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Cute bombshell is riding a fat  vibrator
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Adriana I woke up, slowly. I can't… See. I CAN'T SEE! What is that smell? Where am I? "ADRIANA!" I hear, it seems like it is coming from further away, panicked. "TERESA? WHERE ARE YOU? I CAN'T SEE!" I scream back. "HELP ME, OH MY GOD HELP ME!" Desperation thick in her voice Her voice seemed muffled, like she was behind a wall. Where were we? God why can't I remember? I have to move.

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Why can't I get up?!? The airplane! I must be in my seat. Reaching down, I fumble trying to find my seat belt, as I start tracing the lines of the seat belt, searching for the buckle. Why is it so hot in here?

Wait. That smell. It smells like, burnt hair. Burnt FLESH. "OH MY GOD!" I yell, starting to panic. "YOU IDIOT, STOP FREAKING OUT AND HELP ME! THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME YOU USELESS BITCH!" Teresa screams at me. Finding the buckle, ripping up on the clasp, the seat belt finally lets me up, I still can't be sure if i can see. Standing up, I start to move into the aisle, afraid of what I might run into, panic that I might not get to her in time.

I have to help her, the thought of losing her. I spring into action, I know the layout of the plane, I have been on this style of plane to many times to worry about such stupid things when my soul mate is being… what?

it doesn't matter, she needs me! I get into the center aisle and stop. which way do I go? I look left, right, left again. There, I can see! a small bif of the floor level lighting is still glowing. I rush towards the light, hoping for a way out. As I get closer, more light is starting to filter in through the plane.

I dont know why I couldn't see it before. I see a pale light to my right, it is the emergency exit! I rush out, moonlight bathes the scene.

To my right, I see what I never thought I would see. Teresa fighting with fury I never would have imagined she could contain. She is so tiny, fragile even, but there she was kicking and twisting with all of her might! Two men were… Men, somthing was wrong. They looked like they were covered in filth, maybe it was dirt, or blood I don't know. I do know one thing, they were kneeling over her, while she was laying in the dirt.

I looked to my left, clouds were starting to roll across the moon, a flash by the fence post! I ran, it must have been 10 meters, there lying on the ground was a police officer, ripped apart!

"AHHHHHHHH" I screamed. "STOP STANDING THERE YOU FUCKING STUPID CUNT!" Teresa screamed at me. "WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS YOU'RE GOING TO WISH YOU DIED ON THAT PLANE!" I grabbed the baton, it was covered in blood!

"Fuck, I wish i had some gloves." I said, trying to wipe some of it off on the grass. TERESA, shit I have to help her! "YOU FUCKS!" She screamed. "TRYING TO BITE ME?!" I rushed towards them, screaming. "DIE YOU FUCKING CREEPS!" They seemed to be bewildered by this, they both looked up. I knew something was wrong, their eyes had a pale red glow, but there was almost no light, the clouds had almost completely covered the moon.

Teresa didn't let the chance pass her by. She had managed to get a nice sized rock, though from where, I have no idea, I think we were on the edge of a farmers field. She smashed into the face of one of the men, sending him reeling backwards, she is not that strong, I don't know how she managed, but it knocked the man flat on he back, like he had no balance. She kicked out at the second man, the one that was still looking at me, looking at me with that faint red glow emanating from their eyes.

I stumbled, taken aback, what is wrong with him? ""FUCKING SMASH HIM" Teresa screamed at me. I caught myself, mid stumble, two more steps. I swung, over hand, snapping the baton down at the last moment, the last 10 centimeters of the baton connected. The force of the blow seemed to be of astonishing strength. His face just caved in, it was as if he was as soft as ripe fruit, then it was everywhere, his head came apart in a gush of mush and gore. I didn't stop, two more steps.

The first man, the one Teresa had stunned was getting up, I bowled right into him, smashing my knee into his face. It was as if I had smashed a pinata, his head parted as my knee traveled right through it. Gore spattering all over my legs and torso, covering Teresa as she tried to get up.

"AH, What the fuck!" she said. "Babe, are you ok! What were they doing to you! did they rape you? There is a dead police officer over there! We need to get out of here!" I rambled on and on, not knowing what to do. "What do we do?" "Shut up! Fucking shut up, oh my god you are so stupid sometimes!" she hissed at me. "Sorry babe, what do you want me to do?" I asked. "Help me up, and hide." she said. "I need to think." I rushed to her side, grabbed her under the arms and pulled her up.

She pointed to some bushes, next to some apple trees. "Over there, in that bush." she said. "Ok, lets go." I agreed. Half carrying her, we rushed to the bush, it was only about twenty meters, but my mind was racing, I don't know what we are hiding from.

Those men are dead, for sure. Coming to the bushes, Teresa dropped all of her weight, I set her down, and she scrambled under the bush like she was crazy. "Why are you acting so crazy?" I asked her. "GET THE FUCK INTO THIS BUSH SLAVE!" She hissed at me, fury burning in her eyes. I cast my eyes down, I had forgotten my place in all of the panic. "Yes mistress" I intoned. Dropping down to all fours, I crawled into the bush and sat at attention whIle she came up with a plan. "Fuck, I can't belive this shit." she said, muttering to herself like she sometimes does.

"We are going to need to get some food and water. Did you say there was a police officer dead around here?" "Yes mistress, over by the fence there." I pointed to the right. "What are the chances that he got hit by the plane? Pretty fucking slim I would say." she asked me, not really expecting a response.

She knew she was the smart one, if she really needed help figuring something out, I would prolly be the last one she would ask. "I wonder if those fucking things are everywhere?" "I don't know mistress" I said.

"what are those things?" "I'm not sure, but they behave like fucking rabid dogs. As soon as they saw me, they rushed at me like I was fresh meat." She mumbled.

Looking at me she grabbed my chin and pulled my face towards her. Looking me right in the eyes, she said. "You may well have saved my fucking life, good slave. You sure did take your fucking time about it, though didnt you?" "Sorry mistress." I stared back at her, expecting to be punished. She grabbed the back of my head, closing her fist in my hair, causing my mouth to open.

About to scream, she jammed her tongue into my mouth, releasing the clench of her fist enough to stop me from screaming, but not enough to let me go. She hard kissed me, working her jaw and pushing her tongue into my mouth repeditaly, twirling and engaging mine. The kiss pushed me to thoughts of desire. I started to think of our time before all this had happened. She had dragged me into the bathroom on the plane. Pulling her jeans down to her knees.

She had told me to rest the back of my head on the toilet seat.

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Then she straddled my face and rubbed her pussy all over my face. I love her scent, she is usually so sweet. But we had been rushing around trying to catch our flight. She was a little bit, sweaty. I guess you could say. The musky odor of her pussy drove me crazy though and I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could, while she rubbed her slimey cunt all over my face.

