Real party amateur blonde fucks dick in club

Real party amateur blonde fucks dick in club
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"Friday, finally" I said to my friend Lisa at work that morning. "I thought this week would never end!" "I know what you mean Claire, it's this heat, it makes everything go so slowly" She pushed her fringe back from her forehead for perhaps the twentieth time that day.

And it had been unbearably hot too we weren't exaggerating. In fact it was so hot; I had opted to go without underwear for most of the week, hoping that it wouldn't be too obvious beneath my short skirt suits.

We worked slowly for the rest of the day until eventually, after what seemed liked an eternity, we left the office at 5pm. I walked with Lisa to her car and waved her off, wishing her a good weekend, then walked to the bus stop. "I can't wait till my car is fixed" I thought as I waited "these buses are so smelly and uncomfortable in this weather." As I stood under the bus shelter, I watched people drive by in their cars, cooled by their air conditioning, oblivious to the suffering of everybody else out in the heat.

Just then though, my own car rode by, driven by one of the mechanics who was fixing it.

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I guessed he must have fixed it and was test driving it before letting me know it was done. A few minutes later he came back round the block and pulled up at the kerb in front of me. "Hi Ma'am" he shouted from the driving seat "all fixed, jump in and I'll take you back to the garage to pay us" Why would I hesitate within ten minutes I could have my car back and drive home in comfort I hopped into the passenger seat, immediately appreciating the air con which the mechanic had turned on full.

It was only a short drive to the garage, and I hopped out quickly when we got there, eager to pay and get home so I could start enjoying the weekend. I headed for the little garage in back and knocked on the door.

"Come in" shouted a voice. I pushed the door open, "Hi" I said to the guy behind the desk. He was a broad, mean looking black man, and I left the door open behind me, fearing being alone with him. "I've come to pay for the repairs on my car" "Great" He smiled, "let me just work out your bill" He pulled out some papers then, and as I hovered nervously by the door he tapped figures into his calculator.

"It comes out at a total of £1,983.74, please." He didn't look up, just started writing the final amount on my paperwork. My jaw dropped "How much! How on earth do you justify that!? That's so much money I can't afford it!" I screamed at him. Without looking up from his desk, he calmly told me that that was the final amount and if I wanted my car back I would have to pay it.

"But I just told you, I can't afford that!" I was fuming by now, getting more and more worked up by the second, but trying to remain calm before the massive black man. "That's too bad, I guess we'll be keeping your car" He looked up now and grinned nastily at me. "Unless." "Unless what?" I regretted asking the second the words left my lips.

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I knew exactly what he meant by the evil glint in his eyes. "You've gotta be kidding me" I laughed nervously "If you want your car back." He stood up from his desk; he was tall as well as broad and dominated the space in front of me. I considered my options, I needed my car, and how bad could sleeping with this man really be, I'd always fantasised about having a black lover, to see if the stories are true.

"Ok" I told him quietly. "I'll do it" He smiled "Great GUYS GET IN HERE" "What? NO! Just you you can't expect me to have sex with all of these guys" I yelled as four more black guys filed in the office behind me, blocking my exit. "What I expect" He explained slowly as he came around the desk "is for you to shut up, open your legs and do as you're fucking told" There was definitely no way out for me now, the office door closed behind the last man and the walls were lined with huge, leering men, who were reaching out to grab my body wherever they could.


I froze in terror and while I stood there my blouse was ripped from my body followed by loud hollering at the sight of my naked breasts. Next went my skirt, again followed by shouts and cheers when the guys realised I wore no underwear. I was now living a nightmare, standing completely naked in front of these guys, waiting for them to make their move. I was still frozen in terror when I was lifted onto the hastily cleared desk by several of the men.

I was placed across it face down, my hands tied to the legs at one end by oily rags, my legs held open by two men. I couldn't see what was happening behind me now, and I was really scared, not knowing what to expect. I felt a hand on my ass, stroking gently, then another hand on the other cheek, roughly parting my globes to get better access.

"Whoa, this bitch is already wet" I heard a voice say and was disgusted to realise he was right. A finger traced along my slit, finding the source of that moisture and pressing its way in.

"Hmmm, not as tight as other girls we've had, but I guess that means she won't scream so loud when we ram our monsters in there huh" The manager then laughed, a throaty evil laugh which made me shudder. He misread this "Oh you like that do you slut" he added another finger and began finger fucking me roughly. After a few seconds he added a third finger "that feels tighter, I guess we're getting near her limits, lets see how much this bitch can take" and he pushed a fourth finger into my pussy, stretching me wider than I've ever been stretched, creating a burning pain, but also a small amount of pleasure which increased as he fucked my cunt with his fingers.

I knew I was getting wetter now, and could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. I was horrified to think that such rough treatment could produce such a reaction in my body. I tried to hold the orgasm back, but his fingers filled me so much there was no way, and when he felt my body contracting and shuddering he laughed and began to lick my clit, intensifying the feelings and hurrying my orgasm to it's peak.


I was soon thrashing around and moaning like an animal, cumming harder than I'd ever cum before. As I came down, and my body started to cool, I felt something pressing against my ass. That was the last place I wanted to be touched, but was so weakened now I could do nothing. Whatever it was began to press harder against my tight ring and I realised it was a finger. It slipped in slowly and the tip was worked in and out of my ass a little at a time.

Then somebody spat on me and the finger worked its way in further and moved around, trying to widen my channel. "Please, stop" I begged them, "I can't take it there, I'm too tight." "We'll see," said several voices at once, and then laughed.

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The finger in my ass was removed then and I heard a fly zipped open. I closed my eyes and lowered my head to the desk, holding my breath in anticipation of what was about to happen, terrified but excited at the first time my first black cock.

