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Solo Schmetterling Vibrator spielen Teaser
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I last left you with John having hurt his shoulder during his game Saturday. I had planned to throw a victory party for John with my dad, Kim and myself. However, the plan fell through as John's team had lost that game. My dad fixed up John's shoulder as best as he could and had told us that if it did not get better in a few hours he was going to take him to the hospital. I had lain down with John in his bedroom for a while.

I left him sleep as I went out into the living room to see what Kim and my dad were doing. I stopped right before I got into the room and saw that Kim was sitting reverse cowgirl on him riding his cock. Kim saw me as she was grinding down onto his cock.

Kim told me to get my ass over to her. I hurried over to her. I smiled at her as I replied, "Mistress Kim how may I be of service to you?" Kim smiled as she said, "On your knees fucking bitch where you belong." My pussy juices started to drip as I dropped to my knees in front of Mistress Kim. My dad's hands pulled Kim's pussy apart as he pumped his cock up into her.

I could see that they must have been fucking for a while, as his cock was all slimy with her juices. I just knelt there watching his cock going in and out.

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"Lick your daddy's balls, Janet," Kim said. However, I did not hear her or maybe I just was not paying attention. I just kept watching him pound his cock upward into her wet pussy. I could hear her wet pussy sucking at his cock. I also noticed that Kim's clit was big and sticking from her hood. I kept my eyes glued to my daddy's cock as it slid in and out. That was until I felt Kim grabbing me by my long blonde hair. Kim gave it a hard yank to the side as she said, "Janet are you fucking deaf," "I told you to lick his balls." "Yes Mistress Kim," I replied.

I moved my mouth down to Dad's balls that were hanging down a little ways off the couch. They reminded me of two big grapes. I stuck my tongue out and I started to flick at his hanging sack. Kim removed her hand from my hair and she started to pull and pinch on those big nipples of hers. I licked my way up and down his balls with my tongue.

I used my tongue to separate his nuts when I worked my tongue downward. I could taste Kim's pussy juices that had ran down over his balls. I licked faster and wildly at his balls when I got a taste of her pussy. "Go ahead Janet lick your way up that cock and use your tongue on us both," Kim said. I heard what she said that time and I ran my tongue up his shaft. I stopped my tongue until he was pulling his cock downward.

I ran my tongue on up his shaft right up to Kim's big clit. I flicked my tongue at her clit wildly. I started to slap my tongue side to side at her big hard clit. "Ahhh yes," "Fuck me Jack," Kim moaned out as my tongue lapped violently at her clit. My dad started to thrust his cock faster into Kim's hairy pussy. I did my best to lick at his cock as it went in and out. However, I was mostly either licking at just air or at Kim's pussy lips as dad fucked her. My pussy was on fire as I slipped my hand between my legs.

I shoved a couple of fingers up deep into my wet, hot pussy. I fingered myself while I licked at Kim's pussy. I licked her large meaty pussy lips that were hanging down. They wrapped themselves around my dad's cock as he impelled his cock up into her. I ran my tongue down to my dad's balls again but instead of licking at them. I decided to suck one up into my mouth. "OHhh shit Mistress Kim may I cum," My dad yelled out.

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Kim jumped off my dad's as she said, "Yes Jack but you are to cum all over your slut daughter's face." Kim got behind me and she held my head as my dad brought his cock to my face. I watched as my dad's hand wrapped around his hard wet cock. My dad pumped his cock a few times and then as he squeezed his hand around his cock he moaned, "Here it cums." His cock throbbed once as it started to spit cum from its head.

I felt his cum splattering in big globs all around my face. His cum felt heavy and thick as it landed onto my face. Daddy's cum splashed onto my face it shot onto my eyes, on my nose and on my lips. My dad just kept pulling on his cock until he had shook the last drops from his cock. "Janet get up onto the couch and kiss your dad," Kim said.