"Yeah Bitch you fuck that pussy with your mouth, you know what your mistress likes don't you? Eat it you fucking cunt or I am going to drag you out into the aisle and let every man on this plane fuck your ass hole." She said to me, I knew she would not back down from her threat.

She stares me in the eyes every time she does this to me, using my mouth for her own needs. So I know she means what she says. "Yeah, just like that, eat me like I trained you and maybe I will let you drink my piss when your done making me cum on that pretty slut face!" "Please mistress, give me more of your sweet pussy." I mumbled into her.

"Cum all over this worthless fuckpuppets face!" As she started to shake, her orgasim creeping into her, there was a sudden drop. Turbulence causing the plane to drop. Her weight came crashing down on my face, the impact of my head on the toilet seat causing me to see stars. Next thing I knew there was knocking on the door.

"Excuse me, the Captain has put the seat belt sign on, we need you to return to your seat right away" the attendant said, a hint of unease creeping into her voice. "I am coming right out, let my pull my pants up please." Teresa responded. Then to me "Get up, we have to go." she laughs. "You have my pusy juice all over your face, no time for cleaning up.

you heard her, back to your seat. When you get there, you are going to rub my clit till I finish my orgasim." "Yes mistress, Thank you for letting me taste you…" I started Another drop, another knock. "Lets GO, this is a serious situation!" The attendant was insistent. Teresa pulled me up, unlocked the door and dragged me to our seats, the eyes of the attendant casting us looks of disgust.

Once we got back and fastened our seat belts, Teresa snapped her fingers and pointed towards her crotch, as she spread her legs. I started to move my right hand towards her, sliding my fingers into her waist band. and under her panties. Then the third drop came, the last thing I remember is my head slamming forward in a blur.

"Hey, where are you?" she snaps her fingers at me "All that excitement has got me so fucking hot. We need to figure this shit out so I can fuck your brains out." she whispered into my ear. then she let me go, and as I was pulling away, she slapped me across the face. Not nearly as hard as normally. It was almost gentle. "Next time some motherfuckers are trying to kill me you better not be fucking standing around screaming or I really will kill you, DO YOU UNDERSTAND SLUT?" "Yes mistress, I am a slut.

I am sorry that I wasn't there to protect you" I whined. I licked my lips, hoping that the taste of her pussy might linger there. I was disappointed, it wasn't. Hoping for more I asked. "Do you want me to service you now mistress?" "No." she shook her head. Looking down at me like I was fucking retarded. "we have to get out of here, and find a place to sleep." She thinks about it for a few seconds, then stands up enough to stick her head out of the bush. Scanning the area a while, she drops back down and says to me "We need to see if we can find anything useful around here, then we can look for a place to sleep.

God I hope there are no more of those fucking crazies" I pointed towards the front of the plane. "I think I see a back pack up there, it doesn't look like it's burnt. There is a suite case too!" I exclaimed. Happy that I had spotted them so quickly. I stood up, like Teresa had, just high enough to stick my head out. I scanned the area, looking left. The plane had dug a deep furrow through the field, nothing but rubble and fire that way. Then to the right, just the ridge and the fence with the dead officer, I thought I should look and see if he had a gun.

As I was about to start moving towards him, Teresa tugged on my shirt. "There is something over there, it looks like a campsite or a picnic I think." She whispered "Could be sleeping bags or food, we need to check that out now!" "I think we should check the cop for a gun." I said in response "Fuck, obviously, good call babe." She leaned in and gave me a quick kiss before she started moving towards the fence line. we both crept closer, and as we started to get more exposed, I took the lead.

I pointed at the backpack and suitcase. "Check those, it is safer." She looked like she was going to object for a second. She is supposed to be the leader, but I think she thought better of it. She bit her lip and nodded. Moving towards the luggage. I turned my attention back to the cop. He was fucked up. Now that I really got a good look at him, there is no way he got hit by the plane. It looks like something had been eating him, there were bite marks and scratches all over him.

Creeping up closer I could tell that he had been like this for a while. What looked like knee prints were all around him in the soft, freshly tilled soil. Knee prints. Those men had been kneeling over Teresa. She was screaming that they were trying to bite her. Fuck it, I need his gun. Thats when I heard it. Shambling foot steps, the same faint red glow of eyes. Fucking hell, one of those things had spotted me, I gazed past it. behind it in the field we dozens of little red spots, they looked like pairs of fireflies, it was almost pretty.

They danced in pairs, like soul mates… I wonder if they are soul mates like Teresa and I. WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING. I scooted back, down the hill as that thing came at me, it stumbled into the fence. Falling face first into the body of the cop. Scrambling back, I got my feet under me, starting to stand up as I watched it in horror as it flopped about trying to get up. It was almost funny watching it flail about.

"What is going on here?" I thought as I took a deep breath. I have been dealing with blood and injuries for a long time now. I am a paramedic, I have seen some pretty rough shit. "Get your shit together Adriana"! I cursed in my mind. I stood up and planted my feet, waiting. I hissed at Teresa "Heads up babe" "What?" she looked up and said. "Fuck, is it only one?!?" "Right now, yeah." I pointed up the hill "Behind that one is like 20 more, the eyes glow, they look like fireflies." "Now is not the time for your princess fantasy shit!" She barked at me.

"Kill that thing." "It is coming, just stay back." I said as I crouched down a bit, ready to lash out. As soon as it managed to stand up it started to run at me, two steps away, I started to my swing, down and to the left.

Aiming for the leg seemed like a good choice. I thought to myself. "They can't be as tough as a normal person." Seems I was right, the baton streaked down, shattering the knee like a baseball bat crushing an apple.

As I swung across, I stepped to the right a bit, and the thing fell right where I had been standing. Face first into the dirt, it was an easy thing to step behind it and club it in the back of the head. "Would they all be this easy?" I thought. "I hope so." "Wow, you. Um, you're pretty good at that." Teresa said to me. I smiled back. "I think that this princess gets to be your Princess charming!" "I think I like that, but we still have to check that campsite." she said, winking.

With a little grin, she said.

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"You said there was a bunch of them over that crest?" "Yeah, but they are far away, as long as we are quiet we should be ok" I replied, hoping that grin meant she would reward me.

Its been a long time since she let me cum. It makes me horney being denied so much. "Did that cop have a gun?" she pointed up at him. "No." snapping back to the situation, I told her what I had seen.

"It looked like he had been eaten by these things, not much but scraps of cloth and gore." "Shit, I need a weapon." she muttered. Then handed me a bottle.

"Here, there was some Tylenol in that backpack, you must have a headache from when I sat on your face… and the plane crash." "Yeah, sorta." I thanked her, then asked. "What about you?" "There was some Aspirin in the suitcase, the Tylenol is no good to me, my allergies won't allow it." she reminded me "Ok, I will lead" I said.

"If I see a weapon I will toss it to you. We can scavenge this site and search for a higher spot so we can look around." "Good thinking, don't forget about eating my pussy either, I never got to finish on the plane!" she said. Grabbing my ass and pulling me into her.

