Hot Sex Action Tape Between Lesbos Girl On Girl Dani Daniels amp_ Keisha Grey amp_ Jenna Sativa

Hot Sex Action Tape Between Lesbos Girl On Girl Dani Daniels amp_ Keisha Grey amp_ Jenna Sativa
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I was on my way to the movies. I had told my mother that I was going to meet a guy friend of mine. I was suprised she let me out, cause i am only 17. The theatre wasn't very far from my home so it wasn't really that much trouble to walk. I lived in a small town. There wasn't many people around, especially on the road on a friday night.

I was walking in an area where there weren't any houses around for at least a half a mile. I got a bad feeling, but i wasn't sure what it was about, so i started walking rather quickly because it was dark outside and i have always been a little skitish in the dark. There wasn't a moon that night either. As I was walking I heard a vehicle that sounded like it was coming from behind me. I turned to see and i couldn't see a vehicle anywhere.

But I knew that it was there.

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Feeling nervous, I started walking faster. Before I knew it there was a van pulling up beside me. A guy got out of the van and stood right in front of me. I coudn't see what he looked like but I could tell that he was big, muscluar. "Where you goin little girl?" " the movies," I said. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. "You sure about that?" Before I had a chance to respond he had grabbed me and turned me so that my back was to his hard stomach.

My arms were pinned and he told me not to say a word or else. He pulled me backwards and dragged me into the van with him. Once inside the van I realized what trouble I was in and began screaming. Another guy slapped me hard across the face. "Shut up you little bitch! Scream again and I'll kill you right here and now." "Please, don't hurt me.

Please just let me out, please!!!!" The last thing i saw was a gun coming towards my head. When i awoke i was in a strange room. There weren't any windows. there were 2 guys in the room with me. one was sitting in a chair and the other was standing, they were talking to each other.

the memories came flooding back to me. i tried to get up but my arms were tied above my head and my feet as well. i was completely naked and spread eagle. "hey boss, the little cunt is awake," one of the men shouted. they both came over to me and were staring at me. "bout damn time you woke up. we've been waiting." the other man reached down and cupped my breast with his massive hand and squeezed so hard i whimpered from the pain.

"don't touch!" a man screamed as he came into the room. i guessed that he was the boss. "no one touches until i give the go ahead." "sorry boss. she's a cutie. i think we are going to enjoy this one." "tony, ian, go stand over there," the boss said as he pointed towards the chair that they had been around when i first woke up. he came over to me and looked upon me. "well well well lookie who finally decided to wake up.

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let me fill you in on what is going on." he walked to the bottom of the bed and examined me with his eyes. "you are here for a long time. there is no way that anyone will ever find you, trust me on that. also, if you should escape, which is one of the most obsurd things i've ever said, because there is no way that could happen, but if you should, you won't get far.

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i have traps and blocks set up all over this place and there is not another person for miles. while you are here you are to obey what ever i say and you will not disobey me or else you will pay the price. understood?" i didn't know what to say. i was so scared. i just lay there and didn't say anything. i had started crying in the begining of him talking and was now sobbing uncontrolably. "i asked you a question now answer me!


i warn you. if you do not stop that noise this instant you WILL pay the price." i tried to stop, i really did. but i couldn't.


i wanted to go home. "fine.

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tony, ian, untie her and bring her to the table." "no, i'll stop, i will i promise!" i shouted "well it's a little late for that. maybe you should have thought of that a little earlier ha?" as i tried to stop crying, they untied me and brought me over to a table that had two straps on it. they bent me over and strapped both of my wrists to the table.

i was bent into a perfect L shape. i felt a hand slidding up the inside of my right thigh breifly touching the folds of my pussy and coming slowly up and around my back side. it was the boss. the other two were standing to the side watching and grinning. they each had boners of their own. the boss's hand was still caressing rear end then suddenly his hand wasn't there anymore. i felt it slap hard down on my ass and i screamed from the sting. "i am about to teach you a lesson little lady.


you will not ever disobey me again. ever." his hand came down again and again and again, each slap rendering more and more pain. "please stop!!" i cried. again his hand came down. "try this on for size, bitch" i heard him take his belt off of his pants and my hands clenched in anticipation for what was to come. he whipped his belt across my ass more times than i could count and each time i cried out in pain. then he stopped. he dropped his pants and walked up behind me.

i felt his hard cock prodding around my holes. "ian, slide underneather her and lick her pussy nice and wet. i am going to enjoy this." the boss continuted to touch my pussy with his cock, teasing himself while ian gladly slid on the floor in between my spread legs. i felt his tounge lick and caress my delicate folds then slide inside of me. i didn't want to, but i did feel please from his warm tounge. i had been a fetish of mine when i watched porn to see people spanked and raped.

"tony, get under there and finger her." tony gladly did as he was orderd. i had ian still licking my clit and boss started spanking me again and prodding and teasing my ass button with the head of his dick.

i felt fingers touching me then slowly slide half way in. i became silent because i didn't want them to know that i was getting any pleasure from this. i simply tried to forget why i was here and feeling the way i was. as tony was sliding his fingers in and out and ian was rubbing my clit with his tounge i began to feel my climax building. boss's spankings were helping me get there.

all of a sudden they all started getting rough. tony was jamming 3 fingers now and ian was biting ocassionally. "tony, why don't you let her try out the shocker?" one of tony's fingers came out of my cunt and bent in half and i felt his pinky slide into my ass.

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he started jamming really hard and really fast. i quickly climaxed all over ian's face. realizing what had happend, boss kicked the other two out of the way and finally jammed his cock deep inside me. he was fucking me so hard and spanking me all the while.

before i knew it boss had told them to unstrap my hands and he was holding me as ian lay down on the table with his pants off. boss picked me up and sat me down on ian's dick, shoved hard inside me. ian started fucking me and making me ride his hard cock. boss had jumped up on the table and started licking my ass to get it wet and then jammed his cock into my ass. i was being double stuffed. as they were both fucking me tony had climbed up on the table near ian's head and whipped out his cock and shoved it down my throat.

every so often he would take it out and slap me across the face when boss was spanking me. this went on for a long time, the three of them having a turn at each place. when it was over they simply tied me back to the bed.

"let that be a lesson to you" the boss said. "next time i will have someone else come in here too." as soon as they walked out of the room i fell asleep with my pounding pussy and ass button still sore.