Hj liebende reife Mama wichsen Hahn

Hj liebende reife Mama wichsen Hahn
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Jess let out her breath in a small grunt as she put down her box. Her boyfriend Kyle, coming in behind her, scraped the door frame slightly as he side-stepped into the small dorm room carrying a box of his own. He put it down heavily on the tiny bed and turned to the love of his life. Jess smiled at him as he approached. "Thanks for helping me move in, honey," he said. Kyle put his arms around Jess's waist in a loose embrace and let his forehead rest against hers, a small smile on his face.

They held each others' gaze for a long moment before Kyle moved in for a kiss. Jess felt his lips against hers, tentative and gentle. The kiss was brief, but Kyle and Jess stayed there, resting against each other, for a while, just taking comfort in each others' presence.

"Love you," said Kyle. Their intimate moment was interrupted by a loud crunching sound from the doorway before Jess could reply. The young lovers turned quickly, caught off guard by the intrusion. A man stood in the open door, leaning against the door frame and eating an apple. He took another bite, letting out another noisy crunch.

"Well, looks like things were about to get interesting," said the newcomer in a deep baritone. "If I had shown up a minute later I might have gotten a free show." He stared directly at Jess, locking eyes with her as he spoke, until she felt herself flush and look away, embarrassed.

He waited for her to look back up, which she did almost immediately; when they made eye contact again, he was to one to break it by letting his gaze sweep up and down her body. His attention made Jess's embarrassment even more acute. This wasn't the first time someone had stared at Jess, and it was well-deserved.

She was one of those few lucky girls who combined a petite, slender body with large natural breasts. Jess was short, standing just over 5' tall.

Her brunette hair was pulled back into a ponytail that hung down to the small of her back. She was wearing a tight tank-top that emphasized her 38-D's and a pair of loose-fitting yoga pants that hinted at the swell of her ass and her strong, firm legs without revealing anything. At the moment, her face was flushed, her full lips were pursed, and she had turned her dazzling blue eyes to the floor rather than risk catching the stranger's eyes again.

The stranger walked into the room. He flicked his eyes briefly toward Kyle, taking note of his presence for a moment before returning his attention to Jess. "I'm Ian," he said, still staring confidently at Jess. "Live next door." Kyle cleared his throat and angled his body to place himself between Ian and Jess. "Kyle," he said, holding out his hand. "Your neighbor, I guess." Ian ignored Kyle for a moment more, then turned to face Kyle directly. Ian's face broke into a wide, grin as he took Kyle's hand and gave him a firm handshake.

Kyle flinched when Ian grasped his hand, expecting a crushing grip from the newcomer, but relaxed when no pain came. Standing side by side, Jess had her first chance to compare her boyfriend and his new neighbor. Ian was a handsome man. He must have been a bit over six feet tall, giving him quite a few inches on both Kyle and Jess. He had close-cropped black hair and lively, emerald green eyes.

He was wearing jeans and a charcoal grey t-shirt that was fairly tight across his well-developed pecs and shoulders. Kyle, by contrast, was almost bland-looking; he had somewhat shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and lacked Ian's well-defined musculature, and his shirt concealed a body carrying just a few extra pounds.

Jess shook her head when she realized what she was doing and put on her most convincing fake smile. "I'm Jess," she said, extending her own hand as Kyle broke away from Ian's grip. Ian smoothly took her hand and turned it palm-down. Before she could react, Ian bowed his head and planted a swift but firm kiss on the back of her hand.

He looked up with a wink. "Charmed, I'm sure," he said with a wink. Kyle was momentarily stunned. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you," he said, "but we're just getting everything moving in and I think we need some time to unpack." Ian didn't seem to hear Kyle.

He let go of Jess's hand and walked over to Kyle's bed. Then he sat down on it, leaning against the wall with a hand behind his head. The movement pulled his shirt up, and Jess couldn't help but notice his washboard stomach. "Man, these single rooms are great, aren't they?," he said, taking another big bite of his apple.

"He chewed noisily for a moment, then continued. "Not too big, but there's no one else living with you.

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I know I hate to share." He took a final bite from the apple and set down its core on the desk at the foot of the bed. "I bet the two of you will get up to all sorts of fun in here when you're all alone." Ian's eyes didn't stray from Jess the whole time he spoke.

Jess felt her cheeks heat up as her blush returned. "That's none of your business," she said, hotly. "If you don't mind, we'd like to get things arranged here and you're in the way." Ian stood up and stretched, drawing Jess's eyes back to her well-defined abs. "Listen, doll, there's no need to get upset. I was just coming to say hi and be a good neighbor.

Kyle, I'm sure we'll be good friends. You need anything, just knock." With that, he strode out. Jess caught herself staring at his ass as he left.

She heard his door close and turned to Kyle. "What a jerk. And he left his gross apple core sitting on your desk." Kyle shrugged.

"Eh, I'm sure he was just trying to be friendly. It's not like he'll be in here all the time." He turned to unpack, and Jess joined him. Soon Ian's intrusion was forgotten. That night, Jess and Kyle were laying together on his bed watching television when they heard Ian's door slam. Moments later, there was a thud as something banged into the shared wall. Kyle propped himself up on an elbow and raised an eyebrow. "Wonder what that was?" "I bet he's drunk. He seems like that sort of guy," replied Jess.

"Probably staggered into a wall." A second thud echoed through the room, followed quickly by a third. Soon Jess and Kyle could hear the rhythmic pounding of something banging into the shared wall, and before too long the pounding was joined by the regular squeaks and creaks of a bed under heavy strain. "Oh, my God—is he doing what I think he's doing?," asked a flabbergasted Jess. Before Kyle could answer, they heard muffled voices coming from the room next door.