Her other hand shot up and twisted my nipple. She looked me in the eye and said "You might be my princess charming, but don't forget that I am your mistress." Spinning me around she swatted my ass and said "Hurry up!" "Yes mistress." I said, rushing forward.

"What the fuck are we going to do?" I thought to myself. "She will figure something out. All I have to do is protect her." We crept towards the campsite, it was pretty far. "Funny how the big world shrinks to nothing when the only thing you know right now is a plane crash, and a fence." I thought to myself. It must have been about 60 meters. As I was getting closer, I heard something that made me stop. I signaled to Teresa. A finger over my lip. I stood up, looking a little closer at the campsite.

nothing seemed strange. Then I heard a moan, just the barest hint of breath escaping. I crouched back down and crept a bit closer. Movement out of the corner of my eye. Beside the tree, past the fire pit. There was one of those things. "Fucking hell, are we ever going to be free of them?" I thought to myself.

I motioned for Teresa to creep up. Then pointed at it. I motioned to her I was going to try and creep up on it and kill it, with out it noticing me. She nodded, then grabbed my arm. I looked over at her and she grabbed a small rock. "When you get close, I will toss this rock. Maybe it will look away from you?" She seemed to ask. "That might work, sounds like a plan." I whispered at her.

The thing was laying on its side, facing away from us. But it was all the way on the other side of the site. If it looked this way. It would see me for sure. I don't know why. But at that moment, I just didn't care.

I had killed two of them at once earlier, and that last one was so easy. I don't know if you could say I wasn't afraid of them. But I was definitely not afraid of one.

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I looked back at Teresa and shook my head. "Don't, just watch my back." "What? Don't be stupid!" she hissed at me.

I didn't care, I was going to split this things skull. What I didn't want was her to get distracted and get attacked when I wasn't beside her to protect her.

"Watch my back I said!" Hissing back and pointing back at her. She put her hands up in front of her and nodded. I turned around and moved through the camp. My heart started pounding. I took a few deep breaths and kept moving, one step at a time. Doubt started to rack my brain. "What if I miss? What if this one is tougher? What if it hears me?" Then in a clear, strong willed voice.

"Stop, clear your mind and focus on the task at hand!" I scolded myself. In retrospect, this was the easiest kill yet. It just laid there, waiting to have its brains splattered. It was almost anti-climatic. "Anti-climatic. Just like Teresa had been doing to me. God damn it I want to get fucked!" I thought to myself as I looked around at the camp site. I motioned for her to come up to the sight.

"There is a duffel bag and a cooler. As well as a couple of sleeping bags and a few chairs." I said as she got to me. "You Ok?" she asked me. "You, Um, You seemed to be a bit too comfortable just smashing the head off that thing." "Yes mistress, I am always comfortable keeping you safe." I replied. "We really should look around thought, I want to get you somewhere safe, as soon as possible." I looked up, with lust in my eyes.

If she saw it, I don't know. But she was quick to get moving after that. I moved to the duffel bag, as Teresa was already rummaging through the cooler. She squealed a bit when she found a few cupcakes and some apples. Good thing the cupcakes were in a plastic wrap, all the ice had melted.

Ruining the rest of the food in there, though the apples seemed fine. "Sweet!" I barked out. In the duffel bag, I found a fucking rifle! "Shush!" She hissed at me. "What's got you so worked up?" "I found a rifle, and some extra ammo, maybe, I am not really a gun expert." I said, excited. "Let me see." she said, looking intrigued. Then disappointment, swept over her face, as she shook her head.

"No, those are shotgun shells. Its ok though, we still have a rifle. These might come in handy later though. Here, let me have it." She look up and kissed me on the cheek, saying.

"It's a good thing you're pretty." I beamed at the complement. "Wait was it a compliment? Who cares, I am taking it as a complement." I thought to myself. She took the rifle, and looked it over. There was a magazine just in front of the trigger. After struggling with it for a bit, she managed to get the magazine free.

"Looks like there are a bunch of bullets in here. It's been too long since we went to the shooting range, I hope I can still shoot as well as I did when we were there!" I started to look around.

Then, thinking we needed a good way to carry these sleeping bags. "Shove those Sleeping bags into that duffel bag, it's big enough, and they are pretty light. I will carry them and the rifle. That way you can protect me if anything gets too close. I dont want to shoot anything unless I have to. Guns are pretty loud and I don't know if it will attract any of those fucking things." "It looks like there is a path up the side of this hill, lets get on top and see if we can see anything." I said, while rolling the sleeping bags up.

"They should fit into that duffel bag pretty well." I thought. "Ok, I hope we see somthing, I dont want to sleep outside with fucking crazies about." Teresa said, she seemed to have a bit of fear in her voice.

"I know, we will see something, don't worry!" I tried to sound optimistic. I guess we are in a pretty fucked up situation, and I don't really know what to do. So, I will just stay optimistic. Keep her safe, and she will lead us in the right direction. She has never let me down before. We headed towards the path, me in the lead. I tried to be extra cautious, creeping around slowly, and watching for anything out of the ordinary. Maybe I was being too cautious, or maybe Teresa felt invincible.

"Cough." she cleared her throat. "I wanna get out of the open, lets move it! We have the rifle and if we need to we have like ten shots.

I just watched you fuck four of those things up like it was no big deal!


That last one you didnt even hesitate. What, now that we have a gun you are gonna be all sneaky? Princess charming thinks shes a fucking ninja?" She laughs at me. "That was different. There were only one or two. What if we run into a bunch of them?" I pleaded with her. She cut me off. "Slave, who the fuck is in charge here? Who has the gun?" I looked at the ground and sighed. "You do mistress." "Thats right." She pointed up the path.

"Lets move" I stood up and started walking, not to much faster, but not creeping. Making, at least I thought, much better time. She obviously didn't think so, as she walked right past me, shaking her head. then looking back in disgust. "She is so demanding sometimes." I thought to myself, jogging a few steps to catch up. We crested the hill, and the world seemed to grow a thousand times. We could see a number of buildings off to our east. They looked to be run down, thought it was really hard to tell in the dark.

I pointed to the south. "Look, not to far from the plane. It looks like a car, Maybe we'll get lucky and the keys are in it!" My optimism showing through. "Maybe." Teresa said flatly, obviously skeptical.

"Keep looking." To the east. Fireflies, They must be wandering around in the farmers fields. Glowing sets of eyes everywhere. "That is a lot of them. How the fuck did this happen?" Dismay starting to wear away at my resolve.

"How could this happen?" I said again. Not sure what sort of answer I would get. "Hey, babe. What matters is we are here together, lets focus on getting somewhere safe. I think I need to reward you for all of you have done." She winked at me.

