lined up nice and neat and I had just finished putting the big tractor up when the other tractor pulled up driven by Macy, and stopped with the third full trailer in tow.

Pete, Jake, and Angie had hitched a ride sitting on the fenders. All were disheveled and sweaty. I invited all up to the house for some refreshment and payment. I told the girls to follow the guys that they knew where the drinks were I always keep a second fridge full of water, and sports drinks.


I stayed behind and covered the three trailers to keep the hay dry. Upon my return to the house the four teens were sitting out on the patio, drinking Gatorade. "Thanks for the hard work guys." I said handing each of them a $100 bill. "Thank you Mr Steve" said Macy, sitting on the pool surface with her feet in the water.

"Drop the makes me feel old. You guys can hop in and cool off if ya want." I told them. "Sounds great but no bathing suits" Angie returned.

"Listen you are all seniors, so you are 18 or very close. We are all adults here. Consider my home like know.What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I'm not judgmental and I will never say a word about it.

Hell I couldn't tell you the last time I wore swim trunks!" They looked at each other for a minute contemplating what I had said. The boys were the first to strip down and jump in. They eventually coaxed and reassured the girls to follow suit. The boys could have been identical both chiseled farm boys, but my interest was the girls. Angie was an athletic, brunette, with shoulder length hair, I would estimate C cup breasts, and pubes trimmed in a neat landing strip.

Macy on the other hand was a taller, red head. with pale freckled skin, small but perky B cups, and closely trimmed thin pubic hair that was the exact same color as her hair.

I was glad at that moment I hadn't gotten undressed or parts of my anatomy would have given her a standing salute! I flipped the lid off of the Jacuzzi and fired the jets up, stripped down, and climbed in. The powerful jets of water felt great against my muscles. I thought to myself of how lucky these kids were.

If they only knew how much of a bastard I was. They were fortunate to be older than I prefer. That Macy however I would have to remember if things got slow. After a while they all got dressed and headed home as the sun was going down. The following day was the same routine. Up at 4am, delivered the three loads of hay to the horse farm. Loaded several rolls for a guy, and my work day was about done. I sat on the patio and watched the high-schoolers go by Jake, Pete, and the girls all waved.

An hour or so later the usual middle school group walked by. Following behind them at a distance was a girl covered in dirt, carrying her binder which had obviously burst open with papers hanging out everywhere.

I immediately knew what happened, and knew this girl was a good target. I put on my best concerned face and opened the gate in the fence between my pool deck and the trail. and walked the 10 or so yards out to the trail. "Hun are you ok" I asked. She was a gangly but not ugly girl, with short brown hair, she hand not yet fully developed. She was staring at me not sure how to respond. She had tear tracks running through the dirt on her face.

"Let me guess, other kids being assholes." I asked. She cracked a grin and nodded her head. "I figured.The name is Steve, come on in and get cleaned up. You're much to pretty to be covered in crud." I said as I waived her in. "She produced half a grin, and said "Thank you sir. My name is Danni." "Well come on in Danni.and it's just Steve." My mind was already plotting my tactics.

I could just gag and fuck her right there, but I knew she was going to be easy. I could already see she was unpopular, no self esteem, and a little homely looking. This is the kind of girl that is easily groomed for my purposes, no violence needed this time around. I told her where the bathroom was and to leave her clothes outside the door and use the robe I had in the bathroom when she was done, and I would throw her clothes in the washer for her.

Of course parts of my house were built just for my "hobbies". That particular bathroom was equipped with multiple hidden cameras for my later enjoyment. While she was showering I threw her clothes in the washer and took the time to rummage through her book bag and purse. Her name was Danielle Alderson, she lived at an address in the new subdivision at the end of the valley, she was an 8th grader at the school, lived alone with her mom and older sister. I wrote everything down in the event it would be needed for leverage later.

She emerged about a half hour later looking clean and refreshed.

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I told her her clothes were still in the washer I would be moving them to the dryer in a little while. I had her binder cleaned up and her papers organized the best I could on the island counter. We sat together and got everything put back in order and binder back together.

"What happened is obvious, but why?" I asked. She replied "The boy I was trying to go with thought it was funny and told everyone in school.

They picked on me all day.stole my lunch.gave me a ringer.and threw me in the dirt." She was starting to sob.

My first thought being the asshole I am, is that they should have raped her while she was down. But I put an arm around and gave her a shoulder to cry on. "I'm so ugly!" she cried. Now for the grooming I was talking about. "Honey, from where I'm standing all I see is an incredibly sexy girl in a bathrobe." She blushed at the comment, and replied "No boy would even touch me." I reached out and touched the tip of her nose "Well I did" I said with a chuckle as I set a sandwich down in front of her.


"Here ya go, you said your lunch got stolen." "Oh thank you so much" she exclaimed as she set to taking large chomps out of it. I tossed her clothes in the dryer and set it for it's longest setting to allow me plenty of time. I suggested we go relax as we waited. I led her out to the Jacuzzi, and had her face it as I opened her robe and promised I wouldn't look as she walked up the step and got in.


Once she was in and comfortable I couldn't see anything through the bubbles, I stripped down to nothing and got in across from her. "Feel good?" I asked. She nervously nodded. We spent the next hour in casual conversation with a friendly touch hear and there. She hadn't even noticed I was now next to her instead of across form her. My playful touches no longer scared her, she even poked and played with me. I suggested we move to the pool to cool off a little from being in the hot tub so long.