I got up beside my dad and I looked at him as his cum started to run down my face. I was surprised when I saw my dad puckering up his lips as I put my lips to his. Dad and I kissed passionately swapping tongues as we did. "Jack, lick your cum from your daughters face," Kim said standing there watching us. "Yes Mistress," came from my dad's mouth. My dad started to lick at his fresh thick cum. He would lick a little then draw it into his mouth with his tongue.

God my pussy was throbbing like crazy, as my dad licked and tasted his own cum from my face. I slipped my hand down to my pussy and I started to rub it. Kim smacked at my hand as she said, "Did I tell you to play with yourself Janet?" "NO Mistress Kim," I replied as I withdrew my hand from my hot wet pussy.

My pussy tingled even more as Kim yelled at me. Daddy was still kissing me and licking at his cum on my face. I was not even thinking when I moved my hand to his slimy wet soft cock. I gave it a rub but I barely had laid my hand on it. When Kim yelled, "GOD DAM IT JANET," "I did not tell you that you could touch his cock." Kim looked at Jack as she said, "Jack this fucking slut daughter of yours needs to learn." "Jack you are going to give your fucking daughter the spanking she needs," she added.

Mistress Kim told my daddy to turn me over his knee. Dad grabbed me and he threw me down across his lap as he sat on the couch. Kim came over and she kissed my dad hard on his lips as I lie there waiting for him to begin spanking my butt. My dad had never spanked me ever in my life. I started to squirm and wiggle in his lap trying to position my pussy right on his cock. My pussy was wet and throbbing as it pressed against his cock.

Kim broke her passionate kiss with my dad. She went to the end of the couch and she flopped down parting her legs as she grabbed a hold of my hair. Kim scooted down the couch until her hairy wet pussy was below my face.

Kim pulled my head down into her wet pussy by my hair as she said, "Spank her fucking ass Jack." "Yes Mistress Kim," my dad replied as his hand came down hard across my ass. My dad's hand landed forcibly and hard on my butt. I jerked a little as it did hurt.

Kim just pushed my head tighter into her pussy. My dad soon was giving my ass smacks one after the other. I could feel the burn and the sting with each slap from his hand. I almost started to cry as dad was really smacking my ass hard with his hand. However, my pussy started to tingle along with my butt. "Eat me Janet," Mistress Kim yelled out. Kim released her hold on my hair as I started to lap at her pussy with my tongue.

I was digging my tongue harder and deeper into her wet hairy pussy with each slap of my ass. I started to feel something poking at me from my dad's lap. I was not for sure but I thought my dad's cock was getting hard again as I lay against it. "Look Jack the little slut loves getting spanked and eating pussy," Kim said to my dad. "Yes Mistress Kim, she is a good little slut," dad replied as his hand landed another blow to my reddened ass.

Dad never stopped spanking me but he must have liked the idea that I was enjoying myself. I could feel his cock pressing up into me almost touching my pussy. I squirmed wildly in his lap trying to get his cock to rub on my clit or at least against my pussy. "Did this little slut make you hard again Jack?" Mistress Kim asked my dad.

"Yes Mistress Kim her squirming on my cock caused it to get hard again," my dad replied. "Would you like to fuck your slut daughter Jack?" Mistress Kim then asked him. "Yes very much Mistress Kim," my dad replied. "Stop spanking her Jack," Mistress Kim said. "The fucking slut was not making my pussy feel good anyways," She added.

Sure I thought as I removed my face from between Kim's legs. My face was dripping wet with her love juices. I could taste her love honey in my mouth. I knew I had made her cum at least a couple of times. Kim got off the couch and as she did, she grabbed me up off it by my arm.

She walked me over to the end of the couches arm. Kim kissed me roughly on my lips as she pulled at my hair. "Bend over the arm there bitch and let me inspect that spanked ass," Kim said as she pushed me over the arm of the couch. My dad was still on the couch as I fell forward. My ass was sticking high up in the air as I lie across the arm. My butt was red and tingling from my dad's spanking.