My eyes lit up, I nodded enthusiastically. "Really? Ok, ok lets go!" I beamed excited already, My pussy starting to flush as I thought about her sweet caresses. "Calm down, we have to find a place to get before we go anywhere" She said, shaking her head at me again.

I stood up, turning north, I saw little glimmers. reflections from the moon light. "What are those reflections I asked?" "I am not sure, but I think they might be windows. Maybe there is a town over there." she said, more to her self then to me.

But the idea still excited me. Maybe there would be somewhere safe to sleep, and play! "Ok, heres what we are going to do." she said, pulling me down into a crouch. "First we are going to check that car. If it is working, which I doubt, it will make our lives a lot easier. I mean, it might be loud, and those things might be drawn to the noise.

They seem pretty soft. Maybe we can just drive right the fuck over them you know?" "Maybe." I said, thinking about it. I mean, they were pretty squishy when I hit them. She might be right! "And maybe we could sleep in the car if it isn't locked." "Sure." she said, but I don't think she meant it. "If we get there and we can't use it, we will come back this way, and try to go down the hill to the town.

If we run into too much trouble, I guess we will have to fight our way out of it. You think you can handle that?" "Yeah. You?" I ask in response. "I hope we don't have to find out" she sighed standing up.

Making our way back down to the campsite, I was feeling pretty confident, I mean. I had been in a fucking plane crash, killed some monsters and got what pretty much amounted to a promise from my mistress to getting an orgasim. "Hey" She called after me. "Slow down" I keep calling her my mistress, but really, she was my wife.

We had gotten married in San Francisco a year and a bit ago. But the S/M relationship is what it had always been between us. It was natural, and I loved it.

"Hey you are going to fast I cant keep up!" She called after me, trying to be as insistent as possible without yelling. We were happy, and while I have expressed my frustrations with her and our sex life, she always denied me, keeping me horney.

I think she does it just to keep me ready to please her. Hoping that she will return the favor. Maybe I should just have my way with her for once. She is so tiny, I mean what could she do to resist me? Nothing. I stopped dead. Nothing. Exactly, what could she do.

I turned and looked back at her, a dozen or more steps behind me. Just as I started back towards her to take what I wanted from her, I saw them. Two of those things coming up behind her, I had been so focused on getting what I wanted that I had ignored her calls for me to slow down. "Behind you!" I called, pointing. "Fuck!" she hissed. Without even looking, she swung the stock of the rifle around, taking the head right off the closest one.

The momentum throwing her off balance enough that she had to crouch to stop from falling over, she gathered her legs under her. Ready to jump out of the way I was running now, only a few more steps.

"Die mother fucker!" she barked at the second one. Springing up from her crouched position, spearing the thing under the jaw from below, using the barrel of the gun to stab up through its skull. It just stood there, shaking. though weather it was convulsing, or shaking from the vibrations of her holding the weight of the thing up. I don't know. I do know that I tackled it away from her, unsure if it was dead or not. When I landed on top of it, she was there again, smashing its skull with the rifle stock again and again.

I stood up and grabbed her, crushing her into me.

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"I am sorry, I shouldn't have been so eager! Are you ok? Oh my god I am so stupid I almost let them get you!" I started sobbing. Ashamed that I would be so selfish. "I am ok, let me go, we have to keep moving! How much noise do you think it will take to get them to notice us? They heard me calling after you! You don't think they are going to hear you, fucking wailing like a little girl!

Lets move. Stay fucking closer this time you fucking idiot!" She said, with scathing rage in each breath. "Sorry mistress. I will do as you say." I replied, humbled by her level headed statements, and determination. "Move bitch" she hissed back at me as she started moving towards the car. We were almost there. Only another 20 meters and I didn't see any of those things. I ran ahead, easily outpacing her. I saw that the drivers side door was open, and things seemed to be clear.

I looked in peering through the windows. It seemed too good to be true. Were the keys in there? I started to look around. They weren't in the ignition. I look up at the sun visor, maybe? No. "Shit. No keys." I said in dismay. "Fuck, I knew it. Thats what I get for letting your optimism blind me." she muttered while walking around the back of the car. She stopped at the fuel door, trying to pop it open. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Is there a release lever inside there, check down by the side of the drivers seat." she said, barely registering my question. "Yeah I think so." I said, asking.

"Why?" "Pull it, now!" Barking at me. "Ok, fuck." I said under my breath, reaching down to pull the lever. The fuel door popped open, and she cheered "Fuck yeah!" throwing me the keys. Catching them out of the air, I sat down in the drivers seat and started the car.

Fuck! Really of all the fucking things to do. Some jack ass decided he needed to put a souped up ultra loud muffler on this fucking car. I could see the fireflies.

they were heading towards us. Some faster than others.


KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "UNLOCK THE FUCKING DOOR!"She screamed at me. I fumbled with the buttons "Ahhh which one is it!" I must have hit every button twice by the time I got it. She ripped the door open, flung the duffel bag in the back and jumped in.

Slamming the door and doing up her seat belt. "PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON!" She screeched at me. "Ok, ok" I sighed, pulling the belt into place. "NOW DRIVE BITCH, WE DON'T HAVE ALL NIGHT!" Yelling at me again. I looked up, as the first of the things were getting close enough to be uncomfortable. I flicked the headlights on, and slammed it into drive. If there is one thing I know, as a paramedic, driving like a maniac is it. Pinning it as the first of them jumped on the car, clinging to the car as I speed up.

Trying to smash their way through the windows, or pull the car apart, I don't know. What I do know is that when I slammed on the brakes the car stapped A LOT faster then they did. Those things went fucking flying. We were free and clear, I guess. But to go where?

"Fuck those things!" Teresa laughed, reaching over to stroke my shoulder. "You need to listen when I tell you to do something, this place is pretty messed up!

I need you to focus and react. You don't need to know why I ask you to do things, just do them. Do you understand?" She said, keeping a positive tone in her voice. "Yes mistress, I am sorry." I replied. Then I blurted out, knowing that she would be upset that I was kind of talking back to her. "It isn't my fault! You are always denying me, I am fucking horney all the time, I cant focus on fucking anything but getting off!" "I know, I have been cultivating that desire in you for years.

Just do what I say. Period." She stated, flatly. "Nothing is going to change if you don't behave. You are mine, and that means doing what I say, no matter how you feel about it! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR SLAVE?" The last part was said in a hard, even voice that made it quite clear that I would get what she wanted to give me. "Yes mistress" Sullen, broken and dismayed. I replied in the meekest voice I could muster. Tears starting to form in my eyes. "Where are we going to go?" I asked, trying to choke back my dismay.

"Just go forward, and don't hit anything, or any of those things unless you have to." She said. "We are heading away from the town, so we need to try and wrap around to the other side of that hill we were on.

But for now, just follow this fence line, we will see where it takes us." "Ok." I said. "I can handle this, just stay focused." I thought to myself." We drove around the edge of the field, lights blazing.

