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Dutch Blonde BBW Plays Sexy Babe
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I awoke the next morning to a bird chirping in the palm tree outside my window. Glancing at the clock radio adjacent to my bed, I realized that it wasn't even 8AM yet. I usually slept in until around 10 or so on a Saturday, being the weekend and all.

I had wondered what woken me so early. As the grogginess began to clear from my eyes, I realized that I had a bad case of morning wood. It was uncommon for me to be aroused out of sleep, unlike a teenage boy where waking up at salute wasn't seldom whatsoever. Before long, the sleepiness was out of my eyes and to my horror I saw what had caused my arousal.

Kerry was still snuggled next to me, sleeping peacefully and unaware that she had unconsciously moved her hand down from my chest and had rested itself on my groin. Unbeknownst to her, and to me as well, she had grasped it in her slumber and had a soft gentle grip on my erection. I didn't know what to do at first; I had never been in this situation before, especially with my own daughter.

Kerry had obviously not done it on purpose. I prayed she wouldn't wake up as I gently took her hand and attempted to pry it away from my dick.

Unfortunately, I felt her stirring as soon as I touched her hand. I looked at her face as she opened her eyes and I quickly shut my own, hoping to God that she would think I was still asleep and the situation would resolve itself, making her the embarrassed one, and hopefully wouldn't make it seem like I had placed her hand there, even though I was innocent.

I felt her stir and after a moment, a soft gasp was heard and I felt her hand release me. Laying motionless and quiet, still pretending to be asleep, I wondered to myself what she was thinking at this moment. Honestly, I didn't know what to think myself.


Kerry was a gorgeous young lady, so it was only natural for it to feel good. On the other hand, she was my daughter! And underage for that matter as well. I loved Kerry more than anything in the world, but this wasn't something I was willing to go through. Down the road, I knew that she would end up hating me if I had pursued something as taboo as this. The next thing I knew, I felt her grasp my erection again! This time was definitely not a mistake.

I kept my eyes screwed tight as I felt Kerry grip my dick and begin to run her hand up and down my shaft. I couldn't believe this!

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Why was she doing this? This was wrong! I had never noticed her ever give any hint that she was sexually interested in me at all, after all, she told me everything. There were not any secrets in our house between the two of us, it is what made us so close. I was the first to know about the boy in her homeroom class to who she had developed a crush on. She had even come to me first when she had gotten her first period a couple months ago. I realized it had been a couple minutes since she had began to stroke me softly, and I also realized that I had made no move to stop her or let her know that I was awake and fully aware of what was going on.

Kerry had gotten a feel for my rock hard member and was stroking me at a casual speed. I couldn't remember the last time I felt so good. I hadn't dated a woman since Sarah, much less done anything sexual with one.

It wouldn't be long before she had me at orgasm. Playing possum was becoming more and more difficult and my breathing was getting faster. Kerry had noticed apparently and began to jerk me off with more speed. The sensation was becoming too much and I was about to experience sweet release. I couldn't help myself any longer; I snuck a peek through my squinted gaze and I realized that she was staring at my face. My torso jerked upwards and with a large gasp, I began to shoot my load. The sheer pleasure had an intensity that could cripple the strongest man.

My seed sprayed through her fingertips and ran down her knuckles. This was an orgasm that was much needed.

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As things slowed down and I came down from my high, I realized that Kerry hadn't let her eyes break contact with mine. I looked at her, a bit short of breath, and saw her smile. Her braces gleamed in the sunlight peeking through the window and she leaned her head over to my face. Kerry planted a kiss right on my cheek and laid her head on my chest.

The next words that I would say or that she would say to break the silence would be vital. They would define our situation in terms of it being a good thing or a bad thing that this had happened.


Kerry wasn't even a teenager yet. In the eyes of the law, I was now a sex offender, being that I was fully aware of what was happening and played no action to stop it. It was just a handjob, but that didn't matter; this was something that heralded a severe label put upon me. "Daddy, are you alright?" Kerry whispered, looking up at me. Her short brown hair brushed my face.