She agreed with no hesitation. Now without the steam and jets there was no way to hide our nudity, and she was now comfortable enough with me not to care. I know she saw me looking at her and I saw her looking at me below the waist.

Now that she was comfy with me I gradually changed the conversation to her sex life, knowing full well she didn't have one. She told me that much, so I started with how does she feel when she sees this boy or her favorite male movie star.

A couple times she asked me the same questions trying to avoid the subject, but I answered her honestly. Telling her I got excited and hard, and fantasized about having sex with them, then turned the question on her again.

She was hanging on the side of the pool by her arms, I was behind her rubbing her shoulders while talking. Several times I could her in her voice she was becoming aroused by the different questions being exchanged. During these periods of arousal I took the opportunity to accidentally brush my hand near her chest, or my cock against her ass. When she showed no obvious objection to these more intimate touches I decided it was time to move forward. I guided her from the pool to the massage table and had her lay down with her face in the cut out.

She commented that I had a nice home and pool and I was lucky. I explained that I was an electrical engineer and held several patents that I get paid royalties on, and this allowed me to enjoy the finer things in life, and added the words "like you".

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She blushed as I started the massage on her feet, slowly working my way up her calves, up to just below her ass, then inward to her thighs, not touching her pussy but close enough to feel the heat radiating off of it.

She gasped and tensed up so I moved away and went to her lower back, I felt her relax again. I positioned myself at her head so I could rub her upper back and shoulders. This also placed my cock several inches from her face under the head rest on the table. "Is it always hard like that?" she asked. I moved my head close to her ear and whispered "Only when I have my hands on an incredibly beautiful girl." She lifted her head from the rest and looked me in the eyes, then she moved closer and kissed me.

Her kissing was definitely inexperienced but passionate none the less. When the kiss finally broke, I suggested we move inside. Arriving in the bedroom, which is also equipped with cameras. I laid her on her back on the bed, I laid next to her with my head near her feet, and continued my massage. When I reached her thighs again she didn't gasp but instead reached out and started exploring my cock.

I took this as the go ahead and moved up and started stroking her lightly peachfuzzed mound. With that she did gasp but didn't resist. I moved my other hand up and stroked her budding breasts with their puffy nipples now erect.

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She continued stroking my cock with one hand moving back and forth watching in amazement as the foreskin moved with her motions. I probed around with a finger, first around the outside and around her inner lips, then over her now wet opening, and up until I bumped into her clit.

She went rigid with the shock of having her most sensitive spot touched. I rolled onto my back pulling her on top of me with her honey pot in my face. I started slowly licking her from her clit to her opening and even tickled her ass. She surprisingly was really getting into it.

She started exploring my cock with her mouth as well licking around the head and up and down the bottom of the shaft. She tried taking as much into her mouth as she could but only managed about half, but that was fine by me it felt great, and it was her cherry I wanted anyway.

I felt my prize while exploring inside her tunnel with my tongue, it was still fully intact. I moved back to her clit and began getting more aggressive with it. She started to moan with my cock in her mouth, and shifting trying to get some relief, but I held her hips tight and continued my clitoral assault. She locked up tight squeezing my head like a vice, he body totally rigid, her juices began to freely flow on my face, as she had what I am sure was her first orgasm.

She flopped over on her back trying to catch her breath. I took this opening to climb on top of her and kiss her, using the kiss to take her attention off of me lining my cock up for entry. I leaned forward and her tight sopping wet box allowed entry of the head before her brain realized what was happening. She tensed up with a horrified look on her face. "No, I don't want to go that far.

" She pleaded. I just started kissing her some more not making any attempt to enter her farther.

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I kissed and licked on her ears, neck, and down to her nipples. My cock still positioned to strike, I whispered sweet nothings while I continued to kiss and pleasure. I could feel her body relax again and her breathing resume. Her pussy was still dripping around my motionless cock.

I ran my plan through head.wet, check.relaxed, check, virgin, check.hard and lined up, check. I locked lips with her in a kiss and thrust forward, burying my cock to the hilt in her no longer virgin cunt.

She tried to scream and disconnect, but I held her tight. Her muscles were rippling and quivering trying to adjust to the large foreign object they were now forced to endure.

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After several minutes her body had stretched and accepted my manhood. I considered fucking her wildly until I came, but opted to do it right. That lessened the chance of her running to mommy, and made it more likely she would return. So I pulled and inch or two out and slowly put it back in. I repeated this until I was getting full strokes.

All the while telling her how good she was, how lucky I was, and how much of a good job she was doing. She started to like the new feeling as I slowly fucked her. Her breathing and moaning gradually increased, and she started moving in rhythm with me. I picked up the pace as I felt things coming to a head. I felt her tightened up and watched her eyes roll back in her head as she started into another violent orgasm, the muscles in her cunt milking my cock for everything I had sent me over the edge.

We both exploded into orgasm together. I collapsed on top of her still showering her with praise. After a few minutes I got up and looked pleased at my cock covered in a pink blend of our juices and virginal blood.

She got up still in a fog, I hugged her and suggested we shower up. We got cleaned up in the big master shower, then walked downstairs and fetched her clothes from the dryer.

As she got prepared to leave I told her she was always welcome here, asked that she keep this between us, and showered her with even more praise. She left feeling like a worshiped goddess, ensuring her silence, and who knows she may come back for more. Not all my visitors get out so easy.