There was something ahead of us. It looked like some sore of steel framed sprinkler, on wheels. "We should be able to drive under that, its an irrigation thing, sprays shit all over the fields to fertilise the crops." Teresa said in passing.

I saw there was a fence behind it, so I tried to follow that, hoping we didn't get stuck in the mud. "We need to find a truck." I mumbled, thinking out loud really. "You just focus on driving, try not to get stuck." She said. Patting my shoulder again. Coming up on our left hand side, I saw the farmhouse, and the gate through the fence.

It was open, so we could get off of the field. But there were dozens of those things. The light drawing their attention immediately, the noise rom this custom exhaust screaming out.

"COME EAT US!" and we got closer and closer to them. "Fuck these things." I said, pushing my foot down on the accelerator. I was almost at the gate when I jerked the wheel hard to the left. The tail end of the car swung out, clipping a few of those fuckers.

Teresa wasn't ready for the sudden change in direction. When I cranked the wheel back to the right to straighten out the tail, her head smacked into the window. "Shit! What the fuck are you doing?" she barked at me, holding the side of her head.

"I have people monsters trying to eat me. Do you think I need my slave trying to bash my skull in?" I said nothing, I have to focus on driving. I pinned the accelerator again, tires spinning in the mud, but catching, pulling us forward. "Thank god for front wheel drive." I think to myself. We fly through the gate. I ignore the things in front of us, smashing into them. One of them face plants into the windshield on Teresa's side, sending cracks like spider webs shooting through the glass, enough that I wouldn't want to many more of those things hitting it.

The blood from its skull spattering all over the window. I twisted the dial to the max, the wipers spring to life.

Well I guess I should say wiper. One of those things must have ripped the passenger side wiper off when I launched the first couple off. It didn't matter now, at least I could see well enough to keep going. I was just clearing the house, I pumped the brakes a bit and cranked the wheel to the right. The wheels fighting to purchase on the loose gravel. "Shit!" I squeaked. Around the corner of the house was an old pickup truck.

I spun the steering wheel back to the left, just missing the rear bumper of the truck. There was nothing in front of us. I hammered the accelerator, the stupid exhaust screaming, we flew down the driveway, it must have been a few hundred meters long. At the end of the driveway there was a T intersection, with a fence across the road, it was plainly visible in the headlights.

I started slowing down, not sure which way to go. "What is it?" Teresa asked "Left or right?" I asked her. "I can't see anything with all these cracks and blood." She said, kind of bitchy. "What do you see?" "There is a fence across the road, and a field behind that. To the left looks like the road keeps going around a bend. I can't see much to the left." I said as we came to a stop. I shut the car off, and opened the door. "Stay in here." I said. Getting out, not waiting for a response.

I stood up and looked around. I shut the door, softly. I am not sure why, the fucking muffler must have let everyone in the world know we were here. I started looking around, there was nothing to see. To the left, trees and a farmers road, to the right, trees and a farmers road. "Fucking awesome." I thought to myself.

Looking back from where we came, I saw about a dozen fireflies coming towards us, they were far away, not even half of the distance we had come flying up the driveway.

"I should just throw it in reverse, and smash all of them!" I thought. "Fuck it, I need to get her to safety, no need." Pulling the door open, I got in and said. "Trees and road to the left, Trees and road to the right.

Fireflies behind us, guess they are relentless." "Head left." She said. "Lets get the fuck out of here." "Ok." I steered to the left and speed off, slowing only enough to get around the curve safely. We flew down the road for a while. Uncomfortable silence filling the car, I reached down, pressing the power button on the streio. White noise, hit seek. Looking over at Teresa, I said "see if there are any stations working would you?" "Sure.

Do you remember where that town was?" She asked. "Generally, yeah." I said. "Lets head that way, when we can I mean." She said, switching through the bands, searching for something. "Fuck, it's all just white noise!" She yelled, smashing the power button in frustration. "Ok, that sucks." I said. Looking over, I asked her. "What does that mean? It can't be like this everywhere can it?" "I don't know" she replied, looking out the passenger window.

"I need to think about what all this means, what we are going to do. Just drive, keep you eyes open for anything useful, somewhere that looks safe enough to spend the night." "OK, I love you" I said, trying not to worry too much. "I know, I love you too." she replied, rubbing her face with her hands. I turned my focus back to the road ahead. What more was there to do? She told me to drive, to where? Who knows, maybe it was just away, or maybe it was away from this horror story?

As we made our way down the road, I noticed there were trees everywhere on my left, I guess the farmers had no use for this ground. On the right side of the road was a shallow ditch, that rose into a short rock wall. Lots of sloppy graphetty. LM+DK, Pictures of crudely drawn cocks, a faded rainbow, and even a "BRADY WAS HERE". The road started to climb, a gentle slope, until we were at equal elevation with the top of the rock wall, a few dozen meters and the road, as well as the forest, came to an abrupt end.

Another T intersection greeted me, this time though, it was not a fence on the other side, but a stone wall. It was obviously cut into by a drill and blast team. "They must have cut into the hill to make room for the road. Hell this might even be a highway." I thought. would be nice to get on the asphalt, a smooth ride would do me some good after what I had been through the last few hours.

I looked over at Teresa. She was still holding her face. I figured she needed more time, so I just turned to the right and went. Let her think about whatever she needed to think about. Looking down, I noticed that we had a bunch of gas, almost full.

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I didn't think this little compact car would be as thirsty as the ambulance I am used to driving. If she wanted to head towards that town, I am sure we can always turn around, she prolly wont even notice.

At least thats what I was thinking, not even 15 second pass before we run into more fucking problems. "Fuck, you know, it figures." I say under my breath. "I guess people can't wait to get in car accidents when the world comes apart at the seams." "What?" Teresa says, looking up.

"Shit. Can we get around you think?" I had already started slowing down, trying to find a way past the RV that was tipped over on its side. "I hope so. It is pretty big." I replied. "I am pulling into that parking lot, keep an eye out for fireflies." "Ok." she said, turning to look out the passenger window.

I turned the wheel to the right, coasting in, didn't want to make too much noise, kind of hard in this car. But I can at least try. The building we were in front of looked like a veterinarian's office, there was a big white storage shed, with a giant red dog painted on it, it was kinda funny I guess. It reminded me of one of the books I read when I was in school.

Looking over to the left, I saw that it wasn't as bad as I thought, the RV must have swerved to avoid something, maybe one of those things, and tipped over. That caused a pile up behind it, people impatient to be on their way. The wreckage was limited to the oncoming traffic lane, once we got around the RV, I just hopped the curve and we were on our way again. Reaching over and tapping Teresa on the leg, I said.

"Seems ok, not really as bad as it could be, and look at that" I pointed out the front window. "I can see a few buildings in front of us, looks like there are at least a few small communities around here." "Thats nice." She said turning to look the way I was pointing.