Jess could just make out a woman's voice, repeating the same thing over and over--"Oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck!" Her cries were interspersed by Ian's deeper, wordless grunts. Both Jess and Kyle listened for a while in mute embarrassment. The racket from the room next door did not subside in the slightest. The woman's expletives were replaced with ecstatic moans, and the deep thuds of Ian's bed against the wall grew louder and faster.

Jess felt her nipples stiffen and the barest suggestion of warmth tingled in her groin. She was beginning to get aroused, despite herself. She sat up quickly, startling Kyle.

Jess went over the wall and started banging on it; "Keep it down, asshole!" she yelled. If Ian and his playmate heard her, they didn't care; the sounds of their aggressive sex continued to fill Kyle's room. Kyle, still in bed, propped himself up with one arm. "Come back over here, babe. I'm sure they'll be done soon, and we can just turn the TV up in the meantime." Jess grumbled, but went back and sat down in Kyle's chair, which was sitting next to the bed. Kyle sat up and turned up the TV.

Their show ended about fifteen minutes later, and Ian was still going strong in the next room. His partner's moans had trailed off, although Jess and Kyle could occasionally hear her scream out in pleasure. The sounds of the bed protesting under its abuse had gotten even louder; it continued to bang against the wall, hard enough for Jess and Kyle to feel the vibrations through the floor, and while the tempo changed more than once it never let up.

"Wow," Kyle said, "he must really be giving it to her." Jess scoffed in disgust—although she had been thinking the same thing. "No self-respecting woman would want to be treated like that." Even as she spoke, the image of Ian's body, nude and muscular, came into her head unbidden.

She saw herself underneath him, legs spread wide, mouth open in an rapturous scream, as he drove himself into her core with enough force to rattle the walls of the room. A flash of heat ran through her before she shook her head and came back to herself.

"I can't take this anymore.


I'm going back to my room. I'll see you tomorrow, Kyle." Kyle looked at her, disappointed but understanding. "Breakfast?" "Of course. I'll meet you in the cafeteria after I go to the gym." Then she left. Ian and his unknown slut could be heard out in the hall, and she paused for half a step outside his door as she listened.

Jess rolled her eyes and hurried out, heading back to her own dorm. There was a bit of a chill in the night air, but it didn't do anything to cool Jess down. She spent the whole walk back to her dorm room fuming at Ian's rude behavior. Her thoughts kept returning to the sounds she had heard from the woman in his room.

She must have been some sort of slut, to sleep with a man the night before classes started, a man who she couldn't have known for more than a few hours. But her moans, her shouted profanity, and her orgasmic screams told a different story—one about a woman who was enjoying herself in ways Jess had never experienced.

Sex with Kyle was pleasant, but he had never made Jess scream the way the mysterious woman had screamed. And he didn't have Ian's evident stamina—they had been going at it for almost half an hour by the time Jess left, and there was no sign that they were planning on stopping. Kyle petered out after ten minutes, at best. And of course Kyle didn't have Ian's body. Perhaps if he did, he could pin her down to the bed, her arms above her head, held in one of his strong hands, as he kissed the side of her neck, his breath hot against her skin, while she writhed against him— Jess shook herself out of the erotic reverie.

She looked around, and realized she had made it back to her dorm while lost in her thoughts. She dug around in one of the pockets until she found her key and let herself in, first to the building and then her room.

She went into her bathroom to clean up before bed and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her cheeks and chest were flushed, and her eyes were wide. The tips of her breasts strained visibly against her shirt. She stood there for a moment, paralyzed—how long had she been like this? What if someone had seen her like this on the walk? She didn't recall seeing anyone, but she had been preoccupied, and she was pretty sure she wouldn't have noticed if someone had walked right up to her and called her name.

She decided to take a shower to cool down and relax. Soon, Jess stood under the hot water and felt herself relax, the muscles in her back and shoulders unclenching as the tension fled her body. She started lathering herself up as she cleaned off the remnants of the day's labor. Before long she was cleaned and refreshed, and she let her mind wander as the shower continued to pour hot water down on her.

Her arousal hadn't diminished, and so it was that one of her hands drifted down toward her groin unconsciously. One of her fingers traced out lazy circles just below her belly button, slowly descending down to her excited pussy, and barely grazed her clit. A pleasurable shock ran up her spine from the light touch on her button, and Jess let out a quick, involuntary gasp. She hadn't realized what she was doing, and after that moment of pleasure she forced herself to stop.

Jess turned off the shower and stepped out, drying herself with quick, angry movements, and dressed in her least revealing pajamas. Then she turned off her light and lay down in her bed. She forced herself to ignore the needy ache between her legs and slowly, fitfully, descended into sleep. ----- The next morning, Jess awoke from unsettling dreams to find that she was unusually stiff and sore, as if she had been exerting herself during the night.

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She decided to go work out some of that stiffness with a trip to the gym. Not ten minutes later, she walking in to the campus gym for the first time. The main doors opened up into a large workout area, with free weights and weight machines along the walls and cardio equipment in the center.

It was 6:30 in the morning, but the gym was packed anyway; Jess had planned on hopping on a treadmill, but only one machine was open. It was adjacent to a pillar and another machine.

And that other machine was occupied by Ian. He was wearing a grey sleeveless shirt that showed off his strong arms and shoulders, along with a pair of black gym shorts. Sweat glistened on his forehead and arms and darkened his shirt in places. Jess found herself staring at him for a moment, admiring his powerful form as he ran. It seemed like he was running at a near-sprint, and Jess could tell he'd been at it for some time before she arrived—but he didn't seem winded or tired at all.

He was breathing deeply, but steadily, his eyes unfocused as he looked off into the middle distance. Jess raised her chin indignantly and strode toward the empty treadmill. She stepped up onto the machine and started her own workout. Ian didn't seem to notice her at first, but as she finished her warmup and started jogging, she saw his eyes flicker over to her.