Kim got behind me and she rubbed her hands over my hot red ass. Her hands almost felt soothing against my burning stinging butt. I felt Kim slip her hand between my legs feeling my pussy. "You loved getting your butt spanked by daddy didn't you Janet?" Kim asked as she shoved a couple fingers up into my pussy. "Yes Mistress Kim," I replied with a slight moan as I felt her lightly touching my special spot. Kim started to rub roughly on my special spot with her fingers.

I had a quick hard orgasm as she did. My pussy juices started to run from my love hole. Kim pulled her fingers from my pussy as my juices followed them. "Look Jack the little slut just came," Kim, said holding her wet fingers up showing my dad. "Janet I bet you want some cock don't you," Kim said.

"Yes Mistress Kim," I replied. "Janet, beg your dad to fuck you," Kim said.

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I looked to my dad who was still sitting on the couch. I could see that his cock was standing hard. My pussy throbbed knowing that my dad had enjoyed spanking my butt as much as I enjoyed him doing it.

I just stared at his hard cock licking my lips. "Daddy fuck me please," I said looking at that hard cock. "I said beg BITCH," Kim yelled out. "Please daddy, fuck me." "Please daddy, give me that lovely cock of yours." "Please daddy, I want to feel your cock in my pussy, please fuck me," I begged him looking right into his eyes.

"NO better yet beg him to fuck you up the ass," Kim said. I saw my dad's cock throb when she said that. "Please daddy fuck me up my ass," "Daddy bury your cock up my butt," "Please daddy butt fuck me," I pleaded with him.

My dad got off the couch and he got behind me. Kim pulled my butt cheeks apart with both her hands. Kim spit into my asshole, she spit again as I felt her wet spit splatter against my asshole. Her spit felt so hot on my asshole; I rather winked at them both with in by opening and closing my tight asshole.

Kim took a finger and she rubbed it around my puckered asshole. "Fuck her up the ass Jack." "Take your daughter's ass," Kim said as she pulled my butt cheeks apart once more. My dad slipped his cock up into my butt with Kim pulling my butt cheeks apart. I buried my face deep into the couch. He eased the head of his cock in and then started to push it in.

I moaned softly as I felt him push his cock all the way up into my ass. It only hurt for a second but then my butt started to relax as the hurt turned to pleasure. My dad started to fuck me up the ass slowly. He was almost teasing me with his cock as slowly as he was fucking me. It felt good but I wanted it faster and harder up my ass.

I raised my face from the couch where I had it buried. "Mistress Kim, please make him fuck my ass harder please, I beg you," I moaned out as I worked my ass back toward his cock. I buried my face back into the couch waiting and wanting to be fucked hard and deep. Kim did not reply nor did my dad fuck my ass any harder. It was just a slow in and out. I pushed my hands into the couch and started to push myself back onto his cock trying to get him to fuck my ass faster and harder.

I wanted to be fucked and I wanted it now. I lifted my face from the couch once more. "Please Mistress Kim," "Please daddy fuck my ass faster, deeper and harder," Please I want to cum as you butt fuck me daddy," I yelled out loudly.

I felt my dad's cock slip from my butt. I turned toward him to ask him why he had stopped fucking my butt. I saw why as I turned my head back toward Kim and my dad. John was standing there along side of them. John smiled at me, then he turned to my dad as he said, "Yeah Jack fuck her hard in the ass." My daddy slipped his cock back into my ass.

He started to fuck the hell out of it. I had to bury my face into the couch to keep from screaming from both the pain and the pleasure my ass was feeling. Daddy rammed his cock hard and deep up my butt. I could feel his balls swinging up slapping against my pussy. I raised my head from the couch when I felt someone sit down in front of me.

It was John; his shoulder still had the towel wrapped on it yet. However, other than that towel he was naked. John's cock was hard and throbbing right in front of my face. I just stared at his lovely throbbing cock as my dad butt fucked me. I felt my pussy shake as I started to have an orgasm from my dad's cock up my butt. My daddy rammed his cock deep a few more times up my butt then he buried it deep. Daddy just held it there as he tried to push more of it up into my butt.