"I wish I could see out my side of the window." "Sorry about that." I said. "I needed to get us out of there in a hurry" "It's fine. Have you seen anything usefull?" She asked. "Nothing yet." I said as I maneuvered around the debris. After we were clear, I started to see more buildings, mumbling they off as I went past. "That looks like a run down restaurant on the left, and a burger joint on top of that rise there I pointed." Teresa just kept looking out the window, seeming to ignore my ramblings.

The road split like a Y, so I headed to the right, it seemed to be the continuation of the highway. "I think that is a mechanics shop" Teresa said. Still looking out her window. "Its hard to see in the dark, But it looks like there are big garage doors. We went past a number of side streets before Teresa turned and looked in my direction. Suddenly, she reached over and grabbed my shoulder with her left hand, Pointing with her right, leaning into it. "LOOK!" she said, quite loudly.

"DO YOU SEE THAT?" I hit the breaks, looking to the left. I saw it too. A beam of light, it was far away, and seemed to be higher up, sweeping back and forth. Like who ever was holding it was focusing on one thing after another, stopping to look at each point for only a few seconds.

"I DO. What do you think it is?" I asked her.

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"Fucking aliens." she said sarcastically. "How the fuck am I supposed to know? lets go find out!" "Ok, ok." I said. Putting the car in reverse, I backed up far enough to drive up the first side street we came to. Heading up that street was scaring, the amount of horror that much have gon on in this area was sickening to behold.

Almost every house we passed had blood smeared across the doors, and walls. There were body parts everywhere I looked, it was like a tacky 1980's horror film, except the "Special effects" were a lot better.

I sped up, no one wants to see things like this. The exhaust singing out our location to anyone, or anything that might be interested. "I am seeing a lot of fireflies, as you call them, inside of these houses" Teresa said Thats when we started to hear the gun shots.

One after another, it was almost like a rhythm. there must have been at least ten consecutive shots, then a pause and six or seven more after that. Then after about twenty seconds two more quick shots. Then the light went out.

We had lost our beacon in the darkness. But I still had a pretty good idea as to where to go. The road I was on made a sharp left. We passed another four houses, coming to a four way intersection. Old habits die hard I guess and I stopped, putting my turning signal on. Taking the right, I saw a sign "Catholic Church" In the spot where the community messages were posted it said. "What is missing from CH__CH?" I laughed a little bit, underneath it said.

"U R" I turned through the gate, I figured this would bring us towards the light. "Figures" I said. "What?" Teresa asked. "I just turned into a church." I replied. pausing for effect. "And?" She said, rolling her eyes. "HEAD TOWARDS THE LIGHT" I laughed hard. She smiled and said "Be careful, That was a lot of gun shots we just heard ringing out, these people might not be friendly." I scoffed. "Who is going to be up tight when two sexy girls show up at their door?" "I don't know, how about everyone that has had to kill one of those things that just happens to look like a sexy girl." She said dripping sarcasm with every word.

"I bet none of those things ever drove up in a car!" I said. Feeling like I had won the argument. "It doesn't matter, we need to be careful, who know what sort of shit these people might be about. Remember, we need to be cautious, and we need to be sure that we put ourselves first!" She scolded me. Fuck, she was totally right. Not everyone is friendly, and not everyone just likes to look at sexy girls. "Sorry, you are totally right, I understand." I said, chastised. "Game face, we are almost there." she said.

I could see the church itself now, it looked like it even had a wall around it. The headlights shining on the wall, I could see a woman, pointing her rifle right at us. "Shit, that woman is going to shoot us!" I barked. "Stop the car" Teresa said. Reaching into the back seat to grab her rifle. I did as she asked. we came to a stop about 20 meters from the wall.

Teresa started to roll her window down, calling out "We don't want to hurt you, look!" She dropped the rifle on the ground beside the car. "Turn the car off." she said to me. I turned the key back, shutting off the engine, cutting off that infernal exhaust. "It is just the two of us, we don't know what is going on, there are a bunch of crazy fucks out here! we just need somewhere safe to sleep. Will you help us? We have some food, though not a lot. Maybe we can help each other?" she called out the open window.

"What is your name?" The woman called back. "I am Teresa, and this is Adriana." she waved towards me. "Please, we don't know what else to do, we were in a plane crash and these things tried to eat me." "You were bitten?" The woman called back, asking for more information. "No, I fought them off with the help of my wife." Teresa said in return.

"I am going to come closer to talk to you. I am not comfortable yelling, I don't know if those things will attack us." "Sure, I need to look at you and make sure you look Ok before I decide if I am going to shoot you." She said, waving us closer. "Get out, come with me." Teresa said to me, leaning in for a kiss. "I hope this goes Ok." Leaning into kiss her, I said. "It will you have to have faith!" I winked. then kissed her lightly on the lips.

I got out as she was rolling her eyes at my joke. I put my hands up to show I was not armed. Just then a second Head, another woman, showed up on the other side of the wall. "Whats going on here Ava?" The second woman asked, a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Nothing of your concern Sofia." Replied Ava. never taking her eyes off of me. Teresa getting out of the car, stepped over the rifle said.

"There are more of you? Thank god!" Taking a quite a few steps closer, Teresa said. "Is this ok?" I was moving up behind her, when Ava's rifle snapped up, pointing right at my head.

"Stop right there!" She barked. "Get on your knees!" "Wow, don't be so fucking crazy!" Sofia yelled at Ava. "It is for her own protection." She jerked an accusing finger at Teresa. "That one said they tried to eat her, she might have been bitten.

Now shut up and go get Brady!" "Fine, at least hes not a fucking ass hole all the time." Sofia said to Ava, jogging off to the front of the church. I was down on my knees trying not to freak out.

When Ava said to Teresa. "This is your wife, right? You said that?" "Yes. Please stop pointing that gun at her" Teresa pleaded. "I bet you would like that." Ava sneared. "You are going to do EXACTLY what I say or I am going to blow her fucking head off, do you understand?" "Why are you doing this? Are you fucking crazy?" I yelled at Ava. "I need to make sure she hasn't been infected or what ever the fuck makes people turn into zombies, or what ever the fuck they are!

Now shut the fuck up!" She barked at me. "Ok, OK I WILL DO WHAT YOU WANT!" Teresa yelled back. "Please don't hurt her." "Go back to your car, get in the drivers seat, stay away from the rifle or so help me I will kill her where she is." Ava said, calm and collected.

"Ok" Teresa replied. Starting to walk to the car. "Stop!" Ava barked. "Oh my god! What now?" Teresa moaned. "I wasn't finished, quit jumping the gun, before I get trigger happy." Ava said.

"Shut up and listen, I will tell you when to go. Get in the Drivers seat, pull the car closer, so that the lights are facing into the gates. About five steps back, turn on the high beams. Then get out and I will tell you what to do. GO!" "Ok, I am going." Teresa said. Walking back to the car. She pulled the drivers side door open, and sat in the seat. She didn't bother closing the door, while she started the car.