Before too long their eyes met as they both tried to steal glances of each other. When they made eye contact, Jess felt that same warmth she had felt last night, that same sudden heat that surged up from between her legs and made her flush. Ian, for his part, broke into a wide smile and picked up the pace on his treadmill. Jess found herself speeding up, trying to match his pace. They ran next to each other, not speaking, for fifteen minutes before Jess had to slow down and dropped to a fast walk.

Ian, now running out of breath himself, kept running for a minute or two, then punched the big button that slowed the machine to walking speed himself. Once he had caught his breath, Ian spoke. "Impressive, little lady.

Not many women can keep up with me. But I guess you might know that from last night." Jess snorted in disgust but made no other reply. Ian continued. "How long did you stay and listen? Were you there when she offered to call her best friend to join us? Said I was too much for one woman." He paused, thoughtfully. "I guess you might not have heard that through the wall." Jess flushed again and kept her eyes locked forward.

"Pig." "Usually, they call me 'Stud' or 'Bull.' I had a girl last summer who liked to call me her stallion. I bet you can figure out why." Jess's hand slammed into the emergency stop button on the treadmill. She turned to face Ian as the machine shuddered to a halt, her cheeks red and her eyes flashing. "Who the hell do you think you are?

You ogled me openly yesterday and left your trash in my boyfriend's room, and now you're talking to me like I'm some kind of trashy slut?" Ian's smile never left his face. "Oh, I'm sure you're not a slut. I fuck sluts; I don't talk to them." That reply just made Jess angrier. She turned and stormed off. The whole time, she felt Ian's gaze on her as he watched her ass sway as she left.

Once she was out of the gym, she stopped to calm down and relax before heading to the cafeteria to meet her boyfriend. She stepped off of the footpath leading away the gym, closed her eyes, and counted to ten as she struggled to get her temper under control. Somehow, that short interaction with Ian had gotten her worked up, and her body was flooded with adrenalin and endorphins, making her heart race just as much as the long run on the treadmill had.

Once she was under control, she made her way to the dining hall to meet with Kyle. He was sitting at a table, with a cup of coffee and some doughnuts in front of him. He looked bad; his hair was mussed, and there were dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn't slept at all. Jess grabbed an apple and a small bowl of cereal and sat down beside him. "You okay, baby?" "I'm fine, I just didn't get much sleep last night. They kept going next door after you left, and they didn't stop until well after midnight.

And this morning they went at it again, in the shower. I don't know what they were doing, but the door from my room to the bathroom sticks now, and they knocked my toiletries all over the place.

My toothbrush wound up on the floor, and I think they used my soap and my towels." While Kyle spoke, Jess found herself thinking about what this said about Ian. She realized that he hadn't slept either; he had spent the night abusing some poor woman, giving her a night of unsurpassed pleasure that continued on into the morning, and then he went to the gym, still looking like Adonis. Kyle was a wreck after one night of listening to Ian in action; Ian seemed like he was ready to do it all other again.

"Well? Do you think it's a good idea?" Jess snapped out of her ruminations. Kyle hadn't stopped talking, and he didn't seem to notice that Jess had been miles away.

"I'm sorry, I zoned out there for a second. I guess I didn't sleep well either. What would be a good idea?" Jess asked. "I'm thinking I should complain to the RA and see if I can move." And then Jess found herself giving some very strange advice. "I think you should stick it out a bit longer. I'm sure that once you get to know him Ian will be fine." "I thought you hated the guy." "I don't like him, but that doesn't mean you can't live next door to him." "All right, babe. I'll give it a week or so and see how things go." Jess and Kyle let the matter drop there, and spent the rest of their breakfast chatting about their course schedules and planning their day.

Then they left, Kyle to go to his first class, and Jess to go back and shower. Before departing, Kyle gave Jess a quick peck on the cheek, and then he took off.

----- Jess and Kyle met back up that evening for dinner, then went back to their rooms. The next few days passed without event. Jess saw Ian at the gym twice, but she refused to speak to him or work out near him. Ian didn't approach her, either, although she could often feel his eyes on her whenever they were in the same room.

Jess found herself annoyed that Ian hadn't approached her to make any more indecent comments—he obviously thought she was attractive, like any red-blooded man, so. One morning, she found herself practically strutting back and forth in front of Ian as he worked out, flaunting her body in front of him, so she could have the pleasure of telling him to go to hell.

But he didn't even notice; he didn't look at her once. Jess ended up leaving the gym in a huff. She returned to her room and stripped down, standing in front of the full length mirror hanging from the bathroom door.

She started to look at herself, searching for any flaw or imperfection. As she did, she started talking to herself. "What is he, blind? I must be hotter than whatever woman he was with that night," she said, cupping her heavy breasts and offering them up to her reflection. "And my ass has never looked better." She turned sideways and thrust her hips back slightly, tilting her head from side to side as she appraised her appearance.

Jess turned back to face her image and leaned in close, to examine her face. Every feature was as lovely as she thought. Her lips were full and pouty—"that crude asshole would probably say I have cocksucking lips, or something like that." Her eyes were big, blue pools, the color of the summer sky on a cloudless day.

Her hair was long and lustrous—"I bet he'd want to get his hands tangled up in it while he kissed my neck." There was clearly nothing wrong with her, she thought. So Ian must have something wrong with him. Later that day, Jess was hanging out in Kyle's room when she brought up Ian. "So, Kyle, how's the roommate situation?" "It's been fine, mostly.

He had another girl over two nights ago, but it wasn't so bad. They started earlier and didn't keep me up for so long." He paused. "The walls are so thin here—I bet that he's just watching porn or something.