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I tightened my butt muscles around his cock. "AHhhhhh fuck," my dad moaned as I felt the splash of his cum filling my butt. I was still just staring at John's cock. I wanted to touch it or better yet take it into my mouth.

However, I knew if I did anything other than take daddies cum up my ass Mistress Kim would get mad. I did want his cock but I was afraid that if I did not play by her rules I would not get his cock. "Good girl Janet," Mistress Kim said. "Your lovely boyfriends' cock was right in front of you yet you never even made a move for it." "Thank you Mistress Kim," "Thank you also for allowing daddy to fuck me in my ass," I replied as I hung my head down a little.

"Dam girl you are learning," John said to me from the couch. Mistress Kim looked at John and she said sternly, "Your lucky you are hurt as Janet was talking to me not to you," I saw Kim give him a little wink as well.

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"Oh Sorry about that Mistress Kim," John replied. Mistress Kim looked at my dad asking, "Jack," "Do you think he is well enough to fuck?" Jack went over to John removing the towel he had wrapped around it. He looked at his shoulder; then he had John move his arm around some.

He felt his shoulder.


Dad turned to Kim and me telling us that it looked a lot better. Dad then asked, "Does it still hurt son?" "A little but nothing like it did," John replied. "But I do have another pain," John added. "Where is that son?" my dad asked. "Right here," John replied pointing to his hard throbbing cock. Kim and I both stood there in shock as my dad took a hold of John's hard throbbing cock. My dad told him he had better look at it as well.

Kim and I stood there further in shock and our mouths fell open when my dad dropped to his knees in front of John's cock. My dad wrapped his hand around it as he checked his cock out all over. My dad's hand went to John's balls as he checked them out also.

My dad looked at John then back to us before he started to pump his hand up and down on John's cock. John's cock throbbed as my dad started to jack him off. My dad played with John's cock for a couple minutes. My dad turned toward Kim and me and said, "Well it looks OK to me." "But I do have one more test." My pussy felt like it was going to explode with an orgasm as I watched my dad encase his mouth around John's cock.

Daddy was sucking at his cock as he took it into his mouth.

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John just laid his head into the back of the couch as my dad's mouth closed around the head of his dick. My dad started to bob his head up and down on John's cock. I watched my dad as he started to work all of John's big hard throbbing cock into his mouth. "Christ now I know where you get your cock sucking from Janet," Kim said as she turned toward me. I felt Kim's hand touch my thigh on its way to my pussy. I parted my legs as my own hand went down to Kim's hairy pussy. Kim was rubbing my pussy as I rubbed hers as my dad licked and sucked on John's cock.

Kim and I locked into a deep passionate kiss as I dug my fingers into Kim's pussy. I believe that Kim's pussy was as wetter than mine was as my fingers slipped up into hers.

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Kim broke our kiss as she said, "Let watch the show they are giving us." I just stood there watching my dad suck on John's lovely cock. My dad licked at the head of his cock a few times. I knew he was getting a taste of John's pre-cum that always oozes from his cock. My dad took his hand and he pumped on John's cock as he flicked his tongue around the head of his cock. I could see that John's cock was leaking a vast amount of pre-cum now as my dad's tongue licked across his dick head.

My dad dipped his tongue into some of it and he pulled away from his cock with it stringing along stuck to his tongue. I felt my pussy going crazy when I saw that. I started to kiss Kim again as daddy took John's cock back into his mouth sucking on it some more. My dad removed his mouth from John's cock and he turned to us and said, "Girls he passed the test now which one of get to take over?" Kim broke our kiss and she replied, "Janet your Mistress commands you to take over from your dad and fuck John." "Thank you Mistress Kim," I replied giving her one last long kiss before I moved to the couch.

I was hoping Kim would let me have him first as my pussy wanted that cock of his. My dad got off his knees and I climbed right up onto John's lap straddling him.

