Nerdy ebony swallows a fat white cock raw

Nerdy ebony swallows a fat white cock raw
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One day, under a large oak tree, little Bo Peep had lost her sheep! For hours upon hours she searched, but decided to wait under the tree incase they came back to where she first lost them. If only had she not fallen asleep, then they might still be here! She sighed, wiping the sweat from her brow.

"Oh sheep, please return to me!" she called after them, but no sign and no sound of her beloved creatures. Bo Peep was a very naughty girl when she was out and about, but as good as gold at home.


She would say grace at the table and be polite around others, but when she was out in the meadows alone, she would be so disgusting, that you would question if it was really her atall. She would sometimes finger herself in the fields, and sometimes she would even take her dildo with her, and ride it up inside of her pussy hard, and she would scream out loud and explode all over her delicate fingers!

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Once, she even let her dog, Roger, lick her pussy hole, deeply penetrating her tight cunt. Today however, she was alone and she wore a beautiful blue dress with thick petticoats underneath.

She sat there under that big oak tree and rolled up the sleeves of her dress and moaned and groaned at nothing in particular. "Damn it, what shall I do whilst I'm waiting for my sheep to return." Suddenly, it dawned on her that she was horny. An idea struck her to touch herself under her dress. She slowly made her hands slide down her dress and up and under her petty coat. She hitched her knee up slightly and darted her fingers in and out, in and out of her steaming wet pussy.

She stuffed in more fingers, until she was streching her pussy with her whole fist! "Mmmm that feels so fucking good." Suddenly, she heard a noise, a branch snapping followed by what sounded like footsteps, but she didn't stop, not when she was on the brink of an orgasm like this, no way.

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Carrying on pumping her fist into her hole, she closed her eyes and imagined that she was being fucked like a dog over the stump of a tree, screaming in pleasure and pain from the size of the cock being banged into her from behind. "Hello Miss Peep." She looked up into the eyes of a policeman.

Tall, handsome and in uniform. He continued in saying, "I have a report here saying that your missing sheep are down town. They are safe and are awaiting you to pick them up.Miss Peep.

Are you okay down there?" She continued fisting her pussy hard whilst locking eyes with the man, biting her lip and using her other hand to twist her blonde locks around her wrist. "Officer, I wondered if you could help me. You see, I'm so alone out here, and I was so worried for my sheep and I think I need a doctor." "Miss Peep, why would you need a doctor?" "Because I feel a little but funny Sir.

Only, I don't need any old doctor, I want you Sir." She pointed to his trunchon, hanging off his belt enticingly. "Miss Peep, I'm not quite sure what you mean." "I think you do Sir. I want you to take that trunchon and ease it into my dripping wet pussy, and then I want you to fuck me with it, and then we'll see what happens next." She pulled up her dress to reveal that she had no knickers on, and that she was fisting herself hard underneath.


The policemans cock started to twich and grow in his tight officers trousers. "Miss Peep, I could lose my job, do you understand?" "Yes Sir, I completly understand, but I need this.

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Now." He got down to his knees so that he was leve with her and pulled out his baton from its holder. Miss Peep's eyes widened with anticipation at the hard, inanimate object, longing for it's length to be inside of her. "Come on then Constable, give it to me." Releasing her hand from her pussy, she opened her legs wide, revealing her pussy hole, ready, wet and waiting.

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The officer, alligned his trunchon with her tight hole, and pushed slightly, making Miss Peep moan with pleasure. He retreated the baton and then pushed harder, breaking through the skin either side, finding it's own path deep inside her.

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She closed her eyes and her head rolled back. She was being taken now, hard and she could not think of anything that would feel better than this, right now. He rammed into her her for a good few minutes, his cock rising with the thought that she might ask him to inside her soon. He started to groan in sync with Miss Peep and stopped abruptly, throwing the trunchon to the ground, unzipping his trousers, his cock springing free, the whole 8 inches of it. It was so thick she thought, making a grab for it and stuffing it in her mouth.

She sucked greedily on it, and used her free hand to pleasure herself, violently slapping her hand against her slit and clit.

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She was soaking wet and the taste of his huge cock made her more wet with hunger and need. She sucked him and used her tongue to swirl around and taste the tip of his huge bellend. She pushed him right to the back of her throat making her gag and her eyes started watering. Miss Peep pulled her mouth away and wiped it with the back of her hand. Standing up, she grabbed his hand and led him over to the tree stump that stood about three feet off the ground.

She leaned over it and pulled her dress over her head, leaving her naked except for her bra, which she unclipped and threw to through ground in a heap with her dress. "Come on Mr Policeman, take me from behind like a fucking dog." He aligned the tip of his dick with her skinny slit and rammed himself deep into her, smashing through her insides and she swore she could feel him right up in her chest.

He pinned her hands down by her head with his own as she pumped into her again and again, she could feel her hot cum bubbling up inside of her, ready to explode around his huge cock.

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He could feel himself ready to blow inside of her. Screaming and moaning and groaning, they suddenly realised that people could see them passing by on the road, but they didn't care. They were too lost in the moment to give a fuck.

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They could hear people honking their horn, but it just spurred them on all the more. Finally, Miss Peep could not take the pleasure anymore and orgasmed around him, convulsing again and again, catching her breath, before he joined her and they fell into eachothers arms enjoying the aftermath of their orgasms together.