Handsome nude mens gay sex movie first time Welcome back to another

Handsome nude mens gay sex movie first time Welcome back to another
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This is the diary of Billy Bob McTavish, a teen boy, about he and his young girl cousin growing up, having a family and a wide variety of sexual adventures, some quite bizarre.

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It has ten chapters: (1) Becoming a Man; (2) Marriage; (3) House Guest; (4) Satisfying Our Guest; (5) Helping a Psychologist; (6) More Sex Therapy; (7) Mutual Therapy; (8) Our Daughter; (9) Our Daughter is 13; (10) Conclusion Billy Bob Chapter 6 (More Sex Therapy) The following Friday Sarah was again eager for us to come over to their home after YL.

After we had a glass of wine, Jefferson said that Sarah still would not let him approach her sexually and he was now pretty sure that it was their age difference that was getting in the way. Since she had never dated, she was missing an entire chapter of her life.

What she needed in the next stage of her therapy was to make love with someone her own age so she could experience young love and fill in some of those missing experiences. He asked Leah if she was willing for me to help with this next stage of therapy and she thought about it only for a moment before saying yes.

So what was I to do? I had to go along with it too. Jefferson said that he trusted me to do the right thing and wanted me to take Sarah in their car out to Lover's Lane and, to the extent that Sarah was willing, to make out with her in the back seat.

Now I haven't told you much about Sarah, but she is a beautiful redhead with voluptuous curves. She is six feet tall, has fully developed firm high breasts with little pink nipples, a tiny waist and her pubic hair is a luxuriant curly triangle of pretty hair in a pale tint of burnt orange.

Every boy in high school had panted after her, the hottest chick in school, and many had probably masturbated with her image in mind, so I actually started looking forward to our therapy session and developed a bit of a boner. We left Leah and Jefferson at home and drove off. I asked Sarah to sit closer to me and put my arm around her, trying to remember just how I had acted in high school. When I parked I turned and kissed her gently on the mouth. She was receptive so I continued kissing and put my hand on her back and held her closer.

She was the first to tentatively move her tongue between my lips, so as we continued French kissing I slid my hand under her blouse and up her back to where her bra was fastened. She didn't pull away so I fumbled with the bra hooks (it had been a long time since I'd had any practice doing that) and finally got them all undone. As I kissed her on the neck and put my tongue in her ear I moved my hand around to the front and up to her breast.

She stiffened up a little at that, but didn't say anything.

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After a while she relaxed some so I suggested we get in the back seat as the steering wheel was gouging me in the ribs. We moved the seats forward to make more room in the back, climbed over the seat backs and settled into more comfortable positions in the back.

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I asked her if it would be all right to kiss her breasts and she said she thought she would like that. Lifting her blouse, I started sucking on one nipple while massaging her other breast.

Sarah was saying little things, almost under her breath, like "Does it feel good?" "Yes!" "What am I feeling?" "Warm!" "Do I like him?" "Yes!" "Do I want him to go further?" "I think so!" and things like that. So I asked her to lay down on the seat while I knelt on the floor and continued tonguing her nipple but now let one hand roam down to her leg and slowly inch up the inside of her thigh. She almost sat up when my hand reached her panties and she started to push my hand away, but then lay back down and pulled her blouse up so I could continue my love making there.

I let my hand stay still for a while and then moved it up on the outside of her panties so that it was resting on her pubic area. She continued whispering about how she was feeling and finally said that she would like it if I put my hand inside of her panties, which I proceeded to do. I let it roam around over her love triangle for a while and then gently edged my finger just barely into her pussy. She was starting to breath a little heavily now so I again kissed her on the mouth and inserted my tongue at the same time that I let my finger contact her love button.

At first there was no reaction, but as I moved my finger around some, circling and lightly sliding over her clitoris, her whispers resumed their satisfied tone and suggestions of pleasure. I resumed giving attention to her breasts and explored where my finger seemed to give the most pleasure. Did Leah's running commentary during our first demonstration suggest to Sarah that such was a part of love making?

If so, it surely made it easier for me as she verbally guided many of my movements. By now she was no longer whispering but was telling me in no uncertain terms that she wanted more, and faster, and a little more pressure.


I became concerned that she was going to climax without my entering her, so I pulled my hands back to unzip my jeans and told her that it was time for me to come in. She scooted up on the seat to make some room for me and I lifted the crotch of her panties aside and slid in to home base.

I was pretty sure that after being raped by her daddy so often that she knew what to expect, so I didn't wait for any comments from her but set up a slow even stroke, in and out to my full length.


She did say immediately that I was a little bigger than her daddy was and that felt real good. Then she started urging me to do it harder. I had to put one leg back on the floor, to get enough leverage to pound into her hard, and she put one leg up over my shoulder, either to get it out of the way or because that gave her a better position. I think it must have been a good position because before too long she put her other leg over my other shoulder, leaving me lots of room to really fuck her good.

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It wasn't long before I came in a big spurt, filling her cunt full. As I stopped moving, she said "I'm not ready to quit yet, keep going!" I was able to do that only for a minute or two, but my prick quickly became flaccid and finally just fell out of her. Knowing how important this was for her, I then put my mouth to her pussy and licked her clitoris as fast and hard as I could.

She had been near a climax so it didn't take long for her to have an orgasm. She then thanked me, saying that this was an experience that she hadn't had as a school girl and that maybe it would really help her to become a true wife to Jefferson.

We adjusted our clothes, climbed back into the front seat and started for home. I pulled her over close and cuddled her a bit and nibbled on her ear to show that I had really enjoyed the night and felt close to her. She told me that she had heard other girls talk about giving head in the car, but didn't quite know how to do it and could she try it with me.

Without waiting for an answer, she unzipped my pants, pulled my limp dong out and covered it with her mouth. I had to slide the seat back to give her some room and told her that it was too soon after we had made love for me to respond. Nevertheless, she continued and damned if my prick didn't start swelling.

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I slowed down so we wouldn't get back to her house too soon, let my seat back tilt back some more, and just let myself enjoy it. I suggested a little more back and forth motion and using her tongue to lick the end of the penis and she responded like a pro. Just before we pulled into her driveway, I exploded, filling her mouth as I had her vagina less than half an hour earlier.

She gulped every bit of it and proceeded to lick my dick clean, swallowing all of that too. Two kids in high school couldn't have had a better time than we had that night.