I mean, we have good sex, and we've never gone on that long." Kyle paused again, for a bit longer. "If you want, we could give it a shot. Return the favor for Ian." He smiled as he spoke, but uncertainly, as if he was unsure of her response and planning to play it off as a joke if Jess took the suggestion badly.

"Soon, baby," Jess replied. "You know I don't have the same sex drive you do, and I want to get settled and get into the groove here at college before we sleep together again.

But it'll be soon." Kyle nodded in response. "I'm not trying to pressure you. I love you, babe, and I know you'll come to me when you're ready." Jess smiled at him sweetly.

"I'm glad your situation with Ian is getting better. I think you should invite him over, get to know him." Kyle agreed, reluctantly, and went next door to fetch his roommate. When he returned moments later, Ian came along, towering over him. Ian smiled as he entered the room and caught sight of Jess. "Well, hello again, little lady," he said, as he let his gaze play over her body.

"I like your shorts. They for me?" Jess blushed a bit—she hadn't thought about it when she suggested inviting Ian over, but she was wearing unusually revealing (for her) clothes. Her top was a scoop-neck t-shirt that showed a bit more cleavage than she usually displayed, augmented by a push-up bra.

And the shorts that Ian appreciated so much were especially short and tight. Jess found herself wondering if she hadn't dressed this way because she was subconsciously trying to get Ian's attention.

There was a moment of silence that lasted just a bit too long to be comfortable while Jess was thinking this over, and then Ian broke the tension by laughing loudly.

"Just fucking with you." He gave Kyle what looked like a playful punch in the arm—but that was enough to force Kyle to take a step back and wince slightly. "What are you kids doing?" he asked as he opened up Kyle's mini-fridge and took out a soda. He opened the can with a pop and a hiss as he sat down next to Jess on the small sofa, leaving Kyle standing in the center of the room.

"We were just watching TV," said Kyle as he took a seat on his bed. "Jess thought it would be good if we got to know each other. We'll be living next door all year, right?" Ian took a long swig of his soda before answering. "So the little lady wanted me to come over to play? Hell, she's right—we should get to know one another. You start." They made small talk for perhaps half an hour. Kyle and Jess told Ian how they met—they were high-school sweethearts, and they were planning on getting engaged by the end of the year.

Ian told them a bit about himself but mostly listened. Then Ian turned to Kyle with a smirk on his face and asked, "Why haven't I seen you at the gym? The little lady's there most every morning. You not interested in getting in shape?" "Eh, I'm not really the athletic type. I don't like getting sweaty and stiff." "Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

What do you do instead? I saw your Playstation. You play video games?" "Yeah, sometimes." "Me too." The conversation turned to a discussion of Ian and Kyle's favorite games. Jess rolled her eyes and got up to leave. "I'm glad you boys are getting along, but this conversation is officially boring now." Kyle and Ian both stood up as she rose.

"See you tomorrow morning?" asked Kyle. Jess said yes and went back to her room, leaving Kyle and Ian deep in conversation. ----- The next morning, Jess saw Ian at the gym again. This time, she went up to him and asked how the evening went after she left.

"Your boy can't hold his beer. I wouldn't count on him making your breakfast date—hell, he probably won't make it to class today." "What did you do to him?" Jess asked hotly. "Don't get all pissed at me. I brought over some beers, and he's the one who decided to drink too much. Guess he thought he needed to keep up with me for some reason, but he couldn't do that in anything, far as I can tell." Jess narrowed her eyes at Ian, but made no other response.

She turned on one heel and walked off, putting a bit of extra sway in her hips as she did. After her workout, she went to Kyle's room and found the door open a crack.

She knocked gently and, getting no response, went in. Kyle's room had been trashed. There were at least a dozen empty beer bottles scattered around the room, on the floor and on the furniture. Plastic cups, some half-full of beer or other, harder drinks, were all over the place.

T large wet spot on the floor marked An empty pizza box hung over the television; it was off, but the Playstation was on. Kyle's hamper had been overturned, and dirty clothes were strewn about the room. The mattress on Kyle's bed had been pulled halfway off the bed frame and turned around so it sloped downward, and the bedding was nowhere to be seen. The whole room reeked of alcohol, pizza, cigarette smoke—although smoking wasn't allowed in the dorms, so Jess didn't know where that could have come from—and the sickly sweet smell of marijuana.

Kyle himself wasn't much better off. He was sprawled out on the sofa. It seemed that he had managed to get one leg out of his pants before collapsing, revealing his white briefs. One hand was tucked below the waistband of his underwear. A small puddle of drool marked the sofa cushion under his mouth.

He was sleeping soundly, and he made no response at all when Jess entered the room. Jess searched the room for a clean glass or an unused plastic cup and found nothing of the sort. She ended up rinsing out the least-full plastic cup she could find and refilling it with water.

She gently woke up her boyfriend and offered him the cup. He accepted it gratefully and drained it in one long drink. "What happened last night?" Jess asked. Kyle winced at the sound of her voice and replied, quietly, "Not sure. Ian brought over some beer, said we should invite some people over.

Didn't know any of them. Had too much to drink." "I can see that.

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It's going to take all day to clean this up." Kyle sat up a bit straighter and looked around. He seemed shocked by what he saw. "Don't remember ordering pizza." He pulled his pants up and tried feebly to clean up his dorm with Jess, but his hangover made it hard for him to work.

Jess took pity on her boyfriend. "You should take a shower and get yourself cleaned up; I'll straighten up a bit in here before my classes. I'll try to come by this evening too and check in on you." Kyle nodded, and then immediately winced again as the movement exacerbated his headache.