I felt the head of a cock against my pussy lips and knew it was huge, at least as thick as a soda can. I couldn't resist looking back to see who it belonged to.

The garage manager stood behind me, holding his cock against my body licking his lips greedily. He pushed forward, but my outer lips, which have always been very puffy, blocked his entry. He reached down then and parted them with his thumbs, sliding the head of his cock past the lips and just entering my cunt.

I couldn't believe how full I felt from such a shallow penetration, even after the four fingers which opened me up not ten minutes ago. He continued to push into me, opening me wider and deeper, slowly filling me with his monster cock. When I felt his balls touch me, I was so grateful, I thought the stretching would never stop and I thought I would pass out if I had to take any more. He withdrew his cock then, very slowly until only the head remained between my lips.

I stupidly allowed myself to believe that he was going to continue to be gentle with me like this, then he plunged into me, up to the hilt, with so much force the wind was knocked out of me and I moved across the desk away from him. He grabbed my hips and began fucking me hard, so hard I was screaming in pain each time his cock slammed against my cervix.

"Shall I shut her up boss" One of the mechanics asked moving around to my head holding his erect cock, which I was glad to notice was not a monster but a rather average sized penis. "NO! I wanna hear this bitch scream as I ruin her cunt" The young man was told and the manager continued to fuck me harder. I hoped and prayed that he couldn't keep this pace up for long, and my prayers were answered, he briefly sped up but his thrusts got shallower and I knew he was cumming.

"I'm gonna fill this bitch with my black juices" he told the men watching, who were all stroking their cocks, hoping to have the next turn to use my prone body. Then I felt his warm juices shoot into me and his fucking finally slowed down and stopped. He held his cock inside me for a few moments while his last remaining seed was pumped into me then pulled out with a loud POP. I immediately felt our combined juices dribbling from my pussy down onto the desk.


My hands were untied and my limp, used body was lifted up. One of the guys crawled onto the desk and sat holding his cock upright. Again, I noticed that his wasn't as big as the managers and hoped I would have an easier time from now on.

At least if I was on top I had more control. The guys lowered me over their colleague and he guided his cock into my stretched out, sloppy pussy and began to thrust upward. I was wrong about the control; I was too weak to do anything and collapsed against him while he fucked up into me. In fact, my pussy was so well stretched from the first fucking I received I could barely feel this normal sized cock inside me. He must not have been enjoying my loose pussy because he soon began to complain.

"Boss, you stretched her out too much, it's like waving a candle in a cave down here" "I can solve that" one of the others piped up and I wondered what he was going to do.

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I didn't have to wait long to find out. He climbed onto the desk behind me, rubbing some of the escaped cum over his cock, and lined up beside his friend. The stretching I felt when he too entered my pussy was unreal, and I moaned loudly as I came immediately.

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"Fuck yeah, that's better" shouted the guy beneath me and the two men began to fuck me together, loosening my pussy up even more. I knew I would never go back to vanilla sex again, I never could. By the time my third orgasm hit me, the two guys were ready to cum too and we became one mass of writhing, grunting, screaming bodies as passion overcame us.

The both came almost simultaneously and the feeling of two loads of come being dumped in my sloppy pussy was incredible, I knew I would need to feel it again and again. The guy on top of my climbed off and then I was lifted up again so the guy below me could climb out, and be replaced by another.

He too, laid back and held his cock upright just like his predecessor, but his cock was huge. Terrifyingly huge. Jet black and pulsing hard, I had never seen anything like it. I was lowered slowly over it, and was surprised at how easily he slid inside me. Three loads of cum and my own juices must have helped a lot.

I began to slowly slide my body up and down this huge pole, enjoying the feeling of fullness that I knew no white cock would ever give me again.

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"Now for the real test" I heard a voice behind me. I knew this had to belong to the only guy I had not yet fucked. I looked over my shoulder and saw him rubbing some kind of grease over his cock, then he reached out and I felt the cold grease smeared over my ass hole. Then I felt the familiar feeling of a finger enter my ass, pump in and out a few times then was joined by a second finger. The man started fucking my ass with his two greasy fingers and amazingly I loved it. Although it was slightly painful, the pleasure of having both holes satisfied at once was completely new to me and definitely something I would want to try again, though I would not be admitting that to these monsters.

His fingers were removed and I felt him line his cock up with my puckered hole. After some strong pushing, his cock head slipped in and I screamed. "Aaaaaah, too big, get out, please, PLEASE!" But my pleas were ignored and he continued to force his big black cock into my virgin ass.

I was sure I was tearing open but he kept applying more grease around his cock as he fed it in and the pain did subside. Once he was all the way in, I saw the man beneath me, still holding his cock deep inside my pussy, wink at the man above. "Fight you" was all he said and both men drew almost all the way out and then rammed back into me with all their might.

They both slammed in up to their balls and I screamed so loud I had to be gagged. "Holy shit, I've never seen a slut take both you guys like that before" I heard a voice say.

I continued screaming as they fucked me hard, but this time I screamed in pleasure, and it was muffled by the gag in my mouth.

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I don't know how many times I came on their cocks but I know my pussy was getting sloppier and sloppier with all the juices. These two men had great stamina too and kept fucking me for what seemed like hours. "I wanna cum in her ass," said the guy below me and I was too slow to stop them as they flipped me over and impaled my sore ass on his enormous cock. He grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me up and down his cock a few times to loosen me up further then the guy who had just been fucking my ass slammed into my pussy and they continued their rough treatment of me for another ten minutes before finally, they both came together and sprayed my insides with their cum.

After they had pulled out of me, I was passed an oily rag to clean myself up with and some dirty overalls to wear, as my clothes had been ruined. Thankful that my ordeal was over, I raised myself up on shaky legs and asked the manager for my car keys. "What are you talking about, that was just the first instalment!" he told me.