"Sweetie…I don't know." "Did I do it wrong?" Kerry asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice. "I've never done anything like that before." A bit of relief swept over me because I knew that this was the first and only time that this event occurred. I was a bit worried in the back of my mind that perhaps this wasn't the first time she had fondled me while I slept, but those suspicions were immediately put to rest.

"I'm just confused. Why did you do that to me, honey? This isn't something a daughter normally does to her father." Kerry sat up with fear in her eyes. "Are you mad at me, Daddy?

I'm sorry…" She began to sniffle lightly. Seeing her scared that she may have made me angry with her, I put my arm around her and pulled her into me. "No baby, of course I'm not mad at you." Kerry sighed with relief after hearing me speak.

"Like I said, I just want to know why you jerke- well, did that for me." A small smile came across her face; she heard me say "for me" and not "to me" this time, which definitely lightened the mood a bit. "Because you miss Mom so much. I hear you wake up in the middle of the night all the time and I know that it is because of that dream you told me about.

The one about the car accident. I know that you think about her all the time, like I do. And I know that you haven't even attempted to find somebody new. You're lonely and broken Daddy. I saw that I had accidentally touched you down there when I woke up, and I got to thinking.

I thought maybe that I could…well…help ease your pain a bit…" Listening to her speak, it dawned on me that Kerry loved me to an extent that went beyond what normal daughters go. I didn't know if she loved me romantically, but she definitely cared enough to show me in a more physical manner.

It didn't even matter to her that I was her father, or that she was too young to be doing sexual things with anybody. I sat in bed speechless, my mouth hanging down slightly. I swallowed and spoke. "Sweetie, I love you. More than anything in the world." Kerry beamed and threw her arms around me gleefully.

I returned her embrace with love. She was my angel. "I'm not sure you should do that to me again, Kerry" I said, calmly. She withdrew from our hug and said, "Why not, Daddy? What's the matter?" She had a puzzled look on her face. "Doing that to somebody is something that boyfriends and girlfriends do for one another.

Not something that you should be doing to your dad, no matter the circumstances." "But, I love you…" "I love you too, angelface. But still-" Kerry cut me off by putting her finger to my lips. "But nothing. I may be young and inexperienced with love, but if we love each other, why does it matter if we are family?

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I mean, it's not like we can date or get married or something, although you are definitely the sweetest and most handsome man I know. But I don't see why doing that to you is wrong if it made you feel good." "Because it's incest, Kerry." I had to level with her and speak to her as an adult. "Family members are not supposed to do that to each other.

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Yes, it did make me feel good, but it is still wrong." Kerry looked at me, hurt. I could tell that what I told her had cut her on the inside and probably made her feel really bad about herself. I had to say something, quick.

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"But nevertheless." I began. "I do thank you for what you did. And for sleeping next to me last night, especially after the dream I had. I had the best night's sleep after you climbed in." That made her smile softly and I saw the look of hurt on her face disappear. "Look. I'm not mad at you, baby.

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Honest." I continued. "I guess I'm just a bit overwhelmed. What do you say we get up and make some breakfast?" "You got it, Daddy!" Kerry leapt up and hugged me tight again. As she pulled away, she looked at me in the face, just a few inches from me. I saw her look down and bite her lower lip softly. Her breathing seemed to stop. I knew what was about to happen and seeing my little girls face, so innocent and loving, I knew that I was helpless to stop this from happening.

Our faces grew closer together and I kissed her softly on her young lips. Our kiss sparked something in my heart and I could feel a current of electricity jolt though my body. I had only experienced this once before; when I kissed Sarah for the first time. I held her tightly and the kiss lasted another few seconds. As we parted lips, Kerry opened her eyes and smiled at me, before leaning her body in for another embrace.

"I love you, Daddy. With all my heart." What was I going to do?