"Thanks, babe. I'll do that. I may be a while in the shower, so just let yourself out whenever you need to go." Jess spent about fifteen minutes getting the worst parts of the mess under control. She put Kyle's bed back in place, threw out the pizza boxes and most of the smaller items, and opened a window to air out the room. Kyle was still in the shower when she left. ----- That evening, Jess headed over to Kyle's dorm to see how he was feeling.

They had been texting all day, and he said he was fine, but she wanted to see with her own eyes. But as soon as she entered the hallway outside his room, she heard loud music coming out of one of the rooms—it wasn't loud enough for her to make out the song, but it was loud enough to be noticeable. She had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she walked down the hall and the sound grew louder.

Sure enough, the music was coming from Ian's room. It must have been audible in Kyle's room, too, and it was probably worse than in the hall. With Kyle's hangover, it might have been physically painful. She decided it was time to do something about Ian's behavior, and so she knocked on his door.

Ian opened the door on the third knock.

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He was wearing a pair of tight jeans with the top button opened and nothing else. Jess was stunned for a moment as she took in the image of Ian's muscular torso; she knew he worked out, but she never realized how well developed he was. His broad chest had a light dusting of dark hair, forming a trail that led down to his six-pack abs and then lower still to disappear under the waistband of his pants. When she snapped back into reality, Jess realized that Ian was giving her another of his infuriating smirks.

Jess glared at him. "Well, hello little lady. You knock on the wrong door? Or did you come to see me?" Jess let out a small snort. "I want you to apologize for what you did to Kyle. You got him drunk and trashed his room intentionally, didn't you?" Ian held up his hands, palms out. "I was trying to be friendly. I wouldn't have been there if it weren't for you—Kyle said it was your idea to have me over in the first place.

It's not my fault that he drank too much." Jess wasn't mollified. "He's obviously smaller than you, and he's not a drunk like you obviously are. You should have cut him off." As she spoke, she thrust her finger at his chest angrily.

When she made contact, there was a thrilling, electric sensation that went down her finger and directly to her pussy. Ian was firm and muscular; there was barely any give when she pressed her finger into his chest. It was so unlike Kyle; he was soft and yielding ("doughy" was probably the best word).

Jess was amazed; she let her finger trail down, following the path of his hair, until she reached his navel. Then she withdrew. They stood there in the hall, music blaring from Ian's room. Then Ian spoke. "Look, you better come in instead of yelling out here in the hall." He stepped to one side to allow Jess to pass. His room was similar to Kyle's, but more spartan; Kyle had put up a few posters and framed photos (mostly of Jess, or of he and Jess out on dates). Ian's walls were bare and white.

The room was cleaner than Jess expected, given how he and his friends had destroyed Kyle's place. But on reflection that made sense—why mess up your own room when you can go next door and cause trouble? Ian closed the door behind Jess and sat down in his desk chair. Even seated, he could comfortably look Jess in the eye without tilting his head. He reached over and turned down his music, so he and Jess could speak normally.

"Look," he began, "your boyfriend is not my responsibility. If you don't want me to party with him, then talk to him. Everything was his idea, and if he can't handle his shit then he shouldn't have it in the first place." Jess still wasn't happy, and she started to doubt her wisdom in coming here. "Fine," she said. "But do you have to blast that music right now?

He's hungover, and he already missed one day of class. You're not helping." Ian considered Jess's request. "Well, I could turn down the tunes for a night.

But that's you asking for a favor. I'd want something in return." If Jess had been thinking clearly, she might have left the room right then, and that might have changed everything. But her emotions were running wild—anger, mixed with lust and tinged with a bit of fear, made her stay. And she couldn't help but be distracted by Ian's body and animal magnetism.

In these close quarters, she could even detect hints of his smell, a musky masculine smell that brought to mind images of primal hunters in some ancient forest. So rather than leave, Jess indulged Ian. "What do you want?" Ian shifted his weight in the chair, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees and bringing his face close to Jess's.

Speaking just loud enough to be heard over the music, he said: "I want you to show me your body." Jess froze in place, like frightened prey, and flushed deep crimson. "Wh. what do you mean?" "Strip for me. You want to, and you know it. You've been flaunting yourself in front of me almost every day at the gym. You've been trying to get me to notice you.

Well, I have, and I want more." Jess willed herself to move, but something seemed to be holding her feet to the floor.

"No. I haven't. that's all in your head." Ian stood up and stepped close to Jess—close enough for her to feel his warmth, even though he didn't quite make contact. His mouth was level with her ear. "Is it? I can tell you're turned on by the idea. I'm not asking you to cheat. You don't even have to get naked—just take off your top and your pants, then give me a little dance, and I'll turn down the music for your poor little sweetheart next door." Jess swallowed nervously.

"You promise?

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And you won't tell anyone?" Ian nodded and sat back down, leaning back in his chair with his legs spread and a wide grin on his face. Jess was breathing hard and she contemplated what she was about to do. Ian turned the music back up. Jess looked at him inquisitively. "We don't want Kyle figuring out that you're here." With the music playing, Jess closed her eyes and focused on controlling her breathing.

Her heart was racing at the prospect of exposing herself, even partially, to Ian; she forced herself to calm down enough to proceed. Then she started swaying with the music, moving her hips in time with the bass beat and trying to mimic moves she had seen in the movies and on TV.

When she opened her eyes, Ian was displaying a triumphant smile. Jess turned away from him and put her arms over her head.

Her shirt rode up, revealing her lower back and the barest hint of her panties peeking out over the waistband of her shorts. She looked back over her shoulder at Ian, challenging him to say or do something, but he seemed content to watch. Jess continued to dance in place for a while, moving her hips in circlesthen turning back to face Ian and bending over to reveal her impressive cleavage.

She had started to get into it and lose herself in the moment. Jess put one hand on Ian's shoulder and raised one of her legs, resting her foot on the armrest of his chair. She rolled her hips seductively, drawing Ian's eyes irresistibly down to that spot between her legs—that spot that was even now sending signals of its own to her brain, signals of need and desire.