She must have moved the shifter into drive, because the car started moving. The car passed a few feet behind me, before coming to a stop a few meters from the iron gate. Teresa stepped out and asked. "Happy?

If that is good I will flip the high beams on so you can get a good look at me." "Yeah thats good. Glad you figured it out." Ava replied, a bit less tense. "It's smart, I understand why you are doing this. Just so you know Adriana, my wife, is a paramedic. That might come in handy." Teresa said, Smiling back at me. "It might." Ava said. "But it won't mean shit if you're going to turn into a zombie.

"Are they zombies?" Teresa asked, flipping on the high beams. "Maybe, maybe not. That is what we call them though." Ava replied. "Now move in front of the light and take your cloths off" "What?

Don't you think that is a bit much?" Teresa asked, incredulously. "Not in the least. Do it" Ava said, placing her finger on the trigger, looking down the sights. "Ok, god enough with the threats. I'll do it." Teresa replied, exasperated. She started at her boots, tan leather uggs that she loved, they were prolly useless in this sort of situation. Then her sweater, it was pink and had the initials U of T on it. I thought to myself. "At least if I am going to die I will get to see her naked one last time" Teresa continued, muttering to herself.

"Can't believe I am doing this." She dropped her sweated on the ground, on top of her Uggs. she wiggled out of her jeans, getting them about halfway down her thighs before she stopped, thinking better of it. "Fuck it." she said. "It isn't like I am stripping for a video." she reached back up and pulled her panties down to, the black lace g-string she had gotten me for our anniversary.

When she got her jeans and panties down to her ankles, she kicked them off, into the pile of cloths.

"Holy shit!" A mans voice. "Wat the fuck are you doing Ava!" he barked. "Shut the fuck up and get over here Brady, I need you to check this bitch for bites!" "Why yes Ma'am!" he replied, breaking into a run. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" Teresa barked at Ava. "You have two choices right now bitch. take the rest of your cloths off and let Brady inspect you for bites. Or two, watch me shoot your wife in the fucking head!" Ava snapped back. "Ok, ok, god damn it ok." Teresa replied unhooking her bra, casting it on top of the rest of her cloths.

I stared at her naked body, fuck she was so sexy. Five feet tall, maybe a hundred pounds, if that.

She had firm full tits with up turned niples. Her dirty blonde hair reached down to her shoulder blades. She was fucking perfect, a real live fuck doll. "Are you sure about this Ma'am?" Brady said to Ava. "When have I ever been unsure about something I told you to do Brady?" She spat back. "Ma'am, I will be quick, I promise." He said to Teresa. "Just hurry the fuck up!" Teresa yelled at him. "Sorry Ma'am." He replied, pulling the iron gate open.

He stepped past her, looking over her while the bright light shone on her naked body. He passed knelt down, passing his hands over her flesh, starting at her left ankle, sliding up to her knee. Reaching over, he did the same thing to her right leg, reaching higher, cheking her thigh for any sort of wound.

Back and forth her went, checking each section of her body, he never touched her anywhere sexually though. From my vantage point, I could tell that he wanted to. His cock was straining against his pants, and he kept glancing at Ava.

I looked around, I didn't see Sophia anywhere though, maybe she wouldn't be part of this. "Turn around." Ava said to Teresa. She did, without a word. Brady was standing close, close enough that when she turned, his cock, still tucked in his pants brushed against her. She jumped back in disgust, shouting. "What the fuck is that, pervert!" Her jump back had carried her almost to the gate.

"Don't you call my man a pervert." Ava said. "We are almost done here. Step closer to him so he can finish. Unless you want to watch Audrina's head come apart. Oh and I think you own him an apology for that smart mouth of yours." "I. Um, I am sorry Brady, I. Um, I am in a pretty fucked up situation here. I didnt mean to insult you." Teresa said, looking down at the ground. "It's ok Ma'am." Brady said, almost as embarrassed as Teresa. "Hurry up and finish checking her over Brady." Ava said.

"Talk is cheap, I think she wants to show you how sorry she is for her smart mouth" "What the fuck is that supposed to to mean?" Teresa spat at Ava. "Guess we'll find out in a few minutes here, won't we?" replied Ava "I don't know about this Ava. You know it makes me feel strange." Said Brady. "What are they talking about babe?!" I shouted at Teresa. She just looked at me for a bit. Then she stepped forward and said "I love you Adriana" Brady went back to looking her over, he checked behind her ears, down her neck, under her arms, and breasts.

He looked over to Ava and said. " a few minor cuts and scrapes, nothing that looks like it would be a bite. "Good, good." Ava said, sounding relieved. "Now show my man how sorry you are for calling him names." "Honey, I don't think we need to do this. I don't feel right about it." Brady said, looking at Ava pleading to end all this. "Yes, we do Brady, you heard what she said to you, it is only fair that she apologize, proper." Ava replied. Not giving an inch.

"I can see what touching he has done to you, Teresa, you better satisfy that man right there. My man. Apologize for that smart mouth." Without a word, Teresa reached down, grabbed her sweater and put in on the ground in front of her.

She looked at me, tears in her eyes as she kneeled in front of him. She turned away as the first tear fell. Reaching up, she unzipped his fly and struggled to pull his cock out. "Hurry up cunt" you better make his cock feel real good! Ava laughed. Exasperated with the struggle, Teresa reached up and just yanked his pants down. Now, as a happily married lesbian, I hadn't seen too many cocks in my life.

But this one was pretty big from where i was kneeling. I wouldn't call it huge or anything. But from her point of view, it must have been huge. Tilting her head down, looking at the ground, Teresa sighed, resigned to get this over with.

She had never ever seen a cock in real life till now. For all the orgasims she had, she was still technically a virgin. She looked up, opened her mouth and placed her lips around his head. "Oh, thank you ma'am, that is mighty fine." Sighed Brady. He placed his hand on the back of her head. "I thought you didn't feel right about this Brady?" Ava asked, mockingly. Then to Teresa. "You better make that cock spurt all the way down your throat bitch" Teresa reluctantly started to suck his cock, slowly going about halfway down, keeping her hand on the base of his cock so he couldn't push to deep.

I could tell he was getting impatient. He put his other hand under her chin, and started to thrust forward. She was trapped, by his grip, she had nowhere to go. Her eyes snapped open as she started to panic, he other hand beating on his legs, trying to single he needed to stop.

It was no use. "Drop your hands, behind your back or I am going to make him fuck you silly!" Ava shouted at Teresa. When Teresa didn't stop struggling, she shouted again, this time at Brady. "Stop. STOP RIGHT NOW BRADY!" "What? Why? Ok, ok, sorry ma'am" Brady said to Ava, pulling his cock out of my wife's mouth. "Teresa!" Ava barked. "What?" Teresa snapped back. "Hands behind your back, you are gonna let him do what he wants to your mouth. Do you get me?" Ava asked, a snarky little grin on her face.