I put one arm around his good shoulder as I pressed my face into his. Our lips touched as we locked into a deep passionate kiss. My tongue entered his mouth seeking out his. I started to rub my wet hairless pussy on his cock as we kissed. I wanted his cock buried deep in my wet pussy. I felt John's hand grabbing my butt as he lifted me up a little. John sat me right back down onto that lovely big cock of his. His hard cock slipped between my pussy lips as in entered my hole.

I just slammed my body down on it when I felt it touch my hole. I sat still on his cock for a second or two feeling it throb deeply in my pussy. I broke our deep loving passionate kiss. "If it hurts your shoulder you let me know John," I said staring into those lovely blue eyes of his. "I will my love," John replied as our lips touched again.

I started to slowly slide up and down on his cock. John helped me by lifting me up by my butt. In no time, we both had worked up to be a nice steady fuck pace. My pussy was gripping at his cock each time I sat back down on it. While at the same time, John was thrusting his cock up into my pussy. His cock felt wonderful as he drove it up into my pussy. I lost control of what I was doing and I wrapped both my arms around his neck. I started to bounce wildly onto his cock.

John did not say anything he just started to thrust his cock harder up into my pussy. "Aaaaaah yes," "Fuck me John," I moaned out loudly as my pussy started to convulse around his hard cock. I was moving a mile a minute on his cock now.

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I was grinding my pussy down onto his cock as hard as I could. I started to rock on it back and forth; as John rocked me the same way with his hands gripping at my butt. Our kissing got even more passionate as I felt the pleasure building up in my pussy as his cock rubbed against my special spot.

Every time I fuck this man, my body just flies into fits of pleasure. The pleasure that races through my body when he fucks me with that cock of his is just amazing. I could not understand at the time why John gave me so much pleasure when fucking him. I never get those same type pleasure feelings when fucking my dad or any other person. I would find out later in my life that is how it is if you love them and they love you.

"Oohhhh cum with me John," I yelled out as I wildly rocked on his hard cock. My head went into his shoulder as I ground my pussy even harder onto his cock. I was not for sure whether it was his good one or his bad one. At the time, I did not care. All I wanted to do was to have an orgasm. "Oh Janet, I am going to cum," John yelled out. "Me too ahhhhh," I moaned out loudly.

I felt John's cock start to swell in my pussy. His cock throbbed and then gave a few jerks. I tightened my pussy around his cock as he pulled me down hard on to it. John's cock nailed me right in my special spot when he did that. "OH Fuck, shit, oh shit," I cried out as my orgasm rocked through my body.


I shook as I got one more grind onto his cock. I felt his cum splashing the walls of my pussy. My own orgasm was hard and powerful as many multi-orgasms hit me at once. I just buried my face into his shoulder whimpering and moaning as my pussy contracted around his cock. I was not for sure, if I squirted or if I had peed. All I knew was my pussy and his cock were getting soaking wet.

I pressed my lips to John's as I said, "I love you." John kissed me back and then replied, "I love you and I always will." I had forgotten all about Kim and my dad. I looked around to see that they were sitting in the recliner together.

I had figured that they would have been fucking as well. However, they had been watching us fuck. "Girl you sure do know how to fuck him," Kim said with a smile. "She sure does," my dad added giving me a wink. "All I can say is dam I am hungry," John said.

"Hey how about we order a pizza?" he added. That was just what we did. We did not screw with the pizza person this time around. We all sat around the living room talking; the guys about football while Kim and I talked about the guys. John and I retired to the bedroom as Kim and my dad pulled out the sofa bed from the couch. John and I talked for a little while as we lie in his bed together. John told me his shoulder felt good. However, I told him he still needed to get it checked Monday when he was on campus.

I made him promise me that he would. He told me that he would. John then asked me about something. "Janet you OK with Kim being so bossy and rough with you?" John asked. "Yes, I think I am a bit submissive," I replied. "Why does it bother you?" I asked as I cuddled up to him in bed. "No I guess not as long as Kim does not take it too far," John replied. I pretty much dozed off after that with John holding me tightly against his body.

Although it was not the victory party, I had planned on. It still turned into a fun party with some hot sex. Going to end the Chapter here.

New one will be out soon. Janet