In one swift motion, Jess doffed her shirt, revealing her impressive D-cups covered by a blue bra. Ian snorted. "Matches your eyes. Bet you don't get many guys noticing eyes once your shirt is off, huh?" She didn't acknowledge his remark; instead, she just swung her leg across his body so she was once again facing away from him. She bent at the knees and waist, so that she was almost sitting in his lap, and began to grind her ass against him.

It didn't take long before Jess noticed something odd—there seemed to be something in Ian's pants. It felt like a length of pipe, and it was too long and thick to be the obvious candidate.

She continued to rub herself against him, with that strange, hard object nestled in the cleft of her ass. It was warm, even through his jeans, and it seemed to respond to her touch. "You don't mess around, do you?" Ian said. That made Jess pause. That can't be his penis, she thought—no one is that large. But what else could it be? She froze, straddling Ian's muscular thigh. "It's all me," he said. "I told you they call me Bull." Jess stood up quickly and spun around.

She tried to speak, but no words came out. She watched, unbelieving, as Ian unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. With one hand, he reached down into his pants and brought it out.

Jess couldn't look away. Ian's cock was the largest she had ever seen, even in the porn movies she sometimes watched in secret. Even his big hand, so much larger than her own, only covered a third of its length, and he could barely close his fingers around it. And the truly amazing thing was that it didn't seem to be fully erect; it drooped slightly at the end, near the mushroom head that looked to be as large as her fist.

"You're giving me a show, it's only fair you get one in return," he said, as he started to stroke himself slowly. Each stroke started at the base of his shaft and went all the way up his length; it seemed to Jess that each one took forever. She sputtered. "What. it. oh my. is that real?" "Of course. Why don't you see for yourself?" Jess dropped to her knees and gaped as Ian continued to stroke himself. "Stop doing that. I didn't agree to this." Ian didn't stop.

"You should be proud of yourself. I'm doing this because you're so sexy." Jess couldn't look away. "No. please stop. you can't do that with me here." "Why not? It's not like you're cheating on your poor hungover boyfriend.


And besides, you haven't finished your dance. If you're going to show off the goods, you can't be surprised when people take notice." Ian kept up his slow, rhythmic strokes as he spoke. His cock had hardened completely now, and it rose from his groin like a tower. A single pearlescent drop of precum had formed at the tip, and it seemed to exert a hypnotic effect on Jess. "I'm not going to finish if you keep doing that," she said, with her eyes fixed on that lone drop.

"You don't finish, I don't turn down the music, and poor little Kyle has another bad night. Maybe I'll go over there again and get him to drink again. He's a wimp; I could make him do it." It took a moment for Ian's words to sink in. "That's not fair! You can't do that to him.

I danced for you, now put that. thing away before I leave." "Look, if you don't want to finish the dance, how about you take over for me here? You got me like this, and I bet you don't want everyone to think you're a cocktease. You get me off, and you can go without finishing the dance, and I won't bother Kyle with my music all night." The drop of precum got bigger as Ian spoke, and started to trickle down his length.

Jess was seized by a sudden desire to lick it up. What am I doing, she thought—how could I consider this.

But her hand moved, seemingly on its own. Just before she took hold of Ian's shaft, she paused. "And you promise you won't go over and get him drunk again either? You won't have another party?" Ian traced out a small 'x' over his heart with his finger. "You have my word as a gentleman," he said sarcastically.

Jess decided to go for it. Her small hand replaced Ian's, and for a moment she did nothing but marvel at the majestic implement in her hand. She couldn't close her fingers around it, such was its girth, and her hand didn't even cover a quarter of its length. Ian shifted his weight and his balls spilled out of his pants as well; they hung down between his legs like a pair of lemons in a sack.

He clearly shaved, or did something similar, because his shaft and his balls were completely hairless, and the small patch of hair at the base was trimmed short. "Ever held anything like this?" Ian asked.

Jess shook her head, still too awed by his tool to speak. She started to give him a handjob, stroking him with her right hand in the same way he had been stimulating himself—long, slow pulls that covered the entirety of his vast length. Her left hand was clenched into a fist and resting gently on her breastbone. A mix of fear and excitement shone in Jess's eyes as she unknowingly took her first step toward a very different life than she would have had with Kyle. Ian sat, almost motionless, as she slid her hand up and down her shaft.

At first, Jess's tentativeness was appealing; she was relatively innocent, and he enjoyed watching her as she was confronted with something outside her experience. But it eventually grew irritating, as her slow strokes weren't sufficient to bring him the kind of pleasure he craved, and without action she wasn't likely to step up her game.

Her took her wrist in one hand. "I don't know what you do for your boyfriend, but if you're going to jerk off a real man you need to be more aggressive." He started pumping her hand for her—basically masturbating by proxy, until she got the rhythm of it.

Then Ian took her other hand as well. "One hand won't cut it. Play with my balls, use them both to tug on my cock, whatever. Don't just sit there." Jess was shocked out of her reverie by Ian's abrupt action. Her first instinct was to move her free hand to Ian's pendulous orbs.

She was shocked by the weight of them; they hung down heavily, weighed down with his potent seed. They were also warm to the touch, even compared with the rest of Ian's body. Jess fondled them as best she could; they were too large to hold comfortably in one hand, so one or the other kept slipping out of her soft small hand.

"Oh, yes, babe. That's how you do it." Ian shifted his hips forward, sliding down in his chair as he did, putting his cock mere inches from Jess's face. "Keep going like that and you'll get what you came for soon." Precum was flowing steadily from his tip now, running down the sides of his rod in rivulets. Jess's constant stroking spread the fluid all around his shaft, lubricating her hands and helping them to glide easily up and down.