"For fuck sakes, you're fucking crazy. Ok fine." Teresa replied. "Tell him, tell him what he can do." Ava said, giggling. "Brady, you can fuck my mouth" Teresa mumbled, looking at the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks. "What was that?" Ava asked. "BRADY, YOU CAN FUCK MY MOUTH" Teresa shouted. "And?" Ava intoned. "And what?" Teresa asked. then thinking about it shouted "AND CUM DOWN MY THROAT!" With waiting for any urging, Brady stepped forward, grabbing Teresa by the back of the head, clenching his fist in her hair.

He dragged her towards the front of the car, then sat down on the hood. Looking at Ava he barked. "Is this what you wanna see?" He shoved his cock into Teresas mouth, aggressively shoving her down while she gagged and squealed on his cock.

All the while staring at Ava. I looked over at Ava too. I was shocked, she had the rifle over her shoulder, her pants were half way down her thighs.

She was fucking DRIPPING wet, furiously rubbing her clit while her boyfriend throat fucked my wife to near unconsciousness.

Getting ready to seize the opportunity, I started to stand up. I had barely moved when Ava had the rifle trained on me again. "Don't even fucking think about it bitch!" Ava Barked. "Sophia!" "Fuck you Ava, I am not going to be part of this!" I heard from inside the church. "Get the fuck out here Sophia, or I am gonna make him fuck you when I get done out here!" Ava barked back.

Bring some of those zip ties Brady found" Nothing changed, I sat there, watching my wife get face fucked, rifle trained on me. I looked over and saw that she had vomited all over his cock and balls. I heard the door of the church open, Sophia must be coming out. "What kind of shit is going to happen now?" I sighed.

"Sophia, go out there and ziptie her wrists together." Ava said, keeping the rifle leveled at me. "Which one?" Sophia asked "That on, Adriana or what ever her name is." Ava said.

Pulling the gate open, Sophia headed towards me. "Sorry, I don't know what to do." She said as she tied my wrists behind my back. "Ok, they are tied. You know your fucking sick right?" Sophia barked at Ava. "Bring here in here." Ava called. "Fuck!" Sighed Sophia. "I am so sorry." She said to me, pulling me to and leading me to the iron gate. I could see Teresa was totally limp in Bradys grip. He was looking down, shaking his head, muttering. "I am sorry, I am so so sorry." After Sophia walked me through the gate, she asked Ava.

"Now what?" Ava looked me right in the eyes and said "I bet you know how to eat pusy like a champ, don't ya?" I just looked at the ground. "Fucking knew it!" She said. "On your knees, eat this pussy like your wifes life depends on it!" I looked back at Teresa, she might be dead already.

"I think you fucking killed her already you cunt!" I spit in her face. Without missing a beat, my spit dripping down her face, she said "You think so do you?" Looking over at brady. "Stop it brady, let her wife see she is still breathing." Brady pulled her head back, after a second or two, she started coughing and retching up thick strands of mucus. "Satisfied?" Ava asked. "Eat it, NOW" "Fucking cunt!" I thought to myself. "If it will get Teresa out of this mess, I will do anything" I dropped to my knees and shoved my face into her crotch.

I had done this enough time to know how to finish her quick. I sucked her lips into my mouth, getting as much of her pusy juice as I could, swirling my tongue through her lips, searching for her hole.

"Fuck the whores mouth Brady." She moaned as I engulfed her pussy with my mouth. "Cum down her fucking throat" And then it was over. God bless Sophia. She had had enough I guess. If it was the shit that was going down now, or something that happened before, I don't know. I do know that all of a sudden Ava had a bag over her head, zip tied around her neck.

Sophia shoved her, head first, into the iron gate. Ava fell like a pile of bricks, Sophia wasn't fucking around and was on her in a second. Ava was totally stunned, not even resisting as Sophia ziptied first her wrists, then her ankles, then her ankles to her wrists.

Sophia stood up, looking down on her handy work and spit on Ava. "You sick fucking cunt, I bet if you had the chance you would have gotten off on that too!" "Untie me Sophia!" I called to her "Help me please" "I can't, not yet, just hold on, everything is going to be Ok." She said, picking up the rifle. "Brady, you can stop that, I know you don't want to do do that." "What the fuck are you doing" I screeched. "Hes a fucking monster! Look what he did to my wife!" Sophia ignored me.

"Its ok Brady, you need to stop, help that poor girl, look at her. Gather her up, and take her inside. Ava can't make you do anything you don't want to anymore." "You promise Sophia?" He asked. "Yeah, I promise, I got her." She smiled at him.

"Just like we planned. Com one now, we have to make amends for what happened here tonight. It won't be long before the sun comes out, and I think our new friends are going to need a bit of convincing." "What?" I asked.

"what are you doing?" "Saving you dear, and your wife too." Sophia said. "Now be a good girl and help me with a few things, like gathering up your wifes clothes. Oh, and go out and get your rifle to, we are going to need more of those." She smiled at me, massaging my shoulders as she stood up to lead Brady away.

He was carrying Teresas limp, naked body towards the church. I jumped up, not sure how to take this turn of events. I thought. "She helped us, she is taking my wife, what do I do?!?" I ran out and grabbed the rifle, then ran to the car, grabbing the baton I had found on the dead police officer, as well as the duffel bag out of the back.

I tossed all of it through the Iron gate, then stooped to bundle up Teresas cloths. Throwing them onto the pile of belongs just inside of the gate, I rushed out to the car and turned the headlights off. I figured we might need to start the car sometime soon, didn't want to deal with a dead battery.

Looking back to the gate, I saw some light flickering in the windows of the church. "Must be candles" I said to myself as I walked into the compound. I turned around and latched the gate. I looked around, and noticed there was a heavy bar next to the gate, I wedged in into the locking mechanism so that it take a really brutal it to open that gate from the out side. "What the fuck is this shit!" I heard from my side. Looking down, I saw Ava starting to stir, straining against her bonds.

I Laughed. "Bitch, you have no idea what I am going to do to you." i said as I grabbed her by her under her arms and legs. Being tied together like that made it really easy to carry her. "Maybe i should just toss you over the wall, let those things eat you. Zombies you called them?" I asked. "No, no. Fuck you cunt you let me go or I will make Brady fuck your ass till his dick busts out of your face!" Ava cursed at me.

"You made a man violate my wife. Do you think, that even in a time like this, when fucking zombies are trying to eat people, you will get even the slightest bit of empathy from me?

After you did that? You are crazy bitch. Welcome to hell!" I hissed. I dropped her there, in the middle of the compound. walking over to the gate to gather up all we had brought with us. I thought about what had happened in just a few short hours.

"Fuck, we need to get our shit together, this place is dangerous"