A minute passed with no further conversation, only the wet sounds of Jess's handjob dimly audible over the music. Then Ian spoke up again. "You having fun, little lady? Enjoying yourself as you pleasure my cock?" Jess felt a needy ache between her legs as Ian asked his question. She was enjoying herself, quite a bit—and she felt a desperate craving to rip off her pants and panties, mount Ian, and ride him at a gallop.

But she refused to give in to those cravings, or even to acknowledge them. "You wish," she replied, sneering. "I'm only touching your filthy dick to help Kyle." Ian just chuckled. Despite her protests, Jess hadn't stopped caressing him; in fact, she was moving faster and squeezing him harder now, sending shivers down his spine as his pleasure mounted. He started to pump his hips up and down in response to her pumping hand.

Ian felt his climax approaching, faster than expected, her small soft hands driving him over the edge. He felt a surge of pleasure run through him, as she squeezed his shaft firmly in her grip, and his eyes closed involuntarily. Ian bit his lip and his nostrils flared as he came. Jess recoiled in surprise as his first shot rocketed into the air, shooting up over her head to splash down on the floor behind her in a long white rope. In that moment, Jess realized, he had pumped out more cum than Kyle could in an entire orgasm—and he was far from done.

Jess watched open-mouthed as that initial spurt was quickly followed by several more of similar size and power. Thick rivers of white cream oozed down his shaft and over Jess's fingers as she directed his spurts out past her and onto the floor. When he was finished, Jess was left holding on to his cum-soaked cock, which hadn't lost any of its stiffness despite unleashing an orgasm that would make any man jealous.

Ian had slumped into his chair, as if pumping out all that cum had left him unable to support himself. He seemed dazedand he was breathing hard as he recovered. After a minute, he seemed to snap back into reality. He sat up straight and opened his eyes, taking in the state of his room. "Wow. I'm genuinely impressed, little lady. Usually it takes a lot more than a quick rub to get me to do that." Jess felt herself blush a bit at the compliment, and immediately felt overwhelmed by guilt at what she had done.

"You want to go again?" Ian continued—and that's when she realized that she hadn't stopped stroking him, even though his orgasm was long over. Without thinking, she grabbed her shirt from the floor and pulled it on, smearing some of Ian's cum on it from her hands.

"Oh my god, I can't. I'm leaving." She fled the room and didn't stop until she made it back to her dorm. ----- Once Jess was safely back in her dorm, she stopped to take stock of the situation. She had just taken off her top and displayed herself for her boyfriend's asshole neighbor—and she gave him a handjob. She was flushed and breathing hard, and as much as she wished it was because she had just jogged halfway across campus, she knew it was more than that.

Seeing Ian shirtless had excited her, and when he took out his cock it sent an electric thrill through her. She had enjoyed dancing for him, taking off her clothes for him, touching him—and she had definitely enjoyed pleasing him and seeing the results of his pleasure. Jess started to bite at her nails, as she sometimes did when stressed. There was an odd smell when she brought her hand to her mouth, and as she worried at her nails she noticed that her fingers were unusually slick and salty.

She sniffed at the fluid that had coated her knuckles, and without thinking stuck out her tongue and gave it an experimental lick.

The white substance was strangely appealing, salty-sweet and creamy. Then she realized what it was. Jess recoiled in shock and horror. When Ian came, she had been amazed at the power of it and the sheer quantity of his emission. She had been dimly aware of a warm feeling on her hands, but the spectacle of his massive endowment spraying out its copious payload had been at the forefront of her mind, and the relatively insignificant feeling of his seed spilling over her fingers hadn't sunk in.

But now she had tasted a man's sperm for the first time. It wasn't her boyfriend's sperm. And she liked it. Jess scurried to her bathroom and washed her hands several times, her face red with embarrassment and guilt.

As she washed, though, a small part of her regretted letting Ian's delicious cream go to waste like that. She ignored the little voice telling her to have just one more taste, and rinsed out her mouth with mouthwash to get rid of the aftertaste.

She changed clothes, throwing the semen-stained shirt in the trash rather than launder it. Even after all this, Jess still felt stained; she took a shower, trying to rid herself of all signs of Ian.

When she was done, she got dressed and went back to Kyle's dorm. His hallway was quiet and empty when she arrived. Jess sighed in relief; she had been dreading the possibility of another encounter with Ian, or that he would ignore their deal. But it seemed like Ian was honorable, at least in this small way.

She took a deep breath and proceeded down the hall, knocking softly on Kyle's door. Kyle let her in. He was looking better; his face had regained some color, and he wasn't wincing at the slightest bit of light or sound. Nonetheless, Kyle had clearly had better days. He gave Jess a wan smile as she walked in, looked gorgeous in a tight pink shirt and a pair of gym shorts that seemed to be painted on.

Her hair was up in a ponytail which bounced behind her, almost as much as her breasts bounced in her shirt. "Hey, babe. I thought you'd be coming over earlier," said Kyle. "I'm sorry, I got sidetracked. How are you feeling?" "I've been better.

Ian was blasting some music earlier, but he turned it off and went out about half an hour ago." Jess flushed slightly, recalling her tryst with Ian and the deal she made for the sake of her boyfriend. "Well, that's good. Maybe we can have a quiet night in?" Kyle beamed at this suggestion. "That sounds great, especially after last night. We're going to have to order pizza, though; all my snacks and drinks are gone. And you may have to pay—I can't find my wallet at all.

I hope no one took it." Jess agreed to pay and they settled in to watch TV, laying on Kyle's bed (now back in its proper place, with freshly-laundered sheets). The pizza arrived about 20 minutes later, and Kyle managed to keep his food down despite lingering stomach nausea. Throughout the evening, Jess's mind kept wandering, and inevitably when it did her thoughts turned to Ian—and Ian's cock.

Just holding it had given her a thrill; it had been almost hot to the touch, and firm, like an iron bar. What we she have done if Ian had been more aggressive? Could she have resisted? Kyle, for his part, didn't seem to notice anything amiss; he seemed happy just to spoon with Jess and enjoy her company. At around 10 o'clock, their pleasant evening was interrupted by something slamming against Kyle's door. Before either of them could respond, the door was again rattled by a heavy impact.

Then there was a loud bang from next door, as someone threw Ian's door open, making it bang against the shared wall. It didn't take long before the sounds of passionate, aggressive fucking came through the wall. "Oh, Christ.," Kyle complained. "Not again. Every time we're together, that jackass has to bring some slut back to his room." Jess turned a deep crimson.

Kyle kept talking, oblivious. "I swear, it's like he knows we're trying to enjoy ourselves and he wants to ruin it intentionally." Jess turned over to face Kyle. "It doesn't have to ruin it. You remember what you said the other day? About how we should make Ian listen to us?" She spoke quietly, just barely audible over the moans and screams coming from next door.

Kyle stared at her blankly for a moment before he got it. "Do you mean. are you sure?" Jess nodded shyly, her eyes shining. Kyle's face broke into a wide grin. "Okay, great. Let me get a condom." He got up and fumbled around in his drawers, eventually withdrawing a foil-wrapped packet. Jess got up and gently took the condom from him, then guided him back to the bed. "Let me take care of that.

You just sit there and watch." She put the condom on the desk and started to sway back and forth in time with the pounding thuds and moans from next door. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the moment.

Once again her thoughts turned to Ian—but now her fantasies were vivid enough to seem almost real. She imagined herself underneath him while he drove himself into her, her legs spread wide as she accepted his lengthy cock into her tight hole.

Her nipples stiffened under her shirt, and her breath quickened as she danced for Kyle, all the while thinking of Ian. Kyle quickly disrobed and was sitting naked on his bed, playing with his own limp penis and attempting to coax it to life. The love of his life was dancing in front of him, but nothing was happening. Even when Jess stripped off her shirt, revealing her bare breasts, he simply couldn't get going.

Jess crawled up onto the bed and straddled him, grinding her hips against him—but still nothing. She slid down and took him into her mouth—and while he swelled briefly under her tender ministrations, it wasn't enough. Jess slipped off her shorts and let Kyle play with her slick, shaved pussy, which was wet with desire—but to no avail. And all the while, the sounds of Ian absolutely destroying some unknown woman could be heard from next door. Jess huffed in frustration and disappointment.

She had been on edge since her encounter with Ian, and now Kyle wasn't up to the task of pleasing her. "Come on, Kyle. What's wrong?

Don't you want me?" Kyle was mortified. "Of course, babe. I want you more than anything, but I haven't been sleeping well, and after last night. Can we try again later?" "Well. maybe this will help." She sat down at the foot of his bed and spread her legs. Kyle's jaw dropped as he realized what she was going to do.

Jess sat there for a moment, letting him take in the sight of her, completely nude, her dazzling blue eyes wide with excitement. Her breasts hung free, rising and falling as she breathed. Jess's flat, taut stomach quivered with excitement. A bit of moisture could be seen between her legs. With her right hand, she traced a path from her neck, between her breasts, down across her navel, to her pussy.

Kyle watched, enraptured, as her fingers started to dance across her most sensitive places; she rubbed her clit, let her fingers slide across her lower lips, and stroked her inner thighs as she stimulated herself. Jess through her head back, with her eyes closed and mouth opened, as she slipped a finger into her pussy, hooking it forward to press against her inner walls. That finger was joined by another, and another, as she started to pant. While all this was happening, Ian and his hookup continued to fuck next door.

Ian's bed was slamming into the wall over and over, its springs and frame creaking and groaning, and the woman was begging for Ian to fuck her harder, harder. Jess was envisioning herself in Ian's bed.

In her mind's eye, she was the one screaming for more of Ian's bull cock. She was laying underneath him, her legs wrapped around his hips, as he thrust into her, reaching places that Kyle never could. She was on all fours, bent over in front of Ian, while he held onto her shoulders and used them to deliver strokes of such punishing power as to take her breath away. She was on top of him, using her toned thighs to lift herself off his cock only to drop back down onto it.

She was cumming—on Ian's cock as he spurted into her, in her imagination, and on her fingers, as her boyfriend watched in mute amazement, in reality. Jess sat and basked in the afterglow of her orgasm for several minutes. When she came to, she realized Kyle had been speaking to her for some time. ". the hottest thing ever, babe.

That was amazing." She shook her head to clear it and opened her eyes. Kyle was still sitting in front of her, naked, and his cock was still flaccid.

But now a few dribbles of cum had dripped from the head. "What happened? Did you cum too?" she asked. "Yeah, babe. I'm sorry that we didn't get to make love, but watching you. it was just too much. I started getting hard, and I thought I'd rub it a little—you know, to help things along—but as soon as I touched it, well.

you can figure out the rest." Jess's orgasm didn't quench the flames of desire raging inside her. In fact, things had only gotten worse.

And clearly Kyle would be no help tonight. She stood up and stretched, her tits standing out proudly on her body as she arched her back. Then she started gathering up her clothes and getting dressed.

"I'm glad you liked it baby, but next time try to have more control," she said. Kyle nodded. "I will, babe. I hope that'll be sometime soon?" Jess didn't answer his question. "I'm going back to my room—I can't stand listening to that racket next door any longer.

See you tomorrow?" Kyle didn't press the issue. They walked together to his door, where he kissed her gently, and then Jess turned and left. RATE IT IF U LIKE